Natsu Dragneel vs. Ultear Milkovich is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Natsu Dragneel and Grimoire Heart Dark Mage Ultear Milkovich.


After Wendy heals Natsu's injuries from his encounter with Zeref and his fight against Zancrow, Natsu picks up someone's scent. He remembers that that is the smell of the guy he fought on Galuna Island and goes after him.[1]

Natsu encounters Ultear

Natsu sees Ultear on a tree

Natsu and Happy are running after Zalty, and Natsu slips on a leaf and falls down a hill. Down there, he encounters Zeref, who is unconscious because of his fight against Ultear. The ground starts shaking and a tree grows right in front of Natsu. Ultear appears on top of the tree and explains that there was a little sprout there and she just led it to the future. Natsu says that he can smell that she is the guy from Galuna Island, she says that this is her true form and introduces herself as the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, Ultear Milkovich.[2]

Ultear asks Natsu if he is also after Zeref, and Natsu and Happy are surprised to find out that that guy was Zeref. Ultear says that she is not going to let him have him, but Natsu says that he doesn't need him, he hurt his friends and he is never going to forgive them. Ultear says that now it is time for her to return what she owes him, takes out her Orb, and says that this time she is serious.[3]


Ultear's Flash Forward spell

Natsu attacked with Flash Forward

Natsu starts climbing a tree, telling Ultear that if they hadn't shown up he would have been an S-Class Mage now. Ultear asks him if that's his future and sends her Orb towards Natsu. Natsu dodges it, but Ultear uses Parallel Worlds, explains it and then attacks Natsu with Flash Forward. Natsu falls, Happy screams Natsu's name and Ultear says that the fun has just begun.[4]

Natsu saves Lucy from Kain

Natsu kicks Kain

Natsu kicks Kain Hikaru, who appears in front of him and tells him to get out of the way. Natsu meets with Lucy, whom he just saved, and tells her not to steal his opponent, but Ultear and Kain have also met with each other. Since now they have a new opponent, Natsu decides that they should team up like old times to take them out together.[5]


Team Natsu remade

Natsu and Lucy join forces

They are about to start fighting, but Kain tells Ultear that he can take of them by himself. Natsu is unhappy about this, but Lucy says that they should be thanking them. Ultear agrees to Kain's request and says that she will take Zeref to master Hades and leaves. Natsu says that he won't let her get away, but Kain gets in his way and the fight begins.[6]


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