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The Oración Seis arc (六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス) Orashion Seisu) is the ninth story arc of the Fairy Tail series.

Fairy Tail opts to form an alliance with Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Cait Shelter in order to destroy one-third of the Balam Alliance: the Dark Guild Oración Seis. However, the task proves not be an easy one, as they face their strongest foes yet.


The Strongest Guilds Assemble

After helping Lucy get her rent by working as waiters for 8-Island, Team Natsu meets up with Yajima, the owner of the restaurant, whom they learn from about the dissolution of the old Magic Council.[1]

Hades appears

Meanwhile, Ultear, revealed to be alive and a member of Grimoire Heart, informs her master Hades of the Oración Seis and their movements, with Hades resolving to leave them be for now. Afterwards, Fairy Tail members learn of the powerful association called Balam Alliance and their plans of destroying a major portion of it, specifically the one under the Oración Seis' control, through an alliance with other legal Guilds. Elsewhere, though, six members of the Dark Guild watch the effects of something they refer to as "Nirvana" on the land itself.[2]

Wendy, Cait Shelter's delegate

Team Natsu heads out to meet fellow Mages from Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Cait Shelter, thus creating a team in order to stop Oración Seis in their tracks. Upon arrival at the meeting place, The Trimens, Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearm and Ren Akatsuki, quickly show off their so-called "handsomeness" and treat Erza and Lucy like hosts. When their leader, Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, tries to get close to Erza, though, she kicks him away and he subsequently gets his head frozen in ice by the arrival of Lyon Vastia. Lucy then meets Sherry Blendy once again and the two seem to continue their rivalry, along with Gray and Lyon, with all of them being soon stopped by Lamia Scale's ace, as well as one of the Ten Wizard Saints, Jura Neekis. The group waits for the final member to show up, the one from Cait Shelter, and is surprised to have a little girl named Wendy Marvell and her cat companion, Carla, to join them. Happy immediately develops a crush on Carla while Natsu tries to remember where he heard Wendy's before.[3]

Gemini beats Jura

With all the guild members assembled, they learn of the Oración Seis' searching for a powerful Magic called Nirvana, with little known info about each of its six members. Before a true plan can be set up, though, most of the alliance runs out, searching for their enemy. As only Ichiya and Jura left behind, Jura is attacked by the former, who actually turns out to be Gemini, Celestial Spirits serving Angel, one of the members of the Oración Seis, with the real Ichiya having been beaten up badly. Having infiltrated their meeting, Angel now knows about the alliance's planned ambush.[4]

The Good and the Bad

The Allied Forces: defeated

With ten of the twelve members of Allied Forces still searching for the Oración Seis' base, the airship Christina, which they were planning to use in their battle, arrives overhead but is suddenly blown up. The surprised Allied Forces are then greeted by the Oración Seis themselves, who made the first move. Happy, Wendy and Carla hide behind a rock, while everyone else tries to fight back. However, they are rapidly and effortlessly defeated by the six, with everyone lying on the ground, and Erza ending up lethally poisoned by Cubellios during her brief scuffle with Cobra. Oración Seis' leader Brain then prepares to finish the Mages off with his Dark Rondo, but is overly surprised in noticing a frightened Wendy hiding behind a rock.[5]

Brain proceeds to kidnap her, recognizing her as the "Sky Sorceress". Happy mistakenly gets carried away with her while Brain readies to finish off the downed Allies before departing. However, they are saved by Jura, with the Wizard Saint having arrived with Ichiya.[6]

Erza in pain after Cubellios' bite

Ichiya proceeds to use his Healing Perfume to heal everyone's injuries, but is surprised to learn that his Magic can't stop the poison that Erza is infected with. Erza then asks someone to chop off her poisoned arm, which Lyon tries to do and nearly succeeds before Gray stops him. In the midst of the argument, Carla calms everyone down by saying that Wendy can save her without the need for unnecessary sacrifices, since she is the Sky Dragon Slayer, capable of employing healing Magic, much to everyone's dismay. Realizing that they need Wendy's help, everyone now agrees that their new mission is to find and rescue Wendy and Happy from the Oración Seis.[7]

The Enemy of My Enemy

Brain holds Happy

At an abandoned city, Brain tells everyone that Wendy possesses healing Magic and that they can use her abilities to heal him, much to their dismay, and with Cobra commenting that with him they'd rapidly find Nirvana. Brain tells Racer to go fetch him, and for Cobra, Angel, and Hoteye to search for Nirvana. He also says that even if Wendy doesn't want to help them, she will when she finds out who she is healing, and that Nirvana is a Magic which make light and darkness switch places.[8]

Gray stands against Naked Mummy

Meanwhile, everyone splits up to try and find Wendy and Happy. Lucy remains with the downed Erza and Hibiki. Natsu, Gray and Carla are searching for their friends, Natsu asks about Wendy's Dragon Slayer Magic, and learns that Wendy volunteered for the mission just to meet him, and that the Dragon Grandeeney, who taught and raised Wendy, disappeared about 7 years ago, just like Igneel, the Dragon who raised Natsu and Metalicana, the Dragon who raised Gajeel. The group is subsequently attacked by the Dark Guild Naked Mummy, who they ready to fight. Elsewhere, the other groups of Allied Forces run across other Dark Guilds subject to Oración Seis.[9]

