Natsu Dragneel & Gray Fullbuster vs. Unnamed Eisenwald Team is an anime-exclusive battle fought between Fairy Tail Mages Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster, and a team of unnamed Eisenwald Dark Mages.


Natsu and Gray describing Erza

Natsu and Gray describing Erza

After finishing their job at Shirotsume Town, Natsu, Lucy Heartfilia, and Happy head back home. On their way, the group encounters Gray who is coming back from a job of his own. As Happy fishes for something to eat, Gray informs the group that Erza Scarlet will be returning home. Erza, as described by Natsu, Gray, and Happy, is the most powerful woman/wild animal/beast/evil Demon in Fairy Tail. According to the three, Erza is able to shatter a mountain into pieces with just her kicks. The group then decides to head home.


Happy about to be cooked

Happy caught

However, their surroundings suddenly explode, half-burying Natsu, Gray, and Lucy in sand. Happy, however, is captured and bound by a group of Mages who are preparing to cook him over a fire. One of the Mages, a big chicken-like man, uses his staff to create a fire and prepares to light a flame under Happy. Just then, Natsu, Gray, and Lucy arrive and the two sides prepare to battle one another.[1]

Natsu caught by Sand Bomb

Natsu caught by the Sand Bomb

The chicken-like man and his twin comrades charge at the group, the chicken man aiming for Gray while the twins charge at Natsu. Natsu and Gray easily dodge the group, but Natsu is caught by a Sand Bomb Spell from Snarl, trapping him in a sphere made of sand. While Gray defeats the twin Mages, Lucy goes to free Happy. However, the chicken man arrives and prepares to hit the two with his staff, but is quickly defeated by Gray.

Gray defeats unnamed member

Gray defeats the Fortune Teller

Gray then turns his attention to one of the two remaining Mages who uses his crystal ball to predict Gray's future. Annoyed, Gray shoulders him in the face, defeating him. As the last Mage watches Gray defeat his comrades, Natsu breaks free of his sand prison with his Magic. He then attacks the last Mage with a Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, causing a small explosion and defeating the Mage.[1]


Natsu and Gray victorious

Natsu and Gray defeat the Mages

After being defeated, the group of Mages are bound to a tree and Natsu and Gray begin to bicker as usual. Lucy sits beside the bound group and hears one of them talking about something called "Lullaby". Suddenly, a big handmade shadow appears and grabs the roots of the tree, surprising everyone. The hand pulls the tree down and vanishes, along with the team of Mages.[1]


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