Millianna vs. Semmes is a fight fought between Team Mermaid Heel's Millianna and Team Quatro Puppy's Semmes.


With the third day events of the Grand Magic Games concluded with MPF, the battle portion officially begins. Millianna of Team Mermaid Heel and Semmes of Team Quatro Puppy are chosen to take part in the first battle.[1]


Semmes' Wild Spin

Semmes' Wild Spin

The battle commences with Semmes initiating his Spinning Magic, where he extends his arms out and revolves with full force. As he attempts to rampage towards Millianna, the Mermaid Heel Mage dodges the first few assaults. After avoiding Semmes' attacks, Millianna sends forth a Nekōsoku Tube in an attempt to slow him down but to no avail, as the tube simply bounces off of Semmes' body, which leads to Semmes pummeling Millianna, sending her mid-air. As Semmes prepares for another rampage towards Millianna, the latter casts Kitten Blast, only to spur the Quatro Cerberus Mage's spinning action and consequently mauling Millianna again once more.[2]

With Semmes initiating his Magic once more in an attempt to conclude the battle, with twice the spinning action, Millianna stands her ground and at the last moment, she sends forth a tube which makes contact with Semmes' body, wrapping around him without ceasing his rotation. Semmes attempts to rip the tube off while vigorously spinning but Millianna holds on tight, getting dragged through the arena until Semmes shifts his momentum, catching Millianna off guard and causing the two participants to collide with one another.[2]

Millianna's victory

Millianna's victory

As the dust clears, Millianna manages to bind Semmes with her tube and take him down. With an astonishing look on his face, Semmes mutters the word “wild” as Millianna cites her catchphrase, "super strong". Millianna is then proclaimed the winner of the battle, earning another win for Mermaid Heel.[1]


After Millianna's win, Erza states that Millianna has really improved and Natsu says that he had a hard time with her Nekōsoku tubes as well, remembering himself being tied up by it before. The second battle is then announced to be between Blue Pegasus' Eve Tearm battling Rufus Lore from Sabertooth.[3]


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