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400 years ago, Natsu was born as the younger brother of Zeref, and they lived peacefully in a small village with their parents. However, Natsu died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a Dragon attack. This caused Zeref to research Magic and its relation to life and death and, much later, with Zeref using his dead body, he was revived as the strongest Demon: E.N.D; whose purpose was to kill Zeref.[1][2][3] During this time, he also met Igneel, however the Dragon chose not to kill him[4] because he loved him extremely so.[5] With Igneel as his guardian, Natsu became acquainted with Gajeel (with whom he frequently fought), Wendy, Sting and Rogue. All five of them met several times a year, when their Dragon parents got together for meetings.[6] He also had his signature scarf knitted from Igneel's molted scales by Anna.[7]

Natsu abandoned by IG

Young Natsu left by Igneel

Igneel went out of his way to teach Natsu how to talk, write, and perform his own signature form of Lost Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic; Igneel ultimately chose, like four other Dragons of that time period, to seal his damaged soul inside Natsu's body and leap four hundred years into the future, recover his strength with the future's high Ethernano concentrations and kill Acnologia.[8] While initially thought to have been abandoned by Igneel on July 7, X777,[9] it was actually the day and year Natsu awoke in the future, like the other four Dragon Slayers;[10] however, when Natsu woke, he believed that Igneel had abandoned him, not knowing that he had instead opted to reside inside Natsu's body for many years to come.[11] The departure of E.N.D. from the past also gave rise to many legends about the strongest Demon from Zeref's works, including his creation[12] and leading of Tartaros[13] (when in fact, Mard Geer happened upon E.N.D.'s tome and used it to unify the other Etherious under a single cause and was the one who created Tartaros),[8] and the fact that he was the most vile creation in Zeref's library of works.[4]

After waking up, Natsu left on a quest to find Igneel and was eventually found by the Guild Master of Fairy Tail: Makarov Dreyar. Natsu ended up joining Fairy Tail, in which he formed a close, sibling-like rivalry with Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet.[14] He was also shown to be on good terms with Lisanna Strauss and Elfman Strauss not long after they arrived to the guild.[15]

Lisanna & Natsu

Natsu with Lisanna, watching over their "Dragon" Egg

One day, Natsu found an egg in the forest east of Magnolia. Thinking it to be a Dragon Egg, Natsu took it to the guild and asked Makarov to make it hatch, but Makarov and Erza told him that he was the only one that could make the egg hatch; through love and care.[16] Lisanna offered to help Natsu care for the egg until it hatched, to which Natsu happily accepted.[17] The two built a shabby straw house in the park to keep the egg warm, becoming very close in the process.[18]

The next morning, Natsu discovered that the egg was missing, and began to blame several of his guildmates. After arguing with almost everyone in the Guild and nearly starting a fight with Mirajane, Elfman appeared, carrying the egg, explaining that he only wanted to help, but was too embarrassed to ask. Suddenly, the egg hatched and a blue cat with wings came out. Lisanna remarked upon the sudden change in the guild's atmosphere after the cat's birth, prompting Natsu to name the cat Happy.[19]

A few years passed and Lisanna partook upon an S-Class job with her siblings, in which she was supposed to hunt a creature called "The Beast." Natsu wished to go with her, but Elfman opposed, as he felt he should be the one to take care of his family. Lisanna was accidentally killed (supposedly) by Elfman during his attempt at taking over the monster. Though Natsu forgave him, he was greatly saddened by the event.[20]


Macao arc

Bora gives Natsu his autograph

"Salamander" tries to give Natsu his autograph

Natsu received a tip from Krov that “Salamander” had been spotted in Hargeon Town.[21] Convinced that the “Salamander” is Igneel, Natsu and Happy travel to Hargeon by train. After getting off, the two stumble across a crowd of young, love-struck women eagerly shouting the name "Salamander." Excited, Natsu breaks into the crowd but, rather than seeing a Dragon, he meets a fire Mage claiming to be named Salamander. Downtrodden that the "Salamander" wasn't Igneel, Natsu rejects an autograph from the impostor and walks away, causing the Mage's crowd of female fans to attack Natsu.[22] Through his antics, Natsu saves a traveling Mage, Lucy Heartfilia, from the influence of "Salamander's" illegal Charm Magic, which he used to infatuate the crowd of girls. Out of appreciation, Lucy buys a meal for him and Happy, and the duo listen to Lucy talk about her dream: to be able to join a guild. After the meal, they part ways.[23]

Natsu arrives

Natsu, quite literally, crashes the party

Later that night, when Natsu overhears a conversation that “Salamander” is supposedly a member of Fairy Tail, he instantly becomes suspicious and crashes the party on the Mage’s ship. While on the ship, Natsu discovers that Lucy is on board, as “Salamander” had tricked her into thinking that he could get her into Fairy Tail. The ship, being a mode of transport, causes Natsu to become violently ill, leaving him defenseless against his enemies.[24] After being rescued by Happy, Lucy summons the Celestial Spirit Aquarius, who uses her Water Magic to wash the boat and everyone on it ashore.[25]

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy running from Rune Knights

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy running from the Rune Knights

With the ship on dry land and its rocking motion gone, Natsu regains his vitality and confronts "Salamander," declaring himself to be a member of Fairy Tail, thereby exposing the Mage as an impostor. One of the impostor's crew members reveals his name to be Bora, however, Natsu shows no interest in his identity and is only concerned with his attempt at tarnishing Fairy Tail's name. Natsu and Bora engage in a brief skirmish, ending with Natsu's complete, and quite easy, decimation of Bora and his crew. However, in the process, Natsu ended up destroying a major part of Hargeon's port.[26] The large amount of damage attracts the attention of the Rune Knights, prompting Natsu and Happy to flee with Lucy in tow. Lucy is initially uneasy, but Natsu, knowing that Lucy wants to join Fairy Tail, invites her to join, to which she happily accepts.[27]

Natsu angry at a guildmate

Natsu starting a fight in the guild

Upon returning to the guild in Magnolia with Lucy, Natsu angrily attacks Krov for giving him false information on the "Salamander,"[21] starting a fight, which, through various circumstances, swiftly evolves into a full-scale brawl. The unruly Mages are stopped by Makarov Dreyar, their Guild Master.[28] Not much later, Natsu examines the request board, looking for an available job, hoping to garner enough money for food.[29] While picking out a job, Natsu overhears Romeo Conbolt, the son of Fairy Tail's Macao Conbolt, interrogating Makarov as to the reason why his father hasn't returned from his mission, which was stationed at Mt. Hakobe, to slay Vulcans. Empathizing with Romeo's troubles, Natsu leaves together with Happy to find Macao.[30] The two are accompanied by Lucy, who is now an official member of Fairy Tail. After the three reach the snowstorm-ravaged mountain, they are attacked by a Vulcan, which whisks Lucy away to its cavernous lair at the peak of the mountain.[31]

Natsu, Lucy and Macao return home

Natsu and Lucy bring Macao home

Thinking that this particular Vulcan is responsible for Macao's disappearance, Natsu chases the Vulcan to its lair and demands to know where Macao is. However, the Vulcan tricks Natsu into coming near a hole in the cavern wall and pushes him into it, sending him plummeting off the side of the mountain.[32] Fortunately, Happy rescues him. When back inside the cave, Natsu sees Lucy fighting the Vulcan using the Celestial Spirit Taurus and, mistaking the bull spirit to be another monster, knocks the spirit out.[33] Natsu soon defeats the Vulcan, who is then revealed to actually be Macao, who was taken over by the Vulcan.[34] They find Macao to be seriously wounded, having fought nineteen Vulcans before being taken over by the twentieth. Natsu saves his life by burning the wound shut,[35] and returns to Magnolia with his friends, reuniting Macao and Romeo.[36]

Daybreak arc

Natsu and Lucy decide to form a team

Natsu and Lucy form a team

After Lucy accommodates herself to her new living arrangements, she finds Natsu and Happy to have shamelessly entered her apartment, uninvited.[37] To no avail, she tries to get them to leave, and instead opts to offer her two companions a cup of tea and teach them the inner workings of Celestial Spirit Magic. Lucy summons Plue, The Canis Minor, and forms a contract with him. Plue then, with Natsu interpreting, suggests that he, Lucy, and Happy form a team, to which they all agree, and do;[38] their first mission: infiltrate a mansion and steal a book.[39]

Natsu found Deybreak

Natsu finds DAYBREAK

When the team arrives in Shirotsume Town, they make their way to their client's, in this case, Kaby Melon's house, where he informs them of the mission details, and that the award amount for completing said job had greatly increased.[40] Impassioned, Lucy disguises herself as a maid, hoping to infiltrate the mansion, however, she is rejected by mansion's owner, Everlue, for being too "ugly," and, as such, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy instead resolve to sneak into the mansion and take the book by force.[41][42] The trio moves quietly about Everlue's mansion, until they are found by the miser's maids, whom Natsu easily defeats. Shortly thereafter, Team Natsu finds themselves in the library, and Natsu, rather quickly, finds the book they are looking for: DAYBREAK. As Natsu is about to burn the book, thereby completing their job, Lucy sees that the book was written by Kemu Zaleon, her favorite author, and tells Natsu that he can't destroy it.[43]

Natsu confronts Everlue

Natsu and Lucy are confronted by Everlue

Just then, Everlue himself surfaces from below the ground, having taken no action solely to see what their objectives were, and calls upon the Vanish Brothers to eliminate them. Lucy, however, declares that the book is harboring a secret, and asks Natsu to buy her some time. Everlue goes after her, interested about the secret, and Natsu tells Happy to follow them while he dealt with the brothers.[44] After defeating the Vanish Brothers, Natsu grabs onto head maid when she begins to move.[45] Consequently, when Everlue summons his head maid, who is actually the Celestial Spirit Virgo, Natsu is brought to Everlue's location. Lucy shouts for him to deal with Virgo while she defeats Everlue. He complies, delivering her a powerful blow.[46]

After defeating Everlue, Natsu begrudgingly returns the book to Kaby, where they find out that Kemu Zaleon, who was actually Kaby's father, Zekua Melon, cast a spell on the book, and that it's real meaning lay hidden within. The group decides to not take any payment for the job, much to Lucy's dismay, since they didn't destroy the book, as their job had stated for them to do.[47]

Lullaby arc

Natsu vs. Gray

Natsu and Gray bicker behind Erza's back

Upon the technical failure of their mission, Team Natsu returns to the guild, where Natsu once again gets into a fight with Gray. Loke then rushes into the guild in a panic and warns the two that Erza has finished her job as well, and that she is on her way back to the guild. Almost immediately, Natsu and Gray cease their bickering and begin acting like best friends. Upon her arrival, Erza, much to their horror, asks Natsu and Gray to accompany her on a mission.[48] When they arrive at the train station, Natsu compromises with Erza, saying that he will only go if she agrees to fight with him when they return, to which Erza agrees. On the train, Natsu succumbs to his motion sickness and Erza, in an attempt to make him feel better, knocks him out.[49]

Natsu overpowers Kageyama

Natsu attacks Kageyama when the train stops

The other members start to discuss the mission, but, in the process, forget to wake up Natsu, and leave him behind on the train.[50] Kageyama, a member of the Dark Guild Eisenwald, the guild they were talking about earlier, tries to start a conversation with Natsu. However, Kageyama attacks Natsu and the two begin to fight, with Natsu quickly getting the upper hand when the train stops. During their fight, Natsu notices the Lullaby flute, and before the train starts to move again, jumps out of the train's window and into a Magic four-wheel vehicle driven by Erza.[51][52]

The team then, via vehicle, returns to the train station, causing Natsu to become sick along the way, thereby warranting Lucy to carry him.[53] Despite being denied entry onto the platform, the team enters nonetheless, and are confronted by the members of Eisenwald. Upon hearing Kageyama's voice, Natsu snaps out of his stupor and protects Lucy from one of Kageyama's attacks.[54] Erza then orders him and Gray to go after Erigor, and the two agree to split up to find him.[55]

Shadow form

Kageyama sneaking up behind Natsu

To start, Natsu starts searching for Erigor by breaking down walls, even though the doors happen to be situated right next to him.[56] Kageyama then sneaks up behind Natsu, attacking him. After the two Mages exchange blows, Natsu, proving to be the stronger of the two, quickly overwhelms Kageyama and questions him on the whereabouts of Erigor. Just as Erza arrives to question him on how to dispel the barrier of wind around the station, to everyone's surprise, Kageyama is suddenly stabbed in the back by one of his allies and Natsu, in a rage, attacks the assassin, trying to avenge Kageyama.[57][58]


Natsu defeats Erigor

Thanks to the aid of the Celestial Spirit Virgo, who's key Lucy acquired after defeating Everlue, Team Natsu is able to travel underneath the wind wall, via tunnel.[59] With the aid of Happy's Max Speed, Natsu quickly begins to chase after Erigor.[60] After Natsu finds Erigor, the two begin their brawl, with Natsu gaining the upper hand, forcing Erigor to use his Storm Mail to cope with the Fire Dragon Slayer's power. With Natsu's flames being put out, Natsu's flame-enhanced punches are reduced to nothing more than regular punches, frustrating him. With this, Natsu's flames burn hotter, courtesy of Natsu's own "Flame of Emotion". Happy, noticing the effects of the super-heated fire on Erigor's Storm Mail, appeals to Natsu's rivalry with Gray. With his flames burning hotter than ever, courtesy to his rage, Natsu defeats Erigor.[61][62]

Team Natsu left open-mouthed after Kagyama's betrayal

Natsu surprised by Kageyama's actions

When the others arrive, Kageyama steals the Lullaby flute and goes to the Guild Masters' meeting.[63] The team quickly follows and are stopped from saving Makarov by the other Guild Masters, while Makarov convinces Kageyama to give up.[64] Since Kageyama refused to play the flute and finish off Makarov, the flute morphs into its true form, which is that of a gigantic Demon.[65] Seeing this, Natsu teams up with Gray and Erza to take it down, which, unfortunately, also results in the destruction of the Guild Masters' meeting house. When they see this, the Guild Masters' turn around to find Fairy Tail running away, save for Natsu, who offers to help the Guild Masters by chasing after his teammates, completely unaware that he is being chased as well.[66]

Galuna Island arc

Natsu vs. Erza

Natsu fighting Erza

As per their agreement, once they returned to the guild, Erza engaged Natsu in battle. However, before they could get serious, Erza was arrested by the Magic Council for property damage, among other things.[67] As a means to prevent Natsu from acting recklessly, he is transformed into a salamander and trapped underneath a glass.[68] However, to others' dismay, the salamander is actually Macao, who, as a token of gratitude, transformed into a salamander in Natsu's place, allowing the Fire Dragon Slayer to rescue Erza. Natsu, however, comes dressed as Erza, and proclaims that, of the two, he is the real Erza, an act which results in the two of them being put in jail.[69]

Natsu beats Gray

Natsu kicks Gray

Erza's arrest, however, turns out to be a formality, and the two are released the next day. Once released, Natsu tries to engage Erza in battle again, but is quickly defeated.[70] Natsu then tries to pick a fight with Laxus Dreyar, but is prevented from doing so by Makarov, who says he isn't allowed to go to the second floor.[71] Later that night, Natsu breaks into Lucy's apartment and tries to persuade her to go on an S-class mission, which involves traveling to a place called "The Cursed Island," with him and Happy.[72] Lucy refuses, but quickly changes her mind when she sees that one of the rewards is one of the 12 Zodiac Keys.[73] Unable to find someone to ferry them across, Natsu contemplates resorting to swimming, but is stopped by Gray, who was ordered to bring them back. Just as they begin to fight, one of the sailors who had previously refused notices their Magic and agrees to sail them across. Natsu then quickly knocks Gray out and drags him onto the boat.[74] During the ride to the island, the sailor leading them suddenly disappears, just before a tidal wave shipwrecks them on the island's shore.[75]

Gray and Natsu beats Angelica

Natsu and Gray attacking Angelica while unconscious

With Gray now agreeing to help them, they go to their client, the mayor of the island, to find out about the curse affecting the residents.[76] Originally ordered to do the impossible task of destroying the moon, they decide to explore the island the next morning.[77][78] While in the forest, they meet a gigantic mouse, which they quickly defeat, and find a ruined temple. Natsu then stamps on the floor of the temple which causes it to crumble apart and sends them plummeting down into a large cavern.[79] The cavern holds the frozen Demon Deliora, and the Mages Yuka Suzuki, Sherry Blendy, and Toby Horhorta. Gray then informs the team that they are going to stay hidden for the time being, which Natsu takes as a cue to fall asleep.[80][81] Night soon arrives, and the team discovers that the purple moonlight is hitting Deliora. Natsu and the others run up the surface to investigate, where they discover that a ritual to revive Deliora is being performed.[80]

Natsu tells Gray that they both are Fairy Tail mages

Natsu carrying Gray back to the village

Enraged by Lyon Vastia's command to destroy the village, Natsu comes out of hiding, intent on defeating Lyon, but is frozen by Lyon, and then Gray pushed Natsu down the hill in an effort to save him from Lyon's Magic.[82] Natsu eventually makes his way back up the hill, only to find Gray defeated and badly injured, and opts to carry Gray back to the village.[83] Gray then apologizes to Natsu, but the latter says that it doesn't matter anymore. As he arrives, Natsu falls into the trap that Lucy had previously placed for Lyon and his Mages, breaking the ice he was trapped within in the process. Gray is also knocked unconscious in the fall. Moments later, the village is attacked by Lyon's group of Mages, who plan on killing everyone with poisonous jelly. Using Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, Natsu destroys a large amount of the poison, giving the villagers time to flee. Natsu and Lucy are then confronted by Sherry, Yuka and Toby.[84] Gray wakes up and tries to help Natsu and Lucy, but Natsu instead punches Gray and knocks him unconscious to keep Gray from only hurting himself more. After Sherry and Angelica leave to destroy the villagers, Lucy accidentally grabs onto Angelica, leaving Natsu to fight Yuka and Toby alone. When Happy decides to go check and see if Lucy is fine, Natsu replies that it's okay, and that he'd just finish his two opponents. Natsu makes short work of Yuka, and convinces Toby to paralyze himself with his own attack, defeating him.[85][86]

Natsu stopped Gray from killing himself

Natsu stops Gray from killing himself

The next day, Erza arrives on Galuna Island, just as Natsu decides to investigate the temple, alone.[87] Once inside the ruins of the temple, Natsu destroys much of his surroundings in an effort to cause the temple to tilt, thereby preventing the moonlight from hitting Deliora.[88] Confronted by Lyon, Natsu then moves to take on the Ice-Make Mage, but, midway into their battle, Gray stops Natsu, claiming that he'll fight Lyon himself.[89][90] Gray, in an attempt to kill both himself and Lyon, prepares to use the powerful Iced Shell, but is stopped by Natsu, whom punches him in the face.[91] Enraged at being ignored by Zalty, Natsu chases after the masked man, and begins their fight.[92]

Zalty defeated by Natsu

Natsu defeats Zalty

Their battle leads into the cavern where Deliora lay dormant, where Natsu shockingly discovers that Deliora's frozen prison is melting.[93] Natsu eventually finds a way around Zalty's Arc of Time Magic and defeats him, just as the ritual for Deliora's revival is completed. When Deliora is finally freed from its seal, Gray attempts to use Iced Shell on it again, but Natsu intervenes him for the second time, telling Gray that he stopped him from using Iced Shell before because he doesn't want him to die.[94] However, to everyone's shock and relief, they discover that Deliora had actually been long-since dead.[95] Thanks to Erza, Team Natsu finds out that, contrary to the villagers' belief, the moon had absolutely nothing to do with their transformation into Demons, as they already were such in the first place. The use of the Moon Drip created a barrier around the island that affected the villagers' memories, thereby causing them to forget that they were ever Demons in the first place.[96]

Phantom Lord arc

Fairy Tail Guild wrecked by Phantom Lord

Natsu and the others find the guild destroyed

Upon their return from the S-Class mission, Team Natsu finds the guild in shambles, with large, metal protrusions sticking out of it from every angle. They learn, from Mirajane, that it was their rival guild, Phantom Lord, who caused the destruction. Natsu argues with their Master that they should fight back, but Makarov decides that there is no point in getting angry with someone who attacked an empty guild.[97] Later on, they discover the grievously injured members of Shadow Gear, Levy, Jet, and Droy, nailed to a tree, with Levy in particular being branded with the Phantom Lord's mark, prompting Makarov to, with great anger, declare war on Phantom Lord.[98]

Fairy Tail attacks

Natsu and Fairy Tail begin exacting their vengeance on Phantom Lord

Fairy Tail rushes to Phantom Lord's Guild, with Natsu destroying their wall, sparking the conflict to come.[99] As Makarov leaves to personally crush Jose Porla, Phantom Lord's Guild Master, Gajeel Redfox, the Iron Dragon Slayer joins the fray. Natsu takes over Elfman's fight with Gajeel, and the two Dragon Slayers briefly engage in a somewhat equal battle.[100] The fight, however, turns sour as Makarov, seemingly defeated, falls from above, with all his Magic Power having been stolen.[101]

Natsu caught Lucy

Natsu saves Lucy

After witnessing their Master’s apparent defeat, Erza orders them to retreat, Natsu and the entire guild's chagrin. Before they leave, however, Natsu overhears Gajeel being told by Aria, one of the Element 4, that they had successfully captured Lucy. Enraged, Natsu grabs one of Phantom Lord's members and burns him, trying to find out where they're keeping Lucy. Out of fear for further injury, the member of Phantom Lord tells him that she was most likely at their headquarters.[102] Natsu then sprints towards their headquarters and, in the nick of time, catches Lucy as she jumps out of the tower, having escaped Jose's clutches. Noting that they were already at their headquarters, Natsu opts to continue the fight against Phantom Lord, but Happy and Lucy convince him otherwise, and Natsu reluctantly returns to the guild.[103]

Back at the guild, Natsu consoles a depressed Lucy, who is blaming herself for the misfortunes that have arisen, telling her that she is one of them, and that Fairy Tail is where she belongs.[104] Shortly thereafter, the ground begins to shake, and Fairy Tail rushes outside to see Phantom Lord's headquarters walking towards the guild. Jose then reveals the powerful Jupiter Cannon,[105] and orders it to be fired. Fairy Tail panics, but Erza resolves to stop the cannon blast herself, to much protest. Requipping into her Adamantine Armor, Erza takes the full brunt of the blast, and, despite her armor being shattered and becoming heavily injured, the guild is safe. Jose then demands that they hand over Lucy, to which the entire guild refuses, saying that she is their comrade. Jose then warns them to quake in fear for the next fifteen minutes, as the Jupiter cannon will be fully recharged.[106]

Natsu vs. Totomaru

Natsu vs. Totomaru

Declaring that he'll destroy the cannon's Lacrima before such a thing happens, Natsu, with the aid of Happy, flies towards the cannon and crawls through the barrel. Once inside, after noting the enormous size of the Lacrima, Natsu moves to destroy it, but is confronted by Totomaru, one of the Element 4.[107] Totomaru's pyrokinesis renders Natsu's Magic useless, as he is able to control any and all flames Natsu produces. However, Natsu eventually manages to overcome Totomaru's pyrokinesis, and destroys the giant Lacrima.[108] Enraged, Jose orders for the walking building to transform into a gigantic Mage; the transformation process causes the building to temporarily turn into a vehicle, invoking Natsu's motion sickness. Totomaru, taking advantage of said occurrence, prepares to strike Natsu with his Rainbow Fire, but, with the timely intervention of Elfman and Gray, Totomaru is quickly swept aside before such an event could happen. Happy then rushes outside to get a visual understanding of what is happening. Happy then informs the three that the building has transformed into a giant Mage, and is preparing an exceptionally powerful spell. Natsu, Elfman, and Gray then resolve to split up and find the source of the Magic.[109]

Natsu vs. Aria

Natsu vs. Aria

As Natsu is searching, he encounters Aria, the strongest member of the Element 4.[110] During their fight, Natsu is completely overpowered, and nearly risks losing all of his Magic Power, courtesy of Aria's Void. Erza, however, despite being injured, saves Natsu and swiftly defeats Aria.[111] Erza collapses, exhausted, just as Jose announces that they have captured Lucy. Erza then tells Natsu to use the strength he has hidden within to save Lucy. Inspired, Natsu covers his entire body in flames and tears through the headquarters in a fury, before ultimately saving Lucy from being impaled by one of Gajeel Redfox's knives.[112][113]

Natsu Dragneel vs. Gajeel Redfox

Natsu vs Gajeel

Natsu then motions to confront his fellow Dragon Slayer[114] in which, although even at first, Gajeel quickly gains the upper-hand by making use of the metal floor tiles that the Phantom Lord headquarters has; eating them to replenish his strength.[115] Seeing that Natsu is being overpowered, Lucy asks her new Celestial Spirit, Sagittarius, to make fire, to which he initially states he cannot. However, after watching Natsu fight his one-sided battle, Sagittarius rebuts his earlier claim, and makes fire for Natsu to eat by shooting several of his arrows into a machine. Natsu, with his energy restored, quickly defeats Gajeel with his Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist, destroying the entire Phantom Lord headquarters in the process.[116] Fatigued, Natsu stays behind as Happy brings Lucy back to Fairy Tail.[117] While together, Natsu asks Gajeel where he learned his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic, to which he replies that he learned it from Metalicana, the Iron Dragon, whom he reveals to have disappeared on July 7, X777, just like Igneel had.[118]

Erza working

Natsu and Gray are hit by Erza

Whilst reconstructing the broken guild, Natsu carries a ridiculous amount of wooden beams, and challenges Gray to carry twice as more, which he does for a very minute amount of time. Erza, in response, hits the two of them with a wooden beam of her own, and orders the two of them to stop messing around. Natsu, Gray and Erza then opt to take a break and visit Lucy at her house, but find that she has returned home. Worried, they rush to her house, only to find that Lucy had returned to visit her mother's grave.[119][120] When they return, Natsu and Gray overhear Lucy's description of the punishment she received from Aquarius for losing her keys, which were returned to her, indirectly, by Loke, and Natsu tries to imagine the expression Lucy would have made had her butt been hurt. Natsu, unfortunately, is unable to imagine such a thing because Erza, in a temper, strikes the Fire Dragon Slayer with a chair. Erza's fury, however, is directed at Laxus, whom she yells at for not being involved in the war, whilst he derides Team Shadow Gear for their weakness. Natsu then challenges Laxus to a fight and tries to punch him, but Laxus effortlessly dodges, and leaves with the affirmation that he will make the strongest guild. Erza then tells Natsu to forget about Laxus, and suggests that they, Lucy, Gray, and Happy should all do a job together, which involves attacking an illegal Magic School. While doing said job, Team Natsu destroys half a stretch of road.[121]

Loke arc

Natsu as a bad dragon

Natsu, as a Dragon, in a play

As Natsu is incorrectly playing pool with Gray, Lucy takes on a "Special Mission" from Mirajane. As Team Natsu travels to their destination, Natsu succumbs, once again, to his motion sickness, and lies motionless. There, they find that they mission is to help a theater house with their production, which they do, but, consequently, they destroy the theater house in the process. However, to everyone's surprise, the play becomes quite popular.[122]

Natsu in a Yukata

Natsu preparing for a pillow fight

After defeating some troublemakers in Balsam Village, Natsu and the others decides to stay at an inn for the night. As they are talking, they notice Loke in the distance, and try to speak to him, but Loke, upon noticing Lucy's presence, runs away. During their stay at the inn, Natsu starts a pillow fight between Gray, Erza, and himself. With Gray apparently winning, Natsu, unable to accept his loss, calls on Lucy to make a judgement.[123][124] Upon noticing Loke's disappearance, Natsu searches for his fellow Fairy Tail Mage.[125]

Tower of Heaven arc

Natsu's dream Celestial Spirit

Natsu's imaginative spirit

After discovering that Loke is a Celestial Spirit, Natsu expresses his desire to be able to summon a Dragon, claiming he wants a way to test how powerful his Dragon Slayer Magic truly is and Lucy says that he can't just summon Celestial Spirits to spar with them. When Loke gives Lucy tickets to a resort, where he had previously reserved rooms for himself and his girlfriends, Natsu joins her, Erza, and Gray in a small vacation, in which they take a break from completing jobs.[126] After a day of relaxation, Team Natsu visits a casino, where Natsu tries his luck at roulette, but is attacked by Wally Buchanan, who points his gun at Natsu and fires into his mouth.[127]

After the abduction of both Erza and Happy, Natsu, incensed by Wally's attempt to kill him, assists the others, with the newly arrived Juvia Lockser, in tracking Erza, which he successfully does by using his keen sense of smell, resulting in the group's arrival at the Tower of Heaven.[128][129] Upon their arrival, the team uses Juvia's oxygen bubbles to sneak into the Tower's basement via an underwater tunnel, and Natsu's urge to fight is quelled, as the guards attempt to stop them.[130] After meeting up with Erza, Natsu separates from the group, seeking to locate Happy.[131]

Natsu strikes Wally and Millianna

Natsu fights Wally and Millianna

After arriving in Millianna's room, Natsu tries on a large, cat-shaped mask, but finds that it is stuck, and won't come off.[132] When Wally tries to ambush him again, Millianna arrives and stops Wally from shooting Natsu, whom she believes to be an actual cat. Natsu's luck, however, runs out when Wally convinces Millianna that Natsu is not a cat, and the two Dark Mages attack in unison, with Millianna binding Natsu with her Nekōsoku Tube, preventing him from using his Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu, utilizing his quick wit, takes advantage of Millianna's love for cats, and pretends to be in pain, invoking her pity. Millianna then unbinds Natsu, and, with his Dragon Slayer Magic once again usable, Natsu defeats the two Dark Mages with his Fire Dragon's Wing Attack.[133]

Natsu and Fukuro

Natsu fights Fukuro

After Happy finally removes the cat mask off of Natsu, Wally attempts to continue their fight, but Natsu states that it is already over. Suddenly, dozens of mouths grow all over the walls; Jellal tells everyone that they are part of the Heaven's Game and explains the rules to them. Following Jellal's announcement of the Heaven's Game, Natsu tries to cheat by using Happy's Magic to fly directly to the top floor, but is intercepted by Fukuro. Simon tries to fight Fukuro in Natsu’s stead, but is easily defeated.[134] Natsu and Fukuro then begin their battle, but[135] Fukuro takes advantage of Natsu’s motion sickness to incapacitate, and then subsequently swallow, him, thus absorbing his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.[136] The final stages of the absorption process are interrupted with the arrival of Gray, who, in a rage because of the pain Erza is going through, defeats Fukuro, albeit with some difficulty, with his Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance, freeing Natsu in the process.[137]

Natsu vs. Jellal

Natsu fights Jellal

After the fight with Fukuro, Natsu wakes up on Simon's back, and listens to Simon plead for Natsu to save Erza. Although initially refusing, saying that Erza needs to defeat her enemies by herself, Natsu quickly changes his mind once Simon reveals that Erza cannot defeat Jellal.[138] Simon goes on to say that, because of their history together, Erza may still try to save Jellal, and that Jellal will most certainly take advantage of her emotions. Simon also reveals his concern that, with the firing of Etherion, Erza may try to take Jellal down with her. Such a statement drives Natsu over the edge, and he demands that Simon tell him where Erza currently is.[139] Natsu then arrives at the last second, just moments after the firing of Etherion, and saves Erza from being absorbed into the R-System Lacrima, telling her that they need to finish their job, otherwise Lucy won't be able to pay her rent on time. In response to Erza's comment regarding her immobility, Natsu tickles her. Erza then tearfully begs Natsu not to fight Jellal, stating that he'll lose. Natsu then picks Erza up, and asks her why she's acting the way she is, and reassures her that he'll win, before subsequently knocking her out. Natsu then turns to face Jellal, and states that the Erza he knows is strong, mean, and scary, and that it is his fault that she's crying. Natsu then says that he hopes that Erza will go back to normal once she wakes up, and charges at Jellal.[140]

Natsu's power up after consuming Etherion

Natsu after he eats the Etherion

Briefly, it seems that Natsu is stronger than Jellal, but Jellal, saying that he wants to see the full capabilities of a Dragon Slayer, starts fighting back. Utilizing the power of Meteor, Jellal is able to outmaneuver and outwit Natsu, and the Dark Mage attacks the Fire Dragon Slayer with his powerful Grand Chariot. Taking note of Jellal's comment regarding all the damage he's inflicted upon the Tower, Natsu destroys some of the Lacrima, stating that Fairy Tail Mages specialize in property damage, and that he can still fight.[141] Natsu then charges at Jellal again, destroying more of the Lacrima, prompting Jellal to prepare a spell that he claims will finish off Natsu. Erza then awakes and steps in, hoping that Jellal won't attack her. Jellal says that nothing matters anymore, and releases his spell. Much to their shock, Simon steps in front of the blast, taking full brunt of the attack, and passes away. While Jellal mocks Simon, Natsu begins eating Etherion-infused Lacrima, and then punches Jellal when he says that they have no hope of escape. Eating more of the Etherion-infused Lacrima, Natsu goes wild[142] unable to handle the negative side-effects. However, Natsu stabilizes and enters Dragon Force, easily overpowering Jellal. Jellal momentarily halts Natsu's assault, saying that he is the only one who can hear Zeref's voice, claiming that he will create a land of freedom, and prepares to cast Abyss Break, intent on killing them all, but a prior wound dealt by Erza interrupts his casting. Natsu then says that there's no freedom for someone who's trapped by a ghost, and punches Jellal, sending him flying into the Tower of Heaven, destroying the entire structure.[143]

Natsu carring Erza

Natsu saves Erza

After the battle, Natsu faints, and Erza opts to carry him, but she soon realizes that the Etherion cannot be contained much longer, and that soon, the Tower of Heaven will be engulfed in a massive explosion. Erza decides to sacrifice herself and fuse with the Etherion to save everybody, but Natsu wakes up during the fusion process, and demands to know what she's doing. Erza replies that she can't imagine a world without Fairy Tail or her friends, and that if she can save everyone, then she will do it without any hesitation. As the fusion process is completed, Erza states that she will always be with them, as a crying Natsu begs her to stop; the Tower of Heaven then turns into a vortex, disappearing into thin air.[144] Following the disappearance of the Tower, Natsu emerges, carrying Erza, and tearfully tells her to never do something like that again, to which Erza genuinely thanks Natsu, and promises to never do so again.[145]

Following their return, Natsu sleeps for three straight days, only to wake up when he hears Gray insult him, and remind him of his defeat at the hands of Fukuro. However, Natsu falls straight back to sleep. Later that night, Natsu feasts with the others, having recovered from the side-effects of ingesting Etherion.[146][147] As Erza starts her send off for Wally, Millianna and Shô, Natsu appears and says he hopes to see them again sometime soon and sets off fireworks, using his Magic, alongside Gray and Lucy, as a farewell.[148]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Natsu's sickness after eating Etherion

Natsu's sickness after eating Etherion

After returning to the Guild, Natsu discovers that it has been rebuilt and that they have two new members: Juvia and, much to Natsu's surprise, Gajeel. Provoked by Gajeel, Natsu begins fighting with him, which escalates, once again, into a brawl involving the whole Guild. Natsu also states that he doesn't like the Guild's new look, claiming that it's not the same as it used to be.[149] Shortly thereafter, Natsu, still not completely recovered, begins to, once again, reel from the side-effects of ingesting Etherion-infused Lacrima, and goes home to lay down, but instead opts to sleep in Lucy's bed. Natsu later returns to hunt down a writer for Sorcerer Magazine whom he believes to be damaging his reputation.

