Mr. Cursey (ノーロさん Nōro-san) is a voodoo doll needed in order to use the Lost Magic, Ushi no Koku Mairi.


Mr. Cursey is a small stuffed doll composed of canvas. It possesses a stylized, humanoid figure, with plain arms and legs ending in dark ends where hands and feet are supposed to be, a thin chest and an elongated head, which is quite large in comparison to the rest of Mr. Cursey's body. The doll's "face" is composed of a pair of simple, beady round eyes plus a stitched line where the mouth is supposed to be, which, from time to time, is shown having its edges curving slightly upwards or downwards, mirroring, respectively, a cracked smile or a grimace. In addition, Mr. Cursey's forehead bears a dark kanji on it which means "curse" (呪).[1] Abel, a member of Avatar, was seen with Mr. Cursey,[2] which he received from Kain Hikaru.[3]


Mr. Cursey changing forms

Mr. Cursey changing form

When a strand of hair is placed of the top of Mr. Cursey's head, it can be used to manipulate the movements of the owner of that hair.[4] When the material that makes up Mr. Cursey is changed via Magic, the owner of the hair on top of its head will strengthen and the properties of the material will be transferred to the owner's body. This also allows the one being manipulated to use different attacks based on the material (e.g. Shining Dodoskoi).[5] Other Magic can also be used on Mr. Cursey and the one being manipulated will also be able to use that Magic (e. g. Fire Dragon's Iron Fist (Lucy Version)).[6]



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