Natsu Dragneel & Wendy Marvell vs. Edolas Royal Army is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Natsu Dragneel and Wendy Marvell and the guards of the Royal Army of Edolas.


Edo Lucy stands in front of the black market

Lucy Ashley leads the team to a black market

Edolas Lucy leads Natsu and the others to the town of Louen. As the group walks through the streets, Edo Lucy begins to explain that the people in the town used to trade Magic up until the Kingdom banned it. She also adds that possessing Magical artifacts is now a crime. The team also learns that no people from Edolas contains Magic Power in their bodies, which makes Magic in Edolas objects. Edo Lucy then leads the team to a Magic Black Market. After buying Magic, the group heads to a cafe since Edo Lucy wants the team to tell her about her counterpart. At the cafe, Edo Lucy laughs out loud at the thought that her counterpart is writing novels, came from a rich family and uses Key Magic. As the group continue their conversation, a group of guards from the Royal Army arrives, planning to capture them.[1]


Trapped inside of a tornado

Team Natsu trapped inside Wendy's tornado

Natsu pulls out his Magic weapon and shoots fire from it while Wendy desperately tries to open hers. Natsu's attack is rendered ineffective when the guards pull out their shields. Natsu tries to use his sword again but Edo Lucy reminds him that Magic is limited and that item have a specific number of uses. Natsu begins to panic when he realizes that his Magic item only has a one time use but Edo Lucy tells him that he could have used it 100 times if he was controlling it properly. The Royal Guards then charge at the group and Wendy manages to open her Magic item, which causes the group to be sucked into a tornado and sent into another part of town.[2]


Seeing Lucy

Natsu and Lucy Ashley when they see Lucy Heartfilia

The group hides within one of the houses and tries to devise a plan in order to leave the city safely. Suddenly, they hear the Royal Guards saying that they captured Lucy of Fairy Tail. The group opens the door to peek and finds Lucy Heartfilia captured by the guards.[3]


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