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Motherglare (マザーグレア Mazāgurea) was one of the seven Dragons who invaded Fiore through the malfunctioning Eclipse Gate.[1]


Motherglare is an extremely large, mastodonic Dragon, whose near-entire body is covered with large, thick, swirl-patterned scales, save for their underbelly, which is instead lined with porous holes, their face, which has smaller, more smooth scales positioned around the eyes (which, themselves, are round and blank), and their snout, which is completely devoid of scales altogether. Around their mouth and climbing up their snout (and on various other parts of their body), Motherglare features light, jagged markings. Additionally, Motherglare's cavernous mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth.[2]

Motherglare sports extremely large wings; quite proportionate to their already-large body mass. Motherglare's two front, and back, claws sport five talons each: four in the front, and one in the back. Motherglare's long tail is adorned with the same scales as the rest of their body, and the tip is rather peculiar in shape, as it has two large scales protruding from either side.[3]


Not much is known about Motherglare's personality, but they appear to be very loyal and obedient, as they are seen taking orders from the Future Rogue Cheney without question (though the former is under the influence of the latter's Dragon Supremacy Magic).[4] An example of this is when, on command, they violently attacked Natsu Dragneel with the intent of devouring him.[5] Motherglare has also shown himself to be slightly arrogant, claiming that their adamantine body is impenetrable.[6]


Motherglare, like most Dragons in history, was killed by Acnologia after releasing multiple "dragon messengers" into a village in which Acnologia, who at the same time was recovering some of his memories from being unconscious, was able to fend off and destroy all the messengers and then later kill Motherglare, thus saving the village.[7]


Grand Magic Games arc

Motherglare walks free of the Eclipse Gate

On the seventh of July, as the Eclipse Gate is opened, Motherglare walks through it before stopping in front of those atop Mercurius, letting out a violent roar as they do so. The shockwave produced by their roar scatters many, and damages nearby architecture. Motherglare then, in addition to the terror they have already inflicted, brings their claw crashing down into the ground, sending large shockwaves rippling throughout Crocus, destroying many houses and severely damaging other forms of infrastructure. Then, as more Dragons begin filing out of the Eclipse Gate, Motherglare roars once more.[8]

Motherglare flying around Future Rogue during his declaration

Shortly thereafter, as Future Rogue arrives at the location of the now-closed Eclipse Gate, Motherglare flies in the sky, alongside their six other Dragon comrades, as the Shadow Dragon Slayer declares the beginning of a new era. However, when Future Rogue orders the other Dragons to kill every Mage in Crocus, Motherglare stays behind, and acts as the man's mode of transportation, due in part to Future Rogue's Dragon Supremacy Magic.[9] Motherglare then, with Future Rogue on their back, soars over Crocus, observing the mayhem at hand, as Future Rogue screams for humanity to feel the wrath of Dragons.[10]

Motherglare, attacked by Natsu

Taking notice of Natsu, who has arrived to stop Future Rogue, and upon being ordered to do so, Motherglare attacks Natsu, ferociously biting at where he stands. Natsu, however, dodges Motherglare's strike, and jumps onto their back, where he engages Future Rogue in combat. As he lets loose a large amount of flames from his feet, hitting Motherglare, Motherglare roars out in pain, rolling over in midair as they do so. This action nearly causes Natsu to fall off, but he holds onto one of Motherglare's large scales, as Future Rogue sinks his shadows into their back.[11] Still wounded, Motherglare continues to soar through the sky, crashing into building in the process, hoping to shake off Natsu. However, Motherglare is then abruptly punched by Natsu, utilizing his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, causing him to cry out in pain once more. Natsu then proceeds to deliver a speech whilst still atop Motherglare, and then attacks him, once more, with his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, causing the Dragon to cry out in pain a third time.[12]

Motherglare and Atlas Flame collide

However, much to Natsu's dismay, Motherglare recovers from his assault quite quickly, and, upon Future Rogue's command, releases a large amount of eggs from the porous holes on their underbelly, sending them raining into the streets below.[13] Motherglare supports Rogue on their back as he easily overpowers Natsu. Natsu, however, is thrown off their back by the nude Celestial Spirit Mage flying through the air.[14] With the fiery Dragon Slayer finally off their back, Motherglare continues to hover above Crocus as their fellow Dragons continue their chaotic rampage. When Future Rogue declares that he is the new Dragon King, Natsu appears behind the two, riding Atlas Flame. Atlas then collides, at full speed, head-first with Motherglare, the two Dragons angrily staring each other down.[15]

