Natsu Dragneel vs. The Vanish Brothers is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Natsu Dragneel and the Southern Wolves Guild's Vanish Brothers.


Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy infiltrate Everlue Mansion.[1] After running into some of Everlue's maids, the team manages to arrive at the library where they find the Daybreak Book. As the team decides on what to do to the book, Everlue arrives and summons the Vanish Brothers to fight the Fairy Tail Mages.[2] When Lucy leaves to examine the book, Everlue and Happy chase after her while Natsu prepares to fight the Vanish Brothers.[3]


Natsu fights the Vanish Brothers

Natsu dodging an attack by one of the Vanish Brothers

Natsu attacks the Vanish Brothers with his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, but the smaller brother easily stops his attack.[4] The brothers belittle Natsu's abilities because he is a Mage, but Natsu taunts them by writing "Come On" with his Magic. The smaller brother suddenly attacks, but Natsu easily dodge his attack. However, the taller brother grabs Natsu and throws him through a wall and almost falls down the balcony. As Natsu grabs for the railings, the smaller brother with the giant frying pan attacks him, but misses when Natsu jumps down to the ground floor. While the brothers attack, they explain the weak points of Mages which is their bodies. However, Natsu points out that none of their attacks are hitting him.[5]

Vanish Brothers attack Natsu

One of the Vanish Brothers attempts to hit Natsu

Seeing that Natsu is right, the brothers decides to use their Heaven and Earth Extinct Slaying Attack. As the taller one of the brothers is thrown up the air, Natsu's eyes follow his movements. However, this proved to be a distraction since the smaller brother suddenly attacks him from below. As Natsu focuses on the brother on the ground, the airborne brother dives and attacks him. The Vanish Brothers, thinking that the fight is over, is surprised to see Natsu stand up seemingly unscathed.

Natsu then attacks with his Fire Dragon's Roar, but the brothers are confident that the attack would be ineffective. The smaller brother then uses his Flame Cooking technique to absorb Natsu's attack and sends it right back to him. However, Natsu is unaffected by the attack. He then charges and grabs the brothers by the face and defeats them by using his Fire Dragon's Wing Attack.[6]


With the battle finished, Natsu Dragneel tries to walk away to find Lucy Heartfilia. However, Everlue's head maid suddenly wakes up.[7]


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