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Mugetsu-Ryu (無月流 Mugetsu-Ryū) is a Sword style used in the practice of Sword Magic.


In the manga, the katana looks like a normal katana with an extremely long blade, reminiscent of a nodachi, with a decorated handguard, and traditional hilt-wrapping and pommel.[1]

In the anime, however, it is given a much more distinctive appearance, sporting a western-looking red and black handguard and having the traditional yellow and red hilt-wrapping flanked by golden-colored plates on the hilt, which ends in a very ornate, carved pommel. The lacquered sheath is red and has several small bells tied to the scabbard by the blade's hilt.[2]


Mugetsu-Ryu is a sword style that is used to hit very quickly with Magic flash Sword Magic. Due to its fearsome cutting ability, Ikaruga boasted that with this sword there is nothing that she cannot slice; Erza also suspected that the katana is not just a normal sword,[3] which was later proven to be true as it was able slice through at least three of her armors.[4]



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