Jellal inside the coffin

Meanwhile, Racer returns to the headquarters carrying a large, cross-shaped coffin, and the person in it is revealed to be Jellal Fernandes, seemingly in a comatose state due to Etherion's effect, and whom is said by Brain to know the location of Nirvana, having once been a member of the Magic Council. Happy and Wendy are both surprised to see him still alive.[10] Outside, Natsu and Gray are briefly shown fighting Naked Mummy. Back inside, Happy tries to convince Wendy not to save him due to what he did to Erza, but Wendy, further terrified by Brain threatening Jellal with a dagger, says that she loved him and owes him a great debt, she is then given 5 minutes by Brain to make up her mind. Meanwhile, Natsu and Gray are shown having defeated Naked Mummy, and trying to extort its top members the location of Oración Seis' base. The other members of Allied Forces obtained victory as well, with the exception of Ichiya, who was captured. Natsu, Gray and Carla have reached Oración Seis' base, and the former's screams prompts Racer, on Brain's order, to go outside and assault them. Gray engages him in combat while Natsu and Carla reach the cave their friends are in.[11]

Jellal revived

Just to see Jellal well and alive, a crying Wendy having healed him. Natsu rushes against him, but Jellal rapidly takes him out with a spell, unexpectedly doing the same with Brain, and then leaving. The group leaves the place to go and heal Erza, with Carla carrying an unconscious Wendy, and Brain, thinking that Jellal wants to keep Nirvana all for himself, orders Cobra, from a far place, to follow him. The confrontation between Gray and Racer continues, and, as Carla and Happy carry Natsu and Wendy away, they are spotted by Racer, who rushes towards them and had knocked them out the air. Natsu catches all of his unconscious friends and runs. Just as Racer is about to catch up to them, Gray prevents him from continuing the chase with Ice-Make: Rampart. Natsu makes a run for it, and Gray continues his battle. Elsewhere, Jellal is shown having knocked a Erigor member unconscious and robbed him of his clothes and, as he leaves wearing said clothes, he whispers Erza's name to himself.[12]

Amazing Speed?! Gray and Lyon vs. Racer

Gray stops Racer a second time

As Natsu runs away carrying his unconscious friends, he is contacted by Hibiki through the use of his Archive, with which he sends Natsu a map to find them. He then explains the mechanics of his Magic to Lucy, who, glad to know Wendy's safe, swears she'll protect Erza until the little healer arrives. Meanwhile, Racer renounces to chase after Natsu, stating that he wants to kill Gray, who stopped him in his tracks twice. After displaying his astonishing speed, he uses Dead Grand Prix to summon forth many armed motorbikes, on which he and Gray start a chase, exchanging blows. The two run across Lyon and Sherry, and the former joins the fight on Gray's motorbike, destroying Racer's with Ice-Make: Eagle. Racer responds by destroying their motorbike and, then start dodging all of their Ice-Make spells, expressing surprise when the two remove their shirts, true to their strange habit. Avoided all of their attacks, he hits them, and states he'll finish them off. However, Lyon tells Gray he has found Racer's weakness.[13]

The group attacked by Racer

Gray and Lyon confab a bit, and then Gray is suddenly and unexpectedly blocked in a very high pillar of ice by Lyon, who states he doesn't need him, and that the glory this time belongs to Lamia Scale. He and Sherry then ready to fight Racer, but Sherry is rapidly taken out by Racer. Before he can be struck too, Lyon uses Ice-Make: Hedgehog to cover himself in ice spikes, stating that Racer won't be able to hit him, and claiming that his fatal weakness is his low offensive capability while trying to lead him away. However, Racer breaks through Lyon's ice and rapidly hits him several times.[14]

Lyon caught by Racer

He then draws a knife and points it at Lyon's throat, stating that, with his speed, all that he needs to finish opponents off his that knife, with which he can cut their throat open. He adds that, despite his young overconfidence being okay, Racer is an Oración Seis, the wrong opponent to pick a fight. However, Lyon's reveals to have truly find Racer's weakness: his Magic doesn't enhance his movement speed tremendously, but instead slows down the perception of time for everyone in a given area aside from himself, making it seem like he moves at unholy speeds.[15]

Gray attacks Racer

Racer's Slow Magic, however, affects only a certain area, and this allows the ones outside of it to see him moving normally. In that moment, Gray is shown breaking free of the ice pillar with a bow in his hands, capable of seeing Racer clearly from such distance. As Racer realizes that everything was part of the two's plan, Gray shoots his arrow. Remembering his pray to be faster than anyone, Racer is defeated by the ice attack.[16]

Lyon saves Gray and Racer

Gray, Lyon and Sherry gather, commenting on the victory, Racer, however, unwilling to accept his defeat, raises on his legs and reveals an explosive Lacrima device strapped to his chest, charging forth to take Gray's life alongside his own. However, Lyon pushes Gray aside and tackles Racer, with the two of them falling off the cliff while the Lacrima explodes, seemingly taking the lives of them both, much to Gray's and Sherry's dismay. Natsu hears the explosion, and so does Brain, incredulous that the Allied Forces managed to take the life of an Oración Seis. Angered, he wakes Midnight up and orders him to eliminate all of their opponents. Midnight states he will.[17]

Gray, alarmed, forms ice stairs to go examine the site of the explosion and search for Lyon, whom he's sure can't be dead. Meanwhile, Sherry starts to act strangely, wondering who is to blame for her beloved one's apparent death.[18]

