Mickey Chickentiger vs. Laki Olietta & Unnamed Fairy Tail Mages is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Mickey Chickentiger, Laki Olietta and several other unnamed Fairy Tail Mages.


Mirajane, Erza, Cana, Juvia, Levy, and Bisca turned to stone

Miss Fairy Tail contestants turned to stone

As Lucy begins her performance for the X784 Miss Fairy Tail contest, Evergreen, a member of the Thunder God Tribe, arrives and turns her into stone. She then reveals that she had already petrified the rest of the contestants. Laxus Dreyar and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe then arrive and announces that they will have a game to determine the strongest member in Fairy Tail. Laxus adds that if anyone breaks his rules, he will crush one of the petrified girls.[1]

As the Fairy Tail Mages express their shock, Evergreen states that if they want the contestants to be turned back to normal, they would have to defeat the Thunder God Tribe and Laxus within three hours or the girls would be turned to dust. Laxus and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe then disappear and the rest of the Fairy Tail Mages run out of the guild to find them.[2]

After some time, numerous battles between the Fairy Tail Mages spring up at the same time throughout the town of Magnolia due to the conditions set up by Freed's runes. Mickey, Laki, Chico are part of a group of girls who find themselves trapped within some runes and are forced to fight as only one of them will be allowed to leave and continue with her search.[3]


The details of the beginning of this battle are unknown.

Knowing that only one of them can be the winner, Mickey attacks the girls using hand-to-hand combat and defeats them, escaping the runes and enabling herself to continue with her search.[4]


Makarov chastises Natsu

Report of the numerous battles

Back at the guild, Natsu, Happy and Makarov are informed by Freed's runes about the results of the battles. Makarov yells at his guild members to stop fighting while Natsu expresses his wish to join the battle, having been forced to remain within the confines of the guild by Freed's runes. The three are then forced to watch as the number of participants fall to forty two.[5]


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