Millgana Mine (ミルガーナ・ミネ Mirugāna Mine) is the wife of Fairy Tail Mage, Wakaba Mine.


Macao arc

When Wakaba asked Mirajane on a date, Mirajane uses her Transformation Magic to copy the appearance of Millgana, causing him to rethink his offer.[1]

Lullaby arc

Wakaba and Millgana later go to Magnolia Station the same time Team Natsu leaves on their mission to deal with Eisenwald.[2]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Romeo, Labian and Wakaba's Wife watch Fantasia Parade

Millgana watching Wakaba at the Fantasia Parade

Along with a young girl, she watches her husband, Wakaba Mine, performing on the Fantasia Parade.[3]


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