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The next day, Mirajane is seen being spanked by Erza and tells her that it's her turn to do as she please.<ref>Fairy Tail Omake: Fairies' Penalty Games, Page 4</ref>
The next day, Mirajane is seen being spanked by Erza and tells her that it's her turn to do as she please.<ref>Fairy Tail Omake: Fairies' Penalty Games, Page 4</ref>
====Welcome Back, Frosch====
Due to [[Rufus Lore|Rufus]] and [[Orga Nanagear|Orga]] talk about how their guild was the only one with a pool, Makarov sneezes while the members of his guild enjoy Fairy Tail's pool. Mirajane is then seen wearing her swimsuit and asking him if he was okay. <ref>Fairy Tail Omake: Welcome Back, Frosch, Page 4</ref>

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"When people realize how lonely it is being on their own, they will become kind."

Mirajane to Freed Justine in "Gentle Words"

Mirajane Strauss (ミラジェーン・ストラウス Mirajēn Sutorausu)[3] is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, as well as its "drawing card",[4] and is often a model for the Sorcerer Magazine.


Mirajane in her usual outfit

Mirajane is a slim young woman of below average height. She has long, white hair which curls slightly at the ends, with two bangs framing her face and reaching down to her chest; her hairstyle's most distinctive trait is a short, upward ponytail obtained by gathering and tying the hair covering her forehead. Due to her always adopting such fashion, her hair seems to have adapted to it, with the hair on her forehead remaining pointed upwards even when not tied.[5] She has large blue eyes and a curvy, voluptuous body, with large breasts. Her white Fairy Tail Stamp is located on her left thigh.[6] Mirajane is widely known for her beauty, being Fairy Tail’s drawing card and having posed many times for the Sorcerer Magazine.[7]

Mirajane’s most commonly seen attire is a sleeveless, ankle-length maroon dress with a pleated skirt. The chest is adorned by a large, pink bow, and similarly colored trimmings frame the rather ample neckline, acting as straps, and circle around the waist. Mirajane also wears high-heeled shoes that match her dress, and accessorizes with a small chain necklace with a blue oval gem attached to it, and a bracelet made of white flowers circling her right wrist.

When performing one of her songs after Team Natsu’s return from the Tower of Heaven, she was shown donning a leopard print dress with plain inners, a slashed skirt, a plain ribbon in the same place as the one in her standard outfit, a similarly plain, large sash tied around her waist, with its two large edges hanging down on both of her sides, and thin straps holding up the dress above her chest. On her feet, she wore sandals with the front straps being crossed in an "X" shape.[8] Later, she switched to a more casual and skimpy attire to perform different music, this being a leather band covering her breasts, a matching leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings held up by suspenders.[9] Later, when she was bound, gagged and stored away by Gajeel Redfox so that he could sing in her place and make friends with his new guildmates, she donned the attire of a Fairy Tail waitress, consisting of a dark, short and revealing strapless one-piece dress with lighter edges, bearing the writing “Fairy” on a lighter stripe going down from her right breast to her upper left hip, plus a light-colored symbol of Fairy Tail on the front right part of her waist. She also wore a small, light collar with a thin ribbon holding it up, light-colored boots reaching up above her thighs, and similarly long gloves, almost reaching up to her shoulders. Both the boots and the gloves had belt-like upper edges each closed by a button.[10]

On Tenrou Island, she adopted a more casual style, with her usual dress being replaced by a much shorter, plain and light-colored one, whose only particular feature was a very small, dark ribbon occupying the same place as the one on her maroon dress, paired with some dark stitchings around the neckline. She was also shown wearing light flip-flops on her feet, and didn’t sport her accessories anymore.[11] After this attire was torn as a result of her fight with Azuma, she replaced it with a new one, a towel-like dress held up by two straps circling her neck. She also had most of her body wrapped in bandages due to her injuries.[5]

In her younger years, Mirajane wore a gothic-looking, overly revealing outfit matching the tomboyish personality she had at the time. She donned a dark, skimpy sleeveless shirt adorned with some light curved motifs on the chest, a pair of leather shorts held up by a studded belt with a demonic-looking buckle and thigh-high boots with stiletto heels, each bearing a skull adorned by a flower on their upper front parts. She also sported a bracelet shaped like a demonic arm around her right wrist, a ring on the same hand's middle finger, and dark nail polish. She didn't have her front ponytail, instead letting a large strand cover her forehead freely, and had most of her hair tied in a high, larger ponytail on the back of her head by a massive dark ribbon.[12]


Mirajane vs. Erza

In her younger years, Mirajane was known as "The Demon" (魔人 Majin), and before Lisanna's pseudo-death, she used to be a very feared person, infamous amongst guilds and criminals alike. She dressed in a punk-gothic style, and was rather temperamental and bad-mouthed everyone, especially Erza, whom she had quite a rivalry with from when they were kids. However, due to a past incident involving the apparent death of her younger sister, Lisanna, Mirajane somehow lost much of her Magical ability and her will to fight (both of which have since returned), and her personality changed drastically.

Now, Mirajane is a loving and caring person who treats her friends, and even strangers, with kindness. Mirajane plays a motherly role within the guild, and is often seen running the bar at the guild hall. She has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood, and can tolerate all of the guild's eccentricities. However, there have been a couple events that have disturbed Mirajane, including her discovery of the theft of an S-Class job by Natsu Dragneel, Happy and Lucy Heartfilia, and her later conflict with Laxus Dreyar following the destruction of the guild building.

In keeping with her motherly role, Mirajane is very determined to protect her comrades. She has gone so far as to change her appearance, in order to fool the Phantom Lord Guild into thinking she was Lucy, whom they were trying to capture. Along with running a bar, Mirajane shows great talent not only in modeling, but playing the guitar and singing. She is very popular, not only among the Fairy Tail members, but also with many people outside of the guild. She likes cooking[1] and has since her younger, tomboyish years. Mirajane was described by Lisanna as being a good cook, preparing food alongside Elfman for the three Take Over Siblings.[13] She dislikes cockroaches.[1] She is sensitive to being called stupid as shown when she cried twice when Gray referred to her as a idiot.


Mirajane bullying Macao and Wakaba

In her younger years, Mirajane's parents died[14] and so she joined Fairy Tail along with her two younger siblings, Elfman Strauss and Lisanna Strauss. She was around 13 years old at that time.[15] When she was younger, she was always in brawls with her rival of the time, Erza Scarlet.[16] She even intimidated many of the older members, due to her punkish attitude and bullying tendencies.[17] Despite teasing Natsu endlessly, she always had a soft spot for him, finding him to be cute when he cries.[18] As she grew older, her abilities increased tremendously, and in the year X781, at the age of 16, she became an S-Class Mage, being the second youngest Mage in Fairy Tail to do so; only Erza was younger when she achieved the same honor.[19]

One year after the promotion, during a mission with her younger siblings, Elfman and Lisanna, Lisanna was supposedly killed by Elfman, due to him losing control when he tried to take over "The Beast".[20] The shock of Lisanna's loss caused Mirajane's personality to shift dramatically; she abandoned her bullying tendencies and became the sweet and motherly figure beloved by the guild today. She also lost her will to fight and the vast majority of her Magic Power.[21]


Macao arc

File:Mira shock.JPG

Mirajane after being hit

Mirajane greets Lucy Heartfilia when she first arrives at the Fairy Tail Guild and a large scale brawl begins due to Natsu Dragneel. Lucy asks Mirajane if she is supposed to stop it, and Mirajane replies that it happens all the time. When she is hit on the head by a bottle, she starts to bleed but is otherwise unfazed, stating that it's more fun like this, much to the shock of Lucy.[22] Later, Mirajane explains Natsu's past to Lucy, and the pain that all Mages in Fairy Tail share.[23]

