Natsu Dragneel & Happy vs. Ophiuchus (Eclipse) is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Natsu Dragneel, Happy and Eclipse Celestial Spirit Eclipse Ophiuchus.


After the 12 Zodiac Celestial Spirits are sealed back to the Celestial Spirit World, Eclipse Ophiuchus reveals that it was part of her plan to transfer their power to the Eclipse Celestial Spirit King through Liberum. With Princess Hisui concluding that this will mark the Celestial Spirit World's dissolution, Natsu proclaims that he will defeat both the Eclipse Spirit and the king.[1]


Ophiuchus stands her ground

Eclipse Ophiuchus threatening Natsu

Happy flies with his comrade towards the Serpent Bearer, telling his fellows to destroy the Celestial Globe in order to stop Liberum. As he charges with his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, Ophiuchus whistles through her ocarina, manipulating Natsu's fire, leading it to strike it's user, knocking him out. As he rises again, Ophiuchus separates him from Happy and starts ramming the Dragon Slayer onto the ground repetitively, before sending both of them away.

Ophiuchus then proceeds to kill her opponents by shooting several beams at them, overwhelming them. The two then decide to get rid of the ocarina. As Ophichus mocks the Mages for trying to destroy the Celestial Globe, Natsu activates his Black Fire Dragon Mode and charges at the Spirit with his Darkness Phoenix Blade.[2] As she is about to play her ocarina, Happy sneaks on her, kicking the instrument form her hand. Ophiuchus, now wide open to attacks, gets hit by Natsu's blow, marking her defeat.[3]


Following her defeat, human Ophiuchus lies on the ground, grievously injured as she returns to the Celestial Spirit World. Natsu and the others celebrate their victory for a bit, but unfortunately discover that Liberum has already transferred all the power to the Eclipse Celestial Spirit King. Having no alternative, they decide to travel to the Celestial Spirit World and prevent its Eclipse King from demolishing it.[3]


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