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Pict Magic (絵画魔法(ピクトマジック) Pikuto Majikku) is a Holder Magic.


Pict Magic is a type of Magic which allows the user to create drawings and use them in various ways. Pict Magic requires certain tools in order to use the Magic, the tools being a paint brush, paint, and a canvas to draw on. This canvas can be the user's own body,[3] or they can use paper in order to create their drawing.[2] The more advanced mage artists are able to manifests their creations in midair without the need of a canvas.[4]

Lastly, users can combine their Pict Magic in order to use the ability Unison Pict, which combines their drawings, forming a more powerful creation using everyone's Magic.[2]


Reedus' Spells

Red Hood's Spells


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