Daybreak arc

Mirajane is seen briefly when she is informing Levy, Jet, and Droy, that Natsu, Lucy, and Happy had already taken the job at Everlue Mansion.[24]

Lullaby arc

Mirajane's Letter to Makarov

Mirajane explains to Lucy about the regular meeting of the Guild Masters of different provinces, and about Dark Guilds.[25] Later, when Erza arrives and tells Natsu and Gray that they are going on a mission with her, Mirajane welcomes Erza back and remarks that theirs could very well be the strongest team in Fairy Tail.[26] However, she is worried that the three are incapable of working together without arguing, so asks Lucy to tag along as a mediator.[27] Later, Mirajane sends Makarov a letter informing him about the newly formed team, much to Makarov's dismay.[28]

Galuna Island arc

Mirajane's "Demon Persona"

Mirajane helps explain to Lucy about the S-Class Mages and the Guild's rule regarding the second floor.[29] Later, she is visibly upset when she finds that Happy stole an S-Class mission during the night. She soon learns that Laxus did nothing to stop him and she gives him a frightful glare which, as he hints, is more befitting her former 'Demon' persona.[30]

Phantom Lord arc

Mirajane pretends to be Lucy

When Team Natsu returns to the guild hall after a job and discovers the building in disarray, Mirajane escorts them down to the basement as she explains that Phantom Lord attacked the guild during the night.[31] She then tells an inebriated Makarov to behave as he starts to spank Lucy for taking a S-Class mission, despite only giving Natsu and Gray a smack on the head.[32]

Mirajane captured by the Giant

Later, after Makarov loses his power, Mirajane and Cana Alberona try to call Mystogan and Laxus back to the guild to assist the war effort. However, as Laxus badmouths the guild and starts to harass her, Mirajane loses her patience with him and destroys the Communication Lacrima with one punch, questioning aloud how someone in Fairy Tail can be so cruel.[33] As Phantom Lord descends, she declares she can't battle and instead transforms into Lucy.[34] However, she is captured and taken as a hostage.[35]

Mirajane after being saved by Elfman

Her capture helps Elfman regain his lost Magic, Full Body Take Over, and gives him the ability to defeat Element 4's Sol.[36][37] After defeating Sol, Elfman makes his way to Mirajane, freeing her and apologizing to her for again taking the form that killed their sister. However, Mirajane comforts him and figures out how to stop the Abyss Break.[38] They later catch up to Gray, who has just defeated Juvia, and explain the details to him, then join up with Erza who has just defeated Aria. Master Jose then arrives, complimenting them before taking Elfman and Gray out instantly.[39] She is later seen waking, and retreating when Master Makarov arrives.[40] After the Guild War ends, she is later seen celebrating the Guild's victory.[41]

Loke arc

Mirajane provides Lucy with a "special job" that she has been saving. Mirajane, along with Makarov, Bob, Goldmine and Yajima, goes to watch Team Natsu as they perform.[42][43] She is later seen explaining to Elfman about Natsu and Gray's pillow fight, and why they were arguing about it. Mirajane then has to inform all of Loke's girlfriends that she doesn't know his whereabouts.[44]

Fighting Festival arc

Mirajane and the other contestants turned to stone

Mirajane plays a beautiful ballad for everyone when Team Natsu returns from Tower of Heaven, and as Natsu starts a huge fight, she switches to a rock song, complete with wardrobe change.[45] The next day, she is apprehended by Gajeel Redfox so he can perform his own song.[46] Later, she performs as the returning champion in the "Miss Fairy Tail" pageant. She apparently shoots down all hopes of winning as she turns her head into Happy and Gajeel's, turning into the latter in retaliation for apprehending her the other day.[47] She is then turned to stone by Evergreen, along with the other girls.[48] Once Erza defeats Evergreen in battle, Mirajane and the other participants in the Miss Fairy Tail contest return to normal.[49]

Mirajane finally unleashing her true power, Take Over: Satan Soul

She is later seen after Freed defeats Cana. Elfman tries to fight Freed, but is easily defeated. Freed then keeps attacking Elfman even after he's no longer able to fight, making Mirajane beg for him to stop. When Freed attempts to kill Elfman with his Magic, Mirajane finally snaps. The clouds part as she lets out a scream and a huge burst of Magic Power destroys the terrain around her. She activates her Magic, Take Over: 'Satan Soul'.[50] As she and Freed begin to battle, she completely overwhelms him in both power and speed.[51][52] As their battle progresses, Freed remarks that the only way to beat a Demon is with a Demon, and he uses his Dark Écriture: Darkness which turns him into a Demon, but even then, Mirajane continues to easily overpower him.[53] Just as she is about to finish Freed off, she has a vision of her younger sister Lisanna, and decides to spare his life. She then begins talking to Freed about the guild members, making Freed cry. The battle ends as a draw, since Freed was defeated and Mirajane had lost her will to fight.[54]

Later, she is seen on Fantasia Parade, along with her brother, Elfman, where she appears from a rose and then transforms herself into a giant gecko-like animal.[55]

Oración Seis arc

Mirajane explains to everyone about the Dark Guilds, and greets Makarov when he tells everyone about the plan to destroy Oración Seis.[56] Makarov and Mirajane speak a little bit about Oración Seis and their connection with Jellal. After the battle and when Wendy joins, she is seen explaining Gildarts' history to Lucy when he returns.[57][58]

Daphne arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Edolas arc

When Team Natsu, Wendy, and Carla return to the guild, she warmly welcomes the latter two, and asks what kind of Magic they use.[63] Later, when Gildarts comes back, he is surprised to see how much Mirajane has grown and how much she has changed.[64]

The Take Over Siblings reunited

When Anima is about to absorb Fairy Tail and Magnolia Town, Mirajane is shown going out to church with Elfman, even in the heavy rain, for Lisanna's death anniversary.[65] Following the events in Edolas, she and Elfman continue on to the graveyard, and offer their prayers for the anniversary of Lisanna's death. Elfman says that they should leave, but she says she wants to stay a little bit longer. Just then, they hear a voice calling out to them, and turn around to see Lisanna running towards them. Immediately left speechless, they can't believe their eyes, but then become filled with joy when they reunite with a hug.[66]

Tenrou Island arc

Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna

After the welcome party for Lisanna, Mirajane is seen sleeping on the floor with Lisanna, Elfman, Jet, and Droy.[67] Later, she talks to Lucy about Cana's claim that she was thinking about leaving the guild.[68] At the announcement of the S-Class Trial, after all the rules were explained, it was then revealed that Erza, Gildarts and Mirajane would also be participating in the trial as well, though their main role is to hinder the participants from progressing further into the trial in any way they possibly can.[69]

File:Mira readies for battle.jpg

Mirajane confronts Elfman and Evergreen

She is later revealed to be in path A, waiting for her opponents, Elfman and Evergreen, with her Take Over Satan Soul activated.[70] Later, Elfman and Evergreen, being overwhelmed by Mirajane, barely pass the exam; it is revealed that they told Mirajane that they are getting married, which shocked her and gave them an opening to defeat her.[71] She believes that they lied to beat her, but then imagines them having a very ugly child, which causes her to cry.

