Mt. Hakobe (はこべ山 Hakobe Yama) is a large mountain located near Magnolia Town.


Its exact location is unknown; however, it is near Magnolia since traveling there is possible using only a carriage, and doesn't take much time.[1]

Climate and Area

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy at Mt Hakobe during summer

Blizzard on Mt. Hakobe at summer

Mt. Hakobe is a high mountain with a characteristic alpine climate. Snow cover lasts all year-round in this mountain, no matter what season. There are also frequent snow blizzards.[1] Access is possible only to a certain altitude, at which point it is necessary to move on foot.[1] Its characteristics include the occurrence of numerous caves where the shelters are different representatives of the local fauna and flora.

Fauna and Flora

  • Mountain Vulcan
  • Blizzardvern
  • Snowshoe Hares
  • Octopus Monster

The mountain is the only place that the rare Hakobe Ice can be found. A natural Magical item with several abnormal and magical properties.[2]

Many of the animals that live on Mt. Hakobe are primarily Vulcans.[3] They are gorilla-like creatures which inhabit many of the caves found there.

Blizzardvern can occasionally be seen, which lives in open areas and feeds on a special herb, which according to rumors, can increase the Magic Power of Mages.[4]

Other Magical creatures can be found in the deep caverns of the mountain, such as aggressive giant octopus-like monsters. In addition, normal kinds of snow animals can be found on the horizons such as snowshoe hares.[2]

The legends says that deep in the mountain, there is a living cave that who ever enters will never come out. This was proven right when Natsu Dragneel and his comrades got stuck inside the cave for three days with no chance of surviving. Additionally, the ice in the cave seems to be alive; as it was able to shape-shift and move to attack the Mages. However, after obtaining the Hakobe Ice, they were able to escape the caves.[2]


  • "Hakobe" (はこべ or ハコベ) is the modern Japanese name for Stellaria, a genus of flowering plants, which matches the theme of Fiore (Italian word for "Flower") and cities like Crocus.


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