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Organic Link Magic (生体リンク魔法 Seitai Rinku Mahō) is a Caster Magic.


Organic Link Magic in effect

This type of Magic revolves around the creation of links between people and Magics in various ways. The first way shown was an attack reversal of sorts, meaning if a person were to damage or destroy a specific target, then the person responsible would also receive the same amount of damage dealt as well. Laxus used a variation of this for his Thunder Palace, filling Lacrima with enormous amounts of Lightning Magic. The moment a Lacrima is destroyed, the person responsible would be electrocuted with the power stored within the Lacrima.[6] The second way this Magic is used is linking your own Magic Power to an object in order to supply it with Magic Power. Oración Seis used this variation of the Magic in order to supply Nirvana with Magic Power so they could control and power it.[7] The last known usage of this Magic is for it to serve as a bind or a seal linking a group of Mages in order to seal away someone or something. This variation was used by Brain and the other Oración Seis members who served as the seals which sealed away Brain's other personality, Zero. The only way to break the seal is by defeating the Mages who are serving as the locks.[2] The Magic Council also employed this Magic to seal away Face with three former Council members whose names the ex-Chairman only knows.[4] In the anime, Organic Link Magic can be linked, not only to a certain person, but to their descendants, which means if the original person whom the Magic is bound to passes away, then their inheritors will act as a binding in their place. The only known way to break the link is to use an Anti-Link on the people it is linked to.[8]


Laxus' Spells

Brain's Spells


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