During the Harvest Festival, Natsu remains sick, and, as such, pays no attention to the Miss Fairy Tail, even when Evergreen arrives and turns all the other contestants into stone. Laxus, alongside his bodyguards, the Thunder God Tribe, announces The Battle of Fairy Tail, threatening to kill the girls unless everyone joined in, effectively making them hostages.[150]

Natsu stuck in Freed's enchantment

Natsu stuck in Freed's enchantment

Natsu, overhearing Laxus' plan to have the guild engage in a battle royale, leaps to his feet, suddenly rejuvenated by the prospect. Natsu leaps forward to attack Laxus, but a quick electric shock from the Lightning Mage deals with the Fire Dragon Slayer. After watching his guildmates getting taken out, either by each other or the Thunder God Tribe, Natsu runs, intent on joining the battle, but is, oddly, stopped from exiting the area, courtesy of Freed Justine's Magic, which is only supposed to keep stone statues or those over the age of 80 from leaving.[151] Upon discovering that Gajeel was in the guild building, Natsu watches as Makarov orders the Iron Dragon Slayer to go take care of his grandson, only to see that, just like himself, Gajeel is unable to leave the guild. Natsu then resolves to restore Erza, claiming that, to Makarov and Happy's horror, he will just use his flames to break the stone. The stone covering Erza's body cracks, causing Natsu and Gajeel to panic, with Natsu asking Happy to find superglue. Gajeel scolds Natsu, claiming that with his iron and his fire, they could simply weld her shut. Surprisingly, they succeed; Erza is freed, but, thinking that the two have done something to her body, she punches the Dragon Slayers away.[152] The Mage count on Freed's monitor goes up by two, rather than the thought one. Erza then notes that with her freedom came the arrival of another of Fairy Tail's S-Class Mages: Mystogan.

Gajeel and Natsu are ready to fight

Natsu and Gajeel, ready to fight

Despite Makarov's worries, Natsu still has faith that Laxus isn't going to harm anyone. However, with Evergreen's defeat at the hands of Erza, not only are all the contestants in the Miss Fairy Tail contest freed, but Makarov's fears are also prove true as Laxus activates Thunder Palace, threatening to destroy Magnolia and everyone in it if he doesn't relinquish his spot as Guild Master. Natsu, horrified, watches as Makarov collapses from the stress. Levy, now released from the stone enchantment as well, says that she can rewrite Freed's runes, which she eventually manages to do, allowing Natsu and Gajeel to enter the fray.[153]

Natsu and Laxus clash

Natsu vs. Laxus

Natsu, who met up with Erza, eventually finds and interrupts Laxus' battle with Mystogan at the Kardia Cathedral. The two then witness, to their astonishment, Laxus removing Mystogan's mask, revealing that Mystogan looks exactly like Jellal. Erza asks Mystogan if he is Jellal, to which he then states that he wished Erza would never see his face, and that he knows who Jellal is, but denies that they are the same person. As Mystogan leaves, Erza is attacked by Laxus, but Natsu demands that she leave Laxus to him. Natsu then charges at Laxus,[154] and though Laxus doesn't take Natsu seriously at first, but, as their battle progresses, Laxus begins to change his approach, taking notice of Natsu's skill.[155] As Erza leaves to deal with Laxus' Thunder Palace, Natsu chides Laxus for not really wanting to carry out his plan, saying that he just wants his grandfather to give in, whom neither realize has fallen deathly ill. He has faith that Erza will stop the spell, despite Laxus' thoughts otherwise.[156] Natsu's faith in Erza is proven to have been for the better, as Freed's report shows that Erza, and all the other defeated members of Fairy Tail, teamed up and destroyed all the Lacrima powering Thunder Palace. Although Thunder Palace is destroyed, Magnolia remains unsafe, as Laxus, in a rage, states that he'll take control of everything by force.[157]

Dragons vs. Laxus

Natsu and Gajeel fight Laxus

As Laxus gets serious, Natsu holds his own for a very short amount of time, before he utterly dominated by the Lightning Mage. Laxus then prepares to kill Natsu with his Raging Bolt, and the powerful spell strikes the ground with resounding force. As Laxus laughs, saying that Natsu can't do anything now that he's dust, Gajeel, who is revealed to have saved Natsu, derides Laxus for his action, asking him if Natsu is his comrade. Gajeel then drops Natsu, and Natsu questions why Gajeel is helping him, as, during their battle together, Gajeel stated there isn't room in the sky for two Dragons. Gajeel replies that there isn't, but with all the lightning around, he can't fly as he pleases. With that, the two Dragon Slayers begin their assault against the deranged Laxus.[158] Together, by combining their prowess with their respective Dragon Slayer Magics, Natsu and Gajeel appear to have bested Laxus. However, Laxus emerges from the smoke and rubble unharmed, claiming that they should be ashamed to call themselves "Dragon Slayers." Laxus then states that Makarov would scold him if he showed "it" to them, but then says he doesn't care, and that he'll show them what a "real" Dragon Slayer is like. In disbelief, Natsu and Gajeel watch as Laxus prepares his Dragon's Roar, with Natsu screaming at Laxus, asking if he was a Dragon Slayer all this time. Laxus then fires his Lightning Dragon's Roar, which critically injures and paralyzes Natsu and Gajeel. Unable to move, Natsu watches as Laxus prepares to use Makarov's ultimate Magic, Fairy Law, intent on killing everyone,[159] not just from the guild, but from the whole of Magnolia. Levy then appears, claiming Makarov to be on his deathbed, much to Natsu and Laxus' surprise. As Natsu remains motionless in disbelief, Laxus claims that his chances at becoming master have risen, and invokes Fairy Law. After the light subsides and the debris clears, Natsu and Gajeel, as well as Levy and everyone in the guild and town emerge unscathed.[160]

Natsu's roar

Natsu's roar after he defeats Laxus

As Laxus wonders why his Magic didn't work, Freed, still injured from his fight with Mirajane, appears, claiming that Magic does not lie, and that it saw, deep in Laxus' heart, that he considered nobody, not in the guild nor in Magnolia, as his enemy. Laxus then claims everyone is his enemy, and he is nobody but himself. As Natsu tells Laxus not to get overconfident, Laxus orders Natsu to be silent, claiming that he doesn't understand a thing. Natsu then agrees that he doesn't understand, but claims that it doesn't mean that they aren't friends, as guildmates exist to help one another. Natsu then charges at Laxus once more, screaming the fact, while Laxus orders Natsu to keep quiet, doing the same.[161] As they charge at each other, Laxus demands that Natsu disappear, as Natsu tells Laxus that he won't get his hands on the guild, even if it kills him. As their punches intersect, Laxus' connects first, which is then followed by a series of other powerful melee attacks. Despite beating him at every turn, Natsu repeats that Laxus won't get his hands on the guild, which only angers the Lightning Dragon Slayer even more. Natsu stands up once again, with Levy telling him that if he continues fighting, then he could die. Laxus then fires his Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd at Natsu, who falls to the ground, unable to move anymore. With Freed noting that such a spell could kill Natsu, Gajeel, utilizing his Iron Dragon's Club, turns his body into a lightning rod, absorbing the high-voltage blast. With Gajeel telling Natsu to go, the Fire Dragon Slayer reluctantly rises from the ground, angered, and attacks Laxus with a flurry of his strongest spells, before ultimately defeating him with his strongest spell: Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. Frustrated over his hollow victory, Natsu stands tall and screams at the top of his voice.[162]

Natsu and happy on Fantasia Parade

Natsu on Fantasia Parade

After the Battle of Fairy Tail, most of the members of Fairy Tail are completely recovered, except for Natsu and Gajeel, whom are heavily bandaged, with Natsu, in particular, having his mouth bandaged shut, muffling his speech. When Laxus returns to see Makarov, Natsu begins yelling at him in a muffled voice, with Gajeel acting as the interpreter, saying that because it was a two-on-one fight, Natsu's victory didn't count, and that they need to fight again to settle the score. However, quite contrary to his usual sarcastic self, Laxus merely waves at Natsu, earning a confused, yet respectful look from the Fire Dragon Slayer.[163] Despite his injuries, Natsu takes part in the Fantasia Parade, operating a fire-blowing float. At the end of the parade, Natsu, alongside the rest of Fairy Tail, holds his hand up, forming the sign that Laxus made to Makarov as a child, letting him know that even if they can't see him, no matter how far away he may be, they'll always be watching him, despite his excommunicated status.[164]

Oración Seis arc

The following week after the Harvest Festival, Natsu confronts Makarov regarding Laxus' excommunication, but is stopped by Erza.[165] Lucy, on the other hand, frets about her lack of money, to which Natsu suggests that they go on a job together.[166] The next day, they, along with Happy, Erza, and Gray, prepare to leave and capture the escaped convict that their mission details: Velveno. Lucy, however, suddenly runs off, and, confused, Natsu and the others follow.[167] Once they find her, they discover that she is not only fine, but that she defeated an entire Dark Guild all by herself.[168]

Natsu Eating Orders

Natsu serves himself rather than the customers

As Lucy is short on money to pay her rent, Natsu and the others help her by taking jobs as waiters and waitresses in Yajima's restaurant, 8-Island. However, Natsu spends most of his time eating the food, rather than serving it to the customers and, after all the work is done, supports a rather bloated figure.[169] Upon returning to the guild, Natsu and the others find a drawing detailing the core members of the Balam Alliance, and all the Dark Guilds they control. Makarov then informs Fairy Tail that an alliance between several of the Legal Guilds in the area will be formed, with their primary objective being to destroy one-third of the Balam Alliance: the Oración Seis.[170] The entirety of Team Natsu is selected to represent Fairy Tail.

They aren't the cooles

Natsu and Gray... Not too cool...

Upon arriving at the meeting point, Team Natsu is greeted by The Trimens and their mentor: Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, with whom Natsu finds unimpressive. After a quick brawl between Erza and Ichiya, the delegates from Lamia Scale arrive. Team Natsu is shocked to see Lyon Vastia and Sherry Blendy, and remains unimpressed with the arrival of Lamia Scale's third delegate: Jura Neekis of the Ten Wizard Saints. However, upon the arrival of Cait Shelter's delegates, Wendy Marvell and her cat, Carla, Natsu mutters Wendy's name, feeling as though he'd heard it before.[171] Upon the profiling of the the Dark Guild's members being completed, Natsu runs off and declares that he will fight, and defeat, the entirety of the Oración Seis all by himself.[172]

Natsu vs. Naked Mummy

Natsu fights Naked Mummy

The Oración Seis, however, find the Allied Forces first, and destroy their airship, the Magic Bomber: Christina. The Dark Guild then moves to confront the Allied Forces personally, and defeats them all.[173] Natsu and the Allied Forces are nearly killed by the Oración Seis' leader, Brain, but the Dark Mage stops upon noticing Wendy. Brain then captures Wendy, along with a reluctant Happy, and then fires the spell he planned on using earlier, intent on killing them all, but is stopped by Jura, who arrives in the nick of time, with Ichiya in tow. As Erza was poisoned by Cobra's pet snake, Cubellios, she demands that they cut her arm off, to which Lyon Vastia almost complies. Upon being stopped by Gray, Carla notes that if they save Happy, with whom is Wendy, then they can save Erza, with Carla revealing that Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer.[173] With this, Natsu runs off with Carla and Gray, asking Carla, along the way, what element Wendy controls, which she reveals to be air. Natsu then wonders if air is tasty, to which Carla states that she doesn't know, though Gray conjectures that it is the same as inhaling. They continue their search, only to find,[174] and defeat, the Dark Guild Naked Mummy.[175] After discovering Oración Seis' hideout, Natsu keeps pressing onward, leaving Gray to deal with Racer.[176] As he arrives, Natsu is met with shock: Jellal is alive. Natsu, however, is able to safely escape with Happy and Wendy, being protected by Gray from Racer,[177] and guided by Hibiki,[178] Natsu finally manages to reach Erza. Wendy manages to completely heal Erza, and they discuss the fact that Jellal remains alive.[179] However, as Nirvana is awakened, Natsu rushes, headstrong, to stop Jellal.[180]

Natsu trapped by Gray

Natsu caught in Angel's trap

On his way, Natsu runs into Racer's personal guild, Harpuia, and easily defeats them.[181] Natsu then finds an unconscious Gray floating in the river and tries to help him, but when he gets near, a raft floats up from underneath the water, causing Natsu to succumb to his motion sickness. Gray gets up, acting strangely, and prepares to kill Natsu. Lucy and Hibiki, however, appear, halting Gray as the raft comes to a stop; despite this, Natsu remains incapacitated. It is revealed that the Gray they see is actually Angel's Celestial Spirit, Gemini.[182] Lucy engages Angel in a battle of the Celestial Spirits and, with the aid of Hibiki, wins. Upon her victory, however, the current of the river sweeps them away, carrying them downstream and over a waterfall.[183] Natsu later wakes up, on dry land, wearing new clothes, as Virgo tends to Lucy's wounds, having saved them and prepared new outfits for the two of them, as their's were in tatters. Sherry, who has become evil, courtesy of the personality-altering effects of Nirvana, appears, intent on killing both Natsu and Lucy, but the real Gray arrives and subdues Sherry, whom is later returned to normal after Lyon appears, revealing himself to have survived Racer's explosion.[184] Natsu, along with Gray and Lucy, are caught up in the second-stage activation of Nirvana;[185] they are later seen climbing up one of its legs.[186]

As Natsu once again becomes motion sick, this time due to Nirvana's movement, Happy arrives, and carries Natsu, helping him to stop Brain. However, Cobra takes to the skies as well, riding atop Cubellios, and engages Natsu in aerial combat.[187] As the two begin to battle, Cobra manages to maintain the upper hand by listening to Natsu's every movement and thought,[188] although Natsu eventually manages to overcome this by relying on his instincts, rather than his head. Deciding that he must now fight seriously, Cobra attacks Natsu, unveiling himself as the Poison Dragon Slayer.[189]

Natsu defeat Cobra

Natsu defeats Cobra

Natsu, however, learns that, just like Laxus, he is an artificial, Second Generation Dragon Slayer, meaning he was implanted with Dragon Lacrima. Cobra then attacks Natsu with his Dragon's Roar, infecting him with a multitude of deadly viruses. Natsu, however, undeterred, tricks Cobra, by thinking that he will perform his Fire Dragon's Roar. Cobra, hears this, and then appears behind Natsu, ready to strike. Natsu then screams, taking advantage of Cobra's sensitive hearing, defeating the Dark Mage.[190] Cobra, however, rises again, intent on defeating Natsu once and for all, but pierced by Brain's Magic, and falls to ground, cared for by Cubellios.[191] Brain then reveals that he plans on using Nirvana to turn Natsu evil, thereby forcing the Fire Dragon Slayer to serve him, but the timely arrival of Gray, Lucy and Jura, Natsu is saved.[192] After Jura deals with Brain, Wendy and Carla arrive,[193] with Wendy removing the viral toxins from Natsu's body, and temporarily curing him of his motion sickness.[194]

As the team is led into a trap by Brain,[195] Natsu witnesses Jura save them from said trap, becoming enraged at such a tactic.[196] When the seventh member of the Oración Seis, Brain's staff, Klodoa, appears, Natsu and the others are unfazed by the fact that he can talk, and instead waves Klodoa around, demanding that he stop Nirvana.[197]

Team Natsu going to combat

Natsu rises once more

Klodoa, however, frees himself from Natsu's grasp and tells him of their plan to destroy Cait Shelter, so that Nirvana cannot be resealed. Klodoa then starts attacking Team Natsu (sans Erza), but then ceases his activity, acting in fear as, due to Midnight's defeat at the hands of Erza, all the members of the Oración Seis have been defeated, thereby releasing Brain's other personality: Zero. As Zero emerges, Natsu comments that his Magic feels disgusting, and rushes to confront him. Zero then attacks the defeated Jura, who is protected by Gray with his Ice-Make: Shield. Zero pierces through the shield, defeating Gray, and then dodges Natsu's attack, delivering a powerful one of his own, knocking Natsu down.[198] After much encouragement, Natsu and the others rise again, with each of them promising to destroy one of Nirvana's six Lacrima.[199] Natsu immediately chooses the first Lacrima, and heads off in that direction.[200]

Natsu after eating the Flame of Rebuke

Natsu, empowered with the Flame of Rebuke

When Natsu arrives at the sight of the first Lacrima, he finds Zero standing in his path, and the two engage in fierce combat. Jellal, however, appears in the midst of their conflict, and attacks Natsu with golden flames, shocking both Natsu and Zero, with the latter asking if Jellal's memories had returned. Jellal, although his memories hadn't returned, says he remembers Natsu's name, and that he is a ray of hope. Jellal then reveals that flames were a gift, with his intent being to replenish Natsu's strength.[201]

The power of a Dragon Slayer

Natsu's wrath

Initially, Natsu refuses Jellal's help, opting to attack him instead. Taking advantage of the situation, Zero fires another spell at Natsu. Jellal, much to Natsu's surprise, defends him by taking the full force of the blast.[202] Natsu then accepts Jellal's flames, and thanks him for the meal, and consumes them, granting him a large boost in all his physical abilities; Natsu enters Dragon Force once again.[203] Natsu completely overpowers Zero, and, after much difficulty in controlling his new-found power, defeats Zero, piercing though his ultimate spell, Genesis Zero, and destroying the Lacrima, which, alongside the simultaneous destruction of the other Lacrima, courtesy of the other members of the Allied Forces, Nirvana is stopped, and the Oración Seis are defeated.[204][205]


Wendy thanks Natsu

However, their jubilation lasts nary a second, for the Rune Knights, led by Lahar, appear, having come to arrest Hoteye and Jellal. Natsu, however, protests this action, claiming that Jellal is their comrade, while Erza, Lucy, Happy, and the others look on in sadness.[206]

Natsu tries to take Jellal back by force and attacks the Rune Knights, but is stopped by Erza.[207] Natsu, in need of new clothes, ventures to Cait Shelter with the rest of the Allied Forces, where they find out that the guild was a fabrication, and that all the members, excluding Roubaul, who is the ghost of the sole-surviving member of the Nirvit Tribe, where created by Roubaul himself to satisfy Wendy's desire for companionship. As the illusions fade away, Natsu watches as Wendy begins to cry, begging Roubaul not to leave, but Roubaul consoles Wendy one final time, telling her that she has real friends. Natsu then watches as Erza comforts the distraught Wendy, telling her to come with them, and join Fairy Tail.[208] Natsu exudes his exuberance regarding the effectiveness of Wendy's Magic, as he rides on a bot, uninhibited by his motion sickness. Wendy, however, states the Magic to be temporary, and ineffective if used repeatedly, as the effects wear off, and Natsu becomes sick once more. Upon his return and Wendy's induction into Fairy Tail, Natsu begins bragging to Elfman about his battle with Cobra.[209]

Daphne arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Edolas arc

Gildarts shows Natsu the damage

Gildarts shows his injuries to Natsu

After finding out that Gildarts Clive is on his way back home, Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail prepare for his arrival. Even Magnolia itself prepares for Gildart's homecoming, dividing itself into two, creating a lane of travel solely for Gildarts, lest he haphazardly destroy private property. Upon Gildarts' arrival, Natsu challenges him fight and charges at him, only to be immediately hit into the Guild's ceiling, wherein Natsu smiles, saying that Gildarts is as strong as ever. Gildarts then invites Natsu to, later, visit him at his house. When Natsu and Happy arrive, Gildarts jokes about Natsu's relationship with Lisanna, but is shaken when Natsu tells him that she died on a mission two years ago. Natsu tries to leave, but Gildarts mentions that he ran into a Dragon while on his mission. He says, however, that it wasn't Igneel because the Dragon was black, not red. He recounts that he fought it and that it was the reason he failed the quest. Natsu then resolves to go to Zonia Mountain, where Gildarts encountered the Dragon, in the hopes of learning where Igneel is. Gildarts stops Natsu, and shows him the wounds inflicted unto him, courtesy of the Dragon: the loss of his left arm, leg and an unspecified organ. Natsu then runs out of Gildarts' house, saying that Dragon Slayers can defeat Dragons, before falling into a puddle, reminiscing about the days he and Igneel shared together.[214]

They are discovered

Natsu and the others are discovered

While asleep, a giant Anima opens up in the sky, absorbing the entire town of Magnolia, the Fairy Tail Guild included. However, because of their Dragon Slayer Magic, Natsu and Wendy weren't sucked into the Anima, as neither were Happy and Carla. Carla then informs Natsu, Happy, and Wendy about the world parallel to their's: Edolas.[215] After listening to Carla's description of Edolas, and that she and Happy were born there, Natsu resolves to travel to Edolas and save the guild. With the help of Happy and Carla, who utilize their Aera, Natsu and Wendy use the remaining traces of the Anima to travel to Edolas. As they break through the Anima, Happy and Carla's wings disappear, causing the four to fall from the sky, crashing, conveniently, into a storage house filled with clothes. Natsu then looks out the window and sees the Guild, although, he notes that it looks quite different. As he is about to enter, Natsu is stopped by Carla, who notes that something is amiss. Natsu then sees, to his horror, that all of his guildmates are acting quite opposite their normal selves. Before long, he is noticed by Lucy Ashley, whom he believes to be his Lucy, and the rest of the Edolas Fairy Tail, crying out in shock over how scary she has become.[216]

Lucy hugs Natsu

Lucy Ashley hugs Natsu

Lucy, confusing Natsu for his Edolas counterpart, hugs him, saying that they'd been worried about him, but then quickly proceeds to punish Natsu, wrapping her legs around his neck and grinding her fists into his head. During the torturing process, Lisanna appears, telling Lucy to stop bullying Natsu, and for Jet and Droy to stop picking on Elfman. Natsu turns around, dumbfounded, beginning to shed tears, and runs up to hug Lisanna, but is kicked in the face by Lucy Ashley, whom asks Natsu when he started to behave like that, to which he replies, with a stutter, that Lisanna is alive. Natsu is then swept away by Gray, who tells Natsu to sit and talk with him, to which Natsu, still sad from Lucy interrupting his moment with Lisanna, demands that Gray take off his many layers of clothing. Carla then deduces, after seeing that there is another Wendy, whom is vastly different in every physical regard to their Wendy, and that Mirajane hasn't changed, that nobody has changed, but that they are counterparts, meaning, that just like how Edolas parallels Earth Land, there are different members of Fairy Tail here that parallels their own. As Natsu resolves to go and find their friends, he is stopped by the announcement that the Fairy Hunter has arrived. Noticing that the entire atmosphere is shaking, Natsu inquires as to what the beast that arrived is. However, before the opposition can attack, Levy transports the guild to a new location. Upon noting this, Natsu wonders who it was that attacked them, to which he is told, by Mirajane, that it was Erza Knightwalker. Natsu then becomes terrified, noting that their enemy is Erza.[217]

Natsu's fault

Natsu running away from the frog monster

Upon escaping the Fairy Hunters, Natsu reveals that they came from Earth Land to save their Guild, which surprises the Edolas Fairy Tail members. When Natsu asks them for the quickest way to reach the Capital, the majority of the Edolas Fairy Tail tells them that they should give up, as nobody has lived up to the King and lived to tell the tale, stating that his power cannot be overcome. The Guild goes on to further explain that the King wanted to keep all the Magic in Edolas to himself, as it is a limited resource, so he ordered all the guilds to disband, and after much opposition, destroyed them all, except for Fairy Tail. Even upon hearing that half of their members were killed, the Master included, Natsu remain undeterred, and demands that he has to save his friends, no matter the cost, shocking everyone in the Guild, especially Lucy.[218] After receiving directions to the capital, Natsu, along the way, is distracted by a small, frog-like creature, and desires to capture it and give it as a present to Lucy Heartfilia. The capture, however, is unsuccessful, as a substantially larger frog-like creature appears out of nowhere, and tries to crush Natsu. Upon trying to attack the creature, Natsu remembers that he can't use Magic, leaving them with only one option: running away. As the creature begins to catch up to them, Lucy Ashley appears and frightens the creature away with her Magic Whip. Lucy then opts to personally guide them to the capital, as the area they're in is quite dangerous, to which Natsu claims that she isn't too different from their Lucy, as their overall actions are quite similar.[219]

Edolas Weapon, Sealed Flame Blade

Natsu misusing the Sealed Flame Blade

Later, the group makes their way into the Town Of Luen, where Natsu purchases a Magic Sword Hilt from a black market dealer. The group then stops in a café, where Natsu tells Lucy Ashley all about Lucy Heartfilia, to which she laughs in amusement over the mannerisms and background of her counterpart, though Natsu notes that both of them are quite raucous. When Lucy reiterates that the King monopolized all the Magic, Natsu simply states that if they defeat the King, then they can just give the Magic back to the people, to which Lucy asks if Natsu is crazy, saying that defeating the Royal Army is an impossibility. As Lucy states that she just wanted to peacefully show them the way to the Royal City, to which Natsu thanks her, the Royal Army itself appears, quickly deducing that they are Mages of Fairy Tail, and blocks Luen's exits. Natsu then, to Lucy's chagrin, opts to try out the new Magic he acquired, and quickly attacks the Royal Army with the Sealed Flame Blade. The Army blocks it with their Magic Shields, and Natsu tries to use the blade again, but Lucy tells him that he misused it, saying that he could've used it approximately one hundred times, as opposed to the one. Wendy then, much like Natsu, misuses her Magic Weapon, the Air Shatter Cannon, and envelops the group in a tornado, sending them flying to the other side of town. The Royal Army quickly closes in, but finds Lucy Heartfilia, mistaking her for Lucy Ashley, and attempts to arrest her. As Natsu runs towards Lucy, intent on helping her, Lucy grabs her Gate of the Scorpion Key, and, despite Natsu telling her that their Magic doesn't work in Edolas, Lucy successfully summons Scorpio, who defeats the Royal Army with his Sand Buster, amazing the group. As the two Lucys meet, Natsu questions as to how Lucy can use Magic, to which she replies that she doesn't know. As the rest of the Royal Army closes in, Wendy informs Lucy that she's the only one who can use Magic, to which Lucy wonders if that, by default, makes her the strongest one in the group. Natsu, annoyed, tells her to just do something about the Royal Army, and, in response, Lucy summons Aries, who defeats the remainder of the Army with Wool Bomb. With Lucy Ashley amazed by the Magic in Earth Land, the group runs away, with Natsu tells Lucy that she did an excellent job, to which Lucy states that she feels excellent as well. In a forest, Lucy explains that, when the Anima opened, Horologium appeared, saving her from the effects of the wormhole. Alone in the empty remains of Magnolia, Lucy says that Mystogan appeared and explained the situation to her, and promptly sent her to Edolas. Natsu questions as to who Mystogan is, but Lucy says that she, herself, doesn't know, as he never revealed any personal information. When once again asked how she can use Magic, Lucy responds that she doesn't know, but hopefully responds that she's legendary, although Natsu quashes these feelings. Lucy then says she feels bad, because they'll be at a disadvantage, since Natsu can't use his Magic. When Lucy Ashley once again asks if they plan on fighting the Kingdom, to which Natsu and the others say yes. When Lucy says they can count on her to take the lead in the fight against the Kingdom, Natsu states that he feels shameful that he has to rely on Lucy.[220]

Eventually, Natsu and the group made it to Sikka, where they decide to spend the night. While eating, he watches as Lucy Heartfilia yells at Lucy Ashley for trying to show her body to Natsu, claiming that they are the same, Natsu jokingly points out that Lucy's bathing with herself, finding the notion ridiculous. The next day, everyone wakes up to find that Lucy Ashley had left, leaving them directions on how to correctly get to the Royal City. Natsu tells Lucy to forget about it, but she replies that she can't. As they begin to make their way to the Royal City, Lucy explains that Edolas houses a race called Exceeds, although Natsu states that he isn't interested. Just after, they see an airship belonging to the Royal Army descending from the sky, arriving to pick up the Soldiers currently residing in Sikka. Upon hearing that in two days the extraction process on the Guild and town, who have been turned into a giant Lacrima, begins, Natsu notes that they could simply hijack the airship, thereby cutting the time that it would take for them to travel to the Royal City quite substantially. Happy then points out that the airship is a vehicle, to which Natsu retorts that with Wendy's Troia, motion sickness means nothing, however, Wendy reminds Natsu that she can't use Troia in Edolas, and Natsu quickly abandons his idea. Watching Lucy summon Virgo in Loke's stead, whom is out on a date, Natsu and Wendy decide to battle with their weapons, which are now fully recharged. They are defeated in matter of moments, however. As the airship flies off, Natsu and others risk being captured, but, to their surprise and delight, a Magic Four-Wheeler arrives, and the driver motions for them to get in, telling them that he'll drive them to the Royal City. Natsu and the other get in the vehicle, where, while experiencing motion sickness, Natsu listens to the driver saying that Lucy Ashley told him about them, and that with him, they'll get to the Royal City much faster than via airship. The man then removes his goggles, saying that he's the fastest man in Fairy Tail: Natsu the Fireball.[221]