The Magic of Nirvana

Jura vs. Hoteye

Jura is shown fighting Hoteye, who assaults him by surprise, their Earth Magic, respectively making the ground hard and making it soft, clashing as Hoteye wonders which one is stronger. Jura replies that the one that has stronger conviction will always prevail no matter the quality of Magic, with Hoteye answering that the ones always on top are the rich. Meanwhile, Natsu reached Lucy and Hibiki, and, having been awakened from her state of unconsciousness alongside Happy and Carla, Wendy goes on to heal Erza from the poison, at the same time wondering whether Jellal really did Erza the terrible things they told her.[19]

Nirvana's sanctum

Meanwhile, Jellal is shown walking in a strange place, with Cobra following him without him realizing. The Oración Seis' member wonders why he can't hear his thoughts. Jellal is then shown having stopped before a large tree, with chains protruding from it. Much to Cobra's enthusiasm, Jellal destroys the tree, and a pillar of light is released from it. Elsewhere, Wendy finishes healing Erza, much to her comrades' happiness. However, such joy is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the light column from the ground, not too far from them: back to where Jellal is, Cobra rejoices, as from the beam of light, which is seemingly starting to gather darkness from the surrounding area, a tower peeps out: Nirvana. Everyone in the vicinity, both Team Light and Oración Seis, realizes that, and Midnight is seen congratulating an incredulous Brain, stating that now he'll kill all of their enemies before Midnight falls. Realizing that Jellal must be where Nirvana is, Natsu rushes in that direction, willing to stop him so that Erza doesn't have to meet him again, but the girl concerned seems to overhear, slowly opening her eyes.[20]

Sherry's "darkness"

Everyone is shocked to see Nirvana appear, with the powerful Magic making communication via Archive between Hibiki, Eve and Ren difficult. While Gray searches for Lyon, Sherry stays still, silently blaming him for Lyon's supposed death, as her expression turns more and more evil. As Hoteye, having witnessed Nirvana and laughed happily, rejoicing in it, starts acting strange and screaming desperately as if he were in pain, Jura stares alarmed at him. Hibiki tells Lucy they should go after Natsu, but the group notices Erza has disappeared. Wendy starts crying, stating that the whole matter is her fault, for she was the one healing Jellal, and Hibiki unexpectedly attacks her with a spell, much to the others' dismay. Elsewhere, Natsu rapidly gets rid of Racer' personal Guild, Harpuia, which was blocking his path, stating that he won't let Jellal get near Erza. Lucy's group is then shown running in the same direction as Natsu, with Hibiki, carrying an unconscious Wendy on his shoulders, claiming that he had to do that. He tells the others that he knows what Nirvana is, but didn't tell everyone back at the meeting since it might have brought doubt about his loyalties. Nirvana is a spell that makes people switch between light and dark, and what they just saw is the first stage that makes people who waver between good and bad switch places, which is why he knocked out Wendy when she was having doubts.[21]

Hoteye's "light"

This is shown when Sherry, who is traumatized by Lyon's supposed death, readies a Doll Attack: Wood Doll and uses it to attack and knock out Gray. Similarly, Hoteye, after his seeming previous crisis from before, is shown turning good, stating that he wanted money simply because his goal is to find his long-lost brother. He hugs a surprised Jura, stating they should put an end to his evil comrades' plan of using Nirvana and teach them what wonderful thing love is.[22]

Eve beaten by Midnight

Elsewhere, Eve, seemingly separated from Ren, falls prey to Midnight, and is easily defeated by him, lamenting the fact that his Magic can't hit the Oración Seis' member. Midnight readies to finish him off. With Lucy's group running towards the pillar of light, Happy brings up the fact that, if the alignment-changing ability of Nirvana is true, then those belonging to the Dark Guilds will switch to good. Hibiki says that's a possibility, but claims that, if Nirvana were to activate its second stage, then it could be used to target specific people such as a Guild, and its members would go on a killing spree, much to Lucy's dismay. Hibiki claims they have to stop Nirvana , or the legal Guilds in the world will be destroyed, as Natsu continues running towards the light.[23]

The Fallen Angel: Celestial Spirit Battle

The reaction to Gemini flashing Lucy's breasts

As Natsu continues running, he spots Gray, seemingly lying unconscious in a river. Natsu rushes toward him, but is lured onto a raft, and is almost killed by Gray before being saved by Lucy and the gang, with Sagittarius shooting an arrow to stop Gray. They at first thought that Gray had turned evil due to Nirvana, but realize that he is an impostor as he starts listing data about them. The impostor then poses as Lucy and lifts her shirt, up which makes the guys happy, and trouble Lucy. She later tells Sagittarius to shoot Hibiki, and when Lucy forces closed Sagittarius' gate and tells Carla to take Wendy somewhere safe, the fake Lucy re-summons Sagittarius to shoot Carla and Wendy out of the sky. Before she does, Angel shows up, revealing herself as a Celestial Spirit Mage, and the impostor is revealed to be Gemini, the same Celestial Spirit who attacked Jura and Ichiya.[24]

Loke vs. Aries

Realizing that everyone else is incapacitated, Lucy has no choice but to fight Angel herself. She summons Aquarius to fight, but Angel responds by summoning Scorpio, Aquarius's boyfriend. Neither chooses to fight and they go on a date. Angel then scolds Lucy for not knowing the relations between her Spirits. Lucy resorts to using her trump card Loke, but Angel summons Aries, a dear friend of Loke. This greatly shocks Loke, Lucy and Hibiki.[25] Angel proceeds to explain that she was the one who killed Hibiki's former lover, as well as Loke and Aries' former master, Karen Lilica, and took Aries' from her. This has Hibiki almost succumb to Nirvana, but he seemingly manages to stifle. Lucy tries to dismiss Loke instead of having him fight Aries, but he refuses, since they were summoned by different people and have to fight for their masters' sake. Loke quickly gains the upper hand since Aries isn't a combat Spirit, so Angel summons Caelum and ruthlessly shoots through Aries just to reach Loke, revealing that she can summon two Spirits at a time. Angel's act of cruelty greatly horrifies Lucy. Due to the damage from Caelum, both Loke and Aries are forced to return to the Celestial Spirit Realm to heal. Before they completely vanish, Loke apologizes to Lucy, and Aries says she's happy he found a kind owner.[26]

