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Plue (プルー Purū) is one of the traveling companions of Haru and Elie.


Plue's full appearance

Plue is a puny critter of white coating with small, round black eyes and thin eyelashes. He possesses two small arms and two feet, which are left bare along with its petite body. Its most prominent feature, however, is its cone-like nose; attached slightly above its mouth, spotting many circular lines swirling around it. On its back, it displays a tiny tail. Plue seems to be constantly shaking. Despite its small posture, it seems to maintain balance when walking on two legs, though at times it navigates on its hands and knees.[1]


Plue seems to be a lively creature as it is always shown smiling. Unable to speak the human language, it communicates via the sound: "puu-puun", frequently alliterating Elie. It seems to enjoy small brawls as it joyfully gazes at Erza pummeling Haru and Natsu, with a blush on its face.[2]


Fairy Tail x Rave

Plue plays with Elie

Plue, along with Griff, comes into sight when Elie is talking to a young and beautiful Celestial Spirit Mage named Lucy. Sequentially, both of the girls call it by its name, earning a moment of confusion as the two make eye-to-eye contact. Elie lowers to the ground only to place Plue in her arms and naively state that Plue belongs to her. Moments later, Plue watches as Lucy comments on Elie having named her Celestial Spirit Nikora the same as hers: Plue.[3] Afterwards, Plue is raised from the ground and hears Elie call Happy, an Exceed accompanying Lucy, a bug, despite being told that he is a cat. Plue smiles and extends its arms out in joy as Elie admits to Lucy that she loves casinos. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard from the Edel Lake Casino. Plue and the others head towards that casino.[4] Reaching the casino, Plue watches as Erza beats both Haru and Natsu to a pulp with a smile on its face. At night time, Plue and its friends continue traveling on a carriage in search of Elie's memories.[5]


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