The Phoenix Stone is a stone containing a sealed phoenix.


The Phoenix Stone is a round, blue stone upon which was engraved an image of a phoenix, with its wings spread and neck craned down.[1]


The stone holds a phoenix sealed within it. According to legend, when the two halves of the stone are reunited, the sealed phoenix will be revived and bestow immortality on the bearer. However, the immortality is actually obtained by drinking the tears of the phoenix as it is being sealed away.[1]

The stone has the power to bestow life upon inanimate objects, such as Momon.[2]


The phoenix unsealed

When the two halves of the stone are brought together, the sealed phoenix inside is resurrected. Growing outward from the stone, it takes the form of a huge, metallic, avian monstrosity. The phoenix has immense destructive Magic Power, capable of launching blasts that create huge columns of fire and a fireball that would consume itself and everything around it, with only itself being reborn from the ashes. The phoenix can only be stopped if the stone is destroyed.[1]

The stone cannot be broken through normal means and requires a specially devised Magic to destroy it. If it is destroyed, the phoenix and anyone who has acquired immortality through drinking its tears will die.[1]


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