Lucy attacks with Urano Metria

Enraged, Lucy summons Taurus, but Angel re-summons Gemini who poses as Lucy, distracting the charging Spirit, and uses Caelum to knock out Taurus. Without any energy left, Lucy begs Angel to release Aries from her contract in an final act of desperation. Lucy claims she deserves happiness together with Loke. Angel agrees, and declares that the price for Aries' freedom will be Lucy's life. Angel orders Gemini to kill her, but Gemini manages to feel Lucy's love for Celestial Spirits and cries, saying they can't kill her, greatly angering Angel and prompting her to close Gemini's gate. Hibiki suddenly appears and grabs Lucy's neck from behind, prompting both her and Angel to believe that he has fallen prey to Nirvana. However, this is just an act to trick Angel, and he tells Lucy that he is going to transfer a high-level spell into her head through his Archive. Lucy is shown entering into a trance and reciting an incantation, as Angel angrily charges towards her wielding Caelum. Angel angrily charges towards Lucy wielding Caelum, but the girl enters a trance and recites an incantation, casting the Urano Metria spell against Angel and defeating her. Lucy is shown waking up from the trance seconds after, oblivious of what just happened.[27]

Angel releases her prayer

Lucy notes the presence of her companions, and then rushes toward Natsu. However, Angel suddenly rises from the water and tries one final attack to take down Lucy with Caelum, but fails. She then faints as she remembers her prayer of fading into the sky like an angel. Although her attack failed, she did make the raft Natsu was on sail down a waterfall, with Lucy having boarded it to protect her friend, and the two fall over together. Elsewhere, Brain is incredulous that Angel has been defeated too. He states he won't let the deaths of his comrades to go to waste, and that he'll crush the light. However, in the river, Angel is shown floating, alive and claiming she's not dead.[28]


Wendy tells Carla the story about her and Jellal

Erza is shown running in the woods, while reminiscing the time spent with Jellal and wondering what he's doing in such a place. Elsewhere, Hoteye explains Nirvana's mechanics to Jura, stating that all he wanted was to find his brother, and for that he needed money: that's why he committed such evil deeds. He then goes one to comically compare Jura's head to the potatoes he used to eat with his brother, much to the Jura's dismay.[29]

Wendy and a young Jellal

Ren is shown to be rapidly defeated by Midnight as well, with the Oración Seis's member wondering whether there aren't stronger opponents around. Carla has brought Wendy in a safe place, and the girl proceeds to tell her the story of her encounter with Jellal: they happily traveled together for a month after Wendy was strangely left behind by Grandeeney, but one day, Jellal pronounced the mysterious word: "Anima", which prompted him to leave Wendy at Cait Shelter, stating that traveling further with him would have been too dangerous. As she states that she still believes Jellal to be kind despite all of his seeming bad actions and she wonders whether he still remembers about her, Erza is shown arriving at Nirvana's location, where she finds Jellal.[30]

Erza and Jellal meet again

The two meet, much to the still hidden Cobra's dismay, and Erza is surprised to learn that Jellal has lost all his memory except for the her name, something which reveals to Cobra why he couldn't read his memory. Jellal asks her if she know something about his identity and about this "Erza", something which fills her eyes with tears. She then proceeds to tell him that she is Erza, and lists everything he did in the past, Something which makes Jellal deeply sad, since he can't believe what he has done.[31]

Lyon returns with Racer

In the meantime, Lucy wakes up to find her wounds treated and her body clad in a different outfit. It is revealed that Natsu also got a new outfit by Virgo, who passed through her own gate since Lucy was out of Magic Power. Later Sherry appears and tries to attack them with her Doll Attack, but she is tackled from behind by Gray. She finally reverts to herself when Lyon appears alive and well, having survived the explosion, much to everyone's relief. Wendy and Carla are surprised by the fact that Nirvana's black light when it turns white, and Happy is shown dragging Hibiki out of the river, hoping everyone is alright.[32]

Jellal casts a Square of Self-Destruction

Back at Nirvana, Cobra reveals himself and asks Jellal how did he manage to discover the Magic's location and why he unsealed it, to which he responds that was the doing of a voice in his dreams, which made him remember the Magic's whereabouts. He then reveals that he unsealed it in order to destroy it by a Square of Self-Destruction on Nirvana. Cobra tries desperately to obtain the spell's deactivation codes, but to no effect. Jellal then reveals to have cast the spell on himself as well, being willing to die to make amends for his sins and to free Erza of his burden, taking her sadness away with him. Erza, however, rushes towards him with tears in her eyes, calling his name.[33]

Erza scolds Jellal

As Erza, bent over Jellal, cries for him not to die, as he should remember everything he has done and make up for it living, Brain appears, and, by no means alarmed by Jellal's spell on Nirvana, reminds him that he's, in fact, the one who taught Jellal the spell in the first place, before rapidly nullifying it, much to Cobra's joy. Nirvana's second stage is finally activated, and the Magic reveals its form as a gigantic building moving on six, large spider-like legs. Erza and Jellal manage to cling on the structure, and the former, despite Jellal's depression for not having stopped the Magic manages to convince him to deactivate the suicidal spell, showing him her comrades, who are clinging on Nirvana's legs too, ready to confront Oración Seis and stop Nirvana. She says they'll never give up, being connected through hope, and spurs Jellal to live on and see the future with his own eyes.[34]