Natsu meets the other Natsu

The two Natsu's meet

In the vehicle, Natsu listens as his counterpart calls him shameful for being sick in vehicles, claiming that he is a Mage who specializes in transportation. Arriving at the outskirts of the Capital, Natsu demands that they all exit his vehicle, as he doesn't have much fuel left, and that if he takes them any further, he won't be able to return to the Guild. Before Natsu Dragion can leave, Natsu pulls his counterpart out of the vehicle, asking him to tell him how he doesn't get motion sick. Upon exiting the vehicle, Natsu Dragion becomes very cowardly, surprising everyone. Upon seeing Natsu Dragion's inherent fear of Lucy, Natsu then proceeds to deride her, claiming that her counterpart should be nicer to his, with Lucy saying that she was greeting him. When Natsu Dragion asks if they truly plan on fighting the Kingdom, Natsu replies that he doesn't know, but if they can't get their friends back peacefully, then they'll do it by force. Upon hearing his counterpart claim that they can't win, Natsu simply smiles, trying to encourage Natsu Dragion. Upon infiltrating the kingdom, Natsu and the others quickly find the giant Lacrima, which is heavily guarded by the Royal Army.[222]

Lucy telling Natsu to keep control

Lucy tries to stop Natsu

Natsu angrily listen's to King Faust's speech, and nearly attacks him when he chips off a piece of the Lacrima, however, Lucy holds him back, preventing him from making such a reckless decision.[223] Later on, Carla devises a plan to sneak into the castle and utilize it, sneaking into an abandoned mine, however, Natsu and the others are intercepted by Erza Knightwalker and the Royal Army, and they are captured, sans Happy and Carla. Natsu looks on, shocked at Happy, as the soldiers bow down to Happy and Carla, calling them Exceeds, and congratulating them on bringing the intruders to them.[224] Natsu and Wendy are locked up in a jail cell; Natsu asks the guard what happened to Lucy. After hearing the guard say that they will execute her, he becomes furious and threatens to kill them if they touch Lucy. The guards then reveal that the Exceeds' mission, originally, was to kill the Dragon Slayers, but, at the last minute, it was changed, now involving their capture, as opposed to their assassination.[225] Natsu is next seen unconscious as Byro prepares to extract his and Wendy's Magic Power. Gray and Erza, unexpectedly, arrive, saving Lucy, Happy, and Carla from Erza Knightwalker, and, in the process, Gray feeds an unconscious Natsu an X-Ball, which allows the Fire Dragon Slayer to, much like Lucy, Erza, and Gray, use his unlimited Magic in Edolas. Upon waking up, Natsu, seeing his Magic restored, breathes out fire, and rushes to stop the giant Lacrima from colliding with Extalia.[226]

Natsu seeing two Erza's

Natsu's reaction when he sees two Erzas

He eventually runs into Wendy, Carla, Lucy, and Gray. At first, Natsu is confused about the situation until Lucy and Wendy explain that Gajeel, Gray and Erza showed up. With everybody filled in on the happenings, the group splits into two; Natsu travels with Lucy and Gray,[227] and asks where the King is. Gray and Lucy suspect in some important place, but Lucy starts to wonder, since the courtyard and prison were in strange locations for a castle. Natsu, in short, simply says that the castle, in general, has a strange layout. Lucy responds, saying that she wouldn't be surprised if there was an amusement park, and, coincidentally, they find one right in front of them. Sugarboy and Hughes, division commanders of the Royal Army, arrive, stating that they desire unlimited Magic, and prepare to confront Natsu and the others. Hughes begins by trying to crush them with a ship, but Gray blocks the ship with Ice-Make: Shield.[228]

Natsu and Lucy on Hell's Coaster

Natsu and Lucy on Hughes' roller coaster

Natsu then attacks Hughes, demanding that his comrades be returned. Hughes then refuses Natsu's demand, and traps him on a roller coaster, using his Command Tact, making unintended use of Natsu's motion sickness. Gray, trying to help, throws Lucy onto the coaster, telling her to help Natsu. The tracks that the roller coaster, however, run out, and Lucy and Natsu are thrown in a small lake. Hughes then talks of the power of that Edolas Magic possesses, saying that Edolas can't afford to run out of Magic. Natsu then berates Hughes, claiming that for their selfish addiction to Magic, they're killing innocent people. Natsu then says that lives are more important, and Lucy summons Aquarius, and attempts to use the surrounding water to defeat Hughes, but Hughes, utilizing his control over everything in the park, turns the water against Aquarius, and instead attacks them with it instead.[229]

Natsu Dragon Fury

Natsu's Fury

Natsu and Lucy are sent awash into, and eventually find themselves in Monster Academy. Natsu finds Lucy inside a Magic coffin that, once inside, changes the person's clothes. Natsu then plans to use the coffin to change Lucy into a skimpy bikini, hoping to distract Hughes, which, ultimately, fails. Hughes, utilizing his Command Tact, controls the monster dolls inside Monster Academy, and have them chase Lucy away. As Hughs orders the monsters to turn on Natsu, beating him, Natsu's frustration turns to rage, as he sets Monster Academy ablaze. Through the smoke and flames, Hughes sees the silhouette of a Dragon above Natsu. Stricken with fear, Hughes and his monster dolls back away.[230] Natsu then punches Hughes, sending him flying out of Monster Academy, and directly into Byro, whom was fighting Lucy.[231]

Natsu meets up with Lucy directly after, and Coco, who is ranked just under Byro in terms of the Kingdom's hierarchy, tries to give them the key to the Dragon Chain Cannon, the machine that Faust plans on using to destroy Extalia, but Sugarboy glides past them, stealing the key.[232] After chasing and defeating Sugarboy, Gray catches up with Natsu. When he catches up, Natsu is shocked to see that the key has been destroyed, but Gray, to everyone's surprise, reveals to have created an exact duplicate of the key, made from his ice. Shortly thereafter, Erza Knightwalker is seen dragging the bound and unconscious Natsu and Gray to where the Dragon Chain Cannon is located.[233]

Erza's plan to take Faust

Natsu and Gray help Erza capture the King

Erza then grabs Natsu, holding a sword to his throat, and orders Gray to create a duplicate of the key; Gray does so, but, not knowing how to work the cannon, prompts Erza to order Natsu to take out the soldiers. Erza then appears behind Faust, effectively taking him hostage. Erza then orders the soldiers to halt the firing of the Dragon Chain Cannon. As Faust questions Erza as to what she's doing, she then, however, reveals herself to be Erza Scarlet, Requipping into her regular attire. As Erza orders the soldiers to aim the Dragon Chain Cannon at the Lacrima, Natsu states their plan to be a success and, when a soldier calls them cowardly for taking a hostage, Natsu says that it doesn't bother him one bit, as they'll resort to anything if it means that their friends are safe. Just then, Erza Knightwalker appears and attempts to strike Erza, freeing Faust. With Faust now free, the soldiers, on Faust's command, fire the Dragon Chain Cannon at Extalia. As they fire, however, Coco, now riding atop a Legion, arrives, and carries Natsu and the others to stop Extalia and the Lacrima from colliding.[234]

Although Coco's Legion manages to hold back Extalia, even with the combined strength of the Mages atop the Legion, Extalia still remains in danger of colliding with the Lacrima. Even so, all the Exceed that reside in Extalia then appear, and help Natsu and the others to hold back the giant island. Suddenly, the Lacrima disappears and Mystogan, who reveals himself to be Faust's son and, effectively, the Prince of Edolas, appears, thanking them for giving him enough time to find an Anima big enough to return the Lacrima to Earth Land. As Mystogan and Panther Lily reminisce, however, Erza Knightwalker shoots the Exceed through the abdomen with her Cannon-Spear; she is then reinforced by much of the Royal Army, who all appear, riding atop Legions.[235] When Mystogan tries to stop Erza Knightwalker, the Faust appears, piloting an enormous, draconian machine: the Dorma Anim, which nullifies all external Magic attacks. The King orders the soldiers to capture the Exceeds and then shoots a Magic beam from the Dorma Anim. Mystogan then uses Mirror Water to reflect the beam back at Faust, but, unfortunately, it does nothing. Faust fires again, hitting Mystogan, sending him plummeting from the sky. Just then, the Dorma Anim is struck thrice, revealing Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy to have appeared, opting to take on Faust together, leaving the Royal Army in the hands of the others.[236]

Natsu defend Wendy

Natsu defends Wendy

Wendy supports Natsu and Gajeel with Arms and Vernier, making them faster and stronger, allowing them to damage the Dorma Anim. Faust then fires missiles as Wendy, who initially dodges them, but, after found out to be heat-seeking missiles, Natsu intercepts them, kicking them all away. As Faust prepares to fire more, Gajeel attacks the Dorma Anim before that can happen, prompting Faust to attack the Iron Dragon Slayer with the Dorma Anim's tail. Natsu then charges at Faust, but the two remaining missiles explode, just before he is able to reach him. Faust then watches, to his horror, as Natsu eats the flames from the explosion, and Gajeel eats the metal tail of the Dorma Anim. Natsu then comments on the strength of the Dorma Anim, saying that it's worthy of being called a Dragon. As Natsu spurs out his excitement, the Dorma Anim begins changing form, with Faust promising to crush them with the Dorma Anim: Black Sky.[237]

I'm Standing Here

Natsu vs. Dorma Anim

Natsu is then lying on the ground, completely overwhelmed by the power the Dorma Anim possesses. Faust then fires another beam at Natsu and the others, blowing them away. The Dragon Slayers rise again, with Gajeel telling Natsu and Wendy to use their Dragon's Roar alongside his. The three Dragon Slayers then do so, with their respective Roars merging into an even stronger one. Faust, however, jumps over the combined Roar, and, before they can prepare another attack, barrages them with a multitude of Magic Blasts. With their Magic Power gone, Faust stands apparently triumphant over the Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers. With Faust noting that even with infinite Magic Power comes a time limit, he offers them fair treatment, should they surrender. Natsu, however, tells Wendy and Gajeel not to give up, and stands up once more, demanding that Faust come at him. As Faust attempts to crush Natsu, but Natsu holds the Dorma Anim's foot at bay, and, as Gajeel says that they can't do anything with no Magic Power, Natsu, shouting for them to search for tomorrow's worth, pushes the Dorma Anim away, telling Faust not to underestimate Dragon Slayers. As Faust attacks Natsu with another Magic Blast, demanding that he learn his place, Gajeel appears from above, and pins the Dorma Anim's foot to the ground, making it unable to dodge. Gajeel then shouts for Natsu to go, saying that he's only one who can defeat Faust. Natsu then tells Wendy to get up and aim her Sky Dragon's Roar at him. Wendy does so, and Natsu, using the propulsion granted to him by Wendy's Roar, releases his flames, creating a fiery vortex. With Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, Natsu pierces through the Dorma Anim, destroying it, and pulling Faust out by scruff of his neck.[238]

Natsu and Faust hit the ground with force, and the two roll forward. Natsu, still enraged, stands up, his flames running rampant. The Dragon Slayers take on the visage of their respective foster parent's in Faust's eyes, causing the corrupt King to pass out. As he hits the ground, Natsu, and the other Dragon Slayers, smile on in victory. Natsu declares checkmate, saying that they've defeated the King, but Gajeel retorts that "checkmate" is something you say before the King is defeated, not after. However, Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers feel the ground shaking, and look up, only to find that the islands, that were once floating, are now falling towards the ground.[239]

Great Demon-Lord Dragneel Anime

The Great Demon-Lord Dragneel

Natsu, upon being told the situation from Nadi, acts as a villain, under the alias Great Demon-Lord Dragneel, with Wendy and Gajeel being his underlings, claiming that he has stolen the Magic from Edolas, and that he has defeated, albeit mercifully spared, Faust. Natsu then orders, much to his annoyance, Gajeel to destroy the city, alongside Wendy. They do so, with Natsu claiming that anybody who disobeys dies, destroying a house in front of him with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. As the townspeople believe Natsu to truly be a monster, Mystogan hears the commotion, ordering him to stop. Panther Lily, however, understands completely, as Natsu orders Mystogan to stop using his name, and address him as the "Great Demon-Lord Dragneel," revealing Mystogan, to the townspeople, to be the long-lost Prince of Edolas.[240] Mystogan then rushes towards Natsu, berating him for his stupidity, telling him that the situation is out of his control. Mystogan then attempts to put Natsu to sleep with his Magic Staves, but the Magic is sucked out of them by the Reverse-Anima. Natsu, playing his part, asks Mystogan if he's scared without his Magic, declaring that Magic is power, and destroys the building he's standing upon. Mystogan pleads for Natsu to stop, and Wendy wonders if Natsu is going too far, to which Gajeel replies that he's playing his part perfectly: the Magic-less hero will oppose the Magic-wielding villain. Mystogan then tells Natsu to stop, as he can't be a hero, and that his act won't fool the Kingdom. Natsu, in response, punches Mystogan, ordering him to fight. Mystogan then calls Natsu's act a farce, declaring that they can't bring the public together utilizing his method, and punches Natsu, only for his fist to be blocked.[241]

Dragon Slayers Farewell

The Dragon Slayers' true farewell to Edolas

Natsu demands that Mystogan attack at with his full strength, and Mystogan kicks Natsu away. With the townspeople cheering Mystogan on, Natsu declares that they're buying it, but Mystogan once again comments on Natsu's idiocy, saying that he should've fallen with that last kick. Natsu punches Mystogan, blatantly replying that'll never happen, but, once up close, Natsu mutters that this is his way of giving Mystogan his send-off. Natsu, as they cross fists, then states that people leaving Fairy Tail must abide by three rules, declaring that Mystogan must never reveal any of Fairy Tail's personal information. Natsu, however, forgets the second rule, and, as he is punched by Mystogan, the S-Class Mage states that he is to never extort previous clients for personal gain. Natsu then states that Mystogan, even though their paths differ, he must stay strong, and live life to its fullest while he still can, and to never forget that the friends that he loves. Natsu and Mystogan cross fists once more, and Natsu falls to the ground, asking if his words reached the now-former S-Class Mage, declaring that with Fairy Tail's spirit inside him, there is nothing that he can't accomplish. Natsu then smiles at Mystogan, saying that he hopes they can meet again, as Mystogan sadly looks down, the townspeople cheering behind him. Suddenly, Natsu's body, along with the every other Earth Land Fairy Tail Mage and Exceed's body, begins to glow. Being sucked into the Reverse-Anima, Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers feign their permanent defeat at the hands of Mystogan. Natsu then smiles one last time at his former Guildmate before he is permanently transported back to Earth Land.[242]

Lisanna hugs Natsu

Lisanna greets Natsu

After returning through the Reverse-Anima, Natsu and the others see that the Guild and town are perfectly fine. Relieved, Natsu notices that the entire Exceed race has come with the. The Queen personally apologizes to everyone for the hardships that she's put them through, and explains that she sent one hundred Exceed eggs to Earth Land, via an Anima, because she foresaw the destruction of Extalia. Shagotte then explains that Carla's mission was fabricated, and that she has precognitive abilities, like her, which, because of her young age, led her to believe that everything she foresaw her memories. Bearing no ill will towards the Exceeds, Natsu and the others bid them farewell, as they fly off into the distance. Wishing to head back to the Guild, they are stopped by Gajeel, denying Natsu's request to join in on everyone's mockery of Nadi's habit, who wonders where Panther Lily is. Panther Lily, whose body has shrunk to accommodate itself to the Earth Land environment, reveals himself, wishing to join Fairy Tail, as it was the Guild that Mystogan was in, and that Gajeel had promised that he could join, much to the Iron Dragon Slayer's delight, but that he found someone suspicious hiding in the bushes. Pulling the rope he's tied her up with, Panther Lily reveals to have captured Lisanna, declaring that she's not suspicious, shocking everyone.[243] Wondering how Lisanna could be in Earth Land, as those from Edolas have no Magic in their bodies, Lisanna jumps on Natsu, happy to see him again. Lisanna reveals that she is the Lisanna that they all grew up with, and that, during her mission with Elfman and Mirajane two years prior, upon being struck by Elfman and rendered unconscious, she was sent through an Anima, switching places with her Edolas counterpart. After stumbling upon the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild, who were happy to see her again, mistaking her for their Lisanna, Lisanna correctly deduced that the Lisanna from Edolas was dead, and decided to take her place upon seeing how happy everyone, especially the Edolas counterparts to Elfman and Mirajane, were. Lisanna explains that she decided to stay, and, before long, two years had passed. Then, upon noticing Natsu and Happy's arrival, realizing that they were the Natsu and Happy from Earth Land, Lisanna explains to Natsu that she had resolved to stay in Edolas, so as to never make Elfman and Mirajane sad again. However, Lisanna, originally from Earth Land, was sucked into the Reverse-Anima, where Elfman and Mirajane tell her that they knew she was never their real sister. Upon finishing her story, Natsu and the others bring Lisanna to the Kardia Cathedral. Natsu and the others then smile happily as the Strauss siblings are reunited at last.[244]

Tenrou Island arc

Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail, later, throw a party, celebrating Lisanna's return which, inevitably, erupts, once again, into a full-scale brawl between members of the Guild, courtesy of Natsu and Gajeel.[245] Days later, Natsu is seen taking jobs left and right, hoping to make an impression upon the Master, as the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial is fast approaching.[246] Makarov then announces the start of the Trial, saying that the Trial, this year, will take place on Tenrou Island, Fairy Tail's holy ground, to which Natsu responds with excitement, and that the eight participating Mages are: Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Elfman, Cana, Freed, Levy, and Mest Gryder.[247] Makarov and the S-Class Mages then explain the rules: all the participants have one week to choose a partner whom they would like to participate with, their partner cannot be an S-Class Mage, and that their partner must be a Mage of Fairy Tail. As Gildarts announces his participation as an obstacle to the challengers, Natsu expresses his joy at the fact, although, the others around him don't share the same feelings. When Lucy asks if Natsu has chosen his partner, he says that it is Happy. When Gray chides Natsu for being next to useless in a fight, as Happy is only useful for speed, Happy says that he'll make Natsu an S-Class Mage without a doubt, to which Natsu adds on that he can't go easy on them simply because they're friends. Natsu then runs off, with Happy in tow, and announces that he must train.[248]

E for Erza

"'E' for 'Erza', of course!"

On the boat headed towards the island, Natsu, sick because of the boat's motion, vomits over the boat's railings, complaining that Wendy won't cast Troia, however, Loke says that it's only to be expected, as Wendy is Mest's partner, not his. As the island comes into view, Happy points out to, the still sick, Natsu that they've arrive. Makarov, dressed for the weather, then stands atop the boat's railings, declaring that it is rumored that Fairies used to reside on Tenrou Island, and that is the resting place of the First Master, Mavis Vermillion. Makarov then details the rules of the Trial, saying that for the first part, each team must pick one of eight paths that diverge from the starting point, which, in this case, happens to be the shore, and that different paths must be taken for each team. Natsu looks on as Makarov points out that there are S-Class Mages waiting for them down some of the paths, and that down others, they will have to fight each other. Natsu then readies to leave with Happy, but Freed's Jutsu Shiki prevents everyone other than him and Bickslow from leaving. Levy then rewrites Freed's runes, however, only for her and Gajeel, making Natsu angry. Natsu's anger continues to soar after Evergreen rewrites Freed's runes once again, however, only for her and Elfman. Five minutes later, upon the automatic dispelling of Freed's Jutsu Shiki, Natsu and Happy, utilizing Max Speed, quickly rush to Tenrou Island. Upon arriving at the shore, Natsu, only left with four paths left to pick, opts for the E Path, declaring that "E" must stand for "Erza," and charges forward, intending to beat her.[249]

Natsu fights Gildarts

Natsu fights Gildarts

Natsu continues down the path, shouting Erza's name, declaring that he's finally going to beat her. However, when he gets the the clearing, Natsu finds, however, that it is not Erza who is waiting for him, but Gildarts. Natsu shouts the S-Class Mage's name in surprise, as Happy declares the Trial to be over for them. Gildarts then apologizes to Natsu, saying that he's just unlucky, and reminds him how much he hates holding back when fighting. Natsu, however, just stares at Gildarts, and declares that he's "all fired up.."[250] Natsu then charges at Gildarts. While Happy criticizes Natsu for his reckless impatience, Gildarts comments for Natsu to slow down, declaring that he hasn't mentally prepared for their battle just yet. Natsu then explosively punches Gildarts, but the S-Class Mage blocks Natsu's punch with ease, and then, much to Happy's dismay, Gildarts strikes Natsu with his signature Crush, seemingly obliterating him. With Happy declaring that Natsu's been blown to pieces, Gildarts says that he warned Natsu that he doesn't like holding back. Natsu then drops down from the sky, declaring that he's far from finished, and barrages Gildarts with a flurry of his most powerful attacks. Gildarts, however, utilizing Crush as a cushion, blocks all of Natsu's attacks, hitting him back, in turn, for every blow dealt. Natsu then, after being thrown away by Gildarts, attacks the S-Class Mage with hisFire Dragon's Roar, but Gildarts, utilizing his Crush, breaks apart Natsu's Dragon's Roar. However, Gildarts, going too far with his Magic, hits Natsu as well. Gildarts curses himself for his carelessness and quells Happy's fear for Natsu's death, saying that it wasn't that kind of Magic. Looking up, Happy sees many miniature Natsu's falling from the sky. Just as he declares Natsu to have failed, Gildarts stares in amazement as all the miniature Natsu's tell him to wait. With each one declaring that they've far from given up, the many Natsu's ready themselves to confront Gildarts.[251]

Natsu Crying

Natsu cries

The miniature Natsu's then charge at Gildarts in unison, with Gildarts sweeping them away with his cloak. However, this proves ineffective as the many Natsu's jump onto Gildarts himself, poking and pulling at him, before comically barraging the S-Class Mage with a multitude of Fire Dragon Slayer Spells. Fed up with the miniature Natsu's, Gildarts joins them back into the original Natsu, however, to Gildarts' surprise, Natsu materializes directly in front of Gildarts. Saying that his opportunity has arrived, Natsu strikes Gildarts with his strongest spell: Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. After the smoke clears, Natsu looks on to see that Gildarts had completely blocked his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art. Natsu rebuts Happy's statement that his attack was ineffective, noting that Gildarts had moved from his original position, claiming that this is enormous progress. As Natsu becomes dizzy, Gildarts claims that as a supervisor, now having a deep understanding of Natsu's power, he would normally let him pass. Natsu, however, angrily states that there's no point in becoming an S-Class Mage unless he beats Gildarts. Gildarts says that he figured that Natsu would say something along those lines, and angrily stares at Natsu, fearing him, declaring that from here on, he won't hold back anymore. Gildarts then completely releases his Magic Power, saying that Natsu is missing an important something on his journey to sit atop the Magic World, sternly declaring that he must learn it. In a flash of light, Natsu, now hesitant to attack Gildarts, musters up the courage to do so, and briefly charges at him, until he spots Gildarts' gaze, which halts Natsu. Now trembling, Natsu slowly, but surely, loses his resolve, and falls to the ground, declaring, on his hands and knees, that he lost. Natsu, still in shock, listens to Gildarts says that Natsu's declaration of loss was wonderful, and that he admires his brave attempt at standing up again. However, Gildarts says that those who have the courage to cease fighting are even rarer than those with the courage to go on. Saying that fear isn't evil, but a tool that one uses to acknowledge their weaknesses and become gentle, Gildarts declares Natsu to have passed, as he has learned what is needed to become an S-Class Mage. As Natsu begins to protest, Gildarts declares that his decision is final, but reminds Natsu that ahead, an even more grueling test awaits. Walking away, Gildarts then says to Natsu that, as his friend, that he shouldn't give up, and that he understands his desire to win, as a man, although, Gildarts notes that being magically proficient is all there is to be in the world. Gildarts then declares that he and Natsu are the same, and states that he would like to fight him again, encouraging a crying Natsu to go forth, and become an S-Class Mage.[252]

Natsu after first exam

Natsu after the first exam

With everyone finishing arriving through their respective paths, Natsu sits atop a boulder, still unhappy about his loss to Gildarts. With Evergreen and Elfman arriving just in the nick of time, Makarov announces the second part of the trial and Natsu, deep in contemplation, jumps up, snapping out of his stupor, and challenges the remaining competitors as to see who can become the next S-Class Mage, sparking a raucous jubilation from everyone.[253] Running, hoping to be the first to find Mavis Vermillion's grave, one of Tenrou Island's many native animals jumps up in front of Natsu, but Natsu punches the beast away, declaring that its in his way. Natsu then runs up to the creature and demands that it tells him where Mavis' grave is located. The creature then replies that it doesn't know, to which Natsu sadly grunts. Natsu then wonders how they're going to find Mavis' grave with no hints before, suddenly, arriving at the conclusion that the Tenrou Tree looks quite suspicious. Taking to the skies with Happy, Natsu resolves to investigate the mysterious tree.[254] Later on, Natsu jumps down from the sky, and protects Evergreen and Elfman from the Death Predation released by the newly stumbled upon Black Wizard, Zeref. Zeref cries upon seeing Natsu, saying his name, prompting Natsu to angrily ask who the Black Wizard is.[255]

Muffler Color Change

Natsu, with his scarf turned black

Natsu, getting up, states that he has a bad feeling about the Black Wizard, noting that all the trees in the area have withered and died from exposure to his Magic. Natsu then states that he doesn't know who Zeref is and tells the Black Wizard that this is their Guild's island, ordering him to stay out of their way, as the Trial is still ongoing, to which Zeref replies that Natsu has grown. Zeref then tells Natsu that he's been wanting to see him, which angers Natsu, who punches Zeref squarely in the face, demanding to know who he is. As Natsu once again demands to know who Zeref is, the Black Wizard rises, completely unfazed by Natsu's attack. Zeref tells them all to run, as he is going to release another Death Predation. However, after the smoke from the spell's release clears, everyone emerges, surprisingly, unharmed. Natsu's scarf, in the process, turned black as a result. Natsu then curses Zeref, saying that it's the scarf that he received from Igneel, as Happy ponders the possibility that Igneel gave Natsu the scarf to protect him.[256]

Natsu dominates his opponents

Natsu fighting members of Grimoire Heart

Following Zeref's disappearance, Natsu expresses his distaste for what he did to the scarf he received from Igneel, saying that black-on-black is highly unfashionable, much to Elfman and Evergreen's confusion. Evergreen then points out that with the discord occurring on the island, the exam needs to be put on hold, although Natsu and Elfman wholeheartedly disagree with her, with Natsu claiming that he promised Gildarts he'd pass. Natsu then shouts for them to continue, with Elfman agreeing, calling for Evergreen to go along with him, to which she scolds Elfman for ordering her around.[257] Later, when Levy informs Erza of Grimoire Heart's invasion, Natsu takes note of the signal flare Erza fires,[258] Natsu wonders if the enemy is Zeref, Happy notes that whomever it is, they are soon ready to attack. Natsu then says that he doesn't care who the enemy is, and that if they pick a fight with Fairy Tail, then he'll just fight back harder.[259] Natsu and Happy, still roaming through the forest, hear sound of Azuma destroying the Magic Council's battleship. Inquisitive as to the whereabouts of the noise, Natsu, with Happy in tow, run towards it.[260] Natsu then, after seeing the billowing tower of flames produced by Azuma's Tower Burst, notes that nobody in Fairy Tail possesses Magic that can create something like that and correctly deduces that it's the enemy, making haste as he runs towards the explosion sight.[261] Natsu arrives soon thereafter, with Azuma having disappeared, and cradles the wounded Wendy, asking her if she is okay, and wondering aloud as to who could have done such a thing. Natsu then sees Mest, who's Memory Control has worn off, and grabs him by the collar, angrily asking him if he was the one who hurt Wendy and the others. Wendy then reveals that Mest is a member of the Council, and Natsu promptly sets him down, nervously commenting on Mest's appearance. However, Natsu then panics, coming to the incorrect assumption that the Magic Council is Fairy Tail's attacker. Carla corrects Natsu, telling him that their enemy is one-third of the Balam Alliance: the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart. Just then, Caprico flies overhead and drops Grimoire Heart's numerous soldiers upon them.[262] As Hades overwhelms Makarov with his Amaterasu, Natsu, feeling the resounding shockwave, wonders what is happening.[263]

Natsu clashes with Zancrow

Natsu vs. Zancrow

Natsu then engages the Grimoire Heart underlings in battle, and easily defeats the majority. After seeing Natsu's strength, however, Zancrow, one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory arrives on the battlefield, and informs his underlings that they aren't strong enough to handle Natsu, and that he'll do it in their stead. Natsu then watches as, to his shock, as Zancrow sets his own Guildmates ablaze with black flames, sadistically laughing as he does so, calling them weak. Natsu then yells at Zancrow, screaming that those are his allies, but Zancrow turns his flames on Natsu, and Natsu shouts that flames are ineffective on him. As Wendy tells Natsu that Zancrow's black flames are ominous, Natsu is struck, and finds himself unable to eat them. Zancrow then calls Natsu cocky, and blows him away, telling him that a "Dragon" cannot ingest the flame of a "God," lest they be wrought with divine punishment. Zancrow then shocks Natsu by revealing that his flames exist on a higher plane than his, as he is a man who slays Gods: a God Slayer.[264] Natsu then charges at Zancrow, and the two engage in very rapid hand-to-hand combat, with Zancrow mocking Natsu, asking him if Dragon Slayers are only as strong as he is. Natsu, in return, asks Zancrow if a God really taught him his Magic, to which Zancrow replies that Hades taught him, and, as he is as close to a God that anyone can be, God himself might has well have taught him. Natsu then proceeds to deride Zancrow, saying that he only learned his Magic from a human, whereas Natsu learned his from an actual Dragon. Zancrow and Natsu then clash flames, with Zancrow's overwhelming Natsu's own. Zancrow then proceeds to attack Wendy and the Exceeds with his black flames, angering Natsu. Natsu then unleashes his Fire Dragon's Roar against Zancrow, but the Fire God Slayer, telling Natsu that Gods gave humans fire, not Dragons, devours Natsu's flames, and decimates Natsu with his Fire God's Bellow, sending over the edge of a nearby cliff, laughing maniacally as he does so.[265]

Natsu finds Makarov

Natsu finds the mortally wounded Makarov

Natsu then gets up, claiming that for the first time in a very long while, he's thought of fire as actually being hot. Natsu then stops, and smells Makarov nearby. Running towards his mortally wounded Master, Natsu questions if he's okay, stating that he'll take him to Wendy right away, ordering Makarov not to move. As Natsu demands that Makarov tell him who wounded him, the injured Master tells Natsu that they have no hope of winning the war against Grimoire Heart. Natsu, unable to comprehend the meaning of Makarov's words, once again asks him who wounded him. As Natsu remembers his almost immediate prior defeat at the hands of Zancrow, Natsu says that they shouldn't worry about losing, as he'll simply win the next time. Natsu then tells Makarov that he's Fairy Tail's Master, and that he can't abandon the Trial, admonishing him for his lack of faith in their power, to which Makarov replies that sometimes, people must admit defeat. However, Zancrow reappears, mocking Makarov for his loss against Hades. Natsu gets up, demanding to know who Hades is, but Makarov grabs the Fire Dragon Slayer's leg, telling him that he can't win. Natsu, now shaking in fear, tells Makarov that he can, as Zancrow mocks Natsu for being afraid. Natsu then recollects Gildarts' words about fear not being something to fight against, with Zancrow, over the top of Natsu's thoughts, bellowing that Natsu has every right to fear him, as he is as strong as a God. Natsu then tells Zancrow that he's correct; he is indeed fearful, but notes that it's different from the kind of fear Gildarts mentioned, much to Zancrow's confusion. Natsu then covers his body in flames, and lividly explains to Zancrow that he's afraid that the person that hurt Makarov would be defeated at the hands of someone other than his. With Zancrow now the one stricken with fear, Natsu declares that he will defeat Hades, and that he will never forgive any of them for the harm they've brought onto the Guild.[266]

