Personality Enchantment (人格 付加(エンチャント) Jinkaku Enchanto) is a high-level Enchantment.


This type of Enchantment allows the user to augment a personality onto an object or human. The ability ranges from giving a sword human characteristics and Magic[1] to enchanting one's own self into another body, in turn becoming its new primary host or sharing the body as another incumbent. If the user successfully casts a Personality Enchantment into another's body to become the primary host, they are then given access to the target's various abilities, solely limited based on the host body's Magic Power. In this situation, the original body of the user is left in an inactive state, devoid of any consciousness. Likewise, the targeted body's own self is rendered unable to physically control their body while under the effect of the Enchantment unless the caster of the Personality Enchantment only uses the body as an incumbent, in turn simply sharing the body.[2][3]



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