Piercing Armor is an unnamed armor of Erza Scarlet's.


This set of armor consists of a breastplate, waistguard, gauntlets and leg plates, which all feature a greenish-silver tint. The pauldrons also don the Fairy Tail emblem over each one and her legplates are designed with a decoration. The armor is worn with black pants, brown elbowpads underneath the gauntlets and complemented with an olive belt that is tied above the waistguard.[1][2]


Piercing Armor

The armor's piercing abilities

  • Jousting Lance: This armor is coupled with a large, silver jousting lance that features well-decorated designs over its vamplate. The pole is also of decent length, which is almost as long as the lance itself and features a heavy-set pommel. This weapon has shown the capability to pierce and penetrate an opponent through a mass as large as a fortress, as seen when Erza pierced Kyôka through Cube, leaving a large hole in its wake.[3]


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