Mirajane imagines what Elfman and Evergreen's baby would look like

Similar to everyone else when thinking about Mest, Mirajane can't exactly recall him entering the guild.[72] Later, after Grimoire Heart lands on Tenrou Island, she and Lisanna fight off some members of Grimoire Heart without much effort.[73][74] Azuma then confronts them, and Mirajane tells Lisanna to get back.[75]

Mirajane and Lisanna vs. Azuma

Azuma starts using his Explosion Magic, so Lisanna recommends that Mirajane use Satan Soul to defeat Azuma, but she says she can't use the spell over and over again so much. Azuma then realizes he is fighting "the Demon Mirajane," and requests a serious match against her Demon form. She doesn't respond and tells Lisanna to run away, because she can tell Azuma is very strong. Since she doesn't respond to Azuma's request, he traps Lisanna in a ticking time bomb. As Mirajane panics, Azuma tells her that the bomb will go off in three minutes, and that is the time she has to defeat him. She calls him a coward, but he says he will do anything to face the Demon. Without a choice, she uses Satan Soul, even though she knows she won't be able to retain it for long.[76]

Mirajane saves Lisanna from the explosion

After she and Azuma battle for a while, Mirajane realizes she doesn't have enough time to defeat him, so she flies over to Lisanna, and deactivates Satan Soul.[77] She apologizes to Lisanna, telling her that she is unable to defeat him due to the lack of time left, but she believes there is someone in the guild who can. She then tells her she's going to forfeit, but not to worry, because Lisanna was the one person she would not let die. The bomb goes off with her hugging Lisanna. After the explosion, Mirajane's heavily damaged body covers Lisanna, saving her from the blast. Her sister calls her name, but she gives no response. Azuma, disappointed, walks away.[78] She is later seen recovering alongside Gajeel, with Lisanna and Levy by her side.[79]

Mirajane and the others intervene

Later, after Hades is defeated, a few Grimoire Heart Guild members attempt to attack all the Fairy Tail members that fought Hades, but Mirajane intervenes, along with the Thunder God Tribe, Gajeel, Levy, Cana, Lisanna, Elfman, and Makarov.[5] When Grimoire Heart finally leaves Tenrou Island, she and the rest of the Fairy Tail members go rest at their camp.[80]

Fairy Tail attempting to block Acnologia's attack

Their rest, however, is cut short when Acnologia arrives and attacks the guild members. Mirajane is horrified when Makarov holds the beast off, and tells his guild members that his final order is for them to escape. She heeds his order and attempts to flee Tenrou Island[81]; however, like the rest of Fairy Tail, she comes back. She activates Satan Soul and attempts to fight Acnologia. When Acnologia flies into the air and prepares to use some sort of Dragon Breath, the Fairy Tail members hold hands and give all their Magic Power to Freed in an attempt to negate the attack, but they fail and Tenrou Island is destroyed.[82]

X791 arc

Payback - Fairy Tail style.

Mirajane, along with the others, returns to the Fairy Tail Guild after being found by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. The returning Fairy Tail members are warmly welcomed back by Romeo.[83]

Later, Mirajane and Erza accompany Makarov to the Twilight Ogre Guild to pay them back, though it isn't for money. The three of them proceed to fight the entire guild.[84]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

Team Fairy Tail B

After the guild decides to join the Grand Magic Games, Mirajane, together with her teammates Elfman, Lisanna and Cana, hike out to the mountain to train and enhance their power.[98] Upon returning from this training, Mirajane is chosen by Makarov to be part of Fairy Tail's Team B, along with Laxus, Gajeel, Juvia and Jellal Fernandes (disguised as Mystogan). She accepts after the offer prompts her to imagine Erza obeying her.[99] The team ultimately bests Fairy Tail's Team A and places second in the preliminary rounds, defeated only by Team Sabertooth.[100]

As the Grand Magic Games start, the first event, Hidden, is announced. Gray enters the event and loses, and when the battles start, both Lucy and Jellal lose as well. Later, Mirajane, along with the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild, heads to a local bar to celebrate Fairy Tail's terrible loss on the first day of the Grand Magic Games, and she and Erza each promise each other to do their best.[101]

During the events of the second day, Chariot, everyone notices Natsu, Gajeel and Sting experiencing motion sickness as they're Dragon slayers. Mirajane wonders if Laxus also experiences such problems, to which he tells her not to say anything.[102] As Natsu proclaims their entrance in the game is for their comrades, and as he and Gajeel win points for their teams, Mirajane smiles at them.[103]

During the second match of the day's battle portion, when Elfman is called to battle Bacchus, Mirajane is shocked. She feels uneasy upon hearing Bacchus' wager in his and Elfman's bet.[104] But upon her brother's victory, she expresses relief and happiness.[105]

Mirajane posing in a swimsuit

In the next match, Mirajane is selected to fight against Team Blue Pegasus' reserve member, Jenny Realight.[106] The match begins but it quickly turns into a swimsuit contest much to the delight of dozens of males in the stadium.[107]

Mirajane defeats Jenny

After modeling for a short while, the two talk and Mirajane suggests that they end their match peacefully. They do several more poses and both gain tying points in their contest. Jenny then makes a bet: the loser will have to appear nude in the next Sorcerer Magazine, which Mirajane accepts. When Jenny enters her battle mode, Mirajane responds by transforming into Satan Soul: Sitri and quickly defeats her, gaining 10 points for her team. She then tells an upset Jenny that she'll be looking forward to seeing her in her birthday suit.[108] After the match, Mirajane says that she felt a bit embarrassed, while her teammates congratulate her, with Natsu (in his corner) saying that she is as strong as she was before.[109]

During the third day's battle portion, Mirajane is extremely surprised to see what seems to be Laxus getting beaten around by "Alexei."[110] She later expresses shock when she sees Laxus disappear and another Laxus popping up out of nowhere, with Raven Tail's members defeated and "Alexei" exposed as Ivan Dreyar. When Laxus is declared the winner, she is visibly pleased.[111]

After Laxus's victory over Raven Tail, Wendy and Chelia's match begins. At some point during the battle, Wendy succeeds in countering Chelia's powerful Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, and Mirajane explains Chelia's Magic effect; she says that Chelia has the ability to cure her own injuries but cannot recover from her fatigue. Carla continues the explanation, saying that Wendy has the ability to recover fatigue and so she boosted Chelia's stamina to change the course of Chelia's attack.[112]

Jenny pulls off Mirajane's top

Later, Mirajane and the other Fairy Tail members head off to Ryuzetsu Land.[113] While there, she is confronted by Blue Pegasus member Jenny who proceeds to rip off the top of Mirajane's bathing suit, as revenge for beating her in their previous battle. Mirajane retaliates by pulling down the bottom of Jenny's bathing suit, exposing her.[114] Later that day the other Fairy Tail members are seen partying at a local bar for their successful day.[115] She smiles as she watches Lisanna being forced by Natsu to barrel surf.[116]

During the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, Mirajane is seen asking how Juvia got pushed out of the water sphere when she got distracted.[117] Later, Mirajane and Juvia come to the infirmary to check on Lucy. She guesses that Lucy has fallen asleep while hugging her keys. When Makarov arrives and says that they have to combine Team A and B, Mirajane asks why, to which he replies that since Team Raven Tail was disqualified, the guilds are uneven.[118] When the new Fairy Tail team comes out, Mirajane says that this is the real meaning of the strongest team.[119]

Mirajane watches the fight

As Natsu and Gajeel from the newly formed Team Fairy Tail enter the arena to battle Sabertooth's Sting and Rogue, Mirajane, alongside her guild mates, watches the match with confidence.[120] The fierce battle between the Dragon Slayers takes place with both sides intensely fighting for the win. When Sting uses his Holy Nova, Mirajane is shocked by the impact the explosion causes.[121]

As the battle continues, Mirajane is shocked to hear Sting say to Rogue that he alone is enough to beat both Natsu and Gajeel.[122] Later, she anxiously watches with the rest of the guild to see the outcome of Natsu's battle.[123] Mirajane is filled with joy when Natsu defeats Sabertooth's Sting and Rogue, placing team Fairy Tail in the lead with 45 points.[124]

