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|base of operations=
|base of operations=
|relatives=[[Gajeel Redfox]] (Foster Son)
|relatives=[[Gajeel Redfox]] (Foster Son)

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Metalicana (メタリカーナ Metarikāna) is a Dragon known as The Iron Dragon, and the foster father of Gajeel Redfox.


Metalicana possesses a blunt round head. On the side of his head he has a small light eye. Befitting his Magic, he has a metallic shine on his entire body. Both his neck and his arms are covered in several layers of plates. Metalicana also appears to possess wings.


According to Gajeel, Metalicana is quite selfish. Nonetheless, despite this claim, he took Gajeel in, raising him like he was his own son, teaching him his signature Iron Dragon Slayer Magic. Gajeel himself seems interested in Metalicana's whereabouts after his sudden disappearance, possibly implying a caring side.[2]


Metalicana, for some unknown reason, raised a human child, Gajeel Redfox, and taught him how to read, write, and fight, especially granting him the knowledge to use his exclusive Iron Dragon Slayer Magic. However, on the 7th of July during the year X777, much like other known Dragons such as Igneel and Grandeeney, he mysteriously disappeared without a word, leaving Gajeel to fend for himself.[3]


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