Nanayon (七四式長距離砲(ナナヨン) Nanayon) is an Earth Land weapon.


Nanayon is a gun meant for shooting over long distances, and thus comes equipped with a long, slender Gun barrel and a mounted-on telescopic sight; features which increase its accuracy. Most of its parts, and namely the barrel, scope, chamber, sight (located on the barrel's enlarged edge),[1] trigger and curved detachable magazine (located below the weapon, in front of the trigger), are made of polished metal, whereas the stock and forestock are composed of a dark material.[2] The weapon's general appearance, true to its use, is that of a sniper rifle.


Using gunpowder-loaded pointed bullets, different from the ones employed by Mages, Nanayon can make for a deadly ranged weapon, if properly wielded. It allows its user to shoot with deadly accuracy from several tens of meters, and, thanks to its box magazine, can fire several bullets in rapid succession before having to be reloaded. Its rate of fire has be noted to be superior to that provided by a common bow, thus granting its user the edge over that kind of weapon.[3] In the hands of a proficient and fast marksman like its owner, this gun is capable of shooting down incoming enemy projectiles before they can even get close.[4]



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