After hearing about Lucy's arrest by the Fiore Army, Mirajane listens as the Mages discuss the situation.[125] While wondering about Lucy's arrest, Erza questions why the kingdom only arrested her and not the others, to which Mirajane replies that it'd be suspicious if they, as participants in the games, were arrested and didn't appear. As Makarov gives his take on the situation, Mirajane listens in.[126] The next day, while Team Fairy Tail heads out for the final day of the games, Mirajane goes with Natsu, Wendy, Happy, Carla and Pantherlily on a mission to rescue Lucy.[127]

Mirajane gets the others into the castle

On the way to Mercurius, Mirajane notes that the last fight of the games is about to start. While wondering about how to get into the castle unnoticed, the group puts on costumes as envisioned by Happy to disguise themselves. Mirajane considers the idea and puts on a hockey mask, but this is ultimately discarded.[128] Some time later, Mirajane disguises herself as a palace guard and "captures" Wendy and Natsu, effectively sneaking all of them into the palace under the guise of putting them in the dungeon.[129] Eventually, Mirajane and the others locate Lucy and Yukino in one of the cells. Upon finding them Natsu breaks down the door to free them both. Outside the cell, the floor collapses beneath Mirajane and the others, sending them down into an underground cavern known as "Abyss Palace."[130] They begin looking around the place, searching for a way out.[131]

Mirajane notices how Yukino resembles Lisanna

As the Exceed try finding a way out, Mirajane comments on how the kingdom captured them as they came to rescue their captured friend. As the others discuss the events, Mirajane points out to Lucy how Yukino resembles Lisanna, while telling Yukino that Lisanna is her sister.[132] As a passage is found, Mirajane squeezes through and comes across a wounded Arcadios, who tells her and the rest to escape as they are attacked by a large shadowy figure. As more figures appear, Arcadios identifies them as the Garou Knights, executors working with the kingdom.[133] Mirajane and her friends prepare to fight.

Mirajane alone with Kamika

Despite Natsu's laughter and lack of worry, Mirajane hears Arcadios warn the team that the Magic the knights use is created for killing people. As the team prepares to battle the knights, Mirajane notes it to be an opportunity to have them reveal the exit when they win. Once the battle begins, Mirajane activates her Satan Soul: Sitri and saves Wendy, who is targeted and nearly swallowed up by Cosmos' plant technique.[134] Soon after, Cosmos and Kamika activate their combination attack, which nearly sucks the Mages inside. Working together, Mirajane, Pantherlily and Natsu use their Magic to destroy the technique, creating a large explosion as a result.[135] In the aftermath, Mirajane finds herself separated from everybody else. Calling out worriedly for Lucy and Yukino, Mirajane is told by Kamika, who ended up in the same area as her, that she shouldn't look away from her.[136]

Mirajane getting power during battle

As they begin fighting, Mirajane is attacked by Kamika's Paper Blizzard: Green Dance. Though she tries holding her breath as it surrounds her, Kamika reveals that the green paper is the God of poison, causing Mirajane to fully realize that the knights truly are trying to kill them.[137] As she continues to struggle, Kamika suggests that Mirajane simply end it by dying. Mirajane replies by stating Magic shouldn't be used to kill people, though it is needed to protect others. She then explains that when people are looking, she holds back, but that when she's alone, she can release her full power. To Kamika's surprise, Mirajane then inhales the poison, which she calls a treat for a Demon such as herself.[138] Going forward, Mirajane attacks Kamika, sending her crashing through the walls of the underground and eventually to the same place where the other defeated knights lay. With this, Mirajane also reunites with the rest of the rescue team.[139]

Mirajane meets future Lucy

With the knights beaten, the team tries finding a way out of Abyss Palace. As they walk, Mirajane asks Loke how he came, to which he states he jumped. Soon after, Mirajane looks on as the group comes across a door which opens as they walk towards it. Suspecting it to be a trap, Mirajane and the rest stay back as a hooded figure appears.[140] Natsu asks the figure who they are, at which point the figure begins crying and apologizing, asking for strength. Curious, Mirajane stays back before the figure reveals herself[141] The figure is shown to be Lucy from the future, greatly surprising Mirajane. As she begins to talk about something that will happen to the country, she suddenly collapses. Mirajane talks to the Lucy of the present, who expresses feelings of being creeped out by another of her.[142] Later, while trying to find a way out of the castle, Mirajane and the others end up getting lost. She cheerfully comments on how bothersome it is, before reminding her Guildmates that they need to maintain a good outlook with their King, since they're still in the Games. Soon after, the future Lucy awakens after having collapsed earlier and she begins to explain her situation with everyone.[143]

Mirajane leaves to look for Yukino

Mirajane becomes worried as the Lucy from the future reveals that a herd of ten thousand Dragons will attack the country. She listens as the present Lucy doubts that the others will believe this, and Natsu assures her that they won’t. When the future Lucy expresses hesitation at Carla’s question about the future, Mirajane is stunned to think that they will die. When asked about the Eclipse, she reveals that she arrived on the fourth of July, and Mirajane states that she thought the Eclipse could take a person further back in time. The future Lucy tells them to meet Jellal by using an underground passage, as he should be thinking of a strategy. As she apologizes for not having one, Mirajane looks on as Natsu comes close to future Lucy's face and thanks for the information.[144] While going through the underground, the group is confronted by the army. Rather than fight, Mirajane leaves to look for Arcadios and Yukino when she notices the latter is missing, telling everyone to be careful as she runs off.[145]

Mirajane comforting Yukino

Desperate, Mirajane begins to look for Yukino all over the spacious castle. [146] She eventually finds the former Sabertooth Mage leaning up against a wall, demanding at first to know what she was doing there, before beckoning for Yukino to come with her. As Yukino tearfully replies that she can't, as no matter who she travels with, misfortune is always one step behind her, Mirajane kindly replies that none of her friends at Fairy Tail ever blame others for their troubles, and embraces the former Sabertooth Mage. She tells her that it is okay, as everyone exists for a reason, and that no matter how small Yukino's might be, she still has one. [147]

Later, as Lucy attempts to close the Eclipse Gate in order to get rid of the Dragons, Mirajane and Yukino arrive, with the latter combining her keys with Lucy and summoning all 12 Zodiac Spirits to close the door. Mirajane then notices Future Rogue, who arrives to the place noting that there are 7 Dragons present. When he announces the beginning of the Dragon age, Mirajane questions his motives, but receives no real reply.[148]

Mirajane witnesses Zirconis' Magic

Mirajane and those near the castle are confronted by Zirconis, a Dragon whose soul was met by several Fairy Tail Mages previously. Wendy attempts to talk to him but the beast uses a breath attack which Mirajane protects her from by getting her down to the ground. Mirajane and the rest are shocked to see that the attack did not hurt anyone, rather, it vaporized the clothes of the soldiers and several others, with Mirajane referring to it as the first time she's seen something so pitiful.[149]

Mirajane and Wendy confront Zirconis

With Lucy's clothes being vaporized as well, Zirconis laughs at Wendy's resolve to defeat him. As he kidnaps Lucy, Mirajane readies to attack, supported by Wendy's Arms X Vernier, however, they are thrown away by Zirconis' shock wave. She then transforms into her Satan Soul: Sitri form and attacks Zirconis. Her attack is proven to be ineffective, however, it works as a diversion as Wendy is able to land a hit with her Sky Dragon's Roar. Annoyed, Zirconis then throws Lucy into the air, and while Happy flies after her, Mirajane and Wendy claim that they will deal with Zirconis,[150] and the two Mages stay and face him in an aerial battle.[151]

