Natsu Dragneel vs. Daphne is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Natsu Dragneel and Dark Mage Daphne.


Natsu's anger

Natsu's anger

With Gajeel's Karma Demon: Iron Spiral, Natsu is freed from the Dragonoid. Lucy, Erza and the others send Natsu some fire to replenish his strength. With his strength back to normal, Natsu angrily charges off to defeat Daphne.[1]


Natsu about to attack Daphne

Natsu about to attack Daphne

Daphne tries to defend herself by sending two of her dolls at Natsu, but he easily destroys them. Natsu then finds himself face-to-face with Daphne and tells her that even if she uses her Concealment Magic to hide, he will find her since he is still absorbing Magic Power from the Dragonoid. Natsu then releases some Magic Power and Daphne, her eyes filling with tears, sees a Dragon in Natsu. Natsu then attacks her, telling her to apologize to Igneel for making an artificial Dragon.[1]


Natsu and Gray argue

Natsu bickering with Gray

With Daphne defeated, the curse on the people of the City Without Sound lifts and the townspeople realize that Natsu kept his promise. Watching Natsu carry the unconscious Daphne, Gray and Mirajane conclude that the weak point of the Dragonoid is the source of its power: Natsu himself. Natsu then faces Gray and begins to bicker with him as usual. Lucy watches her guild with Happy from afar and concludes that everyone in the guild needs each other, and that that is the reason that she loves Fairy Tail. Happy then ruins the moment by saying that she looks like a sunfish whenever she smiles, angering Lucy, causing her to start a fight with him.[1]


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