Natsu Dragneel vs. Mount Altana Guild is an anime-only fight fought between the Mage Natsu Dragneel and the four Mages of the Mount Altana Guild.[1]


A doped Natsu

After Natsu Dragneel and Happy set off for a training trip, following the war with Tartaros, they stop at Mount Altana where Happy leaves to get fish. When he returns, he finds out that his companion had eaten some poisonous mushrooms that doped him completely. He then tells Natsu that their fish was stolen by some bully guild, much to the latter's anger. Happy leads Natsu to the guild's camping site, where Natsu decides to go and retrieve their dinner. He appears before the four Mages, wanting to reclaim their fish. Their leader states that every wildlife in Mount Altana belongs to their guild. Due to the mushrooms' effect, Natsu believes that the Mages have beaten up Happy and therefore readies his Magic to fight the four Mages.[1]


Irate Natsu threatens the Mages

Firstly, one of the Mages fires a Needle Hammer at Natsu, just to be blocked easily before Natsu uses his Fire Dragon's Grip Strike, knocking the Mage out. The leader, shocked by their opponent's powers, orders her comrade to smother his flames by water. The latter then uses Solid Script: Blizzard to freeze Natsu in an iceberg. Unexpectedly, Natsu breaks free easily, before battering his attacker. The remaining two recognize Natsu's identity, seconds before they are blasted by the latter's fearsome Fire Dragon's Roar. After that, the four Mages are seen aruging with each other to escape, much to Natsu and Happy's disgust. The Dragon Slayer, irked by their manners, finishes the outpowered Mages with his Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, demolishing the entire area alongside his opponents.[1]


After the fray, the over grilled fish collapses into ashes, as Natsu lies on the ground, unconsciously muttering, leaving Happy disappointed and burnt.[1]


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