Mirajane Strauss vs. Elfman Strauss & Evergreen is a fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage candidate Elfman Strauss, his partner Evergreen, and S-Class Mage of the same guild, Mirajane Strauss.


Mira prepares to fight Elfman and Evergreen

Mirajane ready to attack

After returning from Edolas, Makarov starts the Annual S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and announces Elfman as one of the eight participants. Elfman chooses Evergreen as his partner and the two join the other participants and their partners on the ship towards Tenrou Island. Makarov later explains the rules of the "Power and Luck" trial and Elfman and Evergreen race with their guild mates in order to be the first one to choose a path. The two choose the A Path where they encounter Mirajane who promises to not hold back even though Elfman is her little brother.[1][2][3]


Mirajane's Finisher

Mirajane's Finisher

With Mirajane as their opponent, Evergreen realizes that the one who strikes first wins and uses her Stone Eyes. But Mirajane is one step ahead of her and prepares to attack, saying that as long as she doesn't look directly into her eyes, the Magic will not work. Evergreen uses this opportunity to strike Mirajane with her Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun but Mirajane counters by throwing a sphere of Darkness Magic, hitting Evergreen and sending her crashing to into a boulder. Seeing his sister face, Elfman realizes that she is serious about the fight. He then uses his Beast Soul and charges at his sister but Mirajane is able to stop his punch with her hand. Mirajane then kicks Elfman and sends him crashing as well. Mirajane then prepares to finish the battle and prepares a sphere of Darkness Magic.[4]

Evergreen shields Elfman

Evergreen shields Elfman

Suddenly, Evergreen recovers and steps between Elfman and his sister. Mirajane is undaunted, saying that she will simply blow both of them away. Evergreen smiles and counters that she will tell Mirajane something that will interest her. Evergreen proceeds to tell Mirajane that she and Elfman are getting married. Mirajane believes the ruse, and is momentarily stunned, giving Elfman and Evergreen an opening to attack and defeat her.[4][5]


After defeating Mirajane, Elfman and Evergreen, both barely able to walk, arrive at the place where the other remaining participants are gathered in order to participate in the second trial. Before Makarov can explain the rules, Natsu challenges Elfman, Gray, Levy and Cana to see who can become the S-Class Mage to which they all agree.[6]


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