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Nirvana (ニルヴァーナ Niruvāna), also known as the Magic of Reversal, is a legendary Magic Item created by the Nirvits.


The place where Nirvana was hidden

Nirvana is a legendary Magical item which, according to Hibiki Lates, has the power to turn light to darkness and vice-versa. This works when people are wavering in their emotions and forces people to change alignments between light and darkness.[1] However, for all the darkness it turns into light, the same amount of light is turned into darkness.[2] This Magic also has various stages.[3]


The Nirvit

Four hundred years ago, Nirvana was created by Roubaul of the "Nirvit", a race of humans who remained neutral during times of war. To try and keep the world in peace, they constructed Nirvana to force people into stopping the wars that ravaged the world at that time. After succeeding, Nirvana became a symbol of peace and the Nirvit made it their home. However, for all the darkness that it had turned into light, Nirvana took more and more darkness upon itself. It turned its residents, the Nirvit, from light to darkness and made them fight among themselves until it was impossible to survive. The only one to survive was Roubaul; however, even Roubaul's body perished, but in order to atone for the sins he committed, his spirit watched over Nirvana until someone came that was powerful enough to destroy it in his stead.[4]

Stages of Nirvana

It was stated by Hibiki that in the "Final Stage" of Nirvana, light and darkness would completely switch places; however, he mentions that there are intermediate stages.[3]

First stage

Nirvana's first stage

In Nirvana's first stage, a pillar of black light with dark Magic streams bursts from Nirvana itself. This causes those who are caught in the rift between light and darkness, due to negative thoughts, to completely switch sides.[3] However, some "negative" emotions, like rage, that are for someone else's sake, may not truly be "negative", therefore not forcing the one with the emotion to switch sides. Victims of this stage were Sherry Blendy, who attacked Gray Fullbuster with her Wood Doll after having seen Lyon Vastia presumably die at the hands of Racer; and Hoteye, when he hugged Jura Neekis after proclaiming that only love was needed to live.[5]

Second stage

Nirvana in its second stage

In its second stage, which was activated by Brain, Nirvana, breaking the ground, erupts upwards, revealing the city where the Nirvit lived. From the earth around it, long spider-like legs appear, which seem to be made of flexible stone and are used as Nirvana's support and allows it to move.[6][7]

Nirvana charging its beam

At the top of the palace in the center of the city, is the "king area", the point from where Nirvana is controlled by means of Magic.[8] However, there doesn't have to be a person in the King's area to keep it moving.[9] Each of the six legs are powered by a Lacrima that constantly absorbs Magic from the earth. This Lacrimas are positioned around the top of each of the six legs.[10] This stage of Nirvana has the ability to fire massive Magical beams.[11]

The only way to stop Nirvana in this state is to destroy the six Lacrimas empowering it at the same time.[12] Six members of the Allied Forces managed to do just that, once all the Lacrimas were destroyed, Nirvana caved in on itself and crumbled to the ground in pieces.[13][14]


Nirvana with 8 legs

Nirvana with 7 legs

Nirvana with 6 legs

  • When Nirvana first appeared, it was shown to have 8 legs,[15] but then it changed to seven[16] and later it changed to only six.[10]
    • In the Q&A, Mirajane believes that Nirvana merely decided to take off two of its legs for no apparent reason, while Lucy Heartfilia thinks that those two legs became a burden to get to Cait Shelter, so it removed them to walk faster.
  • In Indian religions, the word "Nirvana" refers to the state of being free from sufferings, rising to the utmost top of heaven.


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