Multi-Sword Armor is an unnamed armor of Coordinator's.


This armor is primarily blue plates with red trimming and a blue bodysuit that resembles an armored Baroque gown. It consists of a breastplate, shoulder guards, gauntlets and a series of plates, arranged like petals, over a large flower-like skirt. While the armor heavily protects coordinators lower half it leaves her neck, upper chest and forearms unprotected and only covered by her blue bodysuit. Coordinator's hair is tied in a ponytail with a white hair tie with petal-like decorations. This armor provides the user added protection while commanding its large swords in combat.[1]

Special Features

Coordinator Blocks Swords

Coordinator blocks with her swords

Multiple Sword Requipping: Coordinator is able to summon large swords to guard against attacks and launch at her opponent.[1]


  • Large swords: This armor comes equipped with multiple large and thick dark blue swords with red edges all over the swords including their hilts making it unable to be used manually.[1]


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