Natsu eats Zancrow flames

Natsu finally manages to devour Zancrow's flames

Zancrow then mocks Natsu for his declaration, as the latter angrily stares down the former. Zancrow and Natsu then butt heads, with Zancrow declaring, in response to Natsu, that he'll make it so that Natsu will even so much as joke about a matter such as that. Natsu and Zancrow then trade heavy blows, with Zancrow noting that Natsu's flames don't hurt, as they are from a Dragon, not a God. Zancrow then mocks Natsu's abilities, telling him that Fire God Slayer Flames don't burn, but, rather, destroy everything in their path. Zancrow then slices through many of the surrounding trees, sending their trunks high into the air, but Natsu, making quick use of them, punches one of the trunks right on top of Zancrow. Zancrow, however, bursts through the trunk, punching Natsu, declaring that as a Fire God, he loves devouring Fire Mages. Zancrow then, making use of his Fire God's Supper, traps Natsu in his black flames, telling the Fire Dragon Slayer that he will be reduced to nothing but ash. Natsu then tries, to no avail, to eat the black flames, with Zancrow being grabbed by Makarov in the process. Makarov, trying to protect Natsu, threatens Zancrow, saying that if he hurts Natsu any more, he'll crush him to death. Natsu then screams in terror as Zancrow sets his body ablaze, causing Makarov's hand to catch on fire. Natsu continues to beg Makarov to stop, but Makarov tells Zancrow to never underestimate the power of a family. Natsu then releases a large burst of flames from his body, momentarily releasing him from Zancrow's, but uses all his Magic Power is drained away in the process. With his Magic Power gone, however, Natsu finds himself, to the other's surprise, to ingest Zancrow's flames. Makarov then notes the severity of Natsu's actions, claiming that using such a way to defeat the enemy is a surefire way to die, throwing Zancrow in the air as he says so. Natsu then says that he wants nobody to die, let alone himself, and states that they're all going home, to Fairy Tail. Bringing his and Zancrow's flames together, Natsu's Dragon God's Brilliant Flame defeats Zancrow. Standing victorious, Natsu looks at the defeated Zancrow with utter disdain.[267]

Having finally bested the Fire God Slayer, Natsu tells Makarov that Gildarts taught him the value of being afraid, and of learning when to admit defeat, but declares that in their present situation, giving up isn't an option. Natsu says that they must make Grimoire Heart pay for harming Fairy Tail, and show them the full power of their Guild. Raising his fist in the air as a sign of declaration, Natsu finally collapses, exhausted.[268]

Natsu encounters Ultear

Natsu meets Ultear

Later on, Wendy arrives, and tries to heal the wounded Natsu and Makarov, however, she finds that, no matter how hard she tries, the former Mage is unable to be healed. Makarov then tells Wendy that to heal Natsu, she must remove the evil that plagues his scarf, to which she expresses her ability to do so.[269] Natsu later awakes and the scent of Zalty, the man Natsu fought on Galuna Island, wafts in his direction. Recollecting whom it belonged to, Natsu charges, headstrong, to the scent's source.[270] Homing in on Ultear's location, Natsu slips on a large tree leaf, and finds himself carried down a large slope, arriving, conveniently exactly where Zeref lays, unconscious. Recognizing the Black Wizard, Happy warns Natsu about the ground surrounding him, and, just in time, Natsu moves out of the way, as a large tree suddenly manifests itself just under his prior footing. Ultear, sitting on top of a tree branch, tells Natsu that there was a sprout underneath him, and that with her Arc of Time, she sped up its growth. Natsu then says that Ultear and Zalty have the same scent, and declares that she's a cross-dresser, but Ultear denies this, telling Natsu that this is what she truly looks like, announcing that she is the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Ultear then wonders aloud if Natsu is after Zeref as well, startling the Fire Dragon Slayer. Ultear then declares that she won't hand him over, but Natsu states that he doesn't want Zeref, he just wants to make everyone pay, him included, for bringing pain upon Fairy Tail.[271]

Parallel Worlds

Natsu surrounded by Ultear's orbs

Ultear then comments on payback, saying that she also owes Natsu payback for involving himself in her plans on Galuna Island. Declaring that she's not holding back this time, Natsu climbs up the tree that Ultear is resting upon, berating her for interrupting the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial, claiming that if it wasn't for them, then he could've already become an S-Class Mage. Ultear questions Natsu's words, hitting him with one of her orbs, pushing the Fire Dragon Slayer off of the tree. Landing on a nearby branch, Natsu finds himself surrounded by a number of Ultear's orbs, which she claims to be Parallel Worlds, and attacks Natsu with them, saying that she can imagine many different futures for him, bringing the orbs together, Natsu is hit by Ultear's Flash Forward. Screaming in pain, Ultear tells Natsu that their fun is just beginning.[272]

Team Natsu remade

Team Natsu, reformed!

As Kain Hikaru chases Lucy throughout Tenrou Island's forest, they happen across Natsu's battle with Ultear. In response to interrupting his battle, Natsu kicks Kain squarely in the face, sending the Grimoire Heart Mage rolling towards Ultear. Lucy then calls out to Natsu, expressing her joy towards his timely intervention, although, Natsu, upon seeing her, asks Lucy, quite bluntly, what she's doing in the area. Lucy then asks Natsu if he was fighting, to which he demands that Lucy leave his opponent alone, as he is fighting Ultear. Happy then notes that Ultear is going to be a tough opponent, even for Natsu, which he denies. Happy then points out to Natsu that there are now two opponents, to which Natsu replies that they've just added another member to their side as well. Saying that they should abandon the Trial, Natsu offers Lucy to, quite nostalgically, form a team with him and Happy. With Happy and Lucy reminiscing, Natsu spits out his excitement. Lucy and Natsu then high five one another, encouraging each other, before readying themselves to face Kain and Ultear.[273]

Kain forces Lucy to punch Natsu

Natsu punched by Lucy through Ushi no Koku Mairi

As Natsu stares Kain and Ultear down, Kain tells Ultear that he can handle Natsu and Lucy by himself, which irritates Natsu, saying that he's ruining the entire concept of a two-on-two battle, which also angers Happy, who yells at Natsu for not including him in their count. Ultear prepares to leave with Zeref, and Natsu charges at Ultear, trying to prevent her departure, but is punched away by Kain. Lucy then motions to help Natsu with Kain, but is stopped by Kain's Ushi no Koku Mairi, which causes Natsu to wonder why she stopped, not understanding the situation. Natsu then wonders what's happening to Lucy, and, as Kain toys with her body using his Magic, Natsu says that what Kain's doing to Lucy looks like fun. Kain then forces Lucy to attack Natsu, and although he dodges her first strike, before he can unleash his Fire Dragon's Roar, Lucy kicks Natsu squarely in the face. As they lay upon the ground, with Natsu questioning what Lucy's doing to him, Kain forces Lucy to punch Natsu in the face. Annoyed by Kain's control over Lucy, Natsu grabs Lucy's arms, and Happy manages to grab Kain's doll, Mr. Cursey, giving him control over Lucy instead. Happy then, with control, forces Lucy to push Natsu's face into her breasts.[274]

Natsu's face when he want to put Lucy into fire

Natsu manipulates Lucy with Mr. Cursey

Kain then punches Happy, who drops Mr. Cursey, but before he can take it back, Natsu swipes it away, causing Lucy to get swept up in the motions. Kain then slams Natsu into a rock pile, causing it to collapse on top of him. Natsu, trapped, can only watch in horror as Kain brutalizes Lucy. Natsu tells Lucy to run, saying that he'll find a way to beat Kain by himself, but Lucy refuses, saying that she'd rather be with everyone, rather than run away, awing Natsu. With Kain killing Lucy, Natsu struggles to get free, but notices Mr. Cursey lying on the ground next to him. Controlling Lucy with the doll, Natsu gives her the ability to fight back. Thinking of a better way to win, Natsu sets Mr. Cursey's hand on fire with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, causing the same thing to happen to Lucy's hand. Natsu then throws Mr. Cursey to Happy, and together, they defeat Kain with Secret Attack: Lucy Fire.[275]

Natsu being pulled out of a boulder

Lucy and Happy pulling Natsu out of the rock

After the battle, Natsu still struggles to get out from underneath the rock, but, upon being suggested, Natsu breaks free using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.[276] Now free, Natsu tries to track Zeref, but is unable to, as something in interfering with his scent. Lucy then tells Natsu that Grimoire Heart is planning to use Zeref to change the world, to which Natsu replies that changing the world is a lot of work, but that Grimoire Heart won't succeed, as he'll make them pay for hurting Makarov. Lucy then theorizes that Grimoire Heart has an airship, and that they should find it, but as Happy has run out of Magic Power, Natsu says that they should return to the campsite where Wendy is.[277]

Natsu confronts Mest

"All those who oppose Fairy Tail are enemies!"

As Natsu arrives at the campsite, Mest, now revealing himself to be Doranbolt, arrives right alongside him, and smashes the Rune Knights' communication Lacrima. Natsu then questions where Doranbolt went, but he says that he's come back to help them leave the island, but Natsu, accompanied by everyone else, refuses to leave Tenrou Island. When Doranbolt warns Natsu of the impending threat of Etherion, Natsu simply states that they'll just defeat Grimoire Heart before they fire it. When Doranbolt says that there's nothing that Fairy Tail can do, Natsu approaches Doranbolt, and says that he doesn't care who their enemy is, but that if anyone dares to lay a hand on Fairy Tail, he'll destroy them.[278] Natsu then asks Doranbolt to stall the Magic Council, as Doranbolt says that stopping the Council altogether is impossible. When Doranbolt asks them how they can stop a Guild like Grimoire Heart, Natsu simply says that they'll defeat them with all their strength.[279]

Bluenote attacks Natsu and Cana

Natsu and Cana being attacked by Bluenote

During their travel to the camp where their wounded Guildmates lay, Bluenote Stinger, Grimoire Heart's second in command, appears, and swiftly defeats Natsu and the others.[280] Bluenote then begins interrogating Natsu as to the whereabouts of Fairy Glitter, one of the three great Magics unique to the Fairy Tail Guild, but Natsu claims that he doesn't know anything about it, prompting him to crush Natsu with his Gravity Magic. Natsu then charges at Bluenote, but Bluenote blasts him away. Upon seeing Makarov, Bluenote motions towards the injured Fairy Tail Master, to which Natsu threatens Bluenote.[281]

Cana arrives just in time to save Natsu and the others from Bluenote, but is pushed to the ground by Bluenote's Gravity Magic. Cana then asks for Natsu and the others to buy her some time to build up her Magic Power. As Bluenote explains Grimoire Heart's true goal, he attempts to kill Cana, but Natsu sticks his head into the ground, and uses his Fire Dragon's Roar, burning Bluenote from below, saving Cana. Bluenote then pushes Natsu away, just as Cana prepares to cast Fairy Glitter. As Natsu supports Cana, she casts Fairy Glitter but, much to Natsu's horror, Bluenote dissipates the almighty Magic, sending the entire group flying. Natsu looks on, in pain, as Bluenote once again prepares to kill Cana. To his amazement, however, Gildarts arrives, livid, and strikes Bluenote away, saving them all.[282]

To Natsu's confusion, Gildarts orders them all to leave, but the shock wave formed from his and Bluenote's clash sends them flying away. Cana, however, points out that they'd only be in Gildarts' way, and Natsu and the others leave, despite him wanting to watch them fight.[283][284] Later, when Azuma destroys the Tenrou Tree, Natsu is seen collapsing, along with all the other members of Fairy Tail.[285]

Team Natsu arrives at the airship

Team Natsu stands in front of Hades

After Erza defeats Azuma, Natsu, Lucy and Wendy regroup with the rest of the Guild at the main camp, where they are shocked to see so many of their Guildmates injured. As Panther Lily talks about splitting the remaining Guild members into an attack and defense team, Natsu stares on in silence.[286] Natsu then resolves to go and defeat Hades, asking for Lucy and Happy to come with him, with Wendy and the Exceeds opting to tag along.[287] Along the way, Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy cross paths with Erza and Gray. The five Fairy Tail Mages then arrive at Grimoire Heart's Airship, and stare the Grimoire Heart Master down.[288]

As Hades tells Natsu and the others to come whenever they're ready, Natsu shouts for the Dark Mage to come to them instead, to no avail, however. Natsu then turns to the Exceeds, and asks them to search the airship for a power source, and destroy it. As a precautionary measure, Wendy casts Troia on Natsu, eliminating the threat of motion sickness. Gray then creates stairs for them to climb, and Natsu and the others rush towards Hades, with Natsu making the first move, telling him to feel the power that Fairy Tail possesses. Using Natsu's initial attack as a distraction, Team Natsu attacks Hades together, with Wendy acting as support. Natsu then attacks the Dark Guild Master with Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, but Hades counters by attaching a chain to the back of Natsu's head, but Erza severs the chain, allowing for Gray to launch Natsu towards Hades. Using the propulsion from Wendy and Lucy's Unison Raid, Natsu delivers a devastating Fire Dragon's Sword Horn to Hades' chest. Hades then emerges from the rubble, unscathed. With Natsu noting that his Magic Power has changed, Hades screams, seemingly causing Wendy to disappear, leaving only her clothes behind, warranting Natsu's full attention.[289]

Laxus saves Natsu from Hades attack

Laxus saves Natsu

Natsu, still worried, cries out for Wendy, but becomes relieved when he discovers that Horologium appeared, saving her from certain death. As Hades calls them interesting, Natsu questions Hades, wondering if he knows Makarov. Hades then reveals that he was Fairy Tail's Second Master, and that he was the one who chose Makarov. Natsu, enraged, runs towards Hades, calling him a liar, but is attacked by Hades' Amaterasu. Hades then gleefully shoots Team Natsu with his Bullet Magic, telling them to dance.[290] Lying defeated, Hades approaches Team Natsu, proclaiming that their journey is at an end, and that it was a mistake to entrust his will to Makarov. Natsu then yells at Hades, telling him that there's nothing wrong with change, and that they live in the now, unlike him. Natsu then finishes by saying that those who don't have the courage to change might as well be dead. Enraged, Hades tortures Natsu with his Bullet Magic, telling Natsu that he should hate Makarov, not him, for the way that he's going to die. Natsu then calls Hades Makarov's rival, but before Hades can deliver the final blow, lightning strikes the airship. Natsu then looks on in amazement as Laxus arrives, saving him from otherwise certain death.[291]

Natsu With Lightning Absorbed Anime

Natsu with Laxus' lightning absorbed

Upon his arrival, Laxus picks on Natsu, making fun of his worse-for-wear appearance, which smiles at in enjoyment. Natsu then watches, in amazement, as Laxus and Hades battle, seemingly on equal terms. However, upon Laxus being struck by one of Hades' Amaterasu spells, Natsu is blown back by the force of the explosion. When Laxus buckles, caused by the damage he received from the prior explosion, Natsu cries out in worry. When Laxus says that he has a ways to go, regarding Hades, Natsu questions the meaning behind his words. Natsu then reassures Laxus that he can be angry at those who harm Fairy Tail, even though he isn't a member anymore, prompting Laxus to strike Natsu with his lightning. Having been struck by Hades' Magic, Laxus tells Natsu that the lightning he's given him is a gift, to which Natsu thanks him for the meal. Laxus then states that he's given Natsu every last bit of his Magic, and Natsu asks why, pointing out that he's much weaker than Laxus, to which Laxus tells Natsu that someone with Fairy Tail's mark needs to defeat Hades. Wiping the tears from his eyes, Laxus' lightning and Natsu's flames completely fuse, and, entering Lightning Fire Dragon Mode, Natsu lividly states that he's about to personally deliver the Lightning Fire Dragon's 100-fold payback to Hades.[292]

With the power of Laxus' lightning surging inside him, Natsu overwhelms Hades by combining his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic with Laxus' Lightning Magic, creating explosive high-voltage attacks. Natsu then angrily berates Hades for harming their Guild, screaming that he's going to completely erase the former Guild Master. Hades then tries to bind Natsu's arms with his Chain Magic, but Natsu breaks them. Natsu then releases the highly destructive Lightning Fire Dragon's Roar, which hits Hades, and destroys half of Tenrou Island. Exhausted, Natsu looks at Hades, whom is lying on the ground, and nearly falls into the hole he created, stating that he finally did it, but is saved by Lucy. Natsu then thanks Lucy for saving him, stating that he's run out of Magic Power.[293] Hades then stands, praising Natsu and his Guildmates for their strength. Hades then releases his Demon's Eye stating that he's going to show them all something spectacular: the abyss of Magic. As Hades states that he's going to end them, Natsu curses his inability to, so much as, move.[294]

Nemesis' activation

Hades activates Nemesis

Natsu, still unable to move, listens to Hades explanation of Magic, in which he states that to find the source of Magic, The One Magic, one needs to immerse themselves in the deepest darkness. Stating that Natsu and the others lack the drive to immerse themselves in said darkness, Hades performs the forbidden Living Magic Spell, Nemesis, creating a multitude of Demons from the surrounding rubble. With everyone shaking in fear, Natsu grabs Lucy, who is hugging him, and recounts to them the words that Gildarts spoke to him regarding fear. Stating that they've learned their fear, they can now use it to grow stronger, and face it head on. Natsu then shouts that they've got nothing to fear, as they're not alone, as they have each other. Natsu then charges at Hades, screaming the signal for counterattack. Still exhausted, Natsu collapses, but is picked up, and thrown forward, by Lucy and Wendy. Gray and Erza, who were ahead of them, then propel Natsu even farther forward. Natsu then screams at Hades, who tells them all to sink into the abyss, as the airship explodes.[295]

Hades' last stand

Natsu vs. Hades

Following the explosion, Natsu's scarf is blown about, and, through the dust and debris, Natsu is shown to have struck Hades squarely in the face. Natsu then continues on to repeatedly strike the Dark Guild Master, as he wonders why his Dark Magic had no effect, claiming that his Magic Power has disappeared, noting that it must be because someone destroyed the source of his Magic Power: the Devil's Heart. Thanks to Ultear, who has restored Tenrou Island to its original state, Team Natsu's Magic Power is replenished, and Natsu shouts that the victory goes to Fairy Tail. Hades then strikes Natsu, rebutting his claim, but Laxus rises, and punches Hades back, screaming for Fairy Tail to attack. Team Natsu then attacks Hades together, battering him. Natsu then charges at Hades one final time and uses his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision: Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade. With the torrent of lightning and flames, Hades is defeated. Natsu falls to the ground and screams a cry of victory, as the sun finally rises on Tenrou Island.[296]

Crimson Lotus - Exploding Lightning Blade

Natsu using Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade on Hades

Following the battle, Lucy returns Igneel's scarf to Natsu, to which he expresses his gratitude. The Exceeds then come running, being chased by the lower-ranked members of Grimoire Heart. Noting that they are all out of Magic Power, Team Natsu is about to be attacked, but are saved by the arrival of Makarov and the majority of the Team Tenrou. The members then flee, seeing that Makarov stands in their way, and that Hades has been defeated. Fairy Tail then celebrates their victory. Natsu then declares, with the threat of Grimoire Heart no longer looming, that they should continue the Trial, and that, to make it simple, they'll just fight each other. Natsu and Gajeel then begin to spit insults, but Natsu collapses from having eaten a substance other than fire.[297]

Makarov Charges

Fairy Tail runs from Acnologia

Natsu, and many others, are then shocked to hear that Makarov has cancelled the Trial; a result of the many events that transpired over the last day. Natsu then starts throwing a tantrum, and Makarov tells Natsu that if he can defeat him, then he can become an S-Class Mage. Natsu expresses his enthusiam, but is promptly punched into a tree, courtesy of Makarov, and therefore fails.[298] Natsu is then seen fishing with Gildarts, but is interrupted by Cana and Lucy's arrival. Pulling Natsu away from the river, Lucy demands that he return to the campsite. Natsu then watches, dumbfounded, as Cana reveals that Gildarts is her father.[299] Natsu, and the rest of the Team Tenrou, freezes upon hearing the roar of a Dragon. Rushing back to the campsite, Natsu looks up into the sky, and sees The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, Acnologia, soaring overhead. As Natsu remarks that Dragons truly do exist, Acnologia decends, destroying everything around him. Natsu then ceases his ramblings, truly afraid of the Black Dragon. The Dragon then jumps, and lands right in front of the Team Tenrou, prompting them to flee.[300] Makarov then stops Natsu from acting irrationally, and uses his Giant to battle the Dragon head-on. Natsu then shouts that he should fight Acnologia, as he is a Dragon Slayer. Laxus, however, grabs Natsu, and begins to run. Natsu then begins to insult Laxus, but stops upon seeing his tears. Natsu then looks on, in tears, as Makarov grapples the gargantuan Dragon.[301]

Let's Join Hands

Fairy Tail joins hands

Ignoring Laxus' protests, Natsu returns to help Makarov, and grabs the Dragon, preventing him from striking the final blow. Natsu then demands that Acnologia leave Makarov alone, as the entire Team Tenrou returns to fight Acnologia. Acnologia then ascends, and prepares its Dragon's Roar. Seeing this, Natsu declares that they can't let it end here. The Team Tenrou then joins hands as Acnologia fires his Roar, completely obliterating Tenrou Island.[302]

X791 arc

Tenrou Team returns

Natsu returns with the other members of Fairy Tail

Once Tenrou Island reappears, the remaining members of Fairy Tail travel to where the island is, and, upon docking their ship, find, a ways into the forest, Natsu's body, sticking out of the dirt.[303] Natsu wakes up, and is surprised to see Jet and Droy standing above, and comments on the way they've aged, especially Droy's new body proportions. As Natsu remembers that they were hit by Acnologia's Roar, Mavis Vermillion appears, and reveals that she saved them by using the great Fairy Sphere. Natsu and the Team Tenrou then return to the Guild, who's base of operations is now a small tavern, and kicks Thibault away, before the Twilight Ogre Mage can harm Romeo. Natsu then sees Romeo, and tells him that he's all grown up. Crying, Romeo smiles for the first time in seven years, and welcomes Natsu home.[304]

At the party celebrating their return, Natsu is impressed by Romeo's new Fire Magic abilities. Romeo reveals to Natsu that he has been taking classes from Totomaru. Natsu asks to come, but Romeo says it would be best not to, as Totomaru still holds a grudge against him.[305] Later on, after Natsu and Happy realize they have no savings at their house, they follow Lucy to see her father, hoping he would lend them the funds they need. When they arrive at Love & Lucky, Lucy asks to see her father, but they are informed that he had died one month ago.[306]

Natsu, along with Happy, travel back to Magnolia Town with Lucy. On the way, they encounter two girls talking about how terrible their fathers are, causing Natsu to scream at them in anger. Lucy tells Natsu to stop yelling at them, and apologizes for making them worry about her. When Lucy says that she thinks she hates her father, Natsu replies that simply because she can't cry, that doesn't change how she feels.[307] Natsu and Happy are then seen, by Macao and Wakaba, downtroddenly meandering throughout Magnolia.[308] Later, Natsu and Happy bring Lucy a job to cheer her up.[309]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

Back at the guild, Natsu is informed that since their disappearance, Fairy Tail became the weakest guild in Fiore, and that a guild called Sabertooth has risen to the top. Unlike his guildmates, who are disheartened by this fact, Natsu expresses his enthusiasm at being able to fight their way back to the top.[337]

Natsu attacks Max again

Natsu heads to attack once again

Some time later, Natsu and Max get into a friendly battle.[338] Max, surprisingly, maintains the upper hand, against Natsu, until Natsu becomes angry at his weakness, and enters Lightning Fire Dragon Mode, attacking Max with Lightning Fire Dragon's Roar, destroying much of the surrounding area. Max then collapses, admitting defeat, claiming that something like that could've killed him. Natsu then laughs, asking for his next opponent, but collapses from exhaustion.[339] Natsu and Lucy, accompanied by Gray, Wendy, Happy, and Carla, venture to Porlyusica's house in the forest, seeking to increase the Magic Power reserves, but, to their dismay, she demands that they leave. When they don't, Porlyusica comes out of her house once more, and begins attacking them with a broom, prompting the group to run away.[340] After running away, Natsu and others collapse, from exhaustion, and Natsu listens, in shock, as Wendy states that Porlyusica had the exact same scent and voice as her foster mother, the Sky Dragon Grandeeney.[341]

Natsu then asks Wendy if she's sure about what she thinks, to which the Sky Dragon Slayer says that she isn't sure. Natsu then resolves to go back and see Porlyusica, but the woman appears behind them as Natsu and Wendy discuss the gentleness of their respective foster parents. Porlyusica then reveals that she is Grandeeney's Edolas counterpart, and that she fell through an Anima when she was younger. Natsu then asks if Igneel and Metalicana are in Earth Land, as humans, as well, to which Porlyusica replies that she doesn't know. Natsu then watches as Porlyusica gives Wendy Grandeeney's instructions on how to perform two Secret Arts distinctive to the Sky Dragon Slayer, before turning around to leave. Later, they head back to the guild, where Romeo informs Natsu that during their seven year absence, they created a tournament to find the strongest guild in Fiore: the Grand Magic Game. Natsu, unlike his guildmates, is excited by the prospect, and Makarov declares that they'll participate upon hearing that the prize is 30 million Jewel. Romeo then tells Natsu that the Games are in three months, and the Fire Dragon Slayer states that three months gives them plenty of time to get stronger. Natsu, however, becomes disappointed when he hears that the Games aren't solely about battle.[342]

Everyone who was a member of the Team Tenrou then sets off to train, with Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Juvia, Erza, Levy, Happy, and Carla, along with Jet and Droy, deciding to train at a beach. Natsu, however, on the first day, competes with Gray in many regards, before becoming tired and going to sleep.[343] That afternoon, Natsu begins his training, in which he starts out with weighted running. Later that night, Natsu, accompanied by the other guys, attempts to peak on the women while they're bathing,[344] but their plans are foiled when Erza pierces the wood they were peeking through with knives. Though remaining undiscovered, Natsu, with his forehead hurt, states that he could've been killed.[345]

FT members after coming from Celestial World

Natsu and co. realize they are out of time

On the second day of their training, Virgo appears, claiming that the Celestial Spirit World is in danger, and that the Celestial Spirit King requires their assistance. The group, sans Jet and Droy, are then sent to the Celestial Spirit World, having been dressed in clothing originating from the realm, and find out that, rather than there being danger, the Celestial Spirit King, along with Lucy's spirits, have planned a party to celebrate their return from Tenrou Island, much to Natsu's delight. After a whole day of celebration, Virgo informs the group that, much to their displeasure, one day in the Celestial Spirit World is equal to nearly three months in the human world.[346]

Natsu under Ultear's spell

Natsu unlocking his Second Origin

Still depressed about the loss of their entire training time, the group receives a message, via carrier pigeon, telling them to come to the suspension bridge deep in West Woods. When the group arrives, the broken bridge is restored, and they cross it. Deeper in the woods, Natsu and the others are stopped by three mysterious figures, who, much to Natsu's shock, reveal themselves to be Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy. Natsu then listens as the three explain what had happened to them during their seven year absence, the fact that they created a guild, Crime Sorcière, and that their goal is to destroy Zeref and every Dark Guild. Crime Sorcière then asks for Natsu and the others to locate a mysterious Magic source that they've felt every year at the Grand Magic Games. Ultear then states, as compensation, she'll grant them a boost in Magic Power, and, although everyone around him cheers, Natsu gleefully states that he doesn't understand. Natsu then hugs Ultear, thanking her, and calling her a real woman, to which she responds that she always has been a woman.[347] Later, after Ultear releases Natsu's Second Origin, Natsu writhes around, on the ground, screaming in pain.[348]

Sting Intimidating Natsu

Sting derides Natsu

After training, Natsu and the others arrive in Crocus, where they, after encountering several people who pick on their guild, discuss the rules that Grand Magic Games contestants have to abide by, and that the Games are different every year, before separating.[349] While looking around, Natsu encounters Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, who mock Natsu for being a Dragon Slayer that couldn't slay a Dragon. They then declare that they are "true" Dragon Slayers, as they killed the Dragons that raised them, angering Natsu.[350] Angry at hearing this, Natsu returns to the Honey Bone Hotel and is scolded by Erza for being late, but the two are interrupted when Lisanna and Elfman walk in. However, their meeting is cut short when it is announced that the preliminaries for the Grand Magic Games are about to begin. They are informed that they must be one of the first eight teams to arrive at the arena, the Domus Flau, in order to be in the Games. Also, all the team members must arrive at the same time. Natsu and the others are worried because Wendy is nowhere to be seen, but Elfman decides to take her place, and they set off to take place in the Sky Labyrinth. By defeating other guilds and stealing pieces of their maps, Natsu and the others are able to reach the Domus Flau, thereby qualifying for the Games. However, they are informed that they arrived in last place.[351]

Team FT A

Team Fairy Tail A

Natsu and the others then change into their team uniforms, before entering the Domus Flau to see who placed ahead of them. As the teams are introduced, they learn that Raven Tail has entered the Games, and are angry when they learn that they are the ones who injured Wendy and Carla, who were found, the night before, knocked out, lying in the street.[352] He is also shocked to learn that there is a second team from Fairy Tail in the running, consisting of Gajeel, Mirajane, Laxus Dreyar, Juvia, and Jellal, who is disguised as his Edolas counterpart, Mystogan. When Natsu discovers them, he yells out at them, angrily stating that he has no intention of losing, even to his own guildmates. Everyone agrees, and after they hear the rules for the first event of the Games, they choose Gray to participate on their behalf.[353] When Gray loses the event and the crowd mocks Fairy Tail, Natsu yells at the crowd for laughing at Fairy Tail, getting booed in the process.[354]

Natsu burns Flare's hair

Natsu saves Asuka

During Lucy's battle against Flare Corona, Natsu hears Asuka Connell's name come up in their conversation, and he rushes to find the young girl. Natsu notices that Flare's hair is nearby, and that she is using the girl as a hostage. Natsu destroys the hair, and tells Lucy to finish her fight.[355] However, Lucy is ultimately defeated, due to Obra sabotaging the match, prompting Natsu goes console his teammate, calling her amazing, and promising that they will soon turn the tide.[356]

After making sure that Lucy is alright, Natsu returns to his team, and watches the rest of the matches with interest.[357] When Jellal is defeated, Natsu is left shocked and confused.[358] At the end of the First Day, Natsu and guildmates celebrate their defeat, saying that before long, they'll be the strongest guild in Fiore.[359] Natsu then gets into a brawl with his Guildmates, easily beating Max.[360] After Bacchus "introduces" himself, Natsu is very surprised to hear that the Quatro Cerberus Mage fought on equal terms with Erza seven years ago.[361]

Natsu's speech

Natsu's determination

In spite of his team's protests, Natsu decides to participate in the Second Day's event, despite it being name Chariot. Natsu, however, has difficulty in the event, as it involves vehicular motion, warranting him to succumb to motion sickness. Natsu isn't beside himself, however, as Gajeel and Sting are also affected by the motion of the chariots. The three Dragon Slayers are left behind as the other participants race towards the front.[362] As the others finish, Natsu, Gajeel and Sting are ridiculed by the audience. Sting decides to give up, but Natsu and Gajeel are determined to finish the race. Natsu, wanting to win for his friends, who were waiting for them for the last seven years, finishes the race in sixth place, earning his team two points.[363]

After the event, Natsu rests with Wendy,[364] and notices that she, Carla, and Porlyusica are missing when he wakes up, noticing that the scent of an unfamiliar person is in the room.[365] Natsu follows his nose and catches up to a group of masked men, who have grabbed Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica.[366] Natsu immediately pursues the group, fighting his way through the few that try to halt him. Natsu eventually defeats the Mages and saves his fellow guildmates.[367] When the questioned Mages reveal that they are working for Raven Tail, Natsu becomes incredibly angered, for Raven Tail has once again threatened his guild.[368]

