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Musica (ムージカ Mujika) is one of the traveling companions of Haru and Elie.


Musica is a young man with spiky black hair, three studs above his left eye and a silver necklace. He wears a patterned shirt under a long sleeved jacket and black pants.


With a sneer on his face, Musica appears to be quite confident with himself. He is also not one to shy away from a challenge as he views the members of Fairy Tail to be fun despite Haru telling him otherwise.


Tower of Heaven arc

Accompanied by his friends, Musica explores the country Fiore, passing through a festival where he witnesses a girl and her friends cause trouble to a nearby seller.[1]

Grand Magic Games arc

Following Fairy Tail's outrageous victory over the Grand Magic Games, the king of Fiore proceeds with his plan by gathering all of the Mages in Fiore to provide them with astounding information.[2]

Unity Of Fiore Wizards

Musica accepts the King's request

Gathered in Crocus central square, Musica and the other Mages listen to the King as he confesses the events that will soon take place in Fiore, as he was told. He notifies them of the grave danger approaching Fiore; ten thousand Dragons will wreak havoc upon the land. The King, however, exposes his Eclipse plan; which requires the second function of the Eclipse Gate — a canon-like blast. He states that with said gates, the Dragons will be eliminated in one fell swoop. Though he also takes into consideration their enemy's power, stating that many will remain. Hiding his face from the crowd of Mages, he begs for their help, sobbing quietly. Nonetheless, Musica and his comrade accept his request as they cheer alongside one another.[3]

Appearances in Other Media


Fairy Tail x Rave

Rave Warriors continue to travel

Musica and his group traveling

While traveling around the world, Haru and Elie are separated from the group as they visit a small village.[4] At the end of the day, however, the group are reunited and Haru and Elie recount their encounter with the Fairy Tail Mages. Musica agrees with Elie when she said that they were a fun bunch, despite Haru telling them that they are evil.[5]

Magic and Abilities

Silver Claiming: Not much is known about this Magic but Musica has exhibited the ability to manipulate silver, as shown when he transformed his necklace into a spear.[6]

Expert Weapons Specialist: Musica is an expert in armed hand-to-hand combat being able to take down Klodoa's multiple minions with his spear.[6]


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