Perfume Magic (香り魔法(パルファムマジック) Parufamu Majikku) is a Holder Magic.


A form of Magic that entails the use of vials filled with magical perfume. By uncapping the vials, the user releases a scent that, once inhaled, triggers one of various, status-affecting spells; ranging from alleviating pain[1] to curing some poisons.[2] While it holds significant appeal as a supportive Magic, it also has application as an offensive Magic. Because perfume is not easily blocked or avoided, Perfume Magic can be potent enough to help take down even Jura Neekis, one of the Ten Wizard Saints, making it very versatile, regardless of the user's own Magic Power or skill.[3] This Magic can also be used on the user themselves, increasing attributes such as speed,[4] strength,[5] even muscle size,[6] by an incredible margin.

Practiced users of Perfume Magic develop highly perceptive olfactory senses; notable Perfume Magic user Ichiya often identifies people,[7] and even the nature of their Magic Power, by smelling their "parfum" (i.e. scent).[8]


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  • In the manga and anime, rather than use the Japanese word for perfume, kōsui (香水), Ichiya always says parfum, which is French for not only perfume, but also "aroma" or "scent", explaining Ichiya's extensive use of the word in these contexts.[7]


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