Natsu attacks Sabertooth

Natsu demands to see Jiemma

After the Second Day of the Games ends, Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Carla walk back to their lodgings. There, Natsu and the others see Yukino Agria waiting for them out front.[369] Natsu is skeptical at first, wondering as to why a Mage from a rival guild would visit them, thinking that she’s arrived to make fun of them, like the rest of Sabertooth had. After listening to Yukino's conversation with Lucy, Natsu runs after her when she leaves, asking her to forgive him for being rude. Upon hearing his kind words, Yukino breaks down in a flurry of tears, and confides in Natsu the fact that she was excommunicated from Sabertooth after her loss to Kagura Mikazuchi. After hearing how Yukino was humiliatingly forced to remove her clothes and her guild mark in front of her guildmates, Natsu becomes enraged.[370] He later storms into the Sabertooth lodgings, attacking everyone in sight, demanding to meet Sabertooth's Guild Master, Jiemma, who boldly steps out to face him.[371]

Uppercuting Jiemma

Natsu attacks Jiemma

Natsu challenges Jiemma, and wishes to fight him, but when Jiemma claims not to understand Natsu's motives, Natsu rushes at the Guild Master. Originally thinking Natsu to be unworthy of his time, Jiemma sends one of his other Mages, Dobengal, to fight, but Natsu quickly takes the man down. Sting then chooses to step forward and take on the intruder, but Jiemma stops him and takes Natsu's hit instead. The Guild Master easily counters Natsu's first hit, but is then hit by a barrage of attacks from the smaller opponent. Natsu then uses a powerful spell, which is diffused by the sudden appearance of Minerva, albeit destroying a large portion of the Sabertooth lodgings. Minerva asks Natsu to cease his attack, so that they all might save face, in exchange for the unharmed return of Happy, who she had captured prior to entering the lodgings. Natsu accepts and leaves, but not before telling Sabertooth that Fairy Tail won't lose to their Guild, and that they should treasure their comrades.[372]

During the Third Day of the Games, during Laxus' battle, Natsu is shocked to witness the S-Class Mage being beaten by his opponent, Alexei.[373] However, when the battle he witnesses is revealed to be an illusion, Natsu is left even more stunned than he was beforehand. Natsu then chides Laxus, claiming that he was simply showing off, when he discovers that the S-Class Mage had fought, and defeated, the entirety of Team Raven Tail. Natsu later wishes Wendy good luck in her battle with Sherria Blendy.[374]

Team FT A worried about Wendy

Natsu worried about Wendy

As Wendy and Sherria engage in battle, Natsu is seen to be surprised to see that Sherria is the Sky God Slayer.[375] Later, Natsu is excited when Wendy uses her Shattering Light: Sky Drill, and, as the spell hits Sherria, Natsu, alongside his teammates, celebrates Wendy's triumph.[376] However, Natsu is utterly dumbfounded after seeing Sherria stand, uninjured and smiling, after being hit by a spell of that magnitude.[377]

As the battle between Wendy and Sherria continues, Natsu is seen to be very worried for his guildmate, crying out Wendy's name.[378] However, seeing Wendy's determination and amazing strategy, Natsu is impressed with Wendy's strength. After the fight ends in a draw, Natsu is seen to be very excited and pleased with the result of the fight.[379]

Natsu about to destroy Ryuzetsu Land

Natsu destroying Ryuzetsu Land

After the battles of the Third Day, Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail decide to visit Ryuzetsu Land, attempting to relax after the day's events. After arriving, Natsu sees a train riding over water, and immediately jumps on, forgetting about his motion sickness, which soon afflicts him.[380] Afterwards, Natsu begins to run around, accompanied by Ichiya, and is warned that what they are doing is dangerous. Ichiya then trips, taking Natsu down with him.[381] Natsu then goes flying directly towards Gray and Lyon, knocking the two backwards, and down the Love Slide.[382] While Gray and Lyon are going down the slide they both freeze the slide and pool. Seeing this Natsu attempts to thaw the ice by using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, which, instead of producing the desired result, destroys Ryuzetsu Land in a large explosion. With his guildmates, and many others, lying around him, dazed and hurt, Natsu laughs at his apparent success.[383] Later, Natsu heads to a bar with his guildmates to celebrate. While there, despite being warned on how dangerous it is, Natsu begins barrel surfing with Happy, and involves several other of his guildmates in the activity.[384]

Enraged FT A

Natsu enraged by Sabertooth gloating over their harsh victory

On the Fourth Day of the Grand Magic Games, Natsu is seen cheering Lucy on as she participates in Naval Battle.[385] As only Lucy and Minerva are left, Minerva starts brutalizing Lucy, prompting Natsu to scream out in worry.[386] As Minerva starts torturing Lucy, Natsu yells for her to stop.[387] Natsu, along with Gray and Erza, stands appalled, as Minerva holds Lucy by the throat, dangling her outside the Naval Battle arena.[388]

Natsu vows to avenge Lucy

Natsu vows to avenge Lucy

As Minerva drops Lucy, Natsu and Gray rush out of the stands, and successfully catch her. Natsu looks at Minerva, infuriated, and the majority of Team Sabertooth step in front of Minerva, confronting him, Erza, and Gray. Natsu and Gray both resolve to attack Sabertooth, but are stopped by Erza. After Erza threatens Sabertooth, Natsu, along with the other members of Team Fairy Tail A, and, eventually, Team Fairy Tail B, visit Lucy in the infirmary. Makarov arrives and announces that the administrators have told them to join both teams together, leaving Natsu and the others shocked. Natsu says that he will avenge Lucy, and won't forgive Sabertooth for laughing at her. Natsu, along with Gray, Gajeel, Erza, and Laxus, becomes part of the newly reorganized Team Fairy Tail. Arriving in the Domus Flau with his new teammates, Natsu and Gajeel glare at Sting and Rogue, and Natsu states he's all fired up.[389]

Later, a tag battle between Team Blue Pegasus and Team Quatro Puppy is announced. Ichiya and the Rabbit will face Bacchus and Rocker. Natsu is utterly shocked to see that the Rabbit is in fact Nichiya, who was a part of Extalia.[390] After Ichiya wins his two-on-one match, due to Nichiya being knocked out at the very start, Natsu is surprised, and impressed, by Ichiya's power.[391]

After the tag battle between Team Mermaid Heel and Team Lamia Scale results in a draw, Team Fairy Tail and Team Sabertooth's battle begins. A determined Natsu and Gajeel enter the Domus Flau, prepared for their battle against Sting and Rogue.[392]

The Twin Dragons overpowered

Natsu and Gajeel make the first move

Natsu and Gajeel make the first move, quickly punching away their respective opponents, surprising the audience. Sting attacks Natsu with his White Dragon's Roar and Rogue uses Shadow Dragon's Slash against Gajeel; he easily deflects the attack with his Iron Dragon's Sword and sends Rogue flying. Running towards Sting, Natsu grabs Rogue, and hits both of them with Fire Dragon's Wing Attack. Tells Natsu that he is strong, and Natsu questions if Sting and Rogue defeated Dragons with their level of strength. Sting corrects Natsu, saying that they killed their Dragon foster parents, as the Twin Dragons grant themselves a boost in power by entering White Drive and Shadow Drive, respectively.[393]

Punch of the White Dragon

Sting attacks Natsu with White Dragon's Punch

The Twin Dragons quickly attack, resulting in Natsu and Gajeel being put on the defensive. Sting tells Natsu that he looked up to the Fire Dragon Slayer, and that he's always dreamed of surpassing him. Sting then attacks Natsu with White Dragon's Claw, rendering him immobile. Natsu smiles as Sting rushes in to attack, and punches him in the face; the latter is confused as to how Natsu was able to move and sees that Natsu burned the immobilizing Stigma away. Sting then readies his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Holy Nova, and attacks Natsu, resulting in a huge explosion. Through the dust and debris, Natsu reveals to have stopped the attack bare-handed, shocking not only Sting, but the entire audience as well.[394]

Natsu and Gajeel, together, continue to pressure the Twin Dragons. When Fairy Tail's victory becomes apparent, Natsu watches in disbelief as Sting and Rogue rise, entering Dragon Force.[395]

Natsu challenges Sting and Rogue

Natsu moves to confront Sting and Rogue alone

Natsu stands and awaits the newly powered-up Dragon Slayer's attacks, however, before the two can advance, Sting states that he defeat Natsu and Gajeel alone, and moves to do so. Gajeel comments that Sting is underestimating them, but Natsu is unsure about this, stating that he can sense Sting's strength, shortly before being attacked by the Sabertooth Mage. He and Gajeel try to combine their attacks, but Sting is able to both dodge and respond with great speed. Eventually, with his White Dragon's Holy Breath, Sting destroys the Domus Flau and takes their battle underground. Despite Sting's immense strength, Natsu refuses to give up and tries to fight back, but with his mighty Holy Ray, Natsu and Gajeel are left helpless.[396]

Before Mato can declare the fight to be over, both Natsu and Gajeel stand up, commenting on Sting's power, but also state that they've memorized all of Sting's particularities; getting into a fight over the position of Sting's foot when he moves to make an attack. Being unable to come to a united decision, Natsu becomes annoyed with Gajeel and pushes him into a nearby mining cart, sending the teammate rolling away to an unknown location. With Gajeel now out of the picture, Natsu repeats Sting's earlier statement, declaring that he alone will be enough for the two Mages.[397]

Natsu taunts Sting and Rogue

Natsu goads Sting and Rogue

When Sting and Rogue become infuriated with Natsu's audacity, Natsu merely goads the two further, egging them on to engage him. Sting angrily rushes at Natsu, though he deflects his attacks with calm precision, stating he will fight for the friends they made fun of. As Rogue also joins the fray by releasing his Shadow Dragon's Roar, Natsu counters with his own Dragon's Roar, completely enveloping Rogue in flames. The two repeatedly attack, although, every effort is in vain.[398] Finally, Sting and Rogue decide to perform a Unison Raid, combining their White and Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic, the Twin Dragons fire the destructive spell at Natsu, however, Natsu stands his ground, and counters with his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade, which, not only destroys their Unison Raid, but defeats Sting and Rogue as well. Having won and moved his team into first place, Natsu stands with his arms raised in victory as the crowd cheers.[399] Afterwards, he walks over to Sting and Rogue, smiling at them, saying that they should fight again.[400]

Dragon Slayers going to Dragon Graveyard

Gajeel bringing Natsu and the others to the Dragon Graveyard

Later, Natsu and few of his other guildmates are taken underneath the Domus Flau by Gajeel, not knowing what to expect. When he and the others arrive at the designated location, they discover that they have come across a Dragon Graveyard. As they wander around, he and Gajeel come to the conclusion that these Dragons are much too old to be the Dragons they knew. Then, out of the blue, Wendy mentions the spell Milky Way which Porlyusica had given her the knowledge to perform. The group soon comes to the conclusion that this spell could be used to learn information about what had happened to the deceased Dragons, and possibly about the Dragon Slayers' foster parents.[401]

Slayers turn into Dragons

Natsu wonders if he will become a Dragon

As Wendy begins drawing the Magic Circle needed to invoke the spell, Natsu asks what she's doing, to which he's told by Carla that Wendy's explained it. Natsu watches as the area lights up as the spell beings to work, and watches as a large Dragon is summoned, before expressing his shock at meeting it. The Dragon introduces himself as Zirconis and asks if Wendy was the one who summoned him, stating his intention to eat her. Natsu jumps to her defense, at which point Zirconis states that he was joking, noting that spirits cannot touch corporeal objects. Natsu listens as Zirconis explains the history of the Dragons, and how they originally thought of humans as being nothing more than food, at which point he irritates Zirconis by pointing out that, technically, Zirconis is talking to his food. The revelation of the history of Dragon Slayer Magic and how it can affect the Dragon Slayers themselves shocks Natsu. Revealing that Acnologia was once human, Zirconis disappears, much to Natsu's dismay, as he asks if he too will become a Dragon because of his Magic. Arcadios and Yukino then arrive in the Graveyard, and Arcadios replies that Natsu becoming a Dragon is impossible, as Acnologia became one with Zeref's aid. Natsu then listens as Arcadios states that if they kill Zeref, then they may have a chance at defeating Acnologia.[402]

Natsu confronts Arcadios

Natsu confronts Arcadios

Natsu, not understating Arcadios' motives, interrupts him as he begins to explain his plan to stop both Zeref, before he became immortal, and therefore Acnologia as well, which only results in Arcadios praising Natsu for the marvelous battle he gave the audience this afternoon, much to Natsu's displeasure. Natsu then closes in on Arcadios and asks him why Celestial Spirit Mages involved in his plan, threatening him to say what he came to say. Natsu gets even more annoyed when Arcadios simply turns around and tells them to follow him. They later arrive at Mercurius, where the King lives, and are lead to a room containing an impressive machine that will be used for the Eclipse Plan. Arcadios then explains that the true purpose of the Grand Magic Games is to steal Magic from the Mages and convert it into fuel for the Gate, and that their plan will be put into motion on July seventh. However, their conversation is disrupted by Darton, who orders Lucy and Yukino, as well as Arcadios, to be put under arrest. Natsu angrily prepares to attack Darton, stating that Lucy will not be involved, but his Magic Power is sapped away by the Eclipse Gate, as he is too close in proximity. Natsu then falls to floor, helpless, as Lucy and Yukino are arrested.[403]

Back at their lodgings, Natsu has been tied up, so as to prevent him from acting recklessly, and listens as they recount the tale of Lucy's arrest. Natsu tries to break free, saying that he wants to save Lucy, angered by everyone's calm attitude. After finally breaking free, Makarov hits Natsu, telling him to be quiet, and declares that they've taken away one of their family, and that they all feel the same as he does.[404] The next day, Natsu, along with Wendy, Mirajane, Carla, Panther Lily, and Happy, are sent, using the Grand Magic Game as cover, to rescue Lucy.[405]

Sneaking into Mercurius

Natsu "caught" by Mirajane

While heading to Mercurius, Natsu responds to Mirajane's noticing of the start of the Final Day, stating that it's the perfect opportunity. In an attempt to enter the castle, the Mages don disguises, as per Happy's idea, with Natsu putting on a bear costume and commenting on Mirajane's, though the idea is ultimately rejected.[406] Soon after, Natsu and Wendy are captured by a palace guard and brought to be placed in the dungeon. However, it is revealed that the guard is a disguised Mirajane, and that the "capture" is a part of their plan to sneak in and rescue Lucy.[407] Eventually, Natsu and the others find Lucy and Yukino's cell. Natsu immediately destroys the door, freeing the two. While standing outside the cell, a pitfall activates, sending Natsu and his group below. After landing, Natsu and the others find themselves in an underground cavern known as Abyss Palace,[408] and Natsu spends some time looking for a way out, along with his friends.[409]

Rescue Team approached by Neppa

Natsu and co. approached by Neppa

Natsu gets agitated when he is informed by Happy and Carla that there seems to be no exit, as they, the hunters, became the hunted. Natsu then replies to Lucy's concern about the Grand Magic Games, stating that Juvia took his spot, as all he wanted was to rescue her. Seconds later, Carla comes back to the area where the group is located, telling them that she found a passage. After Natsu and the others squeeze their way through and reach the other side of the passage, they see a heavily wounded Arcadios lying on the ground, advising them to run. However, before they are able to move, they are ambushed by a faint silhouette towering them all. Natsu grabs Arcadios and saves him from the impact of the attack, but is quickly attacked again by another person with a flag. More and more people begin to appear and attack them, not allowing them a chance to counterattack. Natsu looks up to see a group of five individuals standing before him, claiming to be called the Garou Knights, the most powerful executioners in Fiore.[410]

Natsu ready to face Kama

Natsu faces the Garou Knights Leader alone

Natsu scoffs at the appearance of the executioners, Uosuke in particular, but Arcadios warns the Mages that the Magic of the Knights is specialized for killing. Natsu, however, is not the disturbed in the least. Rather, Natsu looks forward to the prospect of a fight, stating that the Garou Knights will be their solution to finding their way out of Abyss Palace.[411] Kamika initiates the assault with Paper Blizzard: Red Dance, and Natsu tries to burn the paper, only to discover the paper is impervious to flames. Natsu is then saved by a quick-thinking Wendy, who uses her Sky Dragon's Roar to scatter the paper.[412]

As the assault continues, Cosmos uses Grow Flow, summoning a gigantic flower to consume the group, whilst Kamika paralyzes everyone with another spell. Managing to regain control of their bodies, again thanks to Wendy, Natsu, Panther Lily and Mirajane manage to destroy the huge plant, but, consequently, the destruction of the plant results in an explosion which separates the group.[413] Waking up alone, Natsu, annoyed that he has lost Lucy, is confronted by one of the Knights, and becomes angry when the Garou Knight claims that all of his friends will soon be dead.[414]

Natsu dodging Kama's scythe

Natsu and the Garou Knights Leader begin their confrontation

Continuing his speech, the masked Garou Knight states that Natsu should repent for his sins, though Natsu comments on not remembering having made any in the first place. With the masked man obviously not in any position to let him leave, Natsu readies himself, preparing to battle the man to get through and find the others. Before he can strike though, the armored Garou Knight draws the two humongous scythes on his back, quickly swiping them at Natsu's neck, nearly decapitating him. Not giving Natsu any openings, the Knight quickly strikes again, forcing Natsu into a nearby wall, as the Mage struggles to evade the attacks. Jumping off the wall to avoid yet another slash from the man's weapons, Natsu notes that the man's swipes are repetitive, with the Garou Knight confirming this, stating that he only aims for the necks of his opponents, leading Natsu to comment on the troublesome nature of his opponent's fighting style.[415] A while later, Natsu succeeds in catching one of the masked man's scythes, destroying the blade, asking if he can now send him flying.[416]

Natsu the Executioner

Natsu threatens the Garou Knights

Delivering a punch to the head, Natsu knocks the Garou Knight back, before following up with his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, sending him crashing through the through the wall. The Knight asks Natsu if he realizes that by attacking him, he's made the Kingdom his enemy, to which Natsu retorts that he doesn't care, claiming that he'll make anyone his enemy if they harm Fairy Tail. With one final strike, Natsu sends the Knight through the final set of walls, resulting in the simultaneous collision of all five Garou Knights. Now reunited with the rest of the Rescue Team, Natsu tells the knights to reveal the location of the exit, lest they be executed by them.[417]

Later, the Mages wander around the labyrinth looking for the exit, with Natsu questioning whether they're heading the right way. As the others talk about meeting the Princess, as Arcadios wanted, Natsu gets angry over the fact that the Princess was the one who threw them in Abyss Palace. Suddenly, the door in front opens and Natsu rolls on the floor towards it, coming close to a mysterious woman wearing a hood. Looking up, Natsu asks her who she is.[418]

Natsu and Lucy meet Future Lucy

Natsu and Lucy's shock at seeing the other Lucy

The woman begins to shake and sob, wiping her tears away as she asks for Natsu to lend her his strength. As Natsu begins to recognize the voice of the woman, she pulls back her hood to reveal her face, being none other than another Lucy. Seeing a person with the exact same face as his friend next to him, Natsu can only cry out in shock.[419] As Natsu expresses his surprise, the woman reveals that she's from the future, shocking him further. As she begins to give a cryptic warning about the future of the country, she suddenly faints, resulting in Natsu and the others checking on her. Deciding that they can't leave this Lucy behind, Natsu picks her up and states that they'll take her with them.[420]

Future Lucy wakes up

Natsu sees the future Lucy wake up

A while later, Natsu is annoyed that they got lost while looking for an exit. He thinks that if they fight the soldiers, it will be much faster and more efficient, but Carla begs to differ, for many of them are wounded. Suddenly, the Lucy from the future stirs and everyone immediately turns to her. When she asks where they are, Natsu replies that he doesn't know. She recalls being captured by the army during her time, and having their Magic drained by the Eclipse Gate as they pass by the area. Natsu exclaims that it was foolish of them to do that, to which she replies that they were just unlucky. When Wendy asks Future Lucy why she came back to the past, she says that it was to change the worst possible future.[421]

Natsu equipped to fight Dragons

Natsu wanting to fight

Hearing her, Natsu is extremely shocked to hear that 10,000 Dragons will attack Fiore, causing him to grab weaponry to fight, much to everyone's surprise. As Lucy wonders if anyone will believe the story, Natsu asks if it's a lie and, upon hearing that she's referring to credibility, tells her that they wouldn't doubt her.[422] Once Carla asks Future Lucy about what happens to them when the Dragons attack, Natsu is eager to hear the answer, which comes in the form of silence. Future Lucy explains that she traveled to the past after the Dragons' attack, and tells the group to travel underground and meet Jellal, who should be coming up with a strategy.[423] As she apologizes for not knowing what to do, Natsu thanks her for the information and tells her he will protect the future.[424]

Natsu fights the Royal Army

Natsu fighting the knights

Running through the underground, Natsu asks Future Lucy how she knows the area, to which she states she learned it. Suddenly, the group is approached by the Royal Army, but Natsu states that as long as they have their Magic, they can't be captured. Declaring that the matter will be settled, Natsu begins attacking.[425] While fighting, Natsu tosses one army member into the rest, knocking them back. However, he is suddenly attacked from behind by a member of the Anti-Magic unit. Though surprised, Natsu is unhurt, stating his specialty in Magic helps him against such attacks.[426] As even more army members arrive, Natsu continues fighting, dispatching them with ease. However, the sudden arrival of the Garou Knights angers Natsu, who curses the complication of the mission.[427] Alongside Loke, Natsu keeps fighting the Garou Knights, and the Royal Army of Fiore.[428][429]

As his group fights on, Natsu becomes continuously mad at the Garou Knights, threatening to execute them all together. Before he has the chance to do so, a fast moving shadow flies towards the Royal Army, sucking them down as it passes through, whilst leaving Natsu and his friends unharmed.[430] As the shadow doubles back and begins to rise and take on a human form, Natsu stands on guard, demanding that the figure reveal their identity. He is then shocked when the person does just that, stepping forward and introducing himself as Rogue Cheney.[431]

Team Natsu learns of the way to defeat the dragons

Natsu and the others happy knowing they can stop the Dragons

Natsu stands in shock, wondering if the figure before him could truly be Rogue.[432] He then proceeds to comment on how much the Shadow Dragon Slayer has changed in appearance, before Carla asks why he has returned to the past. Future Rogue tells Natsu and the others that he came back in time to utilize the second feature of the Eclipse Gate: the Eclipse Cannon. Natsu and his friends are relieved to hear the good new, however, Future Rogue explains that in seven years, less than 10% of humanity remains, and Dragons have conquered the world. Natsu and his friends flinch in fear, as Future Rogue continues to talk about the current predicament. Natsu nervously tells him that they should just go and open the Gate now, but Future Rogue then reveals that somebody closed the Gate on the day that the Dragons attacked, dooming them all. He tells them that he has returned to the past to kill the one responsible, as it is the only way to stop the inevitable destiny. Natsu, however, is confused, and asks Future Rogue to tell them who this person is. Future Rogue then screams that it was Lucy, and sends a blade of shadows towards her.

Natsu Punching Future Rogue

Natsu attacks Future Rogue in rage over Future Lucy's demise

Natsu is then left horrified as Future Lucy jumps in front of her present counterpart, taking the hit for her. He then watches, speechless, as Future Lucy begins to die from blood loss. As Future Lucy says her last goodbyes, Natsu turns his head away from the sight, as his friend's eyes overflow with tears. Natsu then watches as Future Rogue and Lucy argue about her actions in the future, ending with Future Rogue trying to kill her once more. As Future Rogue prepares to attack, Natsu strikes him, sending the Shadow Dragon Slayer sliding backwards with his lightning-clad flames, stating that he won't let Lucy's future be taken away by anyone. Natsu then remembers Future Lucy's last words, and, as tears roll down his face, he promises to protect the future.[434]

Future Rogue's control over his Magic

Natsu takes Future Rogue's attack

As Rogue recovers from Natsu's sudden assault, the Fire Dragon Slayer instructs Lucy and the others to leave immediately. As they start to leave, Future Rogue declares that he won't let them escape, only for Natsu to stop him once more, punching him away once more. As the Shadow Dragon Slayer maliciously utters Natsu's name, he sends the man flying backwards with another blazing punch. As Natsu pauses to wipe the remaining tears from his eyes, Future Rogue tells Natsu the he knew he would get in his way, and states that since he's going to die at the Dragons' hands, then history won't be affected in the least. Natsu then points out that Future Rogue was never like how he is now, but the Shadow Dragon Slayer replies that people change over time. Blocking Future Rogue's frontal assault, Natsu states that Future Rogue stole something precious from him, and that his way of handling things is wrong. Glaring at the man from the future, Natsu states that they'll protect the future their own way.[435]

Natsu is then seen reeling from Future Rogue's subsequent attack, and states that he smells the Shadow Dragon Slayer exuding ill intent. Asking Future Rogue if he truly came to save the future, Natsu can only watch as the man maliciously grins.[436]

Lightning Fire Natsu attacks Rogue

Natsu, enraged, charges at Future Rogue

Following this statement, Natsu hears a noise coming from above, and questions what it is, to which Future Rogue explains that they are hearing the Eclipse Gate opening. Future Rogue declares his surprise at the Gates opening, given that Lucy is still alive, but states that it is a guarantee that Lucy will close the Gates. Hearing this, Natsu says that Lucy would never do something that would destroy another person's future, but Future Rogue demands that Natsu move, and sends him soaring into the air, courtesy of a large-scale Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Spell. With Future Rogue declaring that he will kill Lucy, Natsu angrily states he won't let him, and charges at the Shadow Dragon Slayer, entering Lightning Fire Dragon Mode as he does so, surprising Future Rogue. Destroying much of the surrounding area, Natsu begins to strike Future Rogue with his lightning-enhanced flames, but, before he can deliver another punch, Future Rogue exudes a large amount of light, blinding Natsu. After the light subsides, Natsu looks on as Future Rogue enters White Shadow Dragon Mode.[437]

Natsu struck by White Shadow Rogue

Natsu is dealt a fatal blow

Before he can react, however, Future Rogue charges at Natsu, and slashes his side, leaving a large cut in his wake. Future Rogue states that he now has the power of both light and shadows, and that he can bend them to his every whim, before attacking Natsu with White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk. Having been pierced with light and shadows, Natsu helplessly falls to the ground, and weakly marvels at Future Rogue's power, to which Future Rogue explains that he killed Sting to attain this power, but points out that the time until his present-self does the same is quite far off. Natsu then asks Future Rogue if he was always as heartless as he is now, and Future Rogue replies that he was, and that he is going to kill Natsu. Before the final blow can be dealt, however, Ultear Milkovich arrives, and sends Rogue scurrying away upon attacking him with her Flash Forward. During this instance, however, Natsu loses consciousness, and Ultear shouts for him to pull himself together. Upon reaching him, Ultear calls for Meredy to ready the first-aid, but the woman can only watch in horror as Natsu is being slowly devoured by shadows.[438]

Natsu returns

Natsu back in action

As the Dragons emerge from the Eclipse Gate and rampage above, over the tremors, Natsu is screamed at by Ultear, who continues telling the Fire Dragon Slayer to pull himself together. Natsu grabs Ultear's shoulder when she asks him what to do, and slowly pulls himself out of the shadows, declaring that he must go. Determined, Natsu reiterates his promise to Future Lucy, stating that he will protect the future.[439] Later, despite the Gate's closure, 7 Dragons controlled by Future Rogue are released to wreak havoc in Crocus and to kill the Fiore Mages. However, much to Rogue's surprise, he then notices Natsu standing on a top of a building, glaring at him with an angry, but determined expression.[440]

Natsu then proceeds to fight Future Rogue, along with the Dragon he is riding on. During their fight, Rogue urges Natsu to look at the destroyed town, and Natsu asks Rogue what his goal is.[441] Rogue explains to Natsu that in the future, the world is dominated by a single being, Acnologia, and that he intends to defeat it with the power of those 7 Dragons and become the new Dragon King. Natsu, however, defeats Rogue's Dragon with a single attack, and cries out that the 7 Dragon Slayers were born for exactly this purpose: to defeat the 7 Dragons. When Rogue tells him that he miscalculated, since there are six Dragon Slayers, Natsu says that he can hear the seventh one as well.[442]

Natsu's words

Natsu expresses his views on teamwork

With the dust from Natsu's attack subsiding, Future Rogue tells him that humans are powerless against Dragons, to which Natsu replies that if being able to protect everyone requires him to lose his humanity, then he'd gladly throw it away. Hearing this, by speaking the name of the Dragon they're riding atop of, Motherglare, Future Rogue orders the Dragon to release a myriad of eggs from its underbelly, which rain down on the streets of Crocus; such an action causes Natsu to look on in utter curiosity.[443] Seeing the guilds below fight against the Dragons, Natsu remarks that everyone is giving it their best effort, and that together, they can accomplish anything they desire. Future Rogue, however, states that Natsu is completely ignorant, and that he can't comprehend the true power that Dragons possess.[444]

Continuing their clash atop Motherglare, Future Rogue tells Natsu that no matter how many times they fight, the outcome will always be the same, as he is from the future, and there is, therefore, a seven years separating them; Future Rogue states that he is much stronger than he was during the Grand Magic Games, something which causes Natsu to exude a sense of silent frustration. However, their battle is interrupted by Lucy, whom is flying through the air, nude, screaming for Natsu to help her. Lucy then crashes into Natsu, which sends the two Fairy Tail Mages flying off of Motherglare and into the streets below.[445]

Natsu discovers a way to beat the Dragons

Natsu has an epiphany

The two soon land inside a fallen bell, with Natsu, confused, questioning Lucy as to why she's naked. Squirming inside the bell, their skirmish causes the bell to roll into a nearby stack of crates, leaving the two dazed. Getting up, Natsu proclaims that the legends of flying naked people were true, prompting Lucy to cover her chest, telling Natsu not to look. Natsu then states that he has no other choice, and grabs Lucy's breasts, attempting to obscure them from his own view, an action which earns him a swift punch. Not understanding the situation, Natsu yells that Lucy has turned into a pervert, however, Happy explains that a Dragon was the cause of Lucy's nudity. Happy then proceeds to ask Natsu is he couldn't do anything against Future Rogue, to which he replies that the Shadow Dragon Slayer is exceptionally strong, and that Motherglare is an added annoyance. In light of this explanation, Lucy asks Natsu if all Dragons are violent, stating that she was almost eaten alive. Natsu, hearing this, has an epiphany, and states that he's finally figured out a way to defeat the Dragons.[446]

Natsu devours Atlas' flames

Natsu begins to devour Atlas' flames

Descending from above, Natsu lands on Atlas Flame's head, devilishly grinning at his arrival to the fire Dragon's location. He states his name and claims that he will devour Atlas' flames. Atlas, however, feeling humiliated, begins to swing his head towards every direction in an attempt to get rid of Natsu. Much to the Dragon's disappointment, Natsu refuses to lose his grip and echos his earlier statement, and expresses delight at the taste the flames compass. As Atlas continues to ram his body into nearby structures, Natsu tells Laxus that he will handle the Dragon, and pleas for Laxus to head to the castle, where Wendy and Mirajane are fighting a Dragon. Unsure at first, Laxus asks Natsu if he will be able to handle the fire Dragon, to which he responds affirmatively; affirming that he is powering up just by eating him. Listening to Natsu, Laxus leaves the area with the Thunder God Tribe and Happy, and heads towards Mercurius. After Laxus and the others take their leave, Atlas continues to rampage about destroying several buildings. With Natsu continuing his assault and with the familiar sensation of Natsu's ability to consume flames, Atlas remembers Igneel, the fire Dragon King. Stopping his rampage, Natsu is asked by the Dragon to reveal his connection to Igneel, with Natsu happily stating that Igneel is his dad.[447]

