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Onibus Town (オニバス Onibasu) is a town where Team Natsu performed many plays, as a part of a job they received.


Onibus is a town that is best known for its theater. It appears that the city is often visited by the Mages because it has a bar directed only at clients that use Magic. It does not have its own guilds, so any jobs that need to be done for the town are accepted at the nearest guild, which is Fairy Tail, located in Magnolia Town.[1][2]


Onibus and the nearest towns

It is located near Clover Town and Oshibana Town, being on the same railways.[2]


Locations in Onibus Town
Onibus Station - Inside.jpg
Onibus Station
Onibus Theater.jpg
Onibus Theater
Bar in Onibus.png
Onibus Bar


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  • Onibasu is a flowering plant, matching the theme of Fiore (Italian word for "flower") and some of its cities.