Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet & Gray Fullbuster vs. Blizzardvern is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster, and a Blizzardvern.


Natsu interrogates

Natsu trying to find the herb

In order to help Wendy and Carla get used to the life of being a Fairy Tail Mage, Team Natsu decides to let them accompany them to a job. Their job requires them to find a herb, located in Mt. Hakobe, that is said to be able to temporarily increase a Mage's Magic Power. The team does not believe that the herb is effective but Erza insists that they find it anyway. The team continues their search while Wendy and Lucy, sheltered inside Horologium, talk about the Rainbow Sakura festival that will happen the next day. When Horologium returns to the spirit world, Natsu suddenly smells the scent of the herbs and leads the team to them. However, the team is unable to retrieve the herb until they defeat the Blizzardvern that's guarding it.[1]

Erza says please

Erza's scary side

The Blizzardvern uses its wings to send Natsu and Happy away from its favorite food, the herbs. Erza tells Lucy and Wendy to stand back while she, Natsu and Gray fights the Blizzardvern. Erza then requips into her Lightning Empress Armor and tells the others to retrieve the herb while the Blizzardvern is distracted.[1]


Erza vs. Blizzardvern

Erza defending herself

Erza, Natsu and Gray charge at the Blizzardvern while Lucy, Wendy and the two Exceed crawl towards the herbs. Natsu uses his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame but the Blizzardvern deflects the attack back with air pressure. Gray tries to use his Ice Make: Saucer, but the Blizzardvern deflects it too. Erza attacks with lightning using her weapon, but misses and hits Natsu and Gray instead. The Blizzardvern then charges at Erza, but Erza shields herself by making a lightning shield. Seeing her team fight, Lucy promises not to give up. The Blizzardvern changes targets and attacks Gray, who grabs its claw and freezes it. Erza attacks with lightning while Natsu uses his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist to defeat the Blizzardvern just as Lucy manages to grab the herbs.[1]


Lucy looking at Rainbow Sakura

Lucy watching the Rainbow Sakura

However, the sound of the attacks causes an avalanche that buries Lucy, causing her to catch a cold. Due to her cold, she is unable to come to the Festival, which saddens Natsu and Happy. Knowing that Lucy really wanted to see the Rainbow Sakuras, Natsu and Happy dig one up, and after putting it in a giant pot, makes it float in a boat outside Lucy's house.[1]


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