Natsu in flames

Natsu, rejuvenated by Atlas Flame's flames, attacks

Moments later, Natsu rides on Atlas' head and reaches Future Rogue's current location, expressing disgust at Future Rogue's envision; stating that the light in their hearts is something the likes of him cannot see. Atlas clashes heads with Motherglare, the sudden disloyalty shocking Future Rogue. Natsu, grabbing onto Atlas, calls him his uncle and tells him that he is counting on him, leaving Atlas to ponder the sudden term.[448] With a smug look on his face, Natsu watches as Future Rogue expresses his utter disbelief at Atlas having defied his Dragon Manipulation Magic, leading the Shadow Dragon Slayer to ask Natsu what he did to the Dragon; Natsu replies that they became friends, which Atlas Flame reaffirms, leaving Future Rogue even more baffled than before. Natsu then shouts for Atlas to start; the two Dragons clash once more, with Natsu cheering Atlas on, telling him to circle around Motherglare. However, Motherglare prevents such a thing from occurring by utilizing her Dragon's Roar. With Atlas claiming that Motherglare shouldn't underestimate his hellfire, as they truly are equivalent to those from hell, and that Natsu, his fellow Fire Dragon, has eaten them; Natsu jumps from atop Atlas and attack Motherglare with an exceedingly powerful Fire Dragon's Iron Fist.[449] Natsu then moves to directly confront Future Rogue, who has entered White Shadow Dragon Mode, for a third time.[450]

Natsu defeats Rogue

Natsu on top of unconscious Future Rogue

The two Dragons continue clashing as both Dragon Slayers stand on top of Motherglare, facing each other. Natsu tells Future Rogue to go back to his time and strikes him with his foot set aflame, however, Future Rogue bluntly refuses and when Natsu questions the present Rogue's fate, Future Rogue states that they will eventually become one, much to Natsu's discontent. Future Rogue then transforms into shadows and as he nears towards Natsu, he claims that with Acnologia around, there is no future and strikes Natsu with White Shadow Dragon's Sword Horn, which almost causes Natsu to fall off of Motherglare. Natsu then mentions Frosch, but Future Rogue simply states that Frosch will die in a year from now on and claims that if Natsu knew true despair, he wouldn't stand in his way and begins attacking Natsu with White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk. Natsu, however, declares that everyone has a right to choose their own future. Atlas Flame then assists Natsu, boosting his strength with his own flames, allowing Natsu to charge forward and hit Future Rogue and Motherglare, causing a huge explosion. They then fall down and crush through the Eclipse Gate, successfully destroying it. The defeated Rogue is then seen lying on the ground, with Natsu on top of him.[451]

Lucy thanks Natsu

Natsu is hugged by Lucy

Panting heavily, Natsu removes himself from Future Rogue's person and stares at the unconscious man's smoldering body. His exhaustion, however, soon turns to bewilderment as a bright light envelops the area; a direct result of the Eclipse Gate's destruction.[452] When Atlas returns to his own time, much like the other Dragons, Natsu closes his eyes and thanks Atlas for all the help he's given him.[453] With Future Rogue's body also glowing, signalling the start of his return to the future, Natsu tells the Shadow Dragon Slayer that his present will not grow up to become like him, something which Future Rogue denies by uttering the word "shadows;" he explains that the darkness within him is permanent and that the shadows have always been coming, and trying, to consume him, repeatedly, adding that on the day Frosch died, he fell into depravity, allowing the shadows to finally take their hold. Natsu then tells Future Rogue that Frosch won't die, but the man from the future refutes his claim, saying that Natsu must tell the current "him" to protect Frosch in one year, otherwise Frosch will be killed, regardless; such a statement leaves Natsu extremely perturbed.[454] With Future Rogue having finally returned to his own time, Natsu is hugged from behind by a tearful Lucy. When he asks her what's wrong, she denies that anything is out of the ordinary and instead thanks him for everything he's done.[455]

Natsu the Fiore King

Natsu, the King of Fiore

A few days later, all the Grand Magic Games participants are invited to Mercurius for a banquet. Despite everyone else being present, Natsu is nowhere to be found. However, just as Arcadios appears to stop the fight for Yukino and announces the King's arrival, Natsu instead appears, wearing the King's attire and crown, much to the shock of everyone present. As he yells out at others to have fun, he is followed by Darton and Toma E. Fiore, with the latter asking Natsu to give him his things back. Arcadios' attempts to stop him end in vain as even Garou Knights state that this is not something they can handle. While Natsu is rejoicing over the fact that he "became the King" and everyone else are his subordinates now, Lucy smiles, saying that he always crosses the line.[456]

Following this banquet, Fairy Tail makes their way back to Magnolia via horse-drawn carriage, causing Natsu to whine as his motion sickness takes hold; his moaning also earns him a remark from Gray, who states that Natsu should've listened to their suggestion and ran alongside the carriage instead of riding in it with them. Natsu then motions himself towards Gray and begins to convulse, prompting his friend to scream at him.[457]

Fairy Tail's trophy

Natsu and Fairy Tail show off the Grand Magic Games trophy

Soon after, Natsu and Fairy Tail arrive in Magnolia where they are met with glorious applause and raucous cheers by all for winning the Grand Magic Games; Natsu himself shouts that he's finally glad to be home. With a devious look on his face, Natsu states that he has something to show the citizens and reaches into a sack, digging around for what he's looking for. Natsu then pulls out the King's royal crown, much to the shock of his friends, who are dismayed at him having stolen it. Natsu, however, puts the crown back, as it was the not the item he was looking for; the Fire Dragon Slayer then pulls out the trophy that Fairy tail was awarded, to which he is applauded even more raucously than before. Continuing to celebrate, Natsu hands Romeo the trophy and puts the young man on his shoulders, asking him to hold the shining prize higher so that everyone can see. Natsu's actions soon cease, however, when the mayor of Magnolia reveals that he and the other citizens of Magnolia have worked together to restore Fairy Tail's Guild Building, leaving Natsu in a state of utter joy.[458]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Sun Village arc

Gray and Natsu punch Erza

Natsu and Gray punch Erza

Some time after returning, Natsu is given a joint request with Gray, forcing the two to work together to eliminate a monster. The two are successful in their quest and take care of the massive beast but find dissatisfaction with one another and begin fighting for over three days, but still taking breaks to sleep and eat. As Natsu calls Gray a pervert and criticizes him for being indecisive, the two of them are approached by Erza, who tells them to cut it out. Not knowing it is her, Natsu and Gray punch her in the face but soon realize their mistake as they see her clearly and ask why she is there as she gives them an angry stare. Returning to the guild, Natsu states that he will never work with Gray again as he is made fun of by his fellow guildmates. As he talks, he is called out to by Makarov, who tells him there is another request for him and Gray. Natsu states he will not work with him again but is told that he has to for a quest which he must not fail as it is from one of the Four Gods of Ishgar, surprising him and rendering him and Gray speechless.[482]

Going on Warrod's request

Natsu rides a tree

The strongest team, accompanied by Wendy and Carla, head to Warrod Cken's location after receiving a mission from said character. Along the way, Natsu begins to argue with Gray as he believes that it was him the one who stole his meat, but Gray states otherwise and tells him to do something about his eye-blinding hair color. The two continue to argue as Erza and Lucy ask them to stop, proving to be futile as the Mages continuously begin to throw insults at each other nonstop. Once they arrive to their destination, Natsu and the others are told to keep silence in the presence of plants, as the plants like the silence, when they enter the house of their client. However, the man, revealing himself to be Warrod Cken, reveals to them that it was a joke, that in fact plants like the human voice. Unamused, Natsu ponders the man's sarcasm. After introducing themselves, Natsu and Gray listen to Warrod as he begins to explain the mission to them; a now frozen village that used to worship an ever burning flame needs their help. He further emphasizes his point by telling the Mages that people are frozen inside the ice. Natsu and Gray team up and get ready for the upcoming mission. To help them get to the village, Warrod summons a plant that takes them to the location. Natsu and his comrades travel aboard the plant, enjoying the ride.[483]

The Giant-filled village

Natsu enters the Sun Village

The group soon arrive at the town Warrod Cken spoke of, and, looking around, wonder where the frozen occupants could possibly be. Glancing upward, Natsu screams when he realizes that they are under the townsfolk, as they are none other than giants. After a short panic session, Natsu decides that the group still need to help, and tries to use his Magic to melt the ice encasing the giants, but to no avail. Suddenly, the group is approached by a trio of treasure hunters, who reveal they have come to steal the flame whilst the giants can't guard it. When the group point out that the flame is frozen too, the men show them a vial of liquidized Moon Drip that they intend to use to get the flame. Realizing that they could steal the bottle and use it themselves, Natsu and his friends pursue the treasure hunters to take the bottle from them.[484]

Rala attacks Natsu with his hammer

Natsu attacked by Rala

During Natsu and the gang's pursuit, the treasure hunters decide to stop running and decide to fight back, stating that treasure hunting is dangerous. Natsu counters that their job is dangerous as well and gets into position, just as one of the hunters attacks with a giant hammer shaped like a clenched fist, with Natsu just barely dodging the attack. Attempting to counter with his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, Natsu finds his technique blocked by the now-open hand on the staff and is subsequently punched in the face, sending him flying.[485] Returning shortly afterwards, Natsu finds himself forced to admit that their opponents are actually good fighters.[486]

Natsu as a child

Natsu turned into a child

Further praising the hunters for being so good without Magic, Hiroshi states that their guild won the 'Secret Treasure Games', much to Natsu's amazement. Revealing that Gray has managed to snatch the Moon Drip bottle, they engage in a fight one more time, throwing the bottle to each other. As Happy lets the bottle fall and it breaks, Natsu, along with everyone else, watches in shock. It turns out that not much ice was melted. Happy asks for punishment, however, Natsu states that he can hear a familiar voice from the melted ice, running to an unknown direction afterwards. Reaching the giants' location, he encounters Doriate, a member of Succubus Eye, who uses his Magic to turn him back to his child appearance, stating that this way it will be easier to dispose of the Dragon Slayer.[487]

Doriate punches Natsu

Natsu attacked by the Succubus Eye Mage

Natsu is shocked to see that he has turned back into a child, and immediately understands that his opponent is to blame for this transformation. He then proceeds to dispose of Natsu, who clumsily dodges his attacks, finding out that he cannot move properly anymore. He then tries to fight back using his Fire Dragon's Roar, but finds out that it is not just his size that has changed; his Magic Power has drastically decreased. After being attacked, Natsu also finds out that a single punch can do far more damage to him, since his defensive abilities have also dropped down. Seeing that he cannot fight back at this state, Natsu tricks his opponent into looking somewhere else and then makes his escape while laughing and remembering that he used to fool Gildarts with this trick all the time.[488] After a while, Natsu still runs through the forest, trying to track down the voice that he hears inside his head, and also wondering how long it will take until his body turns back to normal.[489] Not long after, the effects of the Magic wear off and Natsu is returned to his ordinary state, causing him to slip and fall on the ice while running.[490] However, Doriate, now in his Demon Form, affects an entire village with his Law of Retrogression and everyone, including Natsu, have their appearances changed to that of a child again.[491] Later, with Doriate's defeat on hands of Gray, the Magic wears off, with everyone regaining their original form.[492]

Natsu attacks Cyclops

Natsu battles the one-eyed bird

Annoyed, Natsu keeps walking while complaining about the sudden changes of his appearance. He then meets up with Lucy, Wendy and Flare, shocked to see the latter. After learning about Flare's relation to the village, Natsu sympathizes with her, stating that they'll change everything back to normal as it's Fairy Tail's reputation what is at stake. Natsu then notes that he's been hearing voices from the mountain in front of them. Flare reveals that the mountain in fact is the Eternal Flame, the village's guardian. Suddenly, they see Gray, Happy and Carla running towards them, being chased by the one-eyed bird creature. Natsu tells Gray to knock it out, with the latter going to attempt to melt the ice instead, so Natsu heads to deal with the bird. He attacks it with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, but the bird counter-attacks. A worried Lucy yells out Natsu's name, but the Dragon Slayer claims he's fine and tells them to restore the Eternal Flame in order to save the village.[493] After Gray attempts to unfreeze the Eternal Flame and it disappears, everyone despairs until Wendy points out the small flame on the altar. Knowing that the solution to this is Natsu, Lucy calls out to him.[494]

Atlas Flame is revealed

Natsu meets Atlas Flame once again

Giving her a positive answer, Natsu heads to the flame, however the Cyclops Monster interferes and assaults him. Not giving him any time to retaliate, it fires a beam out of its single eye, with Natsu taking the full force of the attack. Before the beam hits the frozen giants, Natsu stops the attack with his Fire Dragon's Roar. Natsu then charges forward and takes the creature down with a barrage of attacks. As it falls on the altar, Natsu finishes it with Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. Seeing that the flame is alright, Natsu realizes that the voice he heard was of Atlas Flame, as they find themselves before the Fire Dragon, with the latter happy to see the son of Igneel after 400 years.[495] Natsu is also glad to see Atlas Flame alive, however, the Dragon states that it's not the case as Wendy confirms that Atlas Flame has been summoned through her Milky Way. The group soon learns that something is not right with the Dragon's memories, an after-effect of being frozen for so long. Atlas Flame reveals that the cause of the freeze was an Ice Devil Slayer who mistook the Dragon for a Demon. Flare then begs the Dragon to help the village, which causes him to clear his memory somewhat and Natsu and others face an immense heat coming from Atlas Flame. The Dragon then tells Natsu about the E.N.D., the most vile Magic from the Book of Zeref, something that Igneel was unable to destroy 400 years ago. At that moment, Natsu and others find the village to be restored, however, Atlas Flame is gone. Natsu wonders about this new information, having not heard of E.N.D. before.[496]

Natsu partying with the giants

Natsu celebrates with the Giants

With the giants freed, Natsu alongside Happy sits atop one of their heads and laughs happily alongside them. While the others discuss the issue of the village being frozen, the Dark Guild Tartaros and the Ice Devil Slayer, Natsu remains unconcerned as he tells them that they completed their job regardless.[497] Soon, Flare speaks to the giants who raised her and is tearfully welcomed back into the village, a scene upon which Natsu smiles before following up with a celebration for everyone which goes on throughout the night.[498] The Mages return to Warrod's house, with Natsu happily claiming that the mission was extremely easy. Warrod then informs them that the time to receive their reward has arrived, leading Natsu and Gray to stare at the "reward" furiously, which turns out to be a potato from a neighboring town. After expressing their displeasure, the two head to the hot spring nearby.[499]

At the hot spring, Natsu and Gray relax whilst the girls, unbeknownst to them, ponder what the boys are doing. Natsu reveals their location when he calls out to Lucy, promoting the Celestial Mage to grab a bucket and throw it at his face while covering her body. At the same time, Warrod appears. Natsu then crosses his arms as Erza moves towards him, leaning in to scrub his back as she reminds him of when they were kids. Meanwhile, Lucy induces Warrod to reveal his Fairy Tail guild mark when she states that he has nothing to do with what is happening, shocking everybody present. Natsu, getting his back washed by Erza, listens to his story about Mavis and the words that created Fairy Tail. When he is finished speaking, Erza tells Natsu to scrub her back, which he does. Understanding that Warrod has been alive for a long time, he questions if he knows anything about E.N.D., to which he responds negatively. However, he does inform them of the very little information known about Tartaros, even revealing that it is possible that they are in possession of the Book of Zeref. Visibly angry, Natsu loses his calm not knowing anything about Tartaros or Igneel's location despite the small amount Warrod noted, swinging punches at random. Looking down, he notices that he accidentally attacked Erza over multiple times, receiving a strong punch in return.[500]

Tartaros arc

Natsu declares war on Tartaros

Natsu declares war against Tartaros

Back at the guild, Natsu continues researching about E.N.D. and with Levy's help, they learn that it's on a completely different scale compared to Deliora and Lullaby, implying that it might be the strongest of Zeref's Demons. The group then speculates whether Tartaros has the book containing E.N.D., with Natsu later stating that they just need to defeat Tartaros, much to Lucy's disapproval. However, Natsu argues that this is a clue to the whereabouts of Igneel and other Dragons. At that moment, Jet barges into the guild hall and Natsu is surprised to hear that he brings bad news.[501] Natsu then waits for Porlyusica to announce Laxus, Yajima, and the Thunder God Tribe's status after said Mages confronted Tartaros and were nearly left in the verge of death. Vividly angered, he turns to Makarov and claims that this means war.[502]

Exclaiming that Tartaros' action is an act of war, Natsu begs to be allowed to punish them, pinned to the floor by several Guildmates as they try to calm him. Makarov reminds him that he fully agrees, but they lack intel. However, Natsu insist they go to war; promising to attain information on their whereabouts from a Dark Guild by using force. Suddenly, Loke joins them, revealing that he knows the location of several former Magic Council members. Natsu then listens to Makarov as the master claims that Laxus and the others' efforts will not be in vain, creating groups and sending them out to protect the former council members shortly afterwards.[503]

Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, and Carla arrive at Michello's house, explaining the current situation to the senior, who refuses their protection at first. As Michello's granddaughter enters their conversation, Natsu senses something, jumping towards Lucy and Wendy as he tells everyone to get down. Suddenly, Michello's house is blown to smithereens by an explosion, leading Natsu to feast on the remaining flames. From behind the smoke, a Mage speaks to Natsu and the others, whom asks for Natsu's name. Natsu, glaring as the Dark Mage from Tartaros, readies to battle.[504]

Natsu vs. Jackal

Natsu attacking Jackal

After Jackal unleashes a spell that tremors the vicinity, Natsu swiftly jumps towards the Dark Mage, which is met by an explosion from Jackal. Natsu counteracts against Jackal's assault by consuming his heat-based spell and pummels the Tartaros Mage in the face. Immediately after, Natsu thrusts himself forward to collide into Jackal, which Jackal barely evades, and subsequently after, Natsu crashes through the floorboards and ferociously knees Jackal's jaw. As Natsu carries on with his all-out assault, Jackal attempts to tell Natsu something, but is only met with a ferocious beatdown from Natsu. After seemingly defeating Jackal, Natsu recalls having to interrogate the Tartaros member over the location of their headquarters.

After realizing what the Dark Guild is possibly after, Michello attempts to flee, but Natsu requests that Michello share his knowledge over the situation. After suffering from Natsu's beatdown, Jackal regains consciousness, stands up, and enlightens Natsu about his "Curse," which changes things that touch him into bombs. As Natsu realizes the combustion that is about to occur throughout his limbs, he desperately tells his peers to escape, and subsequently detonates, leaving him in a horribly injured state.[505]

Natsu is back to fight Jackal

Natsu strikes Jackal

Natsu lies on the ground as Jackal rapidly chases after the running Michello and whilst Lucy and Wendy attempt to ambush the Demon.[506] Consecutively, he rises to his feet once again to confront the Demon running amok in the nearby streets; entering the battle by striking Jackal in his jaw with his elbow, causing the latter to release two hostages inside bombs: Michello and a woman. He then punches Michello on the head, knocking him out, due to the former councilor's constant egocentrism irritating him. Jackal then notes that Natsu touched him again, leading the Fairy Tail Mage to reveal that he has created a trick to his Curse, absorbing the explosion as the Curse takes its course, which leaves Jackal open-mouthed as Natsu challenges him once again.[507]

Natsu defeats Jackal

Natsu defeats Jackal

While delivering a beat-down upon Jackal, Natsu winds up touching him again and exploding, much to Jackal's delight until Natsu reveals his survival, stating that he figured out Jackal's trick. Suddenly, Jackal turns into a large demon and attacks Natsu, creating large explosions as he attempts to destroy the town. As he talks about humans being unable to compare to Demons and wanting to kill all humans, Natsu tells the beast that they are different in what they are fighting for as he utilizes his Lightning Fire Dragon's Firing Hammer to send Jackal flying, destroying a large part of the town as well, as his friends note, before collapsing himself.[508] Beaten, Jackal turns himself into a bomb in an attempt to blow himself up and take the town and everyone in it with him. Unable to stop him, Natsu can only watch as Happy carries the Demon into the sky, whereupon he explodes as everyone watches from below. Though worried, Natsu's fears as quelled as Happy emerges from the aftermath, burned but still alive, much to Natsu's joy.[509]

Natsu rushes to chairman's house

Natsu in haste

Finally being able to connect their newly attained Lacrima, Natsu watches from the ground as Lucy informs Makarov that Michello is alive, whilst commenting on his victory against Jackal. He then listens to Michello mention a weapon that the Magic Council is in possession of, questioning their motives for having said object. Seconds after, Natsu allows Michello to finish his revelation: Face, a Magic pulse bomb that can nullify all Magic across the continent. Grabbing the elder by the neck, Natsu questions its whereabouts. However, Michello admits that he does not know, but assures them that the former chairman should.[510] Suddenly, Natsu has a revelation and asks for the ex-chairman's house, quickly taking off with Happy as he finds out.[511] As they fly, Natsu explains that somehow, Tartaros knew information that even the councilors were not aware of, thus causing him to suspect that someone leaked the information. Reasoning that that someone is a person who is high up in the chain of command, Natsu urges Happy to fly faster to their destination as he believes Erza and Mirajane are in danger.[512]

Natsu attacks Crawford

Natsu arrives at Tartaros, knocking Crawford out

They eventually reach the location of the ex-chairman's house and after going through what was a battlefield, Natsu and Happy enter the house just to find it empty. However, Natsu picks up the smell of Erza and Mirajane and after realizing that the former chairman is most likely allied with Tartaros and used a sleeping drug to take Erza and Mirajane, he destroys the entire house in a fit of anger and swears to find the two, telling Happy not to underestimate a Dragon's nose.[513] At Tartaros HQ, just as Crawford and Franmalth discuss the fate of Erza's team, Natsu crashes through a window, knocking Crawford out. While Franmalth watches in shock as Natsu states that he has found the culprit, the rest of the Demons notice the Dragon Slayer's arrival.[514]

Silver instantly freezes Natsu

Natsu is silenced by Silver

Natsu shouts Erza and Mira's names whilst Franmalth is shocked to see intruders invading their headquarters.[515] He then turns to face the Demon, asking him once again to reveal their location, but he denies, leading Natsu to approach him and punch him into a nearby structure.[516] The two quickly engage in a fight, with Franmalth freeing himself of his armor and extending his arm to attack Natsu; Natsu seemingly dodges. However, the Demon reveals that his Curse allows him to suck the power of his opponents. In the nick of time, Happy intervenes by biting Franmalth's arm, allowing Natsu enough time to get near the Demon once again and attack him with his Fire Dragon's Grip Strike: causing little damage. Just then, a man bringing a chilly wind with him enters, telling Franmalth to take Crawford and leave the Fire Dragon for him to deal with. After the two leave, Natsu ponders if Silver is the one who froze Sun Village, quickly being informed by the man that he is thankful the village is back to normal, as freezing it was a mistake of his. Before the man can continue speaking, Natsu stares at him in shock, revealing that he smells like someone he knows. As Natsu states Gray's name, Silver is quick to freeze Natsu where he stands.[517]

Lisanna and Natsu in prison

Natsu and Lisanna, imprisoned

Some time later, Natsu is seen being thrown into a jail, naked. He begs the Tartaros soldiers to return his scarf, but he ends up being ignored. At that moment, he notices Lisanna, also in her birthday suit, being in the prison with him. The two panic for a while about not having clothes, but when Lisanna hears of Mirajane and Erza being captured as well, she despairs, realizing the power of their enemies. However, Natsu states that the enemies this time aren't different, promising to defeat them. He notes that before that, they have to get out of the jail. Lisanna smiles, before kicking Natsu to his face for looking at her naked body.[518] Later, Natsu has Lisanna to attempt to get his cuffs off with her feet. They eventually give up, with Lisanna noting that a regular human cannot break the cuffs. As Lisanna panics when Natsu looks at her, a piece of clothing is thrown into the jail. Natsu and Lisanna watch as Silver passes by, who claims that he cannot let them escape, but also cannot let Lisanna bear the embarrassment. Natsu angrily questions Silver's identity, but ends up ignored as Silver walks away. While Lisanna is seemingly worried, Natsu exclaims that Silver smells just like Gray.[519]

Natsu and Lisanna capture Kyôka

Natsu and Lisanna intercept Kyôka

A while later, as, unbeknownst to them, the seal on Face is removed, Natsu and Lisanna wonder what is the cause of the tremor they can feel in their jail. As Lisanna expresses her worries about Mirajane and Elfman, Natsu, down on the ground, asks her whether she is okay.[520] Tossed around by the ruptures, Natsu is told by Lisanna to take a look at their jail cell's bars. Taking a look, he notices a sword which Lisanna theorizes they can use to cut their chains.[521] Later, Natsu and Lisanna appear at Erza's location, revealing that they managed to break free. They capture Kyôka, who intended to take Erza as a hostage. Surprised, Kyôka questions their means of escape and Natsu notes that the sword they took is really powerful, revealing that it is the Heat Blade.[522]

Natsu fights Tartaros' soldiers

Natsu defeating the Tartaros' troops

Along with a rescued Erza, they tie Kyôka up with the shackles that block Magic. A confused Natsu watches as Erza, with an evil expression, states that she will get a revenge for everything Kyôka has done to her. Afterwards, Natsu asks about Elfman and Mirajane, revealing to Erza that Eflman may have also been captured. With Erza's blade pressed onto Kyôka's neck, the Demon reveals Mirajane's location, although she claims that she doesn't know Elfman. Lisanna decides to head to Mirajane and Natsu follows her, leaving Erza to deal with Kyôka.[523] However, on their way, they are discovered by the soldiers of Tartaros who attempt to capture them yet again. Natsu decides to intercept them while Lisanna continues heading towards Mirajane and effortlessly defeats the soldiers with the use of his Magic. At that moment, everything darkens and the soldiers are stopped in midair. Suddenly, Natsu witnesses Zeref walking towards him. He watches with a shock as the Dark Mage praises him for coming this far and claims this place to be his "bookshelf."[524]

Natsu attacks Zeref

Natsu readies to attack Zeref

Surprised, Natsu utters the Dark Mage's name, with the latter smiling at the former. He listens to Zeref's brief explanation about the origins of the guild, learning that Zeref himself did not create Tartaros, but it was their master, E.N.D., and the Demons that Zeref had created. Hearing E.N.D.'s name, Natsu notes that it is the Demon that Igneel wanted to kill, however, Zeref states that the Fire Dragon King couldn't do so. Natsu readies himself, grabbing the Heat Blade while exclaiming that he will be the one to defeat E.N.D. as to inherit his father's will. However, his blade is unable to reach Zeref and breaks in two. Zeref continues smiling, telling Natsu that he can do it, however, he states that the E.N.D. is the strongest Demon he had created and warns Natsu of the choice that the Dragon Slayer will have to make - whether to let the Demon live or to kill it. Even though Natsu demands an explanation, Zeref takes his leave, hoping to meet the Dragon Slayer again, leaving Natsu to wonder about what just happened.[525]

Natsu stops Franmalth's attacks

Natsu arrives and saves Lucy

Later, Natsu appears to assist Wendy in her escape, in order for her to arrive at the Face's location. As Franmalth uses Aries' ability to reach Wendy, Natsu arrives to burn it, noting that he and the Demon meet again. Both Happy and Lucy are delighted to see him, with the latter smiling that Natsu knows when to appear. The Dragon Slayer then wonders where Wendy rushed off to and Lucy reveals that the Face is about to be activated. The two decide to leave the weapon to Wendy while they go to save Mirajane, however, their discussion is interrupted by Franmalth who shows off his ability, revealing that he has absorbed both Aries and Taurus. After short banter about whether Wendy, Carla and even Franmalth are rats, Natsu sets his fist aflame, stating that he'll beat those souls out of Franmalth. However, Franmalth causes the head of teary-eyed Aries to appear in place of his, stopping Natsu's attack. The Demon knocks Natsu down, laughing that he should absorb his soul as well, however, Natsu dodges but as he is about to strike, Franmalth uses Taurus as a means of distraction. However, Natsu shows no qualms about beating this spirit and knocks Franmalth away. An enraged Franmalth gets up and states that he will now show his most powerful soul and Natsu watches in shock as ominous aura surrounds the Demon, revealing someone familiar.[526]

Seeing Franmalth morph his body to the form of Hades, Natsu comments that the Demon looks more weird than scary. Told not to underestimate him as he brags about taking Hades' powers as his own; Natsu reminds Franmalth that it was Fairy Tail who defeated Hades, and leaps forward to attack. However, Franmalth is barely hurt and after the two exchange blows, Franmalth links his arms to Natsu, and begins to absorb his soul. Realizing what is happening, Natsu breaks free and activates Lightning Fire Dragon Mode and hits Franmalth with a large attack. However, Franmalth takes no damage, revealing that he has continued to absorb Natsu's soul through his fire and continues the battle.[527] Told their Magic has no chance against Demons' Curses, Natsu stares at the Demon[528] and as Face nears its activation, Cube begins shaking violently, earning Natsu's notice,[529] causing him to curse as he hears that it is going to be activated soon.[530]

Natsu won't give up on his soul

Natsu refuses to give up on his soul

As soon as the time is up, Franmalth laughs, overjoyed with Face's activation. However, Natsu sets his fist aflame with no problem; the group soon realizes that Wendy and Carla managed to stop the weapon. Natsu tells Franmalth to give Mirajane back, however, an angered Demon charges at the Dragon Slayer, yelling that their actions are worth 100000 souls, intending to steal theirs. Even though Natsu initially manages to dodge Franmalth's attacks, he is soon hit by Hades' Formula 28.[531] Lying on the ground, heavily injured, Natsu and the others are caught by Franmalth's extending arms, subsequently having their souls sucked out of them. However, Natsu struggles against the effects of the Curse, telling Lucy and Happy to do the same. Although Franmalth states that it is futile, Natsu exclaims that he will keep his soul until he can meet Igneel. At the last moment, Lucy wishes for her spirits to be free and tries to close the gates of the absorbed Taurus and Aries. This forces Franmalth to let go of their souls as he would be sent to the Spirit World along with them. Realizing her chance, Lucy outwits Franmalth, making him think that Natsu is also a Spirit. Natsu, now free of Franmalth's hold, attacks the Demon. When Franmalth states that Magic does not work against him, Natsu lifts a huge rock, an object without any soul, and repeatedly hits the Demon with it, successfully defeating him. The group then watches as the captured souls flow out of the Demon, but at that moment, the soul of Hades speaks to them, telling them that Face is not Tartaros' real goal and having them relay a message to Makarov—to "let out the light."[532]

Fairies ready to hunt Demons

Natsu and co. ready to face the Nine Demon Gates

After the soul of Hades disappears, the groups ponders about his words. Eventually, Happy decides to head to Makarov, while Natsu states that there are still some Demons that require beating.[533] Thinking that Mirajane is somewhere on this floor, Natsu is suddenly contacted by Warren, learning that Mirajane has been rescued. Natsu then listens to Mard Geer, who, entering their Telepathy, tells the Mages that they have no tomorrow and activates Alegria. Cube begins transforming and Natsu is forced to part with Lucy as they are both being drawn to opposite directions. Although Natsu struggles, he is eventually trapped by the effects of Mard Geer's Curse.[534] Natsu is then saved from the effects of Alegria thanks to the Celestial Spirit King's Galaxia Blade. He arrives to Lucy's location just in time to eat Tempester's fire-based attack. Natsu recognizes that it was Lucy who saved them and then commends his opponents for their power. Together with Gray, Gajeel and Juvia, they stand before Silver, Tempester, Keyes and Torafuzar.[535]

