Michelia (ミケリア Mikeria) is the granddaughter of former Magic Council member Michello.


Michelia is a young woman of average height and weight. She dresses in a simple black skirt and white shirt, covered with a long-sleeved cardigan with frilled cuffs. Her light-colored hair is pulled right back from her face, being tied into a thick braid that runs down her back.


Not much is known about Michelia's past, though at some point she hooked up with the Celestial Spirit Loke, through which he was able to learn of her and her grandfather's whereabouts.[1]


Tartaros arc

Michello's house explodes

Michelia's house is destroyed

Michelia first appears serving drinks when Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Carla appear at her family's house. Hearing that the Fairy Tail Mages have arrived to guard her grandfather Michello from what they fear to be an incoming attack from Tartaros, Michelia scolds her grandfather when he begins to rudely demand the Mages leave. Knowing the Fairy Tail Mages would like more information on what the Council possibly did to warrant an attack on them, Michelia urges her grandfather to assist and tell the group what he knows; however, before the former Council member can reveal anything of substance, both he and Michelia are thrown to the ground by Natsu just as an explosion rips through the house. Startled, Michelia looks up to see Jackal of Tartaros standing over them on their ruined rooftop.[2]

Michelia watches Natsu

Michelia watches in awe of Natsu's power

Michelia tries to calm her grandfather down when he first sees his destroyed house.[3] Later, she is very surprised to see Natsu dominating the Nine Demon Gates member in the fight.[4] She questions her grandfather's odd behavior when he orders her to run away with him[5] and is devastated when Natsu is incapacitated, with Jackal threatening Michello to give his granddaughter a painful death.[6] With Michello running away and leaving his granddaughter behind,[7] defeating Jackal is now left up to Lucy and Wendy. However, they get hurt and Jackal runs after Michello, so Michelia apologizes to them in the place of her grandfather. However, Lucy tells her that it's not Michelia's fault and that they are fighting for their pride, before going after Jackal to stop him by herself.[8]

Alvarez Empire Arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.


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