Mildian (ミルディアン Mirudian) was an ancient capital city.


Not much is known about the city, other than the citizens of the capital worshiped the God of Time: Chronos; while one of the descendants of its people, Dimaria Yesta of the Alvarez Empire, was given the strength of said God in the form of God Soul in exchange for allowing Chronos to inhabit her body.[1] In her younger years, Ultear Milkovich used the ancient capital city's language in conjunction with the contents of a decrepit book in Grimoire Heart Airship's library to discover information of Last Ages: Magic that can "regain lost happiness".[2] Four hundred years prior, a prestigious academy also existed in the capital, but all of its teacher-student body were accidentally massacred by a young Zeref Dragneel.[3]


Locations in Mildian


  • Mildian shares the same name from Hiro Mashima's earlier and post-Fairy Tail work, Rave Master and Edens Zero respectively, referencing different things for each:
    • In Rave Master it's a Mage village.[4]
    • In Edens Zero it's a planet where time is always stopped.[5]


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