Later, after Ultear uses Last Ages to rewind the time, Mirajane is seen fighting Motherglare's Hatchlings, when she suddenly states that she has just seen a glimpse of the future, with Evergreen claiming that she has also had such sensation.[152] After the Gate's destruction, Mirajane remains bewildered by her vicinity alongside the Thunder God Tribe, looking on as the Hatchlings and the Dragons disappear from their timeline.[153]

Mirajane arrives at the Great Banquet

Several days after the battle with the Dragons, Mirajane, in a dressing room with Lucy, Wendy, Lisanna and Yukino, consoles an embarrassed Yukino about her appearance, stating that she looks gorgeous in her dress.[154] Shortly thereafter, Mirajane and the others leave the dressing room and arrive at the Royal Palace where they are greeted by Elfman; Mirajane and her two siblings then converse at a nearby table.[155] Mirajane then later accompanies Yukino as she approaches Sting and Rogue and looks at her with concern when she tries to leave after they notice her presence. Curious, Mirajane listens as Sting apologizes to Yukino for the way he and Sabertooth treated her; her curiosity turns to shock when Sting asks for Yukino to rejoin their guild, and even more so when an extremely drunk Kagura comes over to the group, demanding for Yukino to join Mermaid Heel instead.[156]

Mirajane smiles at Yukino

All the teams from the Grand Magic Games soon speak up about Yukino joining their respective guilds and get into a fight, causing the young girl to break down in tears. Seeing this, Mirajane consoles the Celestial Spirit Mage, asking her not to cry; Yukino turns her head and smiles at Mirajane in spite of the tears streaming down her face, proclaiming herself to be happy, prompting Mirajane to smile back at Yukino, stating that she's glad that Yukino was finally able to smile and that she now has many different places to call home.[157] Afterwards, everyone returns to their guilds. When Fairy Tail arrives to Magnolia, they are greeted by a mass of people happy with their victory in the Games. As Mirajane walks through the crowd waving and smiling at the people, they call her name.[158]

Sun Village arc

Mirajane takes a bath with the girls

Following their return, Mirajane sings as she takes a bath with the Fairy Tail girls. She comments on the recent increase of job requests Fairy Tail has received since their victory over at the Grand Magic Games, revealing that she is completely busy and does not know where to start. She then reassures Lisanna when she finds it odd that Natsu and Gray went out on a mission together, claiming that they started to treat themselves better recently. She keeps on bathing as Flare enters their bath-house and reveals to the crowd of girls that Raven Tail in no more.[159]

Tartarus arc

Mirajane and Erza head out

After Team Natsu, along with Wendy and Carla, returns to Fairy Tail, Mirajane is asked by Macao and the others to bring out the alcohol.[160] She, in conjunction with several Fairy Tail Mages, stares in amazement at the gates when a frantically screaming Jet walks in claiming to bring with him terrible news.[161] Mirajane, with the rest of the guild, later watches as Porlyusica walks out of the infirmary and informs them that the defeated Laxus, Yajima and Thunder God Tribe are in critical condition and may not make a full recovery. She then holds Lisanna close to her as Makarov lies to Freed about the casualties involving the village they fought Tempesta in.[162]

Soon after the locations of several former council member are made known, the Fairy Tail Mages head out to become their protection. As preparations are made, Mirajane looks over Laxus as he rests in bed. Having heard what he did from Freed, she tells Laxus that he cares a great deal for his friends and they will remember his courage.[163] After discovering the former chairman's address, Mirajane and Erza quickly head to his location on top of a reindeer.[164] They shortly stop on their way to take a break, with Mirajane mentioning that Jellal is surely a target as well. Erza, however, states that Jellal can defend himself on his own.[165]

File:Mirajane wipes out Tartarus pawns.png

Mirajane fights the intruders

The two eventually reach the home of Crawford Seam, the former chairman of Magic Council. Mirajane enjoys herself with a cup of tea before the ex-chairman questions their purpose for coming. Mirajane apologizes for the guild looking for him and his adress and Crawford proceeds to recall the past when he used to deal with Fairy Tail. Mirajane interrupts this and Crawford eventually reveals that nor himself neither the three ex-councilors that are supposed to protect the Face know of its location. Suddenly, Mirajane and Erza notice someone's presence and knowing it's the attackers, they tell Crawford to return to his room while they face the intruders, with Mirajane using Satan Soul to battle them. The two, fighting as a team for the first time, eventually defeat the enemies, although they find it odd that no strong opponent was sent to kill the former chairman. At that moment, Mirajane and Erza fall down unconscious and Crawford proceeds to take them, while announcing to Kyouka that two subjects have been captured.[166] Mirajane and Erza are then taken to the Tartarus HQ and while the latter is tortured for information, Mirajane is forced to undergo Kyouka's transformation process in order to become the Demon's slave, much to Erza's horror.[167]

Mirajane wakes up

Mirajane, unconscious, later appears in one of Kyouka's facilities. Lamy, a Demon from Kyouka's squad, states that even though she doesn't care about girls, she might modify Mirajane's body and proceeds to threaten her, claiming that her pretty face will be no more after she's done with her.[168] As she is about to do so, Mirajane regains consciousness and breaks from the facility, much to Lamy's shock and horror. Mirajane reveals that she already possesses Demon Particles and Lamy trying to insert them into her body just caused her to wake up.[169]

As she wanders around, Mirajane is found by Lisanna, who quickly rushes to her side and hugs her. Questioning what Lisanna is doing in Tartarus, Mirajane is shocked to hear that both she and Elfman were captured. Before the duo can act, both women are approached by Sayla, who states that Elfman was possessed and made to blow up the Fairy Tail Guild; however, before they can stress, the Demon continues that she miscalculated, as Elfman failed to kill anyone at all. With Mirajane and Lisanna relaxing to hear that their friends are safe, Sayla suddenly becomes glaringly angry, stating that she will take Mirajane's life as compensation for her embarrassment. Realizing Sayla is the one who harmed her siblings, Mirajane glares straight back demonically.[170]

Magic and Abilities

Take Over (接収, テイクオーバー, Teiku Ōbā): Mirajane is a skilled user of Take Over, a type of Magic which, as the name suggests, allows her to take over the powers and abilities of particular creatures she really "knows". She shares such Magic with her siblings Elfman and Lisanna, something which made them known as the "Take Over Siblings". The particular, signature form she employs is called Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru).[171]

Satan Soul

  • Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru): Satan Soul is a very powerful spell, as well as the source of her epithet "The Demon" (魔人 Majin). Satan Soul allows her to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of a demonic being. When she activated it for the first time after two years of abstinence, she released a large Magical blast which destroyed the surrounding area. Satan Soul is initiated by seemingly covering Mirajane’s body in flat, square-shaped scales-like parts, which subsequently disappear, revealing her new appearance.[172] In such state, her eyes become darker and her eyelashes grow longer, with a dark, thin marking in a light zigzag-style crossing her right eye vertically; similar markings are present above her right breast and on both of her bare thighs. Her hair becomes wilder, jutting upwards and getting curlier, with the front ponytail growing longer, and her ears enlarge, extending backwards, and gain pointed edges, bearing resemblance to those of fictional elves. She also gains sharp canine teeth, and her lips become covered in dark lipstick. Her forearms and hands receive noticeable changes, becoming covered in scales, and each sprouting a fin-like protrusion on its outer side. She also grows a large, stocky tail, seemingly made of metal plates or scales, getting smaller and smaller near its end. Her clothes also changes, with any attire she might be donning being replaced by a dark, skimpy one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of her belly, wide cleavage and upper back too. Such cloth has lighter-colored edges taking on spiky shapes, and her similarly spiky collar is tied around the neck by a cravat tie. Her shoulders are tied in some thin belts protruding from her one-piece suit, and her feet are covered by matching, high-heeled thigh-high boots, which are decorated by lighter motifs on their upper parts, taking on the shapes of jagged blades pointing downwards on the front of her legs, and on the lower parts, in correspondence to her ankles and feet. She also dons a pair of gauntlets covering the back parts of her transformed arms.[173] Using this spell is extremely exhausting for Mirajane, so much that she cannot execute it in consecutive reprises.[174] However, after her 3-month training in X791, she was shown to be able employ her Satan Soul: Sitri (which Erza commented on being one of her strongest) twice and her Satan Soul once within the span of a few hours or even less, without any signs of fatigue.[175][176][177] In order to utilize her Satan Soul form, Mirajane's body possesses the same Demon Particles found in the the bodies of Tartarus' artificial Demons, resulting in an immunity to any physical alterations and a unique means of recovery.[178]
File:Mira stops Elfman's punch.jpg