Battle in the Sky: Natsu vs. Cobra

Cobra on a winged Cubellios

Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Jellal, Wendy, Carla, Jura, Hoteye and Ichiya are shown to have hang on to Nirvana's legs. Natsu starts suffering from motion sickness and falls, but is saved by Happy's sudden appearance. While the others climb the legs, Natsu and Happy fly to the structure's top in order to access it immediately. Inside, Brain shows Cobra the city of the ancient lying in Nirvana, and then takes control of the building and readies to move it towards a certain guild. However, Natsu suddenly appears, and Brain orders Cobra to take care of him.[35]

Rulers of the Heavens

Cobra and his snake companion Cubellios hit Natsu and Happy several times, with the reptile being revealed to possess wings, which allow him and his master to fly. Meanwhile, Wendy and Carla find out, much to their shock, that the direction Nirvana is heading to is that of their Guild Cait Shelter.[36] Natsu attempts to attack Cobra, but finds it impossible to hit him due to Cobra hearing all of his thoughts. Meanwhile, Gray and Lucy meet up with Jura and Hoteye. Having been reassured that Hoteye isn't bad anymore, they listen to his story about the Nirvit, the neutral tribe which, in order to obtain peace, created Nirvana 400 years ago. As they discuss, Midnight suddenly appears. Hoteye, revealing that his true name is Richard, tells his newly-found friends to leave and find Brain, as he readies to fight Midnight. Meanwhile, Natsu continues his aerial battle with Cobra, and only manages to land blows on him when he stops thinking while he attacks. Having found a worthy opponent, Cobra transforms his arms into Dragon's claws, revealing himself as the Poison Dragon Slayer, much to Natsu and Happy's dismay.[37]

Cobra's Dragon Slayer Magic

Having landed some blows on Natsu with his claws, Cobra has Cubellios produce a poisonous mist from his mouth. Having consumed it, he proceeds to use Poison Dragon's Roar on Natsu and Happy, poisoning both Natsu and Happy. Cobra then goes on to make a distinction between "Old style" and "New style" Dragon Slayers: Natsu belongs to the first category, having learnt his Magic from a Dragon, and Cobra to the second, having implanted Dragon Lacrima inside his body to gain Dragon Slayer Magic, much like Laxus Dreyar. He proceeds to declare "New style" Dragon Slayers as the "true" ones due to Dragons being extinct, despite Natsu angrily stating that Igneel is alive. The two continue to fight, and Natsu, with both he and Happy severely weakened by Cobra's poison, asks his friend to let him go. Cobra hears his thoughts and finds out Natsu wants to use his Fire Dragon's Roar. Having jumped and grabbed his head before he can do so, however, he readies to smash him on the ground tens of meters below them. As they fall, however, Natsu roars out extremely loud like a true Dragon, something which it's heard throughout Nirvana. With his superhuman hearing, the roar acts as a powerful attack against Cobra, who falls to the ground alone, seemingly defeated, much to Brain's dismay.[38]

Cobra's tears

Natsu and Happy, exhausted, fall to the ground as well, with Natsu's motion sickness appearing. However, Cobra, again on his feet, appears before them, and readies to finish Natsu off. Before he can do so, however, he's shot in the back by Brain. Cobra hears Brain's thoughts, with Oración Seis' leader thinking that, if they can't defeat such an average Guild, his underlings are nothing more than trash. Remembering his prayer to hear the voice of his friend Cubellios, Cobra falls unconscious to the ground. Natsu angrily chastises Brain for doing such a thing to a comrade, but Brain shrugs it off, stating that he has taken an interest in Natsu and that he'll make him his first puppet through the use of Nirvana. Meanwhile, Hoteye is shown to have seemingly defeated Midnight. Brain's "son", believing that if he loses his "father" will abandon him, tries to run for it, but Hoteye uses a combination of his Heaven's Eye and Liquid Ground to spot Midnight and attack him again, stating that Oración Seis will end today.[39]

The Power of a Wizard Saint

Gray, Lucy and Jura catch up to Natsu and Happy, with both of them being too exhausted and weakened to put up a fight against Brain, who's dragging Natsu, also afflicted by his motion sickness, away. Oración Seis' leader states he'll make Natsu a subordinate of his using Nirvana, which will soon reach Cait Shelter, something which shocks everyone. Jura asks Brain why he's moving Nirvana towards that Guild, and, when the other doesn't answer and mocks them, he rapidly attacks him with his powerful Earth Magic, much to Brain's dismay. Jura goes on to say that he won't let Brain sleep until he reveals his goals, while Gray and Lucy watch on in surprise and admiration.[40]

Jura defeats Brain

Jura and Brain engage in a brief battle, with Oración Seis' leader attacking the Wizard Saint with his Darkness Magic. Jura, however, uses his signature Iron Rock Wall to parry all of Brain's attacks, and then rapidly proceeds to defeat Brain with Supreme King Rock Crush. Brain wonders how they lost, as that man promised them that they'd never lose. He then remembers his prayer, for his "son" Midnight not to vanish as well. The others note that the lines of his face are disappearing, as Wendy and Carla manage to reach them.[41]

