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The Mildian Magic Academy (ミルディアン魔術学院 Mirudian Majutsu Gakuin) was a Magic institution located in the city of Mildian, one that Zeref Dragneel attended over 400 years ago.[1]


The Magic institution housed many scholars from all ages and genders, along with older gentlemen acting as teachers and professors.[2]


The academy was located in the capital city of Mildian.

Notable Events

Due to his increased obsession with wanting to understand the laws of life and death to revive his younger brother, Zeref spent countless hours researching the taboo subject of human life; creating the ideas of the R-System and Eclipse, although it garnered much distress from his superiors.[2] After many repeated warnings, the board of directors of the academy finalized his expulsion due to not complying with their rules, this causing anger to Zeref after hearing from one of the superior casting doubt upon him ever bringing back his brother. Upon this happening the God, Ankhseram, cursed the young boy due to defiling the law of life, causing him to exert a black aura around himself that evidently ended up massacring the entire academy's population.[3]


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