Mirajane's strength

  • Immense Strength: When employing her demonic powers, Mirajane's strength is increased to the point where she can easily break through solid rock with her punches.[179] When her fist clashed with Freed’s own demonic form, a powerful shockwave was generated, which destroyed the ground below them.[180] She was also able to block a punch from Elfman while he was in Full-Body Take Over with one hand.[181]
  • Flight: In this form, Mirajane is capable of sprouting a pair of wings from her back at whim, which allow her to fly. Such wings are reminiscent of a bat’s, and come with small spike-like protrusions on their upper edges.[182]
  • Enhanced Durability: This form increases Mirajane's natural durability, allowing her to take multiple powerful explosions in consecutive reprises, emerging almost unscathed and remaining active to continue the battle.[183]
  • Enhanced Speed: While in this form, Mirajane's speed increases to the point where, after sprouting her wings, she could easily deliver a powerful punch to Freed, even with the help of his own wings, and a large distance between them, before he could react.[182] During her fight with Azuma, she could similarly deliver a powerful kick into his stomach before he had the chance to react.[184]
  • Poison Resistance: Mirajane's resistance against poison increases while in this form, where she could even inhale poison gas while calling it a "treat".[185]

Satan Soul: Halphas

  • Satan Soul: Halphas (ハルファス Harufasu): A Satan Soul form that allows the user to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of the Demon Halphas. This spell is so powerful that Mirajane was able to destroy an entire city using it. Because of its destructive power, Makarov Dreyar has forbidden her from using the spell.[186] While using this spell, Mirajane gains ears that are covered by long sky blue scales, extending backwards, which have pointed edges. She also gains similar scale-like armor in her forearms and hands as well as in her legs. Mirajane also grows a large, sky blue, stocky tail seemingly made of metal plates or scales. Her clothes also change, with any attire she might be donning being replaced by a light blue and dark blue, one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of her stomach, wide cleavage, and upper back. This Satan Soul form also dons two angel-like wings that are always pointing upwards.[186]
  • Flight: In this form, through the use of a pair of wings that are reminiscent of an angel's, the user is capable of flight.[186]
  • Enhanced Speed: While in this form, the user's speed increases dramatically, to the point where it can even surpass the speed of Satan Soul.[186]
  • Enhanced Durability: While employing this form, Mirajane's durability has increased tremendously, to the point that she can withstand multiple physical attacks from Racer and then continue fighting.[97]
  • Immense Strength: When employing this form, the user's strength is increased to the point where they can easily break through large amounts of solid rock with ease.[186] While using this form, Mirajane Strauss was able to block a punch from her own Satan Soul form, that was being used by Mary Hughes, with one hand.[186]

Satan Soul: Sitri

  • Satan Soul: Sitri (シュトリ Shutori): This is, to the best of Erza Scarlet's knowledge, Mirajane's most powerful spell, that allows her to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of a demonic being. When she activates this technique, her clothes are replaced by a geometric printed body suit with a blue and white dress coat adorned by an over-sized black collar supported by two belts which corsets her waist and a black cape.[187] She grows horns on the side of her head and she also grows a lot more hair. She also grows a pair of claws and royal blue markings appear on her legs.[188] She is surrounded by flames which her feet seem to be merged to.[188]
    • Flames: While in such form, the flames spreading from the user's feet can seemingly be employed to attack foes, making melee attacks performed by the user more dangerous due to a trail of fire remaining where he/she strikes, which can inflict further damage upon targets.[189]
    • Immense Speed: While in such form, Mirajane was able to quickly attack and defeat Jenny without the latter being able to counter nor dodge it.[189]
    • Immense Strength: While employing this form, Mirajane's strength increases to such a point that she can easily destroy Cosmos' Flytrap with one arm.[190]
    • Flight: While using Sitri, Mirajane has the ability to fly, most likely by using the flames on her feet as jets of some sort.[191]

Cosmic Beam: While using Satan Soul: Halphas, Mirajane charges cosmic-like energy that is fired towards the target and creates a massive explosion.[186] (Unnamed)

Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Mirajane has proven herself to be a skilled user of Darkness Magic. She was able to deactivate Freed Justine's Dark Écriture: Darkness and defeat him with the use of it.[192] She was also able to use it to aid her in keeping the upper hand in her match with Elfman and Evergreen.[181]

  • Darkness Stream: Mirajane extends her hand towards the opponent and summons forth her Magic Seal underneath her opponent, where a multitude of large tendrils composed of dark energy is formed, which surround and envelope the opponent. It was used against Freed, who evaded it, thus leaving its full effects unknown.[193]

Mirajane using Soul Extinction

  • Soul Extinction: Mirajane initiates this attack by gathering energy from the surrounding area between her hands, which subsequently takes the form of a large, black globe. The globe then fires a large black-purple beam that generates a devastating explosion. This spell was strong enough to defeat Freed, who no longer had his Dark Écriture: Darkness and Dark Écriture: Wings spells active after its blast.[192] This spell is unnamed in the manga, but it was given a name in the anime.[193] There also seems to be a variety to it, in which the sphere, seemingly created faster, is focused around Mirajane's hands and forearms and shot in a less powerful, yet still destructive blast.[194]
  • Evil Explosion (Darkness Magic) (エビル エクスプロージョン Ebiru Ekusupurōjon): Mirajane holds her hands together and a dark colored sphere gathers on her palm. When fired, it is fired from Mirajane's hand. The receding explosion is devastating. This spell was powerful enough to almost completely destroy Azuma's Tree Shield. However he himself received little to no damage. In the manga, the spell is unnamed, but it received a name in the anime.[195]
  • Demon Blast: A large ball of dark energy is charged between Mirajane's hands, from which a dark purple beam is fired towards the target.[196]
  • Evil Push: The user raises his/her hand quickly, creating a black-purple Magic Seal to appear next to the opponent, which is then blasted in the opposite direction..[186] (Unnamed)
  • Satanic Blast: The user raises her hand above her head and starts charging Darkness Magic in the form of a sphere that grows larger as it charges. The user then aims her hand at the target, sending a large blast at the target that then becomes a huge pillar of Darkness Magic covering the entire area.[197] (Unnamed)

Water Magic (水の魔法 Mizu no Mahō): Through the use of the immense Magic Power, Mirajane was shown capable of freely manipulating the surrounding water.[198]

  • Evil Explosion (エビル エクスプロージョン Ebiru Ekusupurōjon): Using her Magic Power as a medium, Mirajane lifts a body of water, even one as big as a river, with her arms, and then starts rotating, sending the water flying towards her foe in a powerful whirlpool.[198] This spell, which remains unnamed in the manga, was given a name in the anime.[193]

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): Mirajane has the ability to utilize lightning-based attacks while in Satan Soul.[193]

  • Evil Spark: A melee spell in which Mirajane extends both of her hands to touch the opponent, subsequently channeling electricity through them.[193]

