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Michelle Lobster (ミッシェル・ロブスター Missheru Robusutā) is a young girl and a member of the Lobster family. She is discovered by Gildarts Clive and Laki Olietta while unconscious in an underground Zentopian Hospital.


She is a girl with an average height possessing maroon, shoulder-length hair and a curvaceous figure.[1]

In her first appearance, most of her body, including her face, is covered with bandages, leaving most of her features unseen.[1]


Little is known about Michelle, but, according to research done by Laki Olietta, it has been stated that the Lobster family was a wealthy plantation-owning family concentrated in the Zentopia Church Parish. Michelle is possibly the only survivor of an event linked to the Zentopia Church and the Legion Corps.[1]


Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Brown-Haired Michelle Lobster

Laki and Glidarts with an unconscious Michelle

While hospitalized and left in a coma, due to sleeping Lacrima attached to her body, she is discovered by Gildarts and Laki in an underground Zentopian Hospital. The duo conclude that she has been left in such a state so she would not be an inconvenience to anyone.[1] Afterwards, she is taken to a nearby hospital by Gildarts and Laki.[2]

Mary and Coco talk to Michelle

Mary and Coco talk to Michelle

Mary Hughes and Coco were shown to visit her after the fight over the Infinity Clock to confirm if she was distantly related to Lucy Heartfilia, hoping to give this information as a peace-offering to Lucy for their past attitude towards her. Unfortunately, the documents confirming Michelle's relation to Lucy were fake, much to their disappointment.[3]

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