Natsu Dragneel vs. Taurus (Eclipse) is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Natsu Dragneel and the Eclipse Celestial Spirit Taurus.


After acknowledging Liberum as the goal of the Eclipse Celestial Spirits, Erza starts forming teams for gathering information about the said ritual with Natsu, Lucy, Levy, Yukino and Happy on a mission to the Magic Library. Suddenly, though, Lucy notices the absence of Natsu as well as Horologium and Crux, who travel to the Celestial Spirit World in an attempt from Natsu to go against the Spirits in order to bring them back to their normal forms.[1]


Taurus dodging Natus's attack

Taurus dodging Natsu's Sword Horn

As Natsu start calling for the Eclipse Spirits, six pillars are thrown at him by the Eclipse Taurus, welcoming the former to the Celestial Spirit World. As the Fire Dragon Slayer tries to reason with him, the latter charges at him, kicking him away. The fight proceeds, with Taurus having the upper hand over Natsu. As the latter charges at his opponent, Taurus blocks the incoming attack with ease, forcing him back and dodging his Fire Dragon's Roar. Taurus keeps blocking Natsu's attacks, and the latter tries to make the Celestial Spirit recall his past with Lucy, but to no avail, as Taurus states that he forgot the contract between him and a human, enraging the Dragon Slayer. Natsu then charges impulsively at him with his Fire Dragon's Sword Horn. However, Taurus easily jumps over and watches Natsu fall in the bottomless world.[1]


After the fight, Natsu leaves the Celestial World by unknown means and lands in the Magic Library during the quarrel between Lucy, Yukino and Levy against Eclipse Virgo, with the latter escaping with the Celestial Globe. Levy then informs the Mages that the price for the freedom that Liberum offers are the lives of the Spirits, as they will be able to live only for twelve days before dying, leaving the group in strong shock.[1]


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