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Nakagami Armor (天一神の鎧 Nakagami no Yoroi) is one of Erza Scarlet's strongest armors.[1]


The Nakagami Armor is an elegant armor composed of a short blue robe trimmed gold which is largely open in the middle, revealing much of Erza's chest. The robe is tied together at the waist with a simple red ribbon held together by a gold bead. The robe has elegant multi-layered trim. She wears two large blue gloves which have gold trims flaring out in the ends. The gloves have red ribbons tied around the wrist and are adorned in a simple pattern of gold dots. She wears a large golden pauldron over each shoulder, bearing the image of a lion with an open mouth. She has blue and gold leggings which match the gloves in their pattern and design. Around the leggings are a pair of gold greaves. The knee plates contain a pattern similar to the tiara she wears. The greaves themselves match the pattern of her robe. Atop her head sits a tiara consisting of two blue rhombus shaped pieces to each side and a center blue triangular shaped piece. Each piece has a gold adornment inside. Two strands of hair from the sides of her head are each tied together by a golden bead with an intricate swirling pattern. Behind her is a large white sash which loops above her head with the ends hanging out towards the ground with a bead on each end.[2][3]

Special Features

Erza dispels Minerva's spell

The Nakagami Armor consumes a vast amount of Magic Power, which has prevented anyone from wearing the armor in over ten years; however, the ones who are able to wield it are capable of dispelling Magic, and are granted a peerless sword, which can cut or slice through anything, even "space".[4]


  • Halberd: This armor comes equipped with a large halberd with a golden circular hand guard in the center. The blade is quite large with a semi circle of small rhombuses on the other side. A purple cloth is tied right below the blade.[2][3]



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