Millgana Mine (ミルガーナ・ミネ Mirugāna Mine) is the wife of Fairy Tail Mage, Wakaba Mine.


Macao arc

When Wakaba asked Mirajane on a date, Mirajane uses her Transformation Magic to copy the appearance of Millgana, causing him to rethink his offer.[1]

Lullaby arc

Wakaba and Millgana later go to Magnolia Station the same time Team Natsu leaves on their mission to deal with Eisenwald.[2]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Romeo, Labian and Wakaba's Wife watch Fantasia Parade

Millgana watching Wakaba at the Fantasia Parade

Along with her daughter, she watches her husband, Wakaba Mine, performing on the Fantasia Parade.[3]


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