Minerva Orland vs. Wall Eehto (Historia) is a fight fought between Sabertooth Mage Minerva Orland and the Historia of Spriggan 12's Wall Eehto.


After being summoned by the leader in August, the Spriggan 12 all gather at Zeref's side at the newly-relocated Fairy Tail guild hall. Once there, Zeref introduces Mavis, or to them Fairy Heart, to each of the members. Neinhart, who noticed three of his allies have been killed, resurrecting them as historias; Wall among them in a benevolent attitude due to his comrades finally reuniting after so long. He is then chastised by Neinhart, who warns him as well as Bloodman and God Serena to protect him from death or they will disappear permanently. With that, they all stand behind their emperor awaiting the resistance to come for them in order to retrieve Fairy Heart.[1]


Minerva kicks Wahl

The dead against the living

As God Serena is in battle with Gildarts, Wall alongside with Bloodman make their move; the The Machia excitedly exclaiming he's looking forward toward the concurrent battle action. With the arrival of some of the resistance he materializes multiple missiles, firing them with the intent of killing his foes, but they are warped and destroyed by Minerva's Territory; this causing Wall to look in wonderment. Wall comments that things are beginning to get interesting, with his foe taking notice that they are dealing with the undead.[2] Wall then engages the Sabertooth Mage in combat; the latter swiftly kicking him in the face in close combat.[3] As his teammate Brandish explains to the Fairy Tail Mages she took away from Invel's confrontation, Wall continues his brawl with the female Mage, overwhelming her with materialized mechanical latches, ones that are imbued with electricity, violently shocking the latter which causes the Machias to cackle at her pain.[4] However after much decisive battling between the two, the Spatial Magic specialist comes out top, toppling the Machias as the latter begins to vanish from being defeated, though Rogue is unsure if her victory was completely her doing or if it was due to the defeat of the Historia's summoner.[5]


Afterward, Minerva converses with Rogue, who simultaneously defeat the Spriggan 12's counterpart. They talk about the blinding light that occurred early; Minerva identifying it as Fairy Law, Makarov's strongest Magic that killed many of their enemies but sacrificed them as they are in unity with Fairy Tail. They begin to examine their current standing in the war, taking into account of the positive and negatives towards their next move.[6]


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