Hoteye beaten by Midnight

Meanwhile, Midnight is shown rising on his feet again and rapidly defeating Hoteye, claiming that now he's a Mage stronger than his father. Hoteye, as he falls, remembers his prayer, to see his brother's face one last time. Brain, still lying on the ground, notes that five "prayers" have already disappeared, and only Midnight is left. Wendy uses her Troia spell to momentarily eliminate Natsu's motion sickness, and the group resolves to stop Nirvana, which, despite Brain's defeat, is still moving on track towards Cait Shelter due to Midnight's presence.[42]

Roubaul informed about Nirvana

In Cait Shelter, Master Roubaul is informed of Nirvana heading towards them. He states that they should trust their allies still fighting out there, and that, maybe, it's time for them to make amend for their sins. Meanwhile, the ones on Nirvana try thinking of a plan to stop the building from reaching Wendy's Guild, with Wendy herself running away on her own, stating that she might have an idea. Hoteye seemingly communicates telepathically with the group, stating that they'll find Midnight under the throne room, and that stopping him will stop Nirvana. However, this is revealed to be a deception, with the one having sent the telepathic communication being, in fact, Brain. When Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Jura reach the indicated place, they are caught in a huge explosion.[43]

Jura saves Team Natsu

Erza and Jellal are seen hearing the explosion. Seconds after, Midnight appears before them. Jellal tells Erza to stay back, as he readies to fight Oración Seis' most powerful member. At the site of the explosion, Natsu, Gray and Lucy are shown to be almost unscathed: Jura protected them with his Iron Rock Wall, taking all the brunt of the explosion on himself. He says that he's glad they're safe before falling unconscious, with the three running up to him. Elsewhere, Wendy and Carla search for Jellal: the very same Jellal who's shown falling to the ground, rapidly defeated by Midnight, much to Erza's dismay, who's left alone to face him.[44]

The Queen and The Prince

Jellal falls

Erza realizes that Jellal's defeat is due to him having used up a lot of Magic Power with the Square of Self-Destruction. She attacks Midnight with a pair of slashes, but finds it impossible to hit him, with the swords' direction changing as she strikes. Midnight then proceeds to magically strangle Erza with her own armor, which tightens, immobilizing and disarming her. She manages to break free of it, and requips her Heaven's Wheel Armor. Midnight then proceeds to explain the nature of his Magic, Reflector, which has the power to twist and distort anything; distorted attacks can be redirected to the attacker, and distorted light gives birth to illusions; Erza charges forward.[45]

Klodoa appears

Meanwhile, while tending to Jura's wounds, Natsu, Gray and Lucy are surprised to see Brain's staff, Klodoa, talk and declare itself as the seventh member of Oración Seis. Erza sends many swords flying at Midnight, but he deflects them all, strangles Erza with her armor once again, and dodges another sword thrown at him by her, before striking Erza with Spiral Pain and heavily injuring her. Midnight and Klodoa go on to explain, respectively, to Jellal and Natsu's group why they chose Cait Shelter as the first guild to destroy: its members are the descendants of the Nirvit who created Nirvana, and thus the only ones capable of re-sealing it. As Midnight rejoices at the thought of the Nirvit slaughtering each other due to Nirvana, Jellal says he's disgusting. Midnight replies that Jellal isn't better than him, and that he has caused a lot of suffering to many people. He then invites him to join the Oración Seis. However, Erza raises back on her feet, a new armor requipped, stating that she knows of the light dwelling within Jellal, something which makes him happy.[46]

Erza requips Robe of Yūen

The two resume their fight, and, this time, Erza rapidly gets the upper hand, striking Midnight different times, due to the weaknesses of his Magic, which she worked out: Reflector doesn't work on human bodies, and it can only refract one area at a time, either the one around Midnight's body or the one around the enemy. In addition, her Robe of Yūen she reequipped is an elastic attire, preventing Midnight from tying Erza up tightly with it.[47]

Erza breaks through Midnight's illusion

Erza claims the victory is hers, but Midnight laughs, stating that, at midnight, which is ringing in that moment, his powers reach their peak. He then transforms into a large monster, attacking and stabbing the two. However, this is revealed to be an illusion of Midnight's Reflector, useless before Erza's artificial eye. Erza finishes the last member of Oración Seis off with a slash, and Midnight falls unconscious, thinking about his prayer, to fall into slumber in a quiet place.[48]

A New Enemy, A New Power

Zero appears

Natsu, Gray and Lucy are shown engaging Klodoa in a clumsy battle, with the stick hitting them around. However, Klodoa realizes that all of the Oración Seis have been defeated, and this terrifies him, because now he will appear: usually sealed away by the Organic Link Magic connected to the six members of Oración Seis, the Six Prayers, Brain's alternate, devious personality who loves destruction, Zero, will now be released. This proves to be true, as Zero himself makes his appearance on the scene, rapidly and effortlessly taking out Natsu, Gray and Lucy. He ruthlessly kills Klodoa himself, and then readies to fire Nirvana against Cait Shelter, to satisfy his eagerness for destruction.[49]

Wendy finds Erza and Jellal

Wendy and Carla reach Jellal and Erza, and the former, not being recognized by him, is informed that he has lost all of his memories. Meanwhile, Zero fires off Nirvana on Cait Shelter, with Master Roubaul resignedly stating that such is their fate, to reckon their heavy sins. However, the blast misses by a margin, due to the sudden appearance of the Christina airship, flying again, and with the other members of the Allied Forces on board. Hibiki, through the use of his Archive, proceeds to communicate his allies on Nirvana' how to stop the wandering building: they'll have to destroy the six Lacrima crystals empowering it, each placed in a different leg, in twenty minutes, before Nirvana can fire again. Shortly after, Zero sends a communication to everyone, stating he'll be waiting at one of the Lacrima crystals to defend it, making Nirvana's destruction difficult.[50]

