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Ooba Babasaama (オーバ・ババサーマ Ōba Babasāma) is the Guild Master of Lamia Scale.


Ooba has the same features as that of an old person with wrinkled skin, small eyes, and bony hands. She has stretched earlobes and has long gray hair tied up in a huge bun with three layers.

Her outfit consists of a cloak with a collar with a dotted design and what appears to be a dark vest underneath it. She wears studded bracelets on both her arms and a necklace with a sun emblem.[1]


Ooba scolds her guild's members

Ooba has a rash and loud personality, furiously berating herself and her guild for not winning the Grand Magic Games as well as ordering them to work harder. She does, however, seem to have the guild's best interests in heart, all she wants is to establish Lamia Scale as the strongest guild in Fiore, as do her guild's Mages.[1] She has a habit of continually spinning her arms in a circular fashion.


Eisenwald arc

Ooba first appears during the battle between Erza, Natsu, and Gray against Lullaby, which took place outside of the Guild Meeting Building. The Guild Masters commented and marveled upon how the trio defeated one of Zeref's devils.[2]

Grand Magic Games arc

Ooba yells at Lyon

Ooba is seen just outside Lamia Scale's guild building, hotly lamenting that Lamia Scale comes in second place every year in the Grand Magic Games, and urges her guild to work harder and aim for first place this year.[1]

Later, when she sees the rankings for the Grand Magic Game event, Hidden, she gets mad at Lyon Vastia for getting third place.[3] As the one-on-one battles commence, Ooba gets angry once again, this time at Sherry Blendy for cheering for Ren Akatsuki from Blue Pegasus, despite the fact that one of her guild members reminded her that they were engaged.[4]

Ooba watches Jura Neekis fight Team Fairy Tail B's Mystogan, while making a person standing next to her spin.[5] She then congratulates Jura on his win.[6] During the Second Day's first match Ooba watches Toby Horhorta fight Kurohebi, disappointed with the outcome.[7] During the third match of the day between Mirajane and Jenny, several female Mages from the rivaling teams participate in the battle's special stipulation. Ooba joins the fray donning a swimsuit, which astonishes all of the viewers and instigates the non-participants to exit the field to allow Mirajane and Jenny to conclude their match.[8] Ooba then watches Jura achieve a score of 8544 in the Third Day's MPF Event.[9]

Ooba scolds Sherry

As Sherria Blendy fights Wendy Marvell, Ooba is seen scolding Sherry Blendy, stating that she, Sherry, is nowhere near her cousin's level.[10] As the battle rages on, Ooba stares at Sherria in shock when Sherria begins to cast a very powerful spell, Heavenly Gathering of Clouds. She even states that if Sherria uses that attack and hits the target, she will kill her opponent. However, Sherria's attack misses Wendy.[11] Ooba continues to watch as Sherria and Wendy give it their all, and is satisfied with the battle's outcome.[12]

Ooba points towards the sky and states that their target for the last day has changed to Team Fairy Tail.[13] Once the final day arrives and the game begins, Jura manages to earn a point for Team Lamia Scale by knocking out Semmes from Quatro Puppy. At this, Ooba exclaims that with Jura on their side, Lamia Scale is unbeatable.[14]

A while later, Jura manages to get into a three-way battle with Orga Nanagear of Team Sabertooth and Laxus Dreyar of Team Fairy Tail. Seeing her top Mage take out Orga in a single blow and then turn to face Laxus, Ooba gleefully spins her hands and tells Makarov to give up, as over the seven years the Tenrou Team was away, Jura managed to rise in the ranks of the Ten Wizard Saints, now being considered as number five among them. When Sherry points out that there are still four others stronger than him, Ooba angrily spins her, telling her to not speak of them. However, she then quickly defends Jura by stating that the four higher-ranked Saints are like deities, and as such, she considers Jura the strongest human Wizard Saint.[15]

Ooba, astonished, watches as Jura and Laxus are evenly matched in power.[16] She later spins madly when she witnesses Lyon, Sherria, and Jura's defeat at the hands of the Fairy Tail Mages standing in their way.[17]

After the end of the Grand Magic Games, Ooba joins forces with all the other participants of the event, in order for them to be able to defeat the ten thousand Dragons that will soon arrive, spinning with excitement.[18]

Ooba, along with all the other masters and their Mages that participated in the Grand Magic Games, is invited to the palace for a party to celebrate their survival against the Dragons. After every guild starts claiming Yukino Agria as their own Mage, Ooba joins the fray, along with the other Masters, and as a result, an all-out brawl between guilds takes place in the palace,[19] only to be halted by Arcadios when he announces the King's arrival.[20]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Tartaros arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Avatar arc

In the year X792, Ooba takes to the stage with her guild to perform for Margaret Town in Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving parade. At first, she begins to show off an oriental dance, though is soon dragged from the stage by Lyon when she tries to turn said dance into a striptease.[23] Later that night, after the parade, Ooba expresses great anger upon seeing Lamia's rival guild, Orochi's Fin, attempt to lay waste to Margaret Town and the guild with over 100,000 monsters.[24] Ooba then remarks that Orochi's Fin must have a Monster Tamer within their ranks that is controlling the monsters.[25] Shortly thereafter, Ooba watches as Lucy equips her new Star Dress, and then assists in the dispatching of the oncoming monsters by making her target spin.[26]

After Orochi's Fin's defeat, Ooba puts on a costume as they wave goodbye at Wendy, asking if a replacement for the Sky Sisters is needed.[27]

Alvarez Empire arc

When the Alvarez Empire attacks Fiore, Ooba travels south to Hargeon to reclaim the Alvarez-occupied port, alongside the members of her guild and those of Mermaid Heel.[28] Once there, they soon find themselves facing a large army of Alvarez soldiers, and as the two opposing sides clash, Ooba employs her Spinning Magic in order to knock the approaching Alvarez soldiers unconscious.[29] Aided by Fairy Tail, they finally obtain victory on the second day and Ooba joins the victory parade that proceeds down the port's main street.[30]

Magic and Abilities

Ooba orders a Lamia Scale member to spin

Spinning Magic (回転魔法 Kaiten Mahō): Ooba has exhibited the ability to force her target to start spinning. This command is executed when Ooba twirls her finger in a circular motion, whether she is pointing at her target or not.[31] Ooba has utilized this Magic as a means of punishment towards her Guild members.[32][33]

Enhanced Agility: Despite her old age, Ooba has shown to be agile, being able to dodge an incoming foot stomp from the Rock Dragon.[34]

Appearances in Other Media


Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess


  • On the cover of Chapter 245 of Hiro Mashima's previous work, Rave Master, there is an old woman identical to Ooba.

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