Natsu Dragneel vs. Erigor: Rematch is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Natsu Dragneel and Dark Mage Erigor.


Natsu & Gray after defeating Naked Mummy

Natsu & Gray after defeating Naked Mummy members

Natsu and Gray manage to defeat all of the Naked Mummy members.[1] Zatô and Gatô cannot believe that their guild were defeated by just two Mages.[2] Natsu and Gray cannot believe that the Naked Mummy members were able to put up a fight but Carla tells them that they were facing a whole guild. Natsu begins to interrogate Zatô about the location of Wendy and Happy but Zatô refuses to tell him. Natsu knocks him unconscious and turns his attention to Gatô.[3]

Natsu greeting Erigor

Natsu happily greeting Erigor

Natsu begins to interrogate Gatô. But Gatô loses consciousness after revealing that a guest is there. Erigor then reveals himself to the group. Natsu happily greets Erigor with the air of being close friends. Gray reminds Natsu that they did not have a good relationship and reminds him about the incident with Eisenwald Guild. Erigor then approaches the two and begins to tell them about what happened to him after the Magic Council dissolved his guild. He tells them that he was waiting for the day to get revenge against Fairy Tail. Natsu and Gray accept the invitation to a match while Carla watches them, bemused by their enthusiasm.[2]


Erigor charging at Natsu

Erigor charging at Natsu

Erigor attacks the group with his Wind Magic but Gray is able to defend them with his Ice-Make: Shield. Gray is impressed with Erigor's power but Natsu tells him to stand back. Natsu then uses his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist but Erigor is able to defend himself. As she watches, Carla realizes that Natsu is at a disadvantage due to Erigor's Wind Magic. Gray agrees with her but tells her that Natsu has improved since his last battle with Erigor. Erigor then notices that Natsu has gotten stronger and Natsu attacks him with his Fire Dragon's Claw. Natsu prepares to attack once more.[2]

Natsu defeating Erigor

Natsu defeating Erigor

Erigor then attacks with his Emera Baram which causes a huge explosion. As the smoke clears, Erigor begins to brag about his spell's destructive power and the training that he had done. However, the attack is ineffective and Natsu begins to taunt Erigor. Erigor smiles at him and promises to defeat him. Erigor then charges with his Magic Wind Palm but the attack is ineffective and Natsu defeats him with Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist.[2]


Natsu interrogating Erigor

Natsu interrogating Erigor

After the battle finishes, Gray begins to tease Natsu about not able to finish the fight quickly. Carla congratulates him, surprised to see the power of the Salamander. Natsu then tries to wake up the unconscious Erigor to interrogate him about Wendy and Happy's whereabouts.[2]


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