Natsu tries to attack Keyes

Natsu's attack goes through Keyes

The attention briefly shifts to Silver after Gray questions his identity, with Natsu noting that Silver was the culprit behind Sun Village's events. However, Silver charges past Natsu and, along with Gray, disappears from the battlefield. Tempester wastes no time and Natsu and others are soon caught in his Curse, with only Gajeel being able to counter-attack. Things become complicated as Gajeel and Juvia are unable to hit their opponents and after Natsu's attack misses Keyes, he is struck by lightning from Tempester's Curse. Paying no attention to the damage done to them, Natsu, Gajeel and Juvia stand up and, encouraged by the Fire Dragon Slayer, rush towards the Demons who are ready to take them on.[536] Natsu is then briefly seen battling Keyes, angered that his attacks don't connect.[537] The fight continues, with Natsu and Gajeel attempting to join forces in order to bring Torafuzar and Tempester down, however, the latter counter-attacks and the Dragon Slayers fall down instead. Seeing this, Lucy is eager to help, however, Natsu tells her to rest, claiming that they will be fine. He and Gajeel then notice a familiar smell, recognizing the arrival of the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth,[538] subsequently clashing with Tempester yet again.[539]

Unconscious Natsu

Natsu falls unconscious

The battle continues and Natsu expresses his worries when Lucy is taken ahold by Keyes' skeleton, as well as his subsequent shock as Juvia seemingly falls to the Demon. However, he soon realizes that Juvia has instead turned into water and smiles as she defeats her enemy.[540] Natsu then focuses on his enemies again, stating that they need to deal with them fast. As a response to the Demons unleashing their Etherious forms, Natsu and Gajeel activate Lightning Fire Dragon Mode and Iron Shadow Dragon Mode respectively. Surprised to see Gajeel's new ability, Natsu argues with him about who is stronger, deciding that the one who defeats their enemy first will get an ode written from the second person and they charge at their enemies. The Demons are pushed back after the barrage of attacks coming from the Dragon Slayers, however, continuing their argument, Natsu and Gajeel punch each other, surprising everyone else.[541] The two continue bickering, discussing the strength of their punches and then, once again, attempting to claim the fastest win. However, Torafuzar joins the fray, inviting the Mages "into the deep sea of Hades" and unleashes Tenchi Kaimei, filling the location with black water. Natsu realizes he cannot use flames in this water and soon falls unconscious, affected by the liquid's poison.[542] Later, as Levy arrives, providing the Fire Dragon Slayer with air, and Gajeel defeats Torafuzar, Natsu falls to the ground, still not aware of himself, after the Demon's black water disappears.[543] By the time Torafuzar is defeated, Natsu has still not regained his senses.[544]

Natsu burns up

The reaction of Natsu's body to Acnologia

Finally, Natsu wakes up while Juvia and the others discuss Gray's whereabouts. Lucy turns to Natsu, asking if there is something wrong. Ignoring the subsequent tease, Natsu questions if Gajeel can hear the same thing as he does. Visibly frightened, Natsu then correctly pinpoints its cause, it being Acnologia nearing their location.[545] However, on his knees, Natsu begins acting strange, with Lucy realizing that he is burning up as she tries to touch him.[546] Suddenly, Natsu hears a voice stating that it's time. Realizing that it's Igneel, Natsu wonders where it is coming from, but Igneel just tells him that the Fire Dragon Slayer can surely defeat E.N.D. The Fire Dragon himself states that he will deal with Acnologia instead. Natsu recalls his times with Igneel just as the Dragon leaves his body in a ray of light, revealing that he has been inside him the whole time. Igneel apologizes to Natsu for everything and attacks Acnologia, telling Natsu to live just as the boy sheds tears, having been finally reunited with his dad.[547]

Igneel throws Natsu towards Mard Geer

Natsu rushes towards Mard Geer

Natsu, still in tears over finally finding Igneel, watches his father fight against Acnologia.[548] When Gajeel asks Natsu how Igneel was inside him the whole time, Natsu replies that he has no idea, and then angrily propels himself upward using his flames, towards Igneel. He then hangs on to the giant Dragon demanding answers, but Igneel interrupts him by firing a massive fire blast from his mouth.[549] Natsu congratulates Igneel for that feat, but when Acnologia comes out unscathed, Igneel realizes that he has to fight for real and orders Natsu to leave, giving him a guild job; steal the book of E.N.D. from Mard Geer without damaging it. When Natsu asks for a reward for this job, Igneel tells him that his reward would be an answer to all his questions. With that, Natsu accepts the job and rushes toward Mard Geer, but not before reminding Igneel of the promise they made with each other.[550]

A determined Natsu reaches Mard Geer in no time, introducing himself as the Igneel's son, much to the Demon's surprise, while Natsu continues delivering a barrage of attacks, claiming that he will defeat Mard Geer in order to stop Face and take the tome of E.N.D. Mard Geer launches his Thorn Curse, but ends up being surprised yet again as Natsu effortlessly evades the attack and strikes Mard Geer with Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. Seeing this, Mard Geer decides to communicate with Kyôka in order to speed up the activation of Face and Natsu, not knowing what is going on, watches as Mard Geer's expression changes.[551]

Three Dragon Slayers against Mard Geer

Sting, Natsu and Rogue take on Mard Geer

Afterwards, Natsu charges at Mard Geer one more time just to face an explosion from the Demon's Curse. He dodges and continues the attack, which Mard Geer then effortlessly blocks and crushes the ground below Natsu, causing the Dragon Slayer to fall. The subsequent attack of Thorn Curse is, however, broken by Sting and Rogue, who arrive just in time to save Natsu. The Fire Dragon Slayer is happy to see them, however, he refuses their offer to defeat Mard Geer together as he wants to complete the job given to him by Igneel on his own. Sting then proposes a competition - whoever defeats Mard Geer first is the winner, knowing that Natsu will not complain anymore if they join the battle this way. After multiple hits from each side, Mard Geer is pushed back by Sting's kick and crashes into a wall. He gets up in no time, commenting the situation, having not not felt anger for a quite long time. Natsu grins as he welcomes the Demon into what it is like to be a human.[552]

Natsu rushes at Mard Geer

Natsu attacks Mard Geer

Natsu then watches as Mard Geer lets go of the book of E.N.D. and sits down on his throne, claiming that this emotion, as well as his opponents shall disappear. Afterwards, the Dragon Slayers are caught in his Thorn Curse, unable to escape while taking damage. Finally managing to evade the thorns, Natsu launches himself against Mard Geer just to be blown away. Not wasting a moment, Natsu responds with a combo of Fire Dragon's Sword Horn and Fire Dragon's Roar, asking Sting and Rogue to follow up afterwards. However, not even the Twin Dragons' combined attack, as well as Natsu's Lightning Fire Dragon's Firing Hammer seem to have any effect and the three Dragon Slayers watch in shock as the Underworld King, sitting on his throne yet again, states with a smirk on his face that he is not even trying yet.[553]

Natsu and Gray ready to face Etherious Mard Geer

Natsu and Gray team up against the "Absolute Demon"

Natsu and the Twin Dragons then listen to Mard Geer's explanation about Zeref's Demons. The Fire Dragon Slayer's face shows nothing but a surprise as he learns that the Demons were born so that they could kill their creator, Zeref, and by using Face to wipe the Magic, the strongest Demon, E.N.D., can be revived. Afterwards, Mard Geer then proceeds to summon a Prison Flower, however, before he can use it, it is frozen by Gray who arrives in order to defeat the Underworld King, as well as to return Natsu his scarf, much to the Fire Dragon Slayer's shock. The latter's surprise only grows as they realize that Mard Geer's arm is now frozen, without anyone noticing how it happened.[554] Natsu then watches as Gray overwhelms Mard Geer with his Ice Devil Slayer Magic, however, Gray's final attack is interrupted by a newcomer that Natsu recognizes to be Jiemma, the former Sabertooth master, now a Demon with power rivaling that of Nine Demon Gates. The Fire Dragon Slayer encourages the Twin Dragons, claiming that there is nothing to be afraid of just as he clashes with Jiemma. However, he is blown away and Jiemma targets Sting and Rogue, while Natsu and Gray are to deal with Mard Geer. The latter then releases his Etherious form, having all of his wounds healed and Natsu and Gray ready themselves for the battle, prepared to defeat their opponent in the name of Fairy Tail.[555]

As they charge at Mard Geer, the Demon spreads his wings and creates a mass of black thorns, forcing Natsu and Gray to use their powers to burn and freeze them respectively. However, Mard Geer appears right next to them and grabs their heads, crashing with them into the rubble and dragging them through it.[556] Natsu and Gray soon manage to retaliate and simultaneously attack, bringing Mard Geer onto the ground.[557]

Natsu's Dragon Force against Mard Geer

Natsu battles Mard Geer in Dragon Force mode

However, Mard Geer is seemingly unfazed and Natsu ends up being pushed back by the Demon's counter-attack. He and Gray combine their Magic, but to no avail as Mard Geer dodges without ease and replies with Dea Yggdrasil, something that Natsu and Gray have to destroy before they can proceed. Natsu then approaches Mard Geer from behind thanks to Gray's Ice-Make: Gungnir, but his attack seems to have no effect yet again and the Fire Dragon Slayer wonders if the Demon is immortal. The two then listen to Mard Geer's explanation about the creation of Curses as, in spite of Natsu's protests, the Demon states that Magic has no future. He then activates a Curse named Memento Mori devised to kill Zeref. Natsu and Gray seemingly disappear just as Mard Geer explains that those hit by this Curse do not die, they vanish with no future left for them.[558] However, as soon as the dust clears away, it is revealed that Gray defended the two against the Curse, with half of his body becoming Demon-like. A shocked Natsu then watches as Gray falls down, claiming that he believes in his friend. Both the Dragon Slayer and the Demon then charge against each other, however, as Mard Geer soon finds out, Natsu overpowers him in his Dragon Force mode, finishing it with Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade. Much to the Dragon Slayer's surprise, Mard Geer is not defeated yet in spite of Natsu's Magic becoming zero, and thus, Natsu calls out to Gray, with the latter firing an arrow of ice to deal a finishing blow to the Demon.[559]

After Gray notes that it's not over until E.N.D. is gone, Natsu remembers that he is supposed to deliver the Demon's book to Igneel. However, Gray insists that the strongest Demon of Zeref needs to be destroyed, in spite of Natsu's protests. That is when the Face begins its activation sequence and Natsu yells out in frustration, sensing the disappearance of Magic.[560][561] At that moment, Natsu witnesses both Igneel and Acnologia dropping down, with the former having seemingly overpowered the latter. Natsu then smiles upon realization that more Dragons have appeared to deal with Face.[562] As Igneel proceeds explaining that the Dragons were sealed in their Dragon Slayers until now, Natsu expresses his confusion over this news, however, that is when the battle between Igneel and Acnologia resumes and a worried Natsu watches as the two ascend into the sky one more time. Afterwards, he faces Gray one more time, wanting to take the book of E.N.D. just as Igneel requested him, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Zeref, who, much to their surprise, takes the book as he states that it's something very important to him.[563]

Natsu watches Igneel fall

Natsu watches Igneel's demise

Zeref then applauds Mard Geer for the near resurrection of E.N.D. and goes on to complain of how Acnologia has interfered with his plans, stating that he wanted to finish his long awaited battle with Natsu. He says he will give him despair before turning and once again disappearing. Natsu then watches as Igneel is pummeled to the ground as Acnologia overpowers him and rushes to Igneel's aid. The Fire Dragon refuses his help, saying that he did not expect the Dragon King to be so powerful, and provides the two reasons why he had hidden himself in Natsu's body all these years: to slow down the Dragon Slayer's Dragon transformation by producing antibodies, something that now has almost no chance of happening, and to destroy Acnologia. Natsu doesn't care how strong Acnologia is, telling Igneel if they join forces, they'll be invincible. Natsu then sees Igneel claim Acnologia's arm but at great risk on his body, falling from the sky. Igneel thanks Natsu for giving him the happiest days of his life and giving him the power to love another, before being overwhelmed by the power of Acnologia's Dragon Breath.[564]

Natsu cries for Igneel

Natsu cries after Igneel's departure

As the dust clears out, Natsu is seen on his knees, in tears, weeping over Igneel's broken promise that the Dragon wouldn't leave him. He cries further as he mentions the things that he has always wanted to tell his foster parent.[565] As Igneel's corpse begins vanishing, Natsu hears the Dragon's voice, telling him to remember what to do when one is sad. He further encourages Natsu to show him how he has grown up, with Natsu vowing to defeat Acnologia afterwards.[566]

A week later, Natsu and Happy are back in their house, checking the amount of the money they own. Although they think there should have been much more, they brush it off and focus on the problem on hand, the letter that Natsu is holding.[567] Later, Natsu and Happy prepare to leave the town, with the former promising to become stronger so that he can protect everyone.[568]

Sometime during their travels, Natsu and Happy happen upon Gildarts. After a whole day of having fun, Natsu lets Gildarts know of what happened, and later, the two engage in a friendly match. However, after Natsu shows off his power, he is caught by a monster. Gildarts defeats it, destroying a whole mountain in process. Seeing this monstrous strength, Natsu refuses to continue the match and eventually, the two head different ways. It is not long before both Natsu and Gildarts find out that they have wrong bags, with the latter rushing after the former to retrieve it, resulting into another quarrel.[569]

Avatar arc

Natsu the Challenger

Natsu's return

Natsu does not appear until the year X792, when, during the last day of the Grand Magic Games, he enters the stadium to stand against the number one guild in Fiore, Scarmiglione. Natsu sets the entire stadium aflame and when asked about his identity, he introduces himself as a "challenger," before attacking the Mages in front of him. Effortlessly, he defeats everyone with a single attack, almost destroying the entire stadium in the process. He then notices Lucy watching from the stands, greeting her with a big smile on his face.[570] Afterwards, Natsu and Happy are seen leaving the Mercurius castle, having been pardoned by the king for their actions. Outside, they meet up with Lucy who reveals that Fairy Tail has disbanded, after Natsu asks where the rest of the guild is. Outraged, Natsu questions Makarov's whereabouts, as well as whether everyone was fine with his decision, going as far as to suggest Laxus taking over the guild master position. However, Lucy asks if Natsu has any rights to say that, seeing that he didn't care for the guild for entire year either, leaving him baffled, in spite of her subsequent apology.[571]

Later, Natsu and Happy arrive to Lucy's apartment, thankful that they are allowed to stay. After getting a haircut and taking a bath, Natsu talks to Lucy about what happened, much to the latter's amusement. At night, Natsu and Happy wonder if the guild is really gone, but their worries don't last long as they decide to sneak into Lucy's room to paint on her face. However, after seeing Lucy's gathering of information about the guild members, Natsu decides to head out to put up a message about Fairy Tail's revival with his flames on the Mercurius castle, as it's made apparent the next morning when soldiers appear at Lucy's place. In similar fashion as when they first met, Lucy eventually agrees to go with Natsu and together with Happy, they flee from the chasing soldiers.[572]

Natsu, Lucy and Happy greet Wendy

Natsu and others greet Wendy

Eventually, the group arrives to Tuly Village, where Natsu complains about the lack of action after Lucy refuses to let him destroy the clock tower one more time. He offers to fight with her and, much to everyone's surprise, Lucy agrees, claiming that she had trained on her own. However, Natsu suddenly senses something, shooting flames out of his mouth that travel all the way to the town's outskirts, hitting bandits in the midst of stealing a wagon. Later, Natsu and others reach the Margaret Town just to witness the Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving Day, much to Natsu's horror as he watches Wendy singing and dancing. That is when they are approached by a girl with cat ears and tail, someone who seemingly expected their arrival.[573]

Natsu grabs Sherria

Natsu "saves" Sherria

After the parade is over, Lyon brings Natsu and others to Wendy, who is happy to see them again. After Natsu's initial attempt to take Wendy by force, the group sits down and they talk about Fairy Tail's revival, as well as the Council being reconstructed by the Ten Wizard Saints, something that Natsu seems to like. Natsu is angered when Wendy refuses to return, until Carla appears and the attention shifts to her human form. After returning to the inn, the group is still taken aback because of Wendy's decision, however, Natsu uses the moment to tickle Lucy. Later, Natsu and others go outside to find out the source of the commotion just to learn that the town is being attacked by monsters summoned by the rival guild. Natsu offers his help, however, when he intends to attack from air, it is Sherria that takes Happy and together with Wendy and Carla, they fly in order to save Lamia Scale and the town.[574] A short while later, Natsu is still upset that Happy has been taken from him. Not wanting to let it go, Natsu rushes after Wendy and Sherria, making his way through the monsters approaching the town, shocking everyone with his strength.[575] Unbeknownst to him, he arrives just in time to save Sherria from Bluenote's Gravity Magic, seemingly immune to this ability.[576]

Even though Natsu attempts to scold Sherria for taking Happy, after being told that it is not the time for this, he switches his attention to Bluenote, someone he doesn't recognize. Even though Bluenote remembers Natsu as someone weak, he feels something else this time and so he charges at the Dragon Slayer in an attempt to crush him with his Gravity Magic. Natsu effortlessly negates it using his flames to raise the ground below him and, giving no chance to his opponent, he blasts the former Grimoire Mage with his Roar attack, ending the battle in one hit, much to everyone's shock. Natsu makes a second attempt to scold Sherria, but Happy points out that there are still some enemies left, albeit those surrender right away. Later, Lamia Scale thanks Natsu and others for their part in saving the town and together with Wendy, they leave for Amefurashi Village, a place where another Fairy Tail Mage is to be found.[577]

Natsu promises to find Gray

Natsu promises to bring Gray back

As Natsu and others get closer to the town, they notice that the rain is falling only inside of the town. After Natsu and Happy finish playing around with this phenomenon, they enter the town, thinking it's abandoned, however, Natsu picks up Juvia's smell, so they advance. Eventually, she is found and after the group's arrival is mistaken for Gray's return, Juvia loses consciousness, much to Natsu's worry. Inside her house, Natsu notices Gray's smell as well, and, after Juvia wakes up, he learns that the two were living together, until one day he left and has yet to return for half a year. Natsu belittles him for that, however, Lucy reminds him of his own actions during this year. Afterwards, Natsu promises that he will get Gray back, along with everyone else so they can reform the guild. Then, with a stern gaze, Natsu states that he is going to the nearby Sabertooth.[578]

Abel is down

Natsu defeats Abel

Riding an animal to reach their destination, Natsu, Lucy and Happy arrive to Sabertooth's town, noticing their guild building from afar. Lucy questions whether any information about Gray can really be found there and even though Natsu tries to explain himself, Lucy doesn't understand his words, so he just promises to bring Gray back. Finally at Sabertooth, Natsu is greeted by the guild, however, when Lector notes that Rogue, Frosch, and Minerva have just left for a job, he rushes after them. After catching up with the trio, Natsu quickly grabs Rogue to have a private conversation with him. Finding out that his job is to destroy Avatar, Natsu insists to perform this job himself, in spite of Rogue's protests. He also warns the Sabertooth Mage not to leave the town, along with Frosch. Recalling Future Rogue's words about Gray being Frosch's killer, Natsu thinks to himself that Gray is an essential part of Fairy Tail, just as he, Lucy and Happy head to destroy the guild of cultists.[579] Some time later, Natsu's group is seen taking a break in the middle of a forest. After Natsu learns that Avatar is a group of Mages worshiping Zeref, he eventually reveals that Gray is supposed to be their enemy, commenting on the black marks that have appeared over his body. Seeing that Lucy is getting worried, he reassures her that Gray is still one of them.[580] Not long after, the group reaches their destination, with Natsu smirking that all they have to do now is to make a direct attack.[581] However, before he and Happy can rush into the building, they are stopped by Lucy who insists that they follow a plan of infiltration, summoning Virgo and donning her version of Star Dress so that they may enter the building by tunneling underground. Inside the church, however, Natsu yells out for Gray, busting their cover and subsequently facing 3 members of Avatar, defeating all of them with no effort. That is when Gray appears, claiming that the Avatar Mages cannot defeat Natsu and the Fire Dragon Slayer smirks, greeting his former friend.[582]

Natsu claims that Fairy Tail still exists

Natsu claims Fairy Tail to be alive in everyone's hearts

After punching each other, Gray asks Natsu about the reason for their arrival to such place, which Natsu counters with the same question, wondering what Gray is doing at Avatar's HQ. They continue to battle, exchanging punches and kicks just as Gray replies that he does what he wants. Natsu notes that Juvia has been waiting for him, even himself, wanting to revive Fairy Tail. Gray laughs it off, stating that Fairy Tail is no more and when Natsu argues that it still exists within their hearts, Gray asks him to leave it at that, claiming that there is nothing of the guild inside him anymore. After Lucy comes forward, slapping Gray for his words, Natsu is worried to see her suddenly fall down in pain. Before he can learn the cause from Mary, Goumon uses his chains to capture both him and Virgo, with Jerome further disallowing him to act, as he uses his sword to threaten Lucy. Natsu yells at Gray to come to his senses, claiming that the Ice Mage has been possessed by Demons, however, Gray states his current form to be his true self, revealing that there is no Fairy Tail guild mark on his body anymore, further angering Natsu.[583]

Natsu in the Avatar prison

Natsu, imprisoned

Later, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy sit in Avatar's prison cells and discuss Gray's recent activities, when Goumon suddenly appears in front of their cell. He plans to torture Lucy for information regarding who sent her and her comrades to Avatar, but, after being angered by Natsu, decides to skip the torture and grabs an axe to cut Lucy in half, much to Natsu's anger. However, Goumon is suddenly frozen solid, thanks to Gray who appears to assist the trio. Natsu is surprised to see all of this and his surprise only grows when Gray hands him a communication Lacrima from which he hears the voice of Erza.[584]

Natsu wants to defeat Avatar

Natsu eager to crush Avatar

Afterwards, while they are on the move, Gray and Erza explain everything about Gray's infiltration mission, as well as his markings. After learning the true purpose of his actions, Natsu points out that Gray didn't even let Juvia know about this and Erza explains that it was for the sake of the plan, as well as Juvia's. The Dragon Slayer then questions why didn't the two just crush Avatar on their own, possessing the necessary power and Gray tells him about the size of Avatar, with all the cells of the organization getting together only for the Purification Plan. With a smirk on his face, Natsu states that it's the time to destroy the cultists, overjoyed that after a year, they get to be "fired up" yet again. Now at Malba City, Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy stand in the way of the attacking cultists. Natsu comments on Gray's improved abilities, with the Ice Mage replying that he can show them off later. With Erza attacking from rear, Natsu, with his fist set aflame, states that he's now warmed up, ready to crush Avatar as a part of what was once the strongest team of Fairy Tail.[585]

Natsu destroys Ikusa-Tsunagi

Natsu attacks the Yakuma God

Natsu, Gray and Lucy then charge at their enemies, effortlessly overpowering them with their respective abilities.[586] As the battle progresses, Natsu makes his way through the cultists. Standing in front of Alok, he states that no matter how many opponents they face, losing is not an option as they're all Fairy Tail Mages.[587] Alok doesn't last long against Natsu as the Fire Dragon Slayer easily deflects the Priest's attacks, as well as destroys his barriers, defeating him with his fist. Lying on the ground, Alok laughs, revealing that for this day, he has burnt his face as a price for summoning one of the 18 Yakuma Gods and Natsu watches as a gigantic figure is brought near to them, crushing anyone in its way, much to Natsu's rage.[588] The Yakuma God then brings down its sword, causing immense destruction. Afterwards, Natsu is seen running on that sword in an attempt to reach the Yakuma God's body. Alok considers his efforts to be futile, however, Natsu argues with him about friendship, telling him not to look down on bonds among comrades. Claiming that he will get stronger in order to never lose someone before his eyes again, Natsu uses Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist to deliver a powerful strike, thanks to which the Yakuma God is completely destroyed.[589]

Victory shout

Natsu and others celebrate

Seeing this, the members of Avatar begin to run away, however, their escape is foiled by the arrival of the Magic Council's army. Natsu recognizes Levy and Panther Lily to be among them, coming to greet his friends, however, he is unable to believe that Gajeel is also a member of the Council, claming him to be a look-alike. They argue until Erza arrives, much to Natsu's horror. After they celebrate their victory over Avatar, Natsu notices that Frosch is also there, shocked that Rogue broke his promise. However, after seeing everyone get along with the Exceed, he smiles, happy to see everything turn out well.[590] Afterwards, Natsu and the rest arrive to Magnolia, with the Dragon Slayer feeling excited to see the town once more. He notices Lucy's unusual behavior and when she stops, claiming that she's unable to take another step, Natsu reassures her that even if the building isn't there, it doesn't mean a thing. Lucy's worries are proven to be meaningless as Cana appears, leading them to where everyone else is. As Lucy cries over the guild's return, Natsu takes out the damaged flag of the guild from the ruins of the building, declaring the revival of Fairy Tail.[591]

Alvarez Empire arc

The same thing as always

Natsu and Happy's second home

As per the tradition, Natsu and Happy make themselves home at Lucy's apartment. Finding them there after finishing her shower, Lucy attempts to kick them in fury, however, this time, Natsu easily blocks her kick and blames the lack of her training. Natsu then states they have a job to do, however, the moment of joy doesn't last long as the towel wrapped around Lucy slips and Natsu gets a full view of her body. Later, as Lucy complains that the job is actually rebuilding their destroyed guild building, Natsu is enthusiastic about it, wanting to finish as soon as possible. He then comments on Lisanna's appearance, as well as the training that Elfman has underwent, wanting to test out his newfound strength. The two proceed to punch each other, eventually dragging other members into the fight, making it a full-scale brawl. As Erza puts a stop to the scuffle and Levy realizes that she's the one who can control everyone, naming her the seventh guild master, Natsu witnesses the arrival of Mest, who claims that they are the only ones who can save Makarov.[592]

Natsu learns the truth about Makarov's whereabouts

Natsu learns the truth about Makarov

Later, Natsu and some others barge into the restricted place below the guild building, unable to accept that only Erza, the new guild master, is allowed to see what's there. Upon witnessing a naked Mavis in a crystal, Natsu is surprised, however, not even Mest has information about its true purpose, only knowing it's called Lumen Histoire. Natsu then questions Makarov's whereabouts and Mest shares his memories with everyone, telling them about the mission that Makarov gave him back then, as well as the true reason behind Fairy Tail's disbanding - the threat of the Alvarez Empire.[593] Natsu is shocked to hear that Makarov left the continent a year ago and still isn't back yet, expressing worries that something may have happened to him. The discussion continues until Natsu simply states that they have to go and save him, to which the majority agrees on. However, Erza puts a stop to this and not even Natsu's argument that they have gotten stronger helps. Natsu expresses his disagreement as Erza states that as the guild master she wishes to focus on rebuilding the guild. However, when she says that as a Fairy Tail member, she wants to save Makarov, Natsu agrees with the plan of going on an infiltration mission and smiles, thinking that they will definitely save their master.[594]

Team Cait Shelter goes in

Natsu attacking the Alvarez Navy

Later, they all head to the Alvarez Empire via boat, something which afflicts Natsu with terrible motion sickness. He attempts to get Wendy to stop the sickness with Troia, but she is too motion sick herself to cast the spell, so Gray carries both Natsu and Wendy to their rooms to recuperate.[595] On the way to Alvarez, Mest tells them they have to make a stop at Caracole Island to get supplies. As they approach the coast, they see Alvarez Navy ships and Natsu and Wendy, who can hear what's going on in the naval vessels, tell everyone that their troops are at Caracole looking for a spy. To avoid suspicion, Natsu and the others change their Fairy Tail Guild marks to Cait Shelter Guild marks and tell the Alvarez Navy men that they are just on vacation. They make it past the guards, but once they see a child about to be stabbed by one of the Alvarez Navy men, Natsu, Erza, Lucy, and Gray attack the Alvarez Navy while Wendy comforts the child.[596]

Marin strikes Natsu

Marin attacks Natsu

With their cover blown, they take out the rest of the Alvarez soldiers who attack them, settling afterwards to await any more who may come. As Wendy and Carla take the child to safety and Mest teleports away to look for the informant, Natsu and the others sit down with a local vendor and talk to him about his business; however, the man's shop is suddenly blown away in a large explosion. From the rubble, a stranger approaches, introducing himself as a member of the Alvarez Empire's Brandish Squad, Marin Hollow. Marin cancels out Erza and Lucy's Magic and spirits them away in a cloud of smoke. Seeing their comrades disappear, Natsu and Gray ask Marin where he sent them. Marin replies that Lucy and Erza passed the test and thus were sent to his relaxation dimension, but angrily tells Natsu and Gray that they didn't pass the test. At that moment, he drops an injured Mest in front of them and says that he didn't past the test either. Natsu and Gray then angrily try to attack Marin, but he gets the best of them using his Spatial Magic. Before their battle can continue any further, however, Brandish μ of the Spriggan 12 appears and Natsu is terrified by her immense Magic Power.[597]

Natsu confronts Brandish

Natsu angry with Brandish

Natsu is surprised when she doesn't attack, but instead expresses interest in eating Star Mango gellato. When she sees the destroyed shack, Marin blames it on Natsu and Gray, much to their annoyance. After Marin argues about returning the Fairy Tail girls at Brandish's request, she showcases her Magic by emerging the entire island from the ocean, further astounding Natsu and Marin complies. The two then get ready to leave, but Natsu stops them, claiming that they injured Mest and that he won't let such a thing slide. Brandish then disintegrates Marin, killing him, and tells the shocked Fairy Tail Mages that they are now even. She then states that Makarov is alive, and tells them to go home, shrinking the island to only a sliver of land as a proof of Alvarez's immense power.[598]

Team happy to see Makarov

Natsu's reaction to Makarov's return

Thankfully, a fishing fleet happens to be nearby and Natsu soon finds himself on one of the ships, with his motion sickness taking effect once again. However, it is not long before Mest teleports everyone into an underwater temple and Natsu rejoices that there is no vehicle anymore. He continues having fun, exploring the place, until it starts to move and Natsu returns to his previous sickening state, lying on the ground while the rest of the group meets with the spy, Sorano, who states that they are heading to where Makarov is.[599] Later, Natsu and his friends trek to Vistarion, and Natsu witnesses Makarov's return, having been teleported to the group with Mest's help. The Mages are overjoyed at seeing him after such a long time, however, the revelry is cut short as Mest mentions that Zeref is in the Alvarez Empire as well, something which shocks Natsu.[600]

Natsu strikes Ajeel

Natsu punches Ajeel

After learning that Zeref is, in fact, Emperor Spriggan, Natsu watches as Makarov weeps that his actions over the past year were useless, much to everyone's disagreement. He walks to a kneeling Makarov, claiming that they will now go home as he helps him to stand up. However, before they can do anything, Ajeel Raml, another member of the Spriggan 12, appears in front of them, halting their escape. As per Makarov's orders, the group tries to flee on a magical vehicle just to be followed by giant golem made of sand, Ajeel standing on top of it. Natsu and Wendy are, once again, under the effect of motion sickness while Lucy and Gray attempt to defend their group. However, they are eventually trapped in a quicksand pit, with Ajeel bloating that no one has escaped this spell before. As he claims that Ishgar has been abandoned by the Gods, Natsu creates a huge explosion to evaporate the sand and states that they still have fairies. Revealing his guild symbol, Natsu charges, punching Ajeel into his face.[601]

Natsu's final speech

Natsu's words of encouragement

Natsu then watches as Ajeel, unharmed, attacks using his sands, with Gray unsuccesfully attempting to freeze them. However, Makarov takes action, trying to protect Natsu and the others in his giant form by using his own body to shield them, just as Ajeel's Sands of Death rages towards them. Natsu protests against this, having the desire to continue the fight, but Makarov insists on not letting Ajeel harm his children. That is when Laxus' lightning disperses the sand wave, saving them, and an impressed Natsu watches as the Lightning Mage stands firm on top of the airship Christina, with the rest of his team aboard the ship alongside him. Natsu questions how Dragon Slayers are able to ride the airship, excited to find out that it has been altered that way, once Mest teleports them into it. Thanks to Laxus' gigantic lightning blast, the group manages to fly away to safety and Natsu is then present as a teary-eyed Makarov rejoices, having reunited with his family, Fairy Tail.[602] Later in the guild, everyone celebrates Makarov's return. As Gajeel takes notice of Wendy's now-developed motion sickness, Natsu tells her not to worry as he's always been like that. The party continues until Makarov brings the attention to him by apologizing for his action, as an entire country is after their guild now. However, Natsu encourages everyone, claiming that they will protect their guild one more time, so that they can live on and have fun together once again. He smirks and then exclaims that he's fired up as Makarov states that they will take their enemy down. However, just as Makarov begins explaining the nature of Fairy Heart, Mavis appears to take on this role and, much to Natsu's surprise, readies to reveal her past with Zeref.[603]

