The Oshibana Town Thugs are two unnamed young men who tried to sexually assault Lucy Heartfilia. They came from Oshibana town, and preyed on women. They were from an unnamed Rogue Guild.[1]


One of them wears a red beanie. He has dirty blond hair and wears a black and red t-shirt and green pants. He also wears a purple pendant around his neck. The other young man has dark blue hair, wears a dress shirt, and maroon pants.


Both young men are disrespectful towards women, as they kept bothering Lucy and making inappropriate comments about her body. They also both seemed to intimidate Lucy. Also notable is that the blue-haired man has a disturbing habit of wildly shaking his head. [2]


Loke arc

Oshibana Thugs try to kidnap Lucy

Thugs trying to kidnap Lucy

After Lucy leaves her sleepover, she walks with Plue and Happy. On the way she runs into the two men. They greet her and tell her they're from Oshibana Town visiting, and then ask her if she wants to have a "funky time". Lucy declines saying she was with Happy and Plue. They keep asking her, but Lucy still declined. The two get angry that she's with a cat and Plue. They both figure they can take Happy and Plue with them anyways and then both grab Lucy.Lucy tells them that's enough, but then she cannot move her body. She realizes the two men are Mages. Just then, Loke comes and punches them, knocking both of them out.[3] It is later revealed that Loke was on a mission to capture the two thugs.[4]

Magic and Abilities

Body Restriction Magic: When used, this Magic stops the target's body from moving. Direct physical contact with the target seems to be required for this Magic to work.[5] (Unnamed)


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