Team Natsu rises to fight

There are, still, only three Mages left to fight, and Wendy claims to possess no offensive ability. This problem is solved, however, when Natsu, Gray and Lucy, spurred by their companions, stand on their feet again, ready to accomplish their goal.[51] Natsu chooses the crystal number 1, Gray chooses 2, Lucy chooses 3, Ichiya goes for 4, Erza takes 5 and then gives the task to destroy 6 to Jellal, stating that Natsu still believes him to be evil, and that for now they shouldn't let him know about Jellal.[52]

Jellal's memories return

As Ichiya moves with difficulty towards crystal 4, due to him being still tied to a pole by a dark guild, Natsu reached crystal 1 and readies to fight Zero, who's standing there. Elsewhere, before they split up, Erza reveals that it was likely for Zero to be at crystal 1, due to Natsu having an excellent nose and boundless will to fight, and that he'll be able to handle the matter. As she pronounces Natsu's name, however, Jellal appears shocked, a wicked expression taking shape on his face as he walks away. Natsu engages Zero in combat without managing to hit him, and instead being struck himself numerous times by the opponent's Darkness Magic and by his physical blows. Jellal suddenly appears and blasts Natsu with a spell, having seemingly returned to his evil personality.[53]

Jellal protects Natsu

However, he instead reveals that he sees Natsu as "a fire of hope", proving to be still good, and reveals him that he has lost his memories. As Natsu, angered, attacks him and reprimands him for his past actions, Zero uses his Dark Capriccio against them, and Jellal steps before Natsu, taking the brunt of the attack on himself, reminding the latter about the same thing Simon did for Erza in the Tower of Heaven. Having fallen to the ground, Jellal offers Natsu some golden fire, the Flame of Rebuke, to consume and to revitalize Natsu. Jellal tells Natsu that even though he could not remember his crimes, he could not be forgiven for them, and that Natsu had to defeat Zero. Meanwhile, Wendy is shown at crystal 6, with Jellal having asked her to destroy the crystal in his place, because with the young girl too exhausted to use her healing Magic, Jellal decided to go and heal Natsu himself. Remembering Jellal's kind encouragement, for her to eat the "heaven" through her Dragon Slayer powers in order to obtain offensive power, Wendy readies herself.[54]

The power of Dragon Force

At crystal 1, Natsu finally accepts Jellal's flame, with the latter stating that he believes in the man Erza believes in before passing out. His fire spell proves to be extremely powerful, as, consuming it, Natsu enters Dragon Force, much to Zero's dismay, who had now been struck by Natsu several times.[55] With Natsu commenting that the sensation is the same as when he ate Etherion, the two resume their battle. At crystal 3, a downed Lucy, who states she has no Magic power left to destroy the crystal, is surprised to see Gemini sudden appear. The Celestial Spirit, turning into herself, offers Lucy her help in destroying the crystal. Natsu and Zero continue their battle, and, despite the former's Dragon Force, Zero retains the upper hand. As Natsu's comrades get ready to attack the respective crystals, praying for Natsu to be safe and to do it in time, Zero brutalizes and badmouths Natsu, stating that he can't beat him, the leader of Oración Seis, on his own. Natsu, however, rises on his feet, stating that he's not alone, because his comrades' power is running through his body. He then charges towards Zero, readying to use his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade against Zero's ultimate attack: Genesis Zero.[56]

A Dragon Slayer's true power

As everyone readies to attack the crystals, Natsu and Zero clash: the latter's Genesis Zero seems to overwhelm Natsu, but Natsu manages to literally devour it using the golden flames he was granted, and then reveals an astonished Zero the true power of a Dragon Slayer, roaring out loudly as the image of an imposing Dragon appears behind him. He proceeds to hit Zero, and finishes Oración Seis' leader off with his Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade, sending him crashing through the Lacrima crystal just as his comrades attack theirs, thus destroying Nirvana.[57]

Final Goodbyes

Following the destruction of the Lacrima crystals, Nirvana starts to fall apart, and everyone tries to make it outside. Wendy and Carla and are saved by Jura, Natsu and Jellal by Hoteye. With everyone safe, the gathered group is introduced Jellal and told that he lost his memory; despite his past, evil deeds, having helped them out, he's considered a friend. During a private conversation, Erza and Jellal reconcile, with the woman telling him that she'll be at his side to help him while he gets back his memories, and Erza tries to add something, but is interrupted by the arrival of the Council's 4th Custody Enforcement Unit, led by Lahar. The man explains that the Council has now been restored, and that they are here to capture certain criminals.[58]

Hoteye's happiness

The army starts with Hoteye, for his past sins as an Oración Seis member, despite him having being turned good by Nirvana. Jura tries to speak against them, but Hoteye decides to be arrested since he can never be rid of his sins even if he turned good. Before he gets taken away, Jura tells him that he will continue the search for his younger brother in his place, and asks for his name. Hoteye says his name is Wally Buchanan, and Erza, surprised, instantly tells them that she knows him and that he is alive and well, traveling across the continent with his good friends. This makes Hoteye burst into tears, and realize that there is hope for those who believe in the light. He is taken into custody with no regrets or worries.[59]