Natsu's secret weapon is a secret

Natsu talks about his secret technique to defeat Zeref

After Mavis finishes, Natsu expresses his shock upon learning the true purpose of Fairy Heart as Eternal Magic, even more when it's described as something that could power up Etherion infinitely. The group continues discussing Alvarez's intentions and Acnologia, until the topic of Zeref's immortality is brought up, to which Natsu excitingly replies that he will be the one to take care of the Dark Mage as his right arm is a secret weapon meant to do that.[604] When questioned about it, Natsu exclaims one more time that it's "secret," much to everyone's dissatisfaction. He explains that it's something he created in order to defeat Zeref, however, he can use it only once. Natsu then listens to Makarov revealing all the information he has about Alvarez, recognizing Ajeel as the one they have fought when the Sand Mage is brought up. However, he expresses his surprise when Makarov describes August as someone on even higher level than Zeref with his usage of Magic. The Fairy Tail Mages then begin their planning, ready to show the enemy their guild's power.[605]

Lucy, Natsu and Happy play games before the battle

Natsu and co. notice Ajeel's approach

Later in her room, as Lucy writes about Mavis and Fairy Heart, Natsu and Happy suddenly appear behind her, commenting on her talent as an "aspiring writer" in a teasing way. As always, Lucy is not amused to see them in her room without any permission, however, the two state that they should go hang out, with the streets being empty as the evacuation has finished. Lucy doesn't like the idea and also states that she isn't excited for the battle at all and Natsu agrees with the notion, claiming that even though he likes contests of strength, fights to death is not something he enjoys either. He continues, noting that this is the battle they have to win or there will be no future left for them, wanting to do some things once everything is over. Lucy stops him there, pointing out that something like this can be considered a "death flag" in real life, however, Natsu states that Igneel told him to talk about the future as it's something that will make him want to live. Afterwards, they decide to play games, with a suggestion of strip poker being thrown in as well.[606] Later, while still in the midst of the game, Natsu and the others notice some noise coming from the outside, signalizing the arrival of Alvarez Empire's forces.[607][608]

Flying Dragons enter the ship

The Flying Dragon Squad boards the mother-ship

As a part of the Flying Dragon Squad, Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy attack the enemy ships, carried by their Exceed. As the three manage to destroy several ships, the enemy responds with an attack of their own, causing the Dragon Slayers to be unable to get close to them anymore. However, that is when Bisca finally charges and fires Jupiter and even though Ajeel manages to scatter the blast, it still takes down several ships and allows Natsu and others to land at Ajeel's position. Much to Ajeel's surprise, the Dragon Slayers are immediately affected by their motion sickness, something that Mavis didn't think of. Unable to move, Natsu is grabbed by Ajeel, with the Spriggan making fun of him and his previous speech, however, that is when a part of the ship is cut off and Natsu and others fall down, just as Erza arrives to face Ajeel.[609]

A worried Natsu and the rest of his team then decide to leave it to Erza and head to the enemy ships that have landed.[610] As they arrive, they immediately begin attacking the enemy troops, with Natsu taking several of them down with his Magic. That is when Bakel intercepts, blowing away Natsu's fire, as well as Natsu himself.[611] The two then clash, with Happy noting that Natsu shouldn't have any issues with a guy like this, however, Natsu replies that he needs to pace himself as there is no telling how many more opponents he is going to face, which causes Happy tear up on how Natsu has grown up.[612] Shortly afterwards, the enemies of Natsu and others are seen lying on the ground. Happy points out that this took longer than expected and Natsu explains that they were just holding back. Suddenly, Bakel appears behind Natsu and attacks him, claiming that they can't even defeat the Ajeel Squad, let alone the whole Alvarez Empire, however, Natsu is seemingly unfazed and throws a powerful punch, shooting Bakel all the way through Ajeel's main ship in the air.[613]

Natsu catches Erza

Natsu saves Erza

Later, Natsu suddenly feels the effects of Ajeel's sandstorm affecting the whole town, being surrounded by sand, unable to see anything.[614] However, soon the sands are dispelled and Natsu smiles, having noticed Ajeel's defeat at the hands of Bisca and Erza.[615] However, he soon realizes that an exhausted Erza is falling down from the destroyed ship and rushes to her side, catching her just in time before she hits the ground. Natsu then begs Erza to let him know if she's okay, relieved when she responds. After Natsu notes that Wendy will soon be there, Erza raises her fist in a victory pose, putting yet another smile on Natsu's face.[616] Afterwards, Natsu informs Freed that all the foes from the west have been dealt with.[617] And when Ichiya protects Fairy Tail from Wall Eehto's attack, Natsu looks on gleefully.[618]

A day after the initial attack, Natsu and Happy speed off to directly face Zeref.[619] As they near Zeref's personal army, Natsu likens the sea of soldiers to the appearance of a black carpet, and resolves to "burn the carpet" just like the one he did at his and Happy's house. They descend, and Natsu attacks the army, killing just under one thousand soldiers with his Fire Dragon King's Roar after a brief bout of melee, all in an attempt to lure out Zeref, which succeeds. Staring down his foe, Natsu unwraps the bandages on his right arm, intent on using his "secret weapon" to kill Zeref.[620]

Natsu vs. Zeref commences

Natsu overpowers Zeref

After Zeref asks the accompanying Invel to force his army to fall back, Natsu asks Happy to do the same, and then finished unraveling the bandages on his right arm, revealing a draconian tattoo that radiates extreme heat and Magic Power. Natsu then strikes Zeref, burns away his Ankhseram Black Magic when he is about to be struck by a killing blow, and then repeatedly overwhelms him with his newfound power, despite receiving a fairly substantial gash on his face in the process. When asked what his new power is, Natsu reveals that it's the vestiges of Igneel's Magic Power left inside his body, and that when he uses the Magic Power, unlike his own, it does not regenerate and will disappear forever, eventually. With this, Natsu releases all the Magic Power in the form of Fire Dragon King Mode and attacks Zeref with an extremely powerful punch, hoping to end their battle once and for all.[621]

Natsu's reaction to his true identity

Natsu stunned from Zeref's revelations

After the dust clears, Natsu realizes that he failed and that Zeref is still alive; he collapses momentarily, but then rises after Happy expresses concern, stating that he has one more punch left. As he prepares to deliver the final blow, Zeref stops Natsu and praises him for gaining the strength to kill him, just like he had always wanted, and then reveals to Natsu that he is his older brother. A shocked Natsu is then told that four hundred years ago, he and their parents were killed by a Dragon, and that Zeref revived him as E.N.D. He is also told, in regards to his query about Igneel not killing E.N.D. that Igneel could have killed Natsu, but elected not to because he loved him like his own son; when Natsu brings up E.N.D.'s status as the creator and Master of Tartaros, Zeref reveals that Mard Geer created Tartaros after accidentally stumbling upon E.N.D.'s tome, and used the tome to unite the other Etherious under one singular cause, however he does cite Natsu as an accidental assistant in the creation of the Dark Guild. When Natsu defiantly declares that he isn't E.N.D., Zeref reveals the tome and damages it, causing pain in Natsu's chest proving their link.[622]

Zeref continues, explaining that he sought advice from his friend, Igneel, and that Igneel planned to raise Natsu and teach him Dragon Slaying Magic, and together with four other pacifistic Dragons, planned on concealing themselves within their Slayer children and travel to the future via Eclipse to feed off of the rich Ethernano to recover and defeat Acnologia, courtesy of the Celestial Spirit Mages Anna Heartfilia (of the past) and Layla Heartfilia (of the future). With this, Natsu learns that he, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue are all children from four hundred years ago, and that July 7, X777 was the day they arrived in the future; Natsu, however, does not believe this and moves to kill Zeref, despite his warning that if he dies, then so will Natsu, as he is his creation. Natsu expresses his lack of care over such a matter and prepares to sacrifice himself, but he is stopped by Happy, who reprimands Natsu for carelessly throwing away his life and forsaking his friends. He is then quickly flown back to the guild, the last remains of Igneel's power disappearing forever and having lost his chance to kill his immortal brother.[623]

Happy brings an unconscious Natsu back

Natsu despondent on the floor

Happy later lands in a forest some distance away; Natsu asks him how his paws are doing, as the heat from Fire Dragon King Mode burned him, and is told that they're fine. Natsu then looks down to where Igneel's tattoo used to be, and thinks about everything he learned from Zeref, but his thought process is broken by Happy, who tells him that no matter what, they'll always be friends. He is then given a hug by his Exceed companion, and is told that they'll find a way to defeat Zeref that doesn't involve Natsu dying, which Natsu promises to find.[624] However, shortly after, Natsu collapses, leaving a stressed Happy to fly him back to Lucy in Magnolia.[625] Natsu's body is then subsequently examined by Porlyusica, who reveals that he has developed an Anti-Ethernano Tumor from years of over-exhausting his Magic. Because no surgeon in Ishgar can remove the malignant mass, and neither Wendy nor Sherria can mitigate its effects in any way, the present Brandish μ offers to shrink the tumor to a non-lethal size with her Magic, and does so, after which Natsu remains unconscious and recuperates in a nearby bed.[626][627][628]

Lucy and Natsu strike Jacob

Natsu and Lucy kick Jacob

Natsu's stay in the infirmary[629] is interrupted by the intrusion of Jacob Lessio, whose Magic is used to erase everyone in the guild. Before he, too, can be erased, Horologium appears and saves him, as well as Lucy and Happy; Natsu awakens shortly thereafter, and runs to Lucy's rescue when Jacob throws knives at her, intercepting and melting them. Claiming that if Lucy was put into pieces then there would be much less of her to go around, Natsu threatens to turn Jacob to ash in lieu of hurting his friend. Natsu is then asked if he enjoyed his nap, which he replies he did, and adds that he's all charged up.[630] Natsu then immediately engages Jacob in combat, but is overtaken by him; however, when the man becomes invisible and attacks him, as well as Mavis, Natsu becomes confused. When Jacob disappears yet again, Loke is summoned to dispel his camouflage, which works, but then an annoyed Jacob attacks all of them with invisible weapons. When he hits Lucy with an invisible whip, Natsu prepares to attack Jacob, but he is stopped and forced to the ground, where Jacob says he will subject Natsu to torture; the man makes Lucy's Star Dress invisible, revealing her undergarments, as an attempt to rustle Natsu, but Natsu is unaffected by Lucy's lack of clothing. When Jacob reveals himself to not want to look at Lucy to be polite, Natsu comes up with the idea of convincing Jacob that Lucy has stripped off the rest of her clothes, thus forcing him to lower his guard, which allows both him and Lucy to kick Jacob in the face.[631]

Jacob is defeated

Natsu defeats Jacob

Natsu and Lucy continue to combat Jacob, but he easily dominates the two of them in hand-to-hand combat and states that he is going to start killing their captured friends one-by-one. Lucy, however, tells Jacob that Brandish was captured by him as well, and after checking his Transport, he releases both her and Marin. When Marin exits, Natsu notices that another Marin has appeared but quickly becomes impressed when he sees that it is Gemini taking his form. Natsu then watches as Lucy uses Rules of the Area to free their guildmates, and then after Makarov throws Jacob out of the guild, Natsu is grabbed and thrown out as well so that he can use his full power. As he flies over a lake, he evaporates the water with his Fire Dragon King Mode and defeats Jacob in one hit with Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist.[632] After, Natsu visits Brandish, who is back in her cell, and happily thanks her for saving him when he was afflicted with the tumor, after which he listens to her ominous warning regarding the incoming August.[633]

Giant Happy

Natsu's reaction to a giant Happy

Wanting to fight August by himself, Makarov objects as August is the most powerful Shield of Spriggan, annoying the Dragon Slayer in the process. Overhearing their conversation, Brandish, having been freed by Natsu, comments that while it is true that August is the strongest man, Irene Belserion is the strongest woman among them, known as Scarlet Despair, everyone petrified to hear that.[634] When the Guild decides to accept Brandish's offer to attempt to call a truce with August,[635] Natsu, Happy and Lucy eagerly accompany their former prisoner on her mission, Mest joining the group when Natsu catches him tailing them. Their transportation problem is solved when Brandish turns Happy into a colossus.[636]

Natsu protects Lucy from August

Natsu defends Lucy from August

As Happy carries the group towards August, Natsu and Brandish entertain themselves at Lucy's expense; however, as soon as they approach their objective, the entire group is overawed by August's Magic Power, Natsu's fear visible though his bravado,[637] although he prepares for the worst when the negotiations go downhill from the very beginning.[638] Things begin to look up when Brandish manages to convince August to listen to their side, but, in a bizarre turn of events, the female Shield of Spriggan ends up stabbing August at the behest of Mest, who altered Brandish's memories to obtain this result, Natsu condemning his ally for his treachery.[639] As August unleashes his rage and knocks Brandish unconscious, Natsu jumps in to stop Lucy from approaching Brandish in order to protect her. However, August casts a spell that covers an entire area, and the Mages present there, in a pillar of explosion.[640]

Natsu and Lucy see new Fiore

Natsu and others see the new Fiore

Suddenly, Natsu, Lucy and Happy find themselves in a forest, not knowing that Irene's Universe One has caused them to be transported and changed the size of the country, which becomes apparent to them as soon as they notice Kardia Cathedral and Mercurius being placed close to each other.[641][642] Looking for the cause, Natsu and others come closer, but only notice more things amiss, such as the guild or the town missing. That is when Natsu senses someone approaching and the group reuintes with Juvia and Gray, the latter carrying a wounded Erza.[643] Then, a reappeared Zera contacts all of Fairy Tail through Telepathy to let them know about the guild's location, asking them to protect Mavis and Natsu agrees with the notion, immediately following her words.[644][645] Natsu is later seen sleeping on the ground near the guild's new location, with Erza wondering if this is their last dawn as she sees the armies awaiting them. However, Natsu, now awake, states that he will make sure they'll see a new tomorrow, with everyone else getting ready.[646]

Natsu attacks Alvarez soldiers

Natsu's explosive attack

Even though Natsu and others are surprised to see the size of the army awaiting them, they decide to face them head on in order to make some progress in re-capturing their guild while waiting for everyone else to arrive. Natsu is the first to charge at their enemies, taking out a group of soldiers with a huge explosion, while others also process defeating parts of the army. Soon enough, more members of Fairy Tail come to the aid, with Natsu delighted to see Wendy. However, their way is soon barred by God Serena and Natsu is eager to use his flaming attack to calm his hunger. Much to his surprise, God Serena's array of attacks overwhelms him and his guildmates, until Gildarts blocks God Serena's spell, with Natsu happy to see the arrival of the Fairy Tail's strongest.[647]

Natsu frees everyone from Invel's Magic

Natsu melts the ice

Natsu then watches as Gildarts clashes with God Serena, having to defend himself against the sheer force of their Magic.[648] Afterwards, as the battle continues, Natsu yells out words of encouragement, running into more soldiers. As Gildarts defeats God Serena, Natsu puts a big smile on his face, joining everyone for the march towards the guild.[649] Intending to wipe out the soldiers in his way, Natsu tries to attack, but his flames are suddenly frozen. Even though he initially blames Gray, as Lucy and Juvia are suddenly feeling cold, Natsu surrounds the area with his flames. These are also immediately frozen solid and Natsu's own body, as well as Lucy and Juvia, turn into ice, unable to defend against the might of Invel's power.[650] That doesn't last for long as Natsu successfully breaks free, melting the ice, much to Invel's surprise. However, Brandish, with the use of her Magic to become a giant, grabs Natsu, Happy and Lucy, forcefully taking them away.[651]

Natsu blasts Neinhart

Natsu takes out Neinhart

Natsu and the others are then dropped by Brandish, who explains to them that she's sparing their lives out of respect for what they did for her, however, she then states that she is going to slaughter all of their friends and that the empire's victory is assured; in response to Brandish's claim that they don't know the might of the 12,[652] Natsu claims that she doesn't know Fairy Tail's true might either. Natsu then goes on to challenge Brandish, but an Irene-enhanced Neinhart appears in search of Erza, where he proves himself able to resist and overpower Brandish. The Dragon Slayer immediately makes short work of Neinhart, claiming persistence and resolve as the only means they need to retrieve their guild.[653]

Following Neinhart's defeat, Natsu warns Brandish that if she gets in their way, he'll fight her too, but she re-enlarges his tumor, which causes the Dragon Slayer to writhe in pain before losing consciousness.[654] Natsu then regains consciousness just long enough to witness Lucy get overwhelmed in a fight against Brandish, but then passes out yet again.[655]

E.N.D stands before Gray

E.N.D. discovers Gray

Later, Natsu, alongside Lucy, is tied to a chair by Dimaria, having managed to capture the two after wounding Brandish. As one of the Twelve places her scimitar in a position to decapitate him, Porlyusica elsewhere explains how Natsu's tumor isn't anti-Ethernano, but rather something far worse.[656] Meanwhile, Natsu continues to be motionless and so Dimaria moves to Lucy, threatening to torture her. She removes Lucy's bikini top and then uses her time-stopping ability to appear back at Natsu, laughing that she will strip the boy as well; Natsu yet still remains motionless. This continues until Dimaria motions to mutilate Lucy's face, wherein Natsu wakes up and brutalizes Dimaria, completely able to move within her Âge Seal. After defeating her,[657] Natsu goes over to Lucy's body, but finds that she is immobile; thinking she is dead, the shock causes him to fully awaken as E.N.D.[658] The Dragon Slayer then enters the battlefield, burning any Alvarez soldiers that stand in the way of his vehement pursuit of Zeref alive. Just as he pinpoints the Black Wizard's location, he happens upon Gray, who arrives to confront the demonic form of his friend.[659]

Natsu demands that Gray move out of the way so that he can defeat Zeref; his words coming out broken and his goal single-minded, Natsu violently clashes with Gray, who coldly expresses the desire to kill Natsu out of hatred for Zeref's Demons.[660] The two wounded men continue clash quite evenly, but during the battle therein, Natsu recalls his awakening and angrily shouts that nobody can stop him, which only serves to further fuel Gray's rage.[661]

Erza embraces Natsu and Gray

Natsu and Gray embraced by Erza

The two are briefly caught in the light of Makarov's final Fairy Law,[662] but continue their battle, wherein neither manages to gain any significant advantage. The back-and-forth eventually comes to an end, and two prepare their own killing blows, but their punches are stopped by a tearful Erza, much to their surprise, who asks them what they are doing.[663] Natsu immediately recalls his words to Jellal during the incident at the Tower of Heaven, but after Erza paraphrases Makarov and dissuades them from continuing their fight, Natsu's steady demonic transformation reverses itself, and he and Gray are brought in for a hug on Erza's behalf. At that moment, Juvia, Wendy and Carla arrive, after which Gray and Juvia collapse; Natsu follows shortly, but falls into Lucy's arms. After greeting Happy, Natsu loses consciousness.[664] Natsu is then carried by Lucy, but the group is attacked by Irene Belserion, from whom Natsu is shielded from by Lucy.[665] Thanks to Spriggan 12 Larcade Dragneel's widespread use of Pleasure affecting Irene, but not the rest of those present, however, Natsu is able to be safely taken away.[666]

Natsu's hometown

Natsu discovers parts of his past life

Natsu and the others are then brought to Porlyusica, where he remains unconscious. As those around talk about how they cannot treat the mass that's inside him, Natsu's body starts emitting smoke; inside his heart, Natsu is visited by an apparition of Zeref, whom he unsuccessfully tries to attack despite the latter's warning that he cannot be harmed due to where they are. Through Zeref's apparition, Natsu learns of his past before Igneel, when he and Zeref lived with their parents, when he died, and when he was reborn as E.N.D. . Zeref's apparition then turns into one of Sting upon Natsu learning that he and the other Dragon Slayers were all friends during their childhood four hundred years ago. Natsu becomes confused at the fact that Sting appeared in Zeref's place, but he explains that his heart erased Zeref and put him in his place. Natsu is then told that if he follows him, he'll learn the true identity of what lurks inside him.[667]

Lucy warms up Natsu's body

Lucy warms up Natsu's body

Natsu does just that, but finds that Sting has turned into Rogue (much to his annoyance), and learns from the Shadow Dragon Slayer that Igneel's scarf, which was made of his fallen scales, was not handcrafted by the Dragon, but rather a woman named Anna. Upon seeing Anna, Natsu confuses her for Lucy; Rogue turns back into Zeref, who remarks upon Anna's kindness and tells his little brother that the secret to his "death" is only just further ahead. Meanwhile, in the real world, Natsu's temperature keeps plummeting, and though Lucy prepares to strip to warm his body back up, Natsu begins mumbling about his inborn desire to kill Zeref.[668] Natsu is subsequently disrobed and has the naked Lucy and Happy lie on top of his in a desperate effort to raise his body temperature. In his mind, his guides change to Wendy and Gajeel, who reveal to him that long ago, Anna told them about a woman named Irene, who invented Dragon Slayer Magic, and that, in response to Natsu's growing frustration with not being told the cause of his imminent death, they are simply his guides and don't have the answers.[669]

Natsu continues the journey through his subconscious, having lost Wendy and Gajeel, and runs into Igneel, who tells him about the Dragon Seed, and how that is what lies in his body, and that it turns all Dragon Slayers into Dragons, but reminds him that he created antibodies to stop that. Surprised to see Igneel, Natsu learns that he has another seed inside of him, called the Demon Seed, that is trying to fuse with the Dragon Seed. He asks Igneel if that is the reason why he is going to die, and upon learning that it is, the Dragon Slayer becomes forlorn.[670]

Natsu wakes up

Natsu wakes up

Sad that he is going to die before he finishes what he wants to do, Igneel berates him for not listening all the way through. Natsu is told that he will die if the seeds fuse, thus he only has to choose whether he wants to be a Dragon or a Demon; Natsu decides that he wants to be neither, and that he is human. Igneel states that this is the correct answer, and that Natsu's doubts about his own humanity causes the seeds to grow (as they both crumble into pieces). Encouraged by his dead parent to walk on, Natsu wakes up, thanking Lucy and Happy for taking care of him after Porlyusica tells him what happened to his body. Upon hearing Lucy's concern for his well being if he defeats Zeref, Natsu reveals that he just had to decide that he was human for his life to not be threatened. He wonders where Erza and Gray, but just after Happy reveals that Gray is in the next room and that Erza is still fighting, due to Irene's death, Universe One is undone, and Fiore is returned to its true shape. After the light dissipates, the three find themselves to be in Lucy's room, which Natsu finds to be perfect as they can easily head right for Fairy Tail.[671]

After getting dressed, the three leave the apartment and run into Brandish and a shrunken Dimaria; Natsu gets close to Dimaria, which causes her to fret, and apologizes to her for losing control. After Lucy and Brandish say their goodbyes, the group are approached by Porlyusica, Evergreen (carrying Juvia), and Carla, who explain that Gray has disappeared. Before they can postulate his whereabouts, August reveals himself atop Kardia Cathedral and prepares to eradicate Magnolia, but is stopped by Gildarts. Smiling at the outcome, Natsu calls out for Happy to join him and he runs towards the guild to fight Zeref; Lucy asks him about Gray, but Natsu tells her that he thinks Gray is heading for Zeref as well.[672][673]

Natsu defies the fate

Natsu gets ready to battle against his fate

Natsu arrives at the guild just in time to stop Gray from killing himself with Lost Iced Shell; angry, he asks Gray if he forgot that he stopped him from using it once before. When Gray tells him that he can't stay in the guild anymore because he lost control and tried to kill him (a friend), Natsu says that he did the exact same thing and then, with tears in his eyes, asks Gray if they are friends. He goes on, telling Gray to keep on living, but his friend worries for his life. Hearing his brother chime in, saying that win or lose, he will die, Natsu stands up and says that he won't die, and that if it is his destiny, he'll burn it, which provokes Zeref.[674]

The two brothers then exchange blows, with Natsu being overwhelmed and batted around. Upon Zeref remarking that the loss of Igneel's power means he cannot be defeated, Natsu stands up and declares that his own power will suffice. Before they can continue, everyone in the guildhall senses Acnologia's descent upon the battlefield; Natsu is told to die so that humanity can live.[675] Natsu and Zeref continue their battle with the latter gradually improvement and managing to hit Zeref with Fire Dragon's Roar. However, Zeref is shown to have shielded himself before the two continue their fight.[676] As the two go on, Lucy and the others take their leave as the latter tells Natsu not to lose and while grabbing Zeref he affirms he won't lose. Zeref then remarks he is really enjoying himself, Natsu expresses annoyance at this until he is overcome by a sudden sensation. He turns to see Larcade Dragneel who has made it to the guild and cast a spell on him. Natsu questions Larcade's identity and is surprised to hear him call Zeref father and struggles to stay awake from the spell as Larcade tells Zeref to kill Natsu.[677] Natsu is then shocked to see Zeref blast a hole through Larcade.[678]

Natsu watches as Zeref stomps on Larcade's wound stating he has no child and says Larcade is an Etherious that was one of his attempts at reviving him. He is disgusted when Zeref kicks away Larcade calling him a failure and tells Zeref to stop as the latter tells him to continue their fight.[679] He then witnesses Larcade plead to Zeref as the latter shuns him stating he has no children nor family before he destroys Larcade. Infuriated, Natsu questions Zeref as to how he can do that his own comrade to which Zeref states that Larcade was nothing to him which causes Natsu to punch him declaring there was no such thing as a parent that didn't love their own child.[680] Zeref goes on about how he tried his best to obtain happiness and states his curse prevents this as he was not allowed to have such a thing or family. Hearing this, an irritated Natsu grabs and tells Zeref that wasn't the way to have a family as he must create his own happiness. He further tells Zeref if he will claim he doesn't have family any bond they may have shared was gone before acknowledging and referring to Zeref as his older brother. Though slightly speechless, Zeref shrugs this off stating he didn't think that Natsu would feel that way. Natsu states it was emotion as Zeref agreed calling Natsu "E.N.D." before they prepare to face off again.[681]

Natsu then continues his battle with Zeref and manages to punch him back causing a crazed Zeref to tell him to attack him with everything he's got as the two are meant to destroy each other. Natsu calls his brother out on repeating himself as the latter madly calls him by his demon name as an angry Natsu tells Zeref his name.[682] Natsu soon becomes exhausted which causes Zeref to berate him as he thought Natsu would be able to kill him. He then uses his magic to bind Natsu and decides to reveal his ultimate goal to Natsu. Zeref reveals that he intends to use Mavis's power for something called Neo Eclipse which would allow him to relive his time as a mortal in order to undo all the chaos he has done in the time he's been around. Zeref states by using Neo Eclipse he can defeat Acnologia and Natsu would even be a human again. Shocked by his brother's ambition, Natsu questions what would happen to the current world which Zeref nonchalantly states it might disappear. Enraged by Zeref's callous regard for the world, Natsu tells Zeref that humanity had faced many problems but lived through them.[683]

Bind, Natsu soon learns that Zeref had found the Space Between Time stating it was filled with powerful time magic and that he sealed it off until he obtained Fairy Heart to use Neo Eclipse.[684] As Natsu struggles to get free Zeref mocks him by stating he can't stop him just as Mavis arrives and Zeref moves to put his plan into action. However, Natsu enters Dragon Force and burns away the dark magic telling Mavis not to engage Zeref as he just got fired up.[685] Upon entering Dragon Force, Natsu is told by Zeref that it won't be enough stating it would be different if he could transform like Acnologia. Natsu states he is human and is nothing like Acnologia which is what Igneel wanted but Zeref disagrees stating while Natsu isn't a dragon he's definitely not a human calling him E.N.D.. Natsu tries charging at Zeref but Mavis intercepts him wanting to speak with Zeref but the latter grabs her by the head and ignoring her pleas he absorbs her magic as Natsu tries to stop this.[686] Natsu charges at Zeref but the black mage uses his magic to force him back leaving him to watch as Zeref drains Mavis of her magic power. He catches Mavis after she collapses and curses Zeref for his actions before the latter takes on a new form with the magic he absorbed.[687]

Holding the unconscious Mavis, Natsu states he has no choice but to erase the latter as Zeref he is no longer capable of such a feat. In response, Natsu attacks Zeref with a Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist which seemingly erases Zeref and destroys part of the guild's wall. Collapsing to his knees, Natsu exits Dragon Force and apologizes to Makarov for destroying the guild again but states he has defeated Zeref. However the wall reforms along with Zeref, the latter states to a shocked Natsu that his new power transcends time and space, he says it can never be depleted. He then impales Natsu through the chest with his bare hand and tells him that Makarov is already dead as Natsu sheds tears at the news before he collapses to the ground. Zeref then bids the downed Natsu farewell.[688] Natsu remains unconscious as Zeref opens the Space Between Time in the doorways of the guild.[689] When Zeref prepares to step through the doorway, Natsu awakens by stating the current world has his gratitude and that Makarov always told him that if he step through the doors he'd have to promise to return alive. He then gets back on his feet with his wound healed ready to face Zeref again.[690]

On his feet once more, Natsu thanks his friends for everything as he states he understands what was transpiring and berates himself for thinking only of himself and remembering his goal was fighting for the guild.[691] Natsu then punches Zeref as the latter asks how long he will stand in his way as Natsu states until the day everyone can smile again which Zeref states is what he's trying to create. Natsu rebukes his brother's words stating he was thinking only of himself and wants to reject the world. As the two brothers fight, they berate each other for not understanding the other's plight before deciding to end the fight once and for all.[692] Natsu strikes Zeref with Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist as Zeref strikes back with Stygian Blast Circle. [693]

The clash of their powerful magic surge through the guild with both calling out the other's names but Natsu's magic manages to overpower Zeref's. [694] Natsu strikes Zeref with powerful attack which completely burns Zeref's magic and sends him flying leaving him immobile on the ground. Exhausted with his right arm severely burned, Natsu turns to Mavis asking her if she can finish up the rest which she confirms as Natsu voices his intentions of seeing his friends. The battle now over, Natsu bids his older brother farewell as he leaves him with Mavis. [695]

Natsu soon meets with Lucy, Happy and Gray as they look at him in happiness with Happy rushing to embrace him. Natsu confirms to his friends of his victory over Zeref as they congratulate him on keeping his promise of not losing. Natsu then informs of his belief that Mavis sacrificed herself to defeat Zeref for good, but tells them to not be gloomy as it was something she may have wanted, as it was to protect them and they should honor her by returning to the guild with smiles on their faces, which they agree on. [696] The four friends soon begin walking back to the guild with Natsu assuring his friends he'll have Wendy heal his burnt arm for him. When Gray points out that he sees the guild, Natsu remarks he was just there and it brings back memories. As his friends talk about what they intend to do afterwards, Natsu suddenly disappears. [697]

Transported to another realm, Natsu wonders where he is as a voice tells him he is in his world. Natsu turns to see a mysterious man and stares him down. [698] Natsu stares down the man before he recognizes his magic power and deduces his identity as Acnologia. Acnologia tells Natsu he will be the last as a confused Natsu turns to see the other dragon slayers trapped in crystal pillars. Acnologia tells him that he has obtained Time Magic by devouring it in the ravines of time. Recalling the death of his foster father, Natsu demands for Acnologia to be quiet as he states Natsu will join his fellow slayers soon. [699]

Seven Dragon Slayers start their hunt

The dragon slayers prepare for battle.

Acnologia begins to crystalize Natsu's body. As he attempts to resist, Acnologia taunts from being weakened due to his battle with Zeref. As Natsu is about be crystalized, he is suddenly freed by Wendy, who tells him she heard the voices of their friends which allowed her to break free. The other dragon slayers break free as well, supporting Wendy's words. They join Natsu in confronting Acnologia with the intention of slaying him once and for all. [700]

100 Years Quest arc


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