Sailing Temple: Olympia (移動神殿オリンピア Idō Shinden Orinpia) is a Magic temple owned by Sorano that specializes in underwater traveling.[1]


Olympia changing its form

Olympia changes into its vehicle form

While in its stationary state, Olympia appears to be a regular temple that is simply located on the ocean floor. When transformed, however, it protrudes mechanical legs and sheds parts of its outer exterior, with it now being a mobile vehicle. In its transformed state, Olympia also retains wings and a cannon-like object protruding through its roof. Whether these wings make the temple capable of flight or if they are a necessary means for it to be able to travel long distances underwater is currently unknown; the same goes for the cannon's capabilities. Sorano used Olympia first as a hiding spot to go unnoticed by the Alvarez Empire troops hunting her and then to aid Team Natsu in their goal of rescuing Makarov Dreyar from the clutches of said empire, when he was detained as a prisoner.[1][2]


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