Erza stops her friends from interfering

Lahar proceeds to tell them that they are after another person, even more dangerous than the Oración Seis: Jellal. For his crimes of infiltrating and destroying the Council, as well as firing Etherion, he's to be arrested.[60] Wendy tries to convince Lahar to change his mind and protests that Jellal could not even remember what he did, but Lahar refuses, and says ignorance of one's crimes is no excuse and that Jellal will either receive execution or life imprisonment. Jellal remains calm, accepting his punishment and thanking Erza for everything she has done. Erza looks on helplessly as her long-lost friend is about to be taken away from her permanently just after reuniting. As she thinks that she can't let Jellal go, Natsu attacks the soldiers, saying he won't allow Jellal to be taken away since Jellal is one of them now. Natsu tells Jellal that he has to stay by Erza's side for her sake, much to Jellal's distress, with his new friends exposing themselves and risking their freedom for him, who's resigned to turn himself in. Just as Lahar orders his underlings to arrest them all, after making a terribly difficult decision, Erza cries for them to stop, stating she'll take responsibility herself, and tells them that they can take Jellal away, much to his relief. Before being taken into custody, Jellal manages to remember one final thing, Erza's surname, Scarlet, stemming from her hair, and openly tells it before bidding farewell to Erza, with her sadly saying the same.[61]

Erza cries over Jellal's arrest

Following Hoteye and Jellal's arrest, the group feels dejected, and Erza is shown sitting alone. She remembers her slave days, when, due to her not having a surname, Jellal came up with Scarlet, due to the color of her hair, and says he will never forget her name. She bursts into massive tears, and pronouncing Jellal's name, starts crying desperately, watching the incoming sunrise bearing the same color as her hair.[62]

The Allied Forces arrive at Cait Shelter

Joining the friends that were on the Christina and arriving at Cait Shelter, everyone gets new clothes to restore their torn up ones. They meet up with the people of the Guild, and, after receiving their sincere thanks from Roubaul, the most exuberant members of Team Light try to celebrate, but then notice Roubaul upset. Cait Shelter's Master goes on to explain that they are not, in fact, the descendants of the Nirvit, but the Nirvit tribe itself. He explains that 400 years ago he was the one who created Nirvana to stop the wars raging throughout the country, and founded a village on the machine itself, which enjoyed a time of prosperity. However the darkness that they removed from the targets found its way to the Nirvit tribe itself, and made the people kill everyone in cold blood, with only Roubaul managing to escape and eventually dying, just to live on as a spirit. He sealed Nirvana away, since he couldn't destroy it himself, and settled in an abandoned town to watch over the machine until someone could destroy it. He swore and remained in solitude for some time, until a child with Jellal's appearance appeared carrying an unconscious Wendy, asking him to take care of her, to which Roubaul agreed. Wendy then woke up and asked where she was, since her companion told her that he was going to take her to a guild. Roubaul, not wanting Wendy to feel sad, said that the place was, in fact, a guild, and used his extremely powerful Magic to turn the wrecked town into a guild and create illusory people to be part of it.[63]

Roubaul disappears

Now that the burden of Nirvana is destroyed, the guild members start to disappear, and, as Wendy, in despair, is told by Roubaul that she no longer needs illusory companions, having found real ones. As Roubaul himself, his task completed, starts disappearing, Wendy runs towards him, but he vanishes before she can reach him, telling her that's just the beginning and that the future awaits her, thanking her newly-acquired comrades and asking them to look after her and Carla.[64]

Erza invites Wendy to come to Fairy Tail

Her Cait Shelter mark gone from her arm, Wendy desperately cries out for Roubaul with tears in her eyes, as everyone else stare on silently. Erza nears Wendy and kneels behind her, telling her that she knows it's hard to have someone close disappear, but that her comrades will help her bear that sadness. She then invites her back with them to Fairy Tail.[65]


Wendy and Carla join Fairy Tail

The group from Fairy Tail, alongside the new entries Wendy and Carla, sails back towards their Guild, having parted with their friends from the Allied Forces. Lucy has obtained Angel's three Gold keys, Gemini, Scorpio and Aries, favorably impressed by her kind attitude towards Celestial Spirits. The group reaches Fairy Tail, were they are welcomed back, with great excitement about Wendy and her Dragon Slayer Magic which shocked them at first. A great party is organized for the occasion, and everyone is happy. While his guildmates celebrate, Mystogan is briefly shown glancing at them before disappearing. A few days later, Fairy Tail is in turmoil: much to everyone's excitement and happiness, Fairy Tail's strongest Mage, Gildarts Clive, will return, having been away three years on a mission which nobody could complete in 100 years.[66]

Manga & Anime Differences

  • There were some background materials that, in the manga, weren't included in this arc, but which were portrayed in the anime:[67]
    • Except for Brain/Zero, all of Oración Seis' members were once slave children for the Tower of Heaven, chosen by Brain to create the Dark Guild with Jellal's consent.
    • Brain and Midnight are not blood-related.
    • Hoteye and Wally were separated at the time when Brain selected Hoteye to be a member of the Oración Seis.
    • All of the other members consider Brain to be their father.
  • In the fight against Racer, Racer pulled out a knife when he tried to finish Lyon off. In the anime, he broke off a piece of an ice shard to do it.
  • Jura's beatdown of Brain is extended.
  • Natsu and Cobra's fight is extended.
  • In the manga Zero's final spell is mostly used to try to overwhelm Natsu. In the anime, it sends him into a different dimension which Natsu breaks free from.

Battles & Events


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