Nirvana's Creation is an event that took place 400 years prior to the beginning of the series.


The year X384 happened during an era in which war ravaged the world.[1]


Nirvit living on Nirvana

The Nirvit living on Nirvana

Hoping to put an end to the wars, Roubaul of the Nirvit race created the Magic of Reversal Nirvana, which would reverse "darkness" and "light". The newly created Magic became the Nirvit's home and nation, a symbol of peace to the world for many long years. But, the great power of it found itself opposed. For all the "darkness" it had reversed into light, the more "darkness" Nirvana had taken upon itself. Light could not exist without darkness, as much as darkness could not exist without light, and because of this forced balance of nature the darkness that had been taken from the targets of Nirva came to settle upon the Nirvit. It was hell.[2]

The Nirvit fought among themselves, almost to extinction. The only survivor was Roubaul, who devoted the rest of his life to atoning for the sin he committed and in order to find someone with the power to destroy Nirvana.[3]


Four-hundred years later, Nirvana is destroyed by the Allied Forces in order to stop the Oración Seis from destroying Cait Shelter.[4]


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