Natsu vs. Mavis is an omake of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.

Some of the Fairy Tail members visit the hot springs for relaxation. Mavis joins the girls in their bath, but reveals that she can only enjoy the atmosphere, not the qualities of the water. Erza calls over Natsu from the men's bath, causing the other girls to exit the bath in embarrassment, and tells him their problem. The Dragon Slayer immediately uses his Magic to drastically raise the temperature of the water, so much so that Mavis is finally able to experience the warmth to her great joy and excitement.


In the girls' section in the hot springs, some of the female Mages in Fairy Tail are having a nice and relaxing bath in the hot spring. Mavis, who is accompanying them, remarks on the delightfulness of hot springs, making Lucy wonder if the ethereal woman can actually experience the warmth. Wendy agrees with her, but Erza believes that even ghosts should have capability to have a good soak once in while, causing Wendy to question the redhead's strange thought processes with Carla telling her to just ignore the elder Mage.

Mavis cannot enjoy a bath

Mavis sad that she can't enjoy a bath

A depressed Mavis reluctantly informs them that she only enjoys the atmosphere of the place and cannot actually phyiscally enjoy it, shocking Erza deeply. The latter immediately begins to help Juvia and Mirajane wash and starts to recite all the good points about hot springs, from the pleasure of the warmth and cleanliness to the skinship amongst females. This depresses Mavis even further and Erza breaks down at the very thought that their first Guild Master cannot experience all this.

Natsu boils the bath away

Natsu heats things up

Suddenly, Erza realizes that they can at least have Mavis feel the warmth of the water and calls for Natsu , who casually strolls over from the men's bath, stark naked, much to the shock of all the ladies but for Erza and Mavis. As the other girls run out of the bath and hide from the intruding male, leaving Mavis the sole occupant of the bath, Erza tells Natsu her plan.

As Natsu prepares to execute the plan, Lucy slips on a bar of soap while trying to hide and slips into Erza, sending the two women tumbling into the bath. The Dragon Slayer uses his Magic to heat up the water, completely boiling it away. While Erza manages to endure the heat with great difficulty and Lucy is completely scladed, Mavis finally experiences the warmth of a good bath and thanks Natsu. Suddenly, Natsu notices Lucy for the first time since entering the bath and greets her, while Lucy scolds him about his nudity, causing Mavis and Erza to comment that Lucy was so flustered that she had forgotten about her own state of dress.

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