Mirajane transforming into Lucy

Transformation (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō): Mirajane is very skilled in the use of Transformation Magic, which is considered one of her specialties.[1] She has been shown capable of transforming separate parts of her body instead of it all,[47] and she is able to perform Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Transformations with ease. When taking on the appearance of animals, she retains some features of her human form, such as her signature front ponytail and her womanly eyelashes.[199]

Sleep Magic (眠りの魔法 Nemuri no Mahō): Mirajane has shown skill with Sleep Magic. She was able to easily put Lucy to sleep in a moment during the battle between the Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.[200]

  • Dream Knock: Mirajane creates bubble-like bullets and sends them rushing towards her opponent(s). Upon contact, her opponent is put to sleep.[201]

Keen Intellect: Despite her seemingly absent-minded personality, Mirajane has displayed a clever intellect, and, most importantly, a deep knowledge of Magic and its related world. She was able to understand how the Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II's spell, Abyss Break, worked after observing it for just a short moment.[202]

Enhanced Endurance: Despite being out of battle for over two years, Mirajane has been shown to be very resilient. After employing her exhausting Satan Soul to battle Elfman and Evergreen during the first phase of the S-Class Trial, Mirajane was able to use it again and keep it active during her fight with Azuma.[203] After her 3-month training, she was shown to employ her Satan Soul: Sitri (which Erza commented on being one of her strongest) twice and her Satan Soul once within the span of a few hours or even less, without any fatigue shown at all.[204][205][206]

Enhanced Durability: Mirajane has shown herself to be a durable combatant. She was able to be hit by Azuma's explosions and still remain active to continue the battle.[207] Despite being battle worn from facing Elfman and Evergreen and then going on to face Azuma, Mirajane was able to survive after taking the brunt of Azuma's 180-Second Time Bomb for her sister, Lisanna, although she was knocked unconscious.[208]

Enhanced Strength: In her younger years, Mirajane was shown capable of easily breaking a large table in two with a simple downward movement of her hand placed vertically, even without the aid of Satan Soul.[209]

Immense Magic Power: As an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, Mirajane possesses an enormous amount of Magic Power. When she first activated Satan Soul after two years of dormancy, her Magic Power completely destroyed the ground around Mirajane in a wide area.[210] It is also great enough for Mirajane to lift and manipulate an entire river, something which Freed, an S-Class candidate, found incredible.[198] When exerted it is purple in color.[193] Azuma also commented that he felt a great amount of Magic Power from her.[211]

Mirajane fighting against Azuma

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Mirajane has proven herself proficient in close combat with the aid of Satan Soul, employing such style as her main form of offense.[212][213] She was shown capable of clashing with Azuma with extremely fast and accurate strikes, matching him evenly despite the latter’s use of his explosions alongside hand-to-hand combat.[214]


Appearances in Other Media


Special Mission: Beware of Guys Who Show a Keen Interest!

As Mirajane is cleaning dishes by the bar, she sees a bored Lucy. She suggests to Lucy go on an assignment, to which Lucy responds that she is already on a team with Natsu. Mirajane then tells Lucy that her and Natsu seem to get along really well, almost as if they were a couple. Mirajane further teases Lucy by telling her that Natsu probably has feelings for her. Lucy tells Mirajane that even if Natsu was indeed interested in her, she still wouldn't accept.[254]

As Lucy visits the bar again, Mirajane tells her that Gray may have a thing for her, to which Lucy requests to just leave her in peace.[255]

Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan

During class, after Happy fails to stand atop the platform to start his lesson, Mirajane assists him and kindly notes that if he ever needs help, he should just say so. After Happy contemplates over the convenience of growing wings, Mirajane mentions that he could climb up the platform if he did indeed have wings.[256]

Mira-Sensei's Transforming Magic Class

At the guild, Lucy decides that she wants to learn new magic in order to better herself on missions and asks Mirajane for help. Mirajane then asks Lucy if she wants to learn Transformation Magic, Lucy says yes, and Natsu and Happy chime in. Mirajane explains that even though Transformation Magic is a deep and a complex art, they can learn to use it on a basic level. Mirajane begins to demonstrate the basic level of transformation magic by transforming into Erza in which her clothes don't change. She then transforms her clothes to Erza's armor, saying clothes transformation is the intermediate level. Natsu, Lucy and Happy are amazed by this and Happy says that Mirajane looks like the real thing. Mirajane then smiles and scares Natsu by doing an Erza expression, glaring at him and saying not to pick fights with Gray. While Natsu hides behind lucy scared, Lucy happily says that even the voice is perfect, to which Mirajane explains that getting into character of the transformation is a very important aspect. Mirajane then goes on to explain that once you proceed up to an advance level, you transform accordingly to change size, gain new abilities, and even give a fighting advantage in battle. She also transforms into a fox, bird and a fish.[257]

Mirajane says that the advanced level will be difficult for the three of them and they should start with the basics for now. She then tells Natsu and Lucy to transform into each other after they get a good look of each other and to built up a proper image. Mirajane also explains to them that transformation are easier, and turn out better if you transform to the person you know the best. She tells them to get ready, saying that they should picture themselves as the other person and concentrate, build up Magic Power and release it into the pictured image. When Lucy gets disappointed of not transforming, Mirajane tell her that it might be difficult for a Holder-type Mage. As Natsu successfully transforms into Lucy, while wearing his clothes. Mirajanes praises her student's success. Lucy then laments to Mirajane as Natsu touches "his" chest, saying that its embarrassing and is like sexual harassment. Mirajane wonders if it really is that bad and awkward since they been such good friends, Lucy responds by saying that it is. After Happy's "successful" transformation of Lucy. Mirajane transforms wearing a bikini and tells the men in a filthy pose and tone that they should make do with her for now, making the men happier.[258]

Natsu and the Dragon Egg

At the guild's archive, Mirajane is organizing things with Lucy. Lucy falls down the ladder, causing multiple stuff to fall. As Lucy gets up,she discovers a photo that features younger version of most of the members in Fairy Tail, and including Natsu riding a blue dragons. Mirajane takes a look at the photo and begins to tell the story to Lucy about the picture, which was taken place six years ago prior to Lucy joining the guild.[259]

In the story,during the year X778, as a young Erza enters the room. Seeing this a young Mirajane, dressed in Goth-like clothes, challenges her to a fight and is seen fighting with her. A few days later in the story, at the guild,Macao and Wakaba are taking about Natsu and Lisanna hatching the egg down by a little base by the park. Hearing their conversation Mirajane with fierce anger destroys the table between the two and says that she is furious about Lisanna not coming home and being with Natsu, who she deems as a member of "Erza Group". [260]

As Natsu and Lisanna are looking for their egg. Lisanna asks Mirajane is she has seen the egg, she responds that she hasn't but asks Natsu if he didn't eat it and forgot about it causing a fight between the two.[261]

The Day of the Fateful Encounter

As Lucy tells Natsu and Happy that she had a appointment with a guy tonight that, who ask her out to dinner and leaving the two disappointed. Mirajane tells Lucy that the two were going to surprise her because today was her birthday.[262]

Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

At the Request board, Lucy finds a request about a female applicant finding a certain object for the client but there is no reward given. Mirajane notices that it is not recorded on the Acceptance of orders book either and asks Lucy to investigate.[263]

Rainbow Sakura

Along with the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild, Mirajane participates in the Hanami festival, a traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms.[264]

Whose Clothes Are These?

