Mirajane Strauss vs. Kamika is a fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Mirajane Strauss and Garou Knights member Kamika.


Garou Knights

The Garou Knights appear

After rescuing Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Agria, Fairy Tail rescue team falls into the Abyss Palace, where they find an injured Arcadios. Arcadios warns the Fairy Tail Mages of the danger they are in, when they are attacked by the Garou Knights, Fiore's top executors.[1] While fighting the Garou Knights, the Fairy Tail Mages attack together, creating an explosion that separates everyone, leaving Mirajane Strauss with Kamika.[2]


Mirajane defeats Kamika

Mirajane defeats Kamika

Kamika begins the battle by casting Paper Blizzard: Green Dance and explains that the green paper's effect is poison, and though Mirajane tries holding her breath while it surrounds her, she finds herself struggling, making it clear to her that Kamika and the other Garou Knights want them dead.[3] Kamika notices that Mirajane is in pain and wonders if she is on the verge of death. Mirajane replies that Magic shouldn't be used for killing, but at the same time one needs great power to protect those they love. As Mirajane summons her Magic Power, she says that since she is alone, she does not mind contradicting herself. As Mirajane starts transforming into her signature Take Over, she says that when she is alone, that's when she is able to unleash her fury. Transformed into Satan Soul, Mirajane inhales the poison and states that poison is merely a dessert for a Demon like herself.[4] Jumping into the air, Mirajane delivers a kick to Kamika in the face, sending her flying and crashing through the walls.[5]


Garou Knights defeated

The Garou Knights, defeated

While Mirajane defeats Kamika, the other Mages defeat the other knights: Lucy and Yukino, with the help of Aquarius, beat Uosuke; Panther Lily overpowers and defeats Neppa; Wendy takes out Cosmos with her Dragon Slayer's Secret Art and Natsu defeats Kama. The Rescue Team soon re-groups and celebrates their victory over the Garou Knights. Natsu then threatens Kama with death, should he not tell them the exit's location.[6]


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