The Osprey Squad (ミサゴ隊 Misago Tai) was one of the squads of teams belonging to the Magic Guild Fairy Tail. It was formed by the first master of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermillion, during the international conflict between the continent of Ishgar and the Alvarez Empire.[1]


In prevision of an attack from the Alvarez Empire, Mavis Vermillion decided to add Jupiter, the Magical Convergent Cannon, to Fairy Tail's equipment as a means of countering aerial assaults. The weapon was placed in the East Forest and marked with Fairy Tail's symbol. Mavis decided to give the custody and use of said weapon to the Connell family, who are the guild's specialists when it comes to Guns Magic; the principal sniper being Bisca Connell. The combined efforts of the Thunder God Tribe, Flying Dragon Squad along with the Osprey Squad are the principal components of Mavis' "Plan D".[2]


Artillery Defense of Magnolia

The Osprey Squad was tasked with providing defensive artillery fire against hostile Alvarez Empire aerial bombers by using the Jupiter Cannon. Utilizing this highly destructive weapon, Bisca Connell intended to seriously damage, if not destroy, the lead ship of the invading forces.[2] However, because the lead ship was being commanded by one of the Spriggan 12, Ajeel Raml, the single beam from Jupiter was refracted away from the ship. Ironically, this proved to be highly beneficial for the success of the Osprey Squad's mission, as Ajeel's actions caused Jupiter to deal a much harder blow than anticipated by destroying a large number of the invading fleet instead of a single ship.[3]

  • Status: Success


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