During the chaotic session of attire exchange amongst the guild members, Mirajane is seen happily wearing Juvia's attire.[265]

Fairies' Penalty Game

As Makarov declares Team Fairy Tail B as the victors and soon lets them have a go at picking who they want. Mirajane rapidly takes Erza. Erza wearing a maid outfit, states that if all she has to do is to wear said outfit it will be a piece of cake. However, Mirajane warns Erza not to underestimate her and tells her to put on a little bit more shame, through Erza said its impossible. Mirajane quickly enough thinks of way to make the situation embarrassing for Erza, coming up with the idea of tying her hands and feet calling it "maid being punished by the master" situation. A second later Mirajane orders her to say "Please forgive me master", which Erza refuse to do so. Mirajane then transform into her Satan Soul, Mirajane spanks Erza as she called her a peasant maid.[266]

As Lucy thinks that her punishment is over, Gajeel reassure her and tells her that Mirajane will be taking care of her now. Mirajane holding Erza as she is sitting in her throne saying in a evil grin that Lucy will be joining them.[267]

The next day, Mirajane is seen being spanked by Erza and tells her that it's her turn to do as she please.[268]

Welcome Back, Frosch

Due to Rufus and Orga talk about how their guild was the only one with a pool, Makarov sneezes while the members of his guild enjoy Fairy Tail's pool. Mirajane is then seen wearing her swimsuit and asking him if he was okay. [269]


Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Mirajane sunbathing

As Lucy is trying to decide which job to take from the request board, she sees a job that says a reward will not be given. She thinks it is a joke as Mirajane appears to confirm there is no record of the job, and asks Lucy to go to the Fairy Tail female dormitory, Fairy Hills, to confirm it. Later on as the boys are cleaning the pool, Mirajane is sunbathing by the side of the pool. After the boys destroy the pool, Mirajane scolds Master Makarov for losing his swimsuit.[270]

Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!

Mirajane captured

Lucy transfers to Fairy Academy, where Mirajane is in her class. Mirajane helps their homeroom teacher, Happy, get up to his desk when he is having trouble because of his short height. During lunch break, Mirajane eats with the other girls of the Academy and also discusses with them about the Courage Academy challenging them to a fight. After school, the next day, a fight breaks out between the students of the Courage Academy and the Fairy Academy, and Mirajane is used as a hostage. After the fight ends and the other students free her, they all go out for karaoke together.[271]

Memory Days

Mirajane and a younger version of herself appeared in the third OVA, Memory Days. Her older self is seen, at the opening of the episode, informing Wendy who is looking for Natsu that he is helping Erza and the others at the Guild's library. Seeing that Wendy is carrying Natsu's muffler surprises her that Natsu could forget about his most precious item. Her younger self is seen harassing Macao and Wakaba while telling them that she stole and ate Erza's cake, in the hopes of she could pick a fight with her. While Erza thinks that Gray and Natsu were the ones who took her cake, causing young Mirajane to think that she beat her this time.[272]

The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land

Mirajane has her top ripped off

After the third day of the Grand Magic Games, the members of Fairy Tail decide to visit a resort in Crocus. Arriving with the rest of the guild, Mirajane and Lisanna feel bad about not inviting Elfman, even though, outside their knowledge, he has snuck out of the infirmary to go with Evergreen. As the two walk around, Mirajane is suddenly approached by Jenny, who rips off her bikini top as payback for their battle the day before. Unimpressed, Mirajane returns the favour and quickly pulls Jenny's bottoms down, much to the pleasure of those watching. Over their little tiff, Mirajane, Jenny and Lisanna then go to get some drinks, and sit chatting until Natsu uses his Dragon Slayer Magic and accidentally blows the resort sky high, sending all the woman flying.[273]

Video Games

Fairy Tail Portable Guild

Mirajane Strauss with the other playable characters in the game

Mirajane appears as a playable character in the first Fairy Tail Video Game, Fairy Tail Portable Guild, and is playable only if you unlock her through quests.[274] She has no element, though she does have a purple Take Over crest, and she possesses the following Spells in the game:

Her Satan Soul transformation and the spells that come with the transformation were only released as a special event and obtaining a password to unlock them.

Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2

Mirajane Strauss is a playable character in the sequel to Fairy Tail Portable Guild, Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2. She is unlocked through quests.[275]

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Mirajane's render in Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

In the video-game Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, Mirajane Strauss is a playable character.[276] In this game, She possesses the following moves:

  • Main: Dark Explosion (魔光滅 Dāku Ekusupurōjon)
  • Sub 1: Somersault Tail (サマーソルトテイル Samāsoruto Teiru)
  • Sub 2: Dark Cutter (魔空滅 Dāku Kattā)
  • Sub 3: Ripper (烈爪 Rippā)
  • Super: Dark Tornado (魔風滅 Dāku Torunēdo)


  • Her name comes from parodying the username of Hiro Mashima's friend from an online game.[277] The first half of her name, Mira,' means "peace."[278]
  • From the Volume 16 Limited Edition: Sorcerer Interview, the best quality of Fairy Tail, according to Mirajane, was "Everyone is really nice". She is thinking of becoming a singer in the future. She has a good relationship with everyone in the guild. Mirajane, like her brother Elfman, did not wish to comment anything on the most difficult job ever taken.[279]
  • She considers Plue to be the strongest spirit ever.[280]
  • She's good at cooking, as stated by Lisanna.[281]
Attack Power
Defensive Power
  • In Volume 32's extra content, Mashima provided the battle statistics for 31 of the 40 X791 contestants in the Grand Magic Games. The stats, however, were provided not from Mashima's point-of-view as the author but from the viewpoint of Sorcerer Magazine reporter Jason, which explains why some stats are missing and why others may be inaccurate. According to Jason, during her participation in the Grand Magic Games of X791, Mirajane's stats are:[282]
  • Mirajane's favorite food is Kuzumochi because the texture of the food, in her word, is irresistible.[283]
  • In the Extra Content of Volume 27, it's shown that Mirajane has adopted a stray dog that barks as "Tsoo-wai!!", although she claims that he is still a stray dog that often comes to her house. In Volume 30, however, she states that the dog is also a part of her family, calling him "Alexandria Strauss".


Differences between the manga and the anime

Mirajane chained up by Gajeel

In the manga, when she first appeared, someone threw a bottle at her head, which caused her to bleed.[223] In the anime, someone threw Elfman at her and she only had a knot on her head.[284]

On a separate incident in the manga, Gajeel Redfox gagged Mirajane by tying a cloth around her mouth and chained her up using restraints created by his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic when she was preparing to sing for the guild,[10] so that he would be able to sing in her place.[285] In the anime this scene was omitted completely.[286]


  • (To Elfman Strauss) "It was never your fault that Lisanna died, back then too, you were just trying desperately to protect us."[20]
  • (To Freed Justine) "This battle is so meaningless, don't you think? We're friends you know, fellow members of the same guild, smiling together, laughing together, walking together."[219]
  • (To Freed Justine) "When people realize how lonely it is being on their own, they will become kind."[219]
  • (To Lisanna Strauss) "It's tough to accept but I don't have enough power left to defeat that guy, It's impossible for me right now, but I believe that there is someone in the guild who can. So your sister is going to forfeit here, but you don't need to worry, Lisanna.... I will never let you die again!" [219]
  • (To Racer) "You're just running away ... I'm moving forward. In a confrontation the person who wants to help their friends is ... stronger than the person who escapes." [97]
  • (To Kamika) "Magic is not meant to be used to kill people... but without power we can't even protect the ones we love..."[287]
  • (To Kamika) "You know... when I'm in the tournament... or my friends are close to me... In other words, when someone is looking, I tend to restrain my power. Maybe it's an issue made by that contradiction. But when I'm alone... That's when I can release my full power!"[185]
  • (To Kamika) "Poison? That's merely a dessert... for a Demon like me."[185]
  • (To Yukino Aguria) "Everyone exists for a reason. as small as it can be... i'm sure you have a meaning too."[288]

Battles & Events

Battles Events


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