Mirajane Strauss vs. Pisces (Eclipse) is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Mirajane Strauss and Eclipse Celestial Spirit Pisces.


Assigned teams

Team Elfman and Mirajane

After the aftermath of Eclipse and the rebelling Celestial Spirits are revealed, Elfman teams up with Mirajane to be one of the teams assigned to solving this problem.[1] Eventually, the Fairy Tail Mages arrive to Astral Spirytus just in time to stop Liberum, a ritual meant to free the Celestial Spirits at the cost of ending their lives twelve days later.[2]

After Natsu leads an assault on Astral Spirytus to interrupt the Liberum ritual, Mirajane and many other Fairy Tail members arrive; after the Eclipse Spirits retreat, Mirajane enters one of the doors that they hid behind and finds herself face-to-face with Eclipse Pisces.[2]


Mirajane readies herself against Pisces

Mirajane ready to fight Pisces

Pisces begins to swim away; the son comments on his swimming performance and insults his mother, much to her dismay, and then states that he'll be the first to bring down Mirajane before rushing at her.[2] The son, however, is knocked away by Mirajane, who has entered her Satan Soul form whilst the mother chases after her boy, but is chastised for being too overbearing and too soft regarding her son's attitude. The mother and son then perform Mother and Son Forbidden Hug, creating a whirlpool to trap Mirajane, but the latter merely hits the son and grabs the mother, dissipating the trap. The son is then sent flying out of the water after being slapped with his mother; the mother quickly follows by being tossed and are defeated by an explosion created by Mirajane.[3]


After the battle, the two are tapped with one of Hisui's keys and are returned to the Celestial Spirit World.[3] Mirajane then exits the dimension and rendezvouses with the others who went after the Eclipse Spirits, except Natsu, Lucy, Yukino, Happy, Wendy and Carla.[4]


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