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Moon Drip (月の雫(ムーンドリップ) Mūn Dorippu) is a Dispel Spell.


Moon Drip being performed

This belianese spell requires the light of the moon to react. It gathers the Moon's Magic Power in one place as moonlight itself, utilizing it to deactivate any possible spell, including Iced Shell, the "unmeltable ice".[4] It requires a lot of Magic Power, as it took Lyon three years to gather enough for the spell to melt Deliora's ice. Aside from that, this spell produces exhaust fumes that crystallize and eventually create a layer in the sky, which has an unhealthy effect on Demons, as it affects their memories.[5] The moonlight can even cause small effects on the human body, possibly harmful.[6][7] Through unknown means, this Magic can also be liquefied to make it usable for people that aren't Mages.[3]


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