Motherglare vs. Atlas Flame

Motherglare roars as Atlas Flame brutally tries to clamp his jaws down into their neck, and, at Future Rogue's command, tries to turn mid-air to stop Atlas and Natsu from getting behind them. Taking the offensive, Motherglare releases a huge breath attack on Atlas, but the blow flies straight through Atlas' fire body, only to hit and completely destroy a mountain in the distance. As Atlas boasts that his flame body cannot be struck by such attacks, Motherglare too begins to speak, commenting that Atlas' flames are also useless, as they cannot burn their adamantine body. Atlas begs to differ though, and tells Motherglare not to underestimate hell flames, just as Natsu, having consumed such Magic, leaps from his back and delivers a strong blow to the side of Motherglare's body.[16]

Motherglare accidentally destroys the Eclipse Gate

Motherglare and Atlas then proceed to grapple with one another; Motherglare is shoved into a nearby building, completely demolishing the structure. As Future Rogue and Natsu are thrown wildly atop their back, Motherglare is bombarded by debris. Motherglare, however, ignores Natsu and Future Rogue's battle and continues to grapple with Atlas, that is, until Atlas uses his immense strength to propel Natsu toward Future Rogue. Utilizing the momentum, Natsu releases all the energy he regained from eating Atlas Flame's flames, engulfing himself, Motherglare, Atlas, and Future Rogue in flames; the force of the impact causes Motherglare to fall from the skies and right into the Eclipse Gate, destroying the device once and for all.[17] After landing on the Eclipse Gate, Motherglare slowly starts vanishing, going back to their own time.[18]

Magic and Abilities

Motherglare's Dragon's Roar

Diamond Dragon Slayer Magic (金剛の滅竜魔法 Kongō no Metsuryū Mahō): Motherglare is able to utilize this Magic, that revolves around the element of diamond.[19]

  • Diamond Form (金剛の体 Kongo no Karada): This spell allows Motherglare to reinforce their diamond scales, which consistently enhances their defensive power in an automatic fashion.[20]
  • Diamond Dragon's Jaw (金剛の顎 Kongoryū no Agito): Motherglare delivers a powerful devastating bite clad in diamond material on its target.[20]
  • Diamond Dragon's Roar (金剛竜の咆哮 Kongōryū no Hōkō): Very much like other Dragons and Dragon Slayers, Motherglare has shown the ability to use his element in the form of an attack coming from their mouth. This attack is capable of eradicating a significant portion of a large mountain range.[19]

Egg Magic: Motherglare is capable of utilizing this peculiar form of Magic, made even more peculiar by its method of employment: Motherglare releases a multitude of eggs from the porous holes on their abdomen.[13] (Unnamed)

Motherglare's eggs

  • Lay Egg: Motherglare releases a multitude of eggs from the porous holes on their abdomen, which, upon hitting the ground, hatch into a large number of miniature, bipedal, Draconian entities.[13] The hatched entities are also fairly strong, as they can single-handedly overwhelm a basic Mage.[21] Additionally, the entities can fire lasers from their mouths, which pierce through anything they come into contact with, leaving a clean, round hole in their wake; the lasers can be fired in rapid succession.[22]

Flight: Like most other Dragons, Motherglare has wings, and is, therefore, capable of flight.[23]

Immense Strength: By himself, with a single stomp to the ground, Motherglare destroyed much of Mercurius, and the resulting shockwaves tore through Crocus, destroying a large amount of infrastructure.[24]

Immense Durability: Due to their adamantine[6] body, Motherglare is capable of taking hits from Natsu Dragneel, who, aside from wielding Dragon Slayer Magic, is exceptionally strong in their own right, and, seemingly, shrugging off the damage caused by the attacks.[13][25][26] Additionally, also owing to its adamantine body, Motherglare can emerge completely unscathed from attacks by fellow Dragons, namely Atlas Flame, the Fire Dragon.[19]

Appearances in Other Media

Video Games

Fairy Tail (Video Game)

Motherglare is a boss in Fairy Tail (